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From: gleccles@northwestel.net
Subject: Re: Candidacy consent form
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2011 15:07:38 -0600

“All our contacts for dogs have come to a hault!!!!! They are all full they are short foster homes and dogs are not moving. Yellowknife and Pawsitive match in Alberta.

do you have any connection I can call??”

A message to the individual from one unknown group that accused this urgent request for help as being FAKE… how about you do your research!!!  Go through the archives on this Blog and view the very graphic pictures submitted by Ms. Eccles which are posted here.  This is what this dedicated woman deals with all the time!  She recently had to contend with a Parvo outbreak and was without a vet for months!!

How dare this one person make such a false accusation!!!

Anyone, rescue group, shelter, or humane society that has room to take rescued pups and dogs out of Inuvik you are asked to contact Linda Eccles at the email address as shown in the above email

Linda has advised me that Dog Packs are forming and on the move, looking for females, spring is a bad time of year, a lot of unwanted pups are going to be born.  Inuvik as do some NT communities does have a shoot to kill policy when the numbers of animals becomes unmanageable.  The municipally owned and operated animal holding facility can only take in approx 10 animals, if they can not be relocated, if owners do not claim them or if they cannot be adopted out, then ….you get the picture.  The Beaufort Delta Regional SPCA does not have it’s own shelter.

The NWTSPCA does not have it’s own shelter and boards rescues at a kennel, they cannot take in anymore.  The Hay River shelter cannot take in anymore either and are also looking for foster homes.

Northern Canada is not equipped the same as the rest of Canada, no real shelters, only one established vet hospital in Yellowknife and a small vet clinic in Inuvik.   A travelling vet from Alberta comes to Hay River for only a few days once a month, nearby remote communities and Fort Smith receive his services.

Critically sick or injured animals must be flown to Yellowknife or travel by ferry, communities closest to Alberta must make a 4-5 hour drive to the Alberta vet.   Alot of owners cannot afford these expenses for travel costs, hence a lot of animals die.  Unwanted pups are dumped, abandoned, dogs are left to starve to death and are tied with muzzles taped and shot.  See picture of one such poor dog in Fort McPherson: picture provided by Linda.

Mother and Daughter staring in Beaufort Delta Region

Linda found this animal still alive and frozen to the floor of his wooden doghouse!!

Again to the individual who claims all this is fake SHAME ON YOU!  HOW DARE YOU!!!


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Sled Dog BC Provincial Taskforce Report (not to be confused with Sleg Dog investigation):

Update on BC SPCA Sled Dog Investigation:

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A dear friend who founded C4P (Cause for Paws) included this in her newsletter.


This is a wonderful video that honors Pitbulls.  A breed so feared due only to the mass publicity surrounding a specific breed exploited in the Dog Fighting rings.  This VICTIM has proven itself time and time again NOT to be the mindless killer that the public thinks.

Other breeds such as German Shepherds, Rotties, Dobermans and Mastiffs have received bad reputations, yet for those who have shared their homes with these devoted and loyal breeds, we know this reputation to be untrue.

Remember, even a Teacup Poodle can become vicious if treated inhumanely with cruelty and neglect.

There is no such thing as a BAD DOG,

the reality is that there are BAD OWNERS.


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For decades caring Canadians and peoples across the Globe have voiced their disgust and anger that Canada continues to slaughter these totally defenseless seals.  Instead of actually listening to this protest the Canadian Government continues to embarrass and humiliate Canadian Citizens by allowing this heinous practice to continue.

More pressure MUST be put upon the Canadian Government to end this now.  All elected officials are dependent upon the votes of their constituents in order to keep their jobs.  An Election is looming…..get the point.





Join the 2011 Canadian Seafood Boycott to Save Seals



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Please take the time to protest the senseless slaughter of Coyotes in Ontario for no other reason than BLOOD SPORT!!

Ontario Minister is considering LEGALIZING this ILLEGAL game of DEATH!!!  It takes a real HERO to stroke their own EGO by killing helpless and defenseless animals!!!


Minister considering approving Coyote slaughter: Your help is desperately needed to put an end to the thousands of coyotes who die an agonizing death in steel jaw traps or who are shot and left to die in fields. At this time of the year, many of the females killed have newborn pups that are left to starve to death.  A News and Opinion column has been added to www.wildlifeontario.ca so that you can keep abreast of new developments on the campaign.  All this carnage for the ‘sporting pleasure’ and ‘bragging rights’ of hunters. Contact Ontario Wildlife Coalition:   http://wildlifeontario.ca/content/action/actionalert/Stop-Coyote-Killing-Contests/index2.html

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Any of you who are looking to help animals in Japan:  the links below will put you in contact with organizations that are on the front lines rescuing and saving these helpless animals.

Dog in Japan stays by the side of its ailing friend in the rubble – Yahoo! News http://ca.news.yahoo.com/blogs/dailybrew/dog-japan-stays-side-ailing-friend-rubble-20110316-073316-158.html






WSPA is already in Japan assessing just what they can do.  HSI: Humane Society International and IFAW: International Fund for Animal Welfare are also reputable organizations.

Thank you to all of you.

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Bulletin from the cause: Stop animal cruelty in Canada with effective legislation!

Legitimate ways 2 help C-229 (effective animal cruelty legislation) and animal news!

Todays news! (Please scroll down! Tons of important links here!! TY!)

Pair fined for ferret’s death

Outrage over sentencing for Edmonton cat lady


Dog walking event to rally for animal cruelty law reform

Steve-o fights for Lucy the Elephant

Northern Gateway Project threatens wildlife

Calgary police shoot, kill dog

Woman attacked by dogs in north Edmonton

Coyote traps catch puppies living wild

Deer under attack in north Nanaimo
Animal activists, city consider Nanaimo deer solutions

Stay away from seals on shore: DFO

MP introduces bill to protect Canadian sealers from anti-sealing protesters

Reminder.. Ways to help stop animal cruelty in Canada!!

Upcoming RALLYS/WALKS for the sled dogs and C-229!
Paws for the Cause: Join Us for a Peaceful Walk for Change on March 18- https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=190845787622911
Boycotting Outdoor Adventures in BC, Whistler- Events
Prev rally pics!
A Vigil for the lost lives of 100 Sled Dogs on April 23 Events

LETTERS 2 MP’s, PM, Just. Comm. media, etc
Easy link 4 all! http://stopanimalabuse.ca/
Or.. Link to find your MP’s mail, email and ph #:

C-229 PETITION!! CDNS- http://markholland.liberal.ca/files/2010/07/petition_AnimalCruelty_2011.pdf
Non- Cdns- http://stopanimalcrueltyincanada.wordpress.com/help-with-petition/

Please join CEAC! (Group 2 post MP responses)
News from the North! Action for the Protection of Northern Animals-

K please let me know if I forgot anything and please..
Pass it on! Stop animal cruelty in Canada with effective legislation
fb group- http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2559701041
fb cause- http://www.causes.com/causes/8495-stop-animal-cruelty-in-canada-with-effective-legislation?m=611b54ab

Yesterday’s News!

Group wants tougher laws to protect animals

Animals should be treated as family, not objects

‘Cage fighting’ pit bull owner fined

Baddeck ranch under investigation for animal neglect


Limit placed on animal rehabilitation groups

Edmonton says elephant better, but too sick to move

Musher scratches after resuscitating dog on the trail
Sled dog task force report may come in two parts
Going off again: Protesters miss the mark when they target mushing
Signatures needed for animal cruelty petition
Another online sled dog petition asking 2 upgrade BC laws..

Endangered green sea turtles may get new lease on life

Beavers, rats, gophers targeted in rural Sask.

There’s something fishy about Alberta’s caribou

Join the 2011 European boycott of Canadian seafood to save seals

Back 2 the proposed changes of taking away charitable status of any group that speaks out against animal issues.. Please C and help! x

Thank you
Sarah West CFAWR Canadians For Animal welfare Reform
SEND TO consultation-policy-politique@cra-arc.gc.ca CC to pm@pm.gc.ca ( Harper)

March ?, 2011

Dear Sir:

As an active volunteer with our local SPCA, it was with absolute shock and horror that I read that tax exemptions of most animal advocacy groups will be revoked. Apparently “an activity or purpose is only charitable when it provides a benefit to humans”. Any organization that polices cruel vivisection practices, or wishes to keep an eye on slaughterhouses, or even disagrees with any government policy considering the treatment of wild or domestic animals, will be subject to penalties.

This would allow many barbaric practices to continue without scrutiny. It is a step backward for civilization. Perhaps you are unaware of the implications of such actions. Cruelty towards those who are weaker and less able to defend themselves is easily escalated to society’s weakest members, including women and children. Many of the nation’s serial killers started their career by disregarding the pain they caused to animals. By not enforcing cruelty laws, or allowing animal charities tax free status so that they can expose unconscionable acts of cruelty, you are condoning this depraved behavior.

Your department should be aware of public opinion, which is becoming less tolerant of crimes against animals. It would be unconscionable to not recognize human activities that are insensitive to the suffering of living creatures. Would Canada want to be world renown for displaying so little compassion to those who are weak or have no voice? It is time that people were educated to realize that animals feel pain and fear. Only the very basest of human beings are incapable of recognizing this. I hope that you will use your position to recognize the valuable service that animal charities provide.




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Anyone who has had to deal with government bureaucracy on any level has undoubtedly experienced sheer frustration. If one is not left on hold, then one will find themselves transferred to various departments, speaking to numerous individuals that for the most part, either cannot answer your questions directly or who have no idea at all whom you should actually speak with.

As to the process of lobbying for improved legislation that is a different matter entirely. One’s frustration levels rise beyond description, patience rapidly becomes nonexistent and faith in one’s elected representatives rapidly becomes mute.

The process, which I began three long and arduous years ago, to convince the Territorial Government to enact Legislation to Protect Animals in the Northwest Territories, fits well with the description in the above paragraph. It appears that moving forward into the 21st Century must be a source of intimidation and fear for many GNWT Ministers and certain MLA’s. It is also evident that in one specific instance faith in an elected representative of the people is precarious.

On February 9, 2005 Ms. Sandy Lee, MLA, Yellowknife (Range Lake),now Minister of Health, stood in front of the Legislative Assembly and spoke out for the need of Animal Protection in the NT.

The following excerpt is quoted from the GNWT Hansard date February 9, 2005.

Friends: by Ms. Sandy Lee – MLA, Yellowknife (Range Lake)

“Speaking of roosters, Mr. Speaker, I believe one of the most important jobs we have as MLAs is to crow out loud like roosters about all the issues that are important to our constituents, especially on behalf of those who are most vulnerable and voiceless. At this point, I think we would be hard pressed to find too many who are as voiceless and powerless as our canine friends.”

“Over the last few months, Mr. Speaker, we have really been subject to stories filled with harrowing and inhumane treatment of four-legged residents in our community. In January, Mr. Speaker, we read in The Hub [Ed. Note - Hay River, NWT newspaper] about a puppy being rescued lying on top of his dead sister puppy after they were both thrown into the dumpster and left to freeze to death in sub-arctic temperatures. Most recently, we have been hearing about the six sled dogs shot in the mouth and face; not shot in a way to euthanize them quickly and humanely, but left to die by bleeding to death or by choking in their own blood inside their broken jaws. Mr. Speaker, I feel compelled to state this in a very descriptive and dramatic way because I believe this government has an obligation to say something about how this is not acceptable and stand by and give some teeth to the NWT Dog Act that is already in place as well as enforcing the criminal court provisions that speaks to inhumane and cruel treatment of animals. Mr. Speaker, many studies have shown that those who exercise violence against their family, spouses, and children, also show tendencies to be violent towards animals or treat them in an inhumane way. I believe it all speaks to the behavior of those who are not able to empathize with the pain and suffering of others. In the days and weeks ahead, I will be pursuing these issues. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.” February 9, 2005 – NWT Hansard (copyright Government of NWT).

Ms. Lee’s statement is also contained on the link below, in a brief whereby various areas in Canada are noted for animal cruelty. One may also view the satellite images of various dog yards in the NWT and elsewhere on this site.


Given the statement made by Ms. Sandy Lee, on February 9, 2005 one must ask the question as to why Ms. Lee failed to hear and acknowledge the protest not only against the original deadly clause in the amended Dog Act, but also failed to respond to the added protest of the reworded deadly clause which replaced the first one. Obviously the constituents in Yellowknife who opposed the clause were not represented in the manner that they expected.  One may also question as to why Ms. Lee failed to initiate any proactive measures in 2005 to begin work on Animal Protection BACK IN 2005

As for the arguments made by Mr. David Krutko, MLA, MacKenzie Delta, Fort McPherson to keep the loophole within the new Dog Act, one can see why: these pictures speak for themselves. You can clearly see that one dog is tied to a stake and shot, and the unacceptable set up where animals are penned waiting to be shot. A most common practice within Mr. Krutko’s riding and a situation that apparently he does not wish to see changed.


Pictures provided by Beaufort Delta Regional SPCA: taken in Fort McPherson, Mr. Krutko’s riding


As for Minister Michael Miltenberger, MLA for Fort Smith who voted in favor of keeping the reworded loophole, a person  cannot begin to  imagine what Fort Smith residents are thinking of their MLA.  A special trip was made to Fort Smith by the Public Hearings Committee, the Committee heard them  speak passionately and unanimously against any “exceptions”. These voiceswere from so many different perspectives, including aboriginal, traditional, long-term and new residents of NWT.  It is shameful to have the clear voices of the voters and tax payers of this town and elsewhere trampled on by Cabinet, and to have our public’s moral standards sullied by Cabinet’s voice.

So much for moving into the 21st Century! and trusting in Democracy!

Now onto Inuvik, Premier Floyd Roland, MLA for Inuvik Boot Lake and MACA Minister Robert C. McLeod, MLA for Inuvik Twin Lakes, who as Cabinet Ministers voted in favor of keeping the loophole within the new Dog Act.

Just two years ago, the situation with the Inuvik Animal Holding Facility administered and owned by the Town of Inuvik came under fire for the deplorable conditions of the dogs held within this facility as well as the environment in which they remained, some for up to 6-8 months. When Ms. Eccles brought RCMP to inspect this facility, animals were found with eyes reddened from the high concentration of ammonia built up from filthy pens, the stench and strength of fumes so strong that both she and RCMP Officers could not remain inside for more than mere minutes. Note that there was no ventilation system in place or windows that could be opened. Approximately 10 dogs were involved, some of which were actually tied outside, tangled on too short leads, overturned water buckets and dog crates were also found in the yard of the facility, some overturned crates containing living, breathing dogs.

Now in accordance with Inuvik By-Laws: dogs were to be held at the facility for only up to 3-5 days, also specified within the By-Law is the appropriate length of chain to be used to tie an animal and that it must be on a swivel. Also in place is the Relocation Program that Ms. Eccles had established whereby dogs would be sent to Calgary Humane Society. Ms. Eccles, President of the Beaufort Delta Regional SPCA, Animal Cruelty Investigator and Humane Educator and former By-Law Officer along with the Town resident veterinarian had approached the Town many times in an attempt to remedy the deplorable conditions at this municipally owned and operated shelter and had confirmed that no animals had been relocated to Calgary in months. Ms. Eccles also had her offer of assistance made to the Town Officials denied. Her request, as the President of the Beaufort Delta Regional SPCA (which she founded) to be permitted to regularly inspect the dogs held at this facility, was also denied

Unfortunately for the animals, the attempts by Ms. Eccles and the town’s resident vet  to alleviate the conditions these animals were subject to were unsuccessful. Additionally Ms. Eccles took the issue to the Crown. MACA Minister Robert C. McLeod, MLA for Inuvik Twin Lakes was made aware of the situation, as was MLA Paul Delorey. Mr. McLeod was requested to intervene however failed to do so stating that the Territorial Government had no authority to intervene in municipal affairs. Untrue in accordance with the Act related to Towns, Hamlets and Municipalities.

This incident was covered by Northern News services. The end result is that the dogs were ordered destroyed by the Town, rather than relocated, and the facility was cleaned up. No charges were laid in this case. In addition, Ms. Eccles and members of the BDRSPCA received emails from an out of territory lawyer threatening a slap suit would be filed against them on behalf of specific former Town Officials should this issue receive further public scrutiny and if the pictures taken of the animals in the presence of RCMP Officers at the time the facility was inspected were made public.

The point being made is that this situation was allowed to go on for a lengthy period of time, under the very noses of both Premier Floyd Roland and MACA Minister Robert C. McLeod, both of whom are MLA’s for Inuvik.

Moving on to MLA for the Sahtu, Mr. Norman Yakeleya, who voted to keep the “exceptions” clause based on his argument that the Committee did not go to the smaller communities.

Mr. Yakeleya in his statement before the committee stated: “We certainly heard very passionately from the larger centers that we went to, but we did not go to the predominantly smaller communities of Aboriginal people, we did not get their view.” Excerpt unedited GNWT Hansard March 3, 2022 Page 65.

Smaller community members were invited to attend the Public Hearings held in the larger centers, and provisions were in place in order to provide any residents of these communities with transportation so that they could attend the Public Hearings. Unfortunately the Committee conducting these Hearings did not receive such requests from smaller community residents.

It is  ironic and  seemingly hypocritical that the Government of the Northwest Territories has moved ahead with the new Wildlife Act despite the fact that the very same point has been raised that aboriginal residents in the smaller and more remote communities were not able to voice their concerns and input.

The research used in the decision making process for this new NWT Wildlife Act  is ten (10) years old and not current and as pointed out, times have changed, population densities have changed, herd counts have changed in the last ten years.

Mr. Norman Yakeleya’s use of reference to smaller more remote communities not having had a say in the new Dog Act was his primary argument for allowing the “exceptions” to remain in the new Dog Act yet the same thing can be said about the new Wildlife Act…..so why is he not screaming as loudly about that?

As for Kevin Menicoche, MLA Nahendeh who voted to keep the loophole, according to the unedited Hansard Transcript (page 5) he felt that “the power was best left to the municipality”. He also referenced the Public Hearing held in Fort Smith where he stated “They cited…many examples of possible animal cruelty. It depends on your perspective.”

Is allowing for one’s perspective the condoning of:


PAULATUK, NT          “DECEASED”                                                   BEAUFORT DELTA REGION:  ‘DECEASED”





Ms. Eccles did approach the owners of these young dogs, offering assistance and recommendations for proper care. No charges were laid in this incident and the dogs remained on that property, outcome unknown.


As evidenced by the Whati case, the Tuktoyaktuk case involving Lucky Pokiak’s dogs, the Beh Choko case whereby 44 dogs owned by Dene Artist Archie Beaulieu had to be destroyed, the six puppies found in the Beh Choko dump with their tiny throats slashed, the Inuvik incident and the recent Hay River Hoarding case, and given that on February 4, 2011 Judge Malakoe threw out three charges under current Hay River By Laws Animal Control brought against a town resident, it is clearly obvious that Municipal By Laws fall very short in providing any form of Animal Protection whatsoever and to rely on common sense as was also mentioned during the recent discussions before Cabinet is clearly not an option as exampled in the above mentioned cases.

Left:  Pokiak dogs, Tuktoyaktuk: no charges laid, no help given to dogs!!!

As to the other Cabinet Ministers who chose to take the unprecedented move in actually voting themselves, normally Cabinet Members do not; one must use their own imagination and speculate as to why they did so.

Puppy found : Inuvik: 2011 in the back of abandoned pick up truck:  sub-zero temperatures.  Rescued and relocated to southern rehab center. Inuvik!

In Northern News coverage February 28, 2011, Mr. Ramsay stated concerning this reworded loophole “If I can’t interpret that or if Joe Public can’t interpret that legislation, once a court gets it and lawyers get it, there will be no charges laid, you can derive a truck through it.” He also went on to say that during the hearings he heard ‘overwhelmingly’ ‘there should be no exceptions for cruelty, neglect and abuse of dogs’. He is quoted as saying “I agree with that, I don’t think there should be any exception at all”.

Ms. Bisaro (page 64 of unedited Hansard) disagreed with MACA Minister Robert C. McLeod’s agreeing that retaining the loophole was the will of the committee, initially the committee had been divided on whether the three sections actually needed to be in the act. However, once the Committee heard the protest against any “exceptions” they felt relatively confident that by bringing the voice of those opposed to these “exceptions” that these clauses would be removed from the new Dog Act.  As Ms. Bisaro pointed out, their decision was that these issues would be debated on the House floor, discussed further and debated.

It appears the MACA Minister’s decision to not debate these concerns as wished by the Public Hearings Committee he thereby backed those in favor of the “exception” clause and was of great influence possibly sealing the future fate awaiting dogs of the NWT and the wiggle room allowed!

Mr. Bromley (page 60 unedited Hansard) brought up the issue as to the actual length of time taken in this process, pointing out the limitations in the ability to draft legislation quickly. Mr. Bromley also mentioned that the commitments that were indicated earlier were not met and that the public was understandably disappointed.

In her motion to have subsections 4(3), 4(4) and 4(5) deleted Ms. Bisaro presented her argument and quoted an Aboriginal with whom she spoke :   he said:

“Abuse of dogs is abuse of dogs. There is no reason, whether you are using your dog in a traditional practice or other. It is abuse of the dog and it shouldn’t be. That in the course of normal activities, Aboriginal people do not mistreat their dogs.”

Ms. Bisaro agreed with this respected elder and felt that these three clauses relating to the notion of accepted activity were not needed. Mr. Menicoche disagreed with this respected elder and voted to keep the “exception” clause!!   Hhhhmmmmm!

Mr. Ramsay’s Committee conducting the Public Hearings also raised a good point when they recommended exploring options to expand access to veterinary services across the NWT.   Mr. Yakeleya did bring forward this motion, this motion was seconded by Mr. Jacobson and hopefully will be explored further.

As pointed out before Cabinet by Mr. Ramsay, (page 63) (unedited version) “When we went out to public hearings, we heard, again, overwhelmingly that we shouldn’t be allowing for any exceptions to the abuse, neglect or cruelty to dogs. If folks are in accordance with the legislation, they have nothing to fear.” BRAVO MR. DAVID RAMSAY!!

Sincere gratitude must be given to the following MLA’s who fought the good fight to ensure that dogs in the NWT would have the protection (without loopholes) that these animals rightly deserve. These MLA’s believe in moving forward into the 21st Century, and that includes providing an Animal Protection Act that should live up to and should have set a shining example to the standards set out by Provincial Acts administered by the rest of Canada. An Act which should be without any exceptions and loopholes big enough  to “drive a truck through it”.

It is most unfortunate, most disappointing and most certainly reflects poorly on the Territorial Government that despite the opposition to any/all exceptions being contained within the new Dog Act, that those Cabinet Members and few MLA’s who chose to ignore the protest of NT residents as well the North American and International protest which wrang loud and clear, made a rather  highly unusual move, by standing up and voting themselves in order to defeat the motion to remove these three “exception” clauses.

A very special thank you to the MLA’s who had the courage to speak out against the decades of unabated, unprosecuted animal cruelty prevalent across the Northwest Territories.

Mr. David Ramsay, Mr. Robert Bromley, Mr. Paul Delorey, Ms. Jane Groenewegen, Ms. Wendy Bisaro, Mr. Beaulieu, Mr. Hawkins and Mr. Jacobson. Thank you also to Mr. Paul Delorey, MLA Hay River North and Speaker of the House (not present for vote) but who was the first MLA to actually sit down and discuss and address this issue with me personally in 2008.

The above named MLA’s did what Ms. Sandy Lee who spoke to the Legislative Assembly February 9, 2005 addressing the issue of animal cruelty and clearly stated: “Speaking of roosters, Mr. Speaker, I believe one of the most important jobs we have as MLAs is to crow out loud like roosters about all the issues that are important to our constituents, especially on behalf of those who are most vulnerable and voiceless. At this point, I think we would be hard pressed to find too many who are as voiceless and powerless as our canine friends. “

“Over the last few months, Mr. Speaker, we have really been subject to stories filled with harrowing and inhumane treatment of four-legged residents in our community. I believe it all speaks to the behavior of those who are not able to empathize with the pain and suffering of others. In the days and weeks ahead, I will be pursuing these issues. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.”

By voting to keep the “exceptions”  within the new Dog Act: Is Ms. Lee now “unable to empathize with the pain and suffering of others”?

Special Thank You also goes out to those private individuals of conscious who wrote their own letters supporting Animal Protection in the NWT, to those thousands from across North America and the International Community who signed the initial petition circulated in 2008, who spoke out opposing any exceptions and to those 780+ persons who signed the petition opposing the loophole, and to those who continue to sign in protest.

Thank you to those members of the community who turned up at the Public Hearings and to those Animal Welfare Organizations who presented their own critiques, comments and valued input into the Amended Act and who continue to provide encouragement and support towards a Comprehensive Animal Protection Act. These organizations are:

Animal Defense League of Canada, Animal Alliance of Canada, Humane Society International Canada, Canadians for Animal Welfare Reform and the Canadian Federation of Humane Society.

Thank you Linda Eccles President of the Beaufort Delta Regional SPCA for the tremendous work you continue to do in Inuvik, thank you Nicole Spencer, NWTSPCA and to the Fort Smith Animal Society and the dedicated group of volunteers in Hay River.

To be at least somewhat gracious, one must also thank the GNWT for actually taking the time needed and the distribution of expenditures throughout this whole process. As we have seen the government wheel of process turns extremely slowly.

In Summary the Northwest Territory now has an Amended Dog Act, and despite the contained loophole so highly protested, the new Act is a good start. It is the First Step towards a Comprehensive Animal Protection Act. A motion to begin work on the Comprehensive Animal Protection Act was seconded, and the work started now will be carried forward to the newly elected Territorial Government. Elections are scheduled for this Fall, and hopefully it will be remembered by the voters who protested this loophole, exactly which of their MLA’s and Cabinet Members voted in favor of allowing the “exceptions” (against the wishes of their constituents) and in doing so allowed wiggle room for those who commit acts of neglect and violence against the dogs of the Northwest Territories.

All of you who were opposed to any form of exceptions to the new Dog Act are urged to contact, with thanks, their MLA representatives who opposed the loophole.  These representatives LISTENED to you, they SPOKE OUT for you, they made your voices HEARD before the Cabinet.  They SPOKE  FOR THE THOUSANDS OF ANIMAL VICTIMS here.



David Ramsay, MLA Kam Lake david_ramsay@gov.nt.ca

P.O. Box 1320
Yellowknife, NT X1A 2L9
Phone: 867-669-2296
Fax: 867-873-0276

Wendy Bisaro, MLA Frame Lake wendy_bisaro@gov.nt.ca

P.O. Box 1320
Yellowknife, NT X1A 2L9
Phone: 867-669-2274
Fax: 867-873-0276

Robert Bromley, MLA Weledeh bob_bromley@gov.nt.ca

P.O. Box 1320
Yellowknife, NT X1A 2L9
Phone: 867-669-2272
Fax: 867-873-0276

Jane Groenegen, MLA Hay River South jane_groenewegen@gov.nt.ca

P.O. Box 1320; Yellowknife, NT; X1A 2L9
Phone: 867-669-2292; Fax: 867-873-0276
Constituency office:
3 – 66 Woodland Drive; Hay River, NT; X0E 1G1
Phone: 867-874-6141; Fax: 867-874-6143

Robert Hawkins, MLA Yellowknife Centre robert_hawkins@gov.nt.ca

P.O. Box 1320
Yellowknife, NT X1A 2L9
Phone: 867-669-2265
Fax: 867-873-0276

Jackie Jacobson, MLA Nunakput jackie_jacobson@gov.nt.ca

P.O. Box 1320
Yellowknife, NT X1A 2L9
Phone: 867-669-2276
Fax: 867-873-0276

Tom Beaulieu, MLA, Tu Nedhe tom_beaulieu@gov.nt.ca

P.O. Box 1320
Yellowknife, NT X1A 2L9
Phone: 867-669-2287
Fax: 867-873-0276 

Mr Paul Delorey, MLA Hay River North, Speaker of House paul_delorey@gov.nt.ca

P.O. Box 1320, Yellowknife, NT X1A 2L9

Phone:  867-669-2234

Fax:  867-873-0273

Constituency Office

Suite 202, 76 Capital Dr., Hay River, NT X0E 0G2

Phone: 867-874-6301  Fax: 867-874-6079

You are also urged to contact those Cabinet Ministers and MLA’s LISTED BELOW who supported and voted to retain THE “EXCEPTIONS” CLAUSE and to voice your own views on the retention of this clause.

Unfortunately the Consensus Government of the Northwest Territories FAILED TO LISTEN, FAILED TO HEAR you!!!




P.O. Box 1320; Yellowknife, NT; X1A 2L9 P: 867-669-2311; F: 867-873-0385 Toll free: 1-800-661-0784 Constituency Office: Box 1998; 181 Mackenzie Road; Inuvik, NT; X0E 0T0 P: 867-777-4693; F: 867-777-4694

J. Micheal Miltenberger, MLA Thebacha and Minister micheal_miltenberger@gov.nt.ca

P.O. Box 1320; Yellowknife, NT; X1A 2L9
P: 867-669-2355; F: 867-873-0596
Constituency office:
#206 McDougal Road; Upper Level; Fort Smith, NT; X0E 0P0
P: 867-872-5511; F: 867-872-5642

Jackson Lafferty, MLA Monfwi and Minister of Justice jackson_lafferty@gov.nt.ca

P.O. Box 1320; Yellowknife, NT; X1A 2L9
P: 867-669-2399; F: 867-873-0274

Michael McLeod, MLA Deh Cho and Minister michael_mcleod@gov.nt.ca 

Box 1320; Yellowknife, NT; X1A 2L9
P: 867-669-2377; F: 867-873-0169

Constituency Office:
PO Box 149; Fort Providence, NT; X0E 0L0
P: 867-699-4003; F: 867-699-4005

Bob McLeod, MLA Yellowknife South and Minister bob_mcleod@gov.nt.ca  

P.O. Box 1320; Yellowknife, NT; X1A 2L9
P: 867-669-2388; F: 867-873-0169

Robert C. McLeod, MLA Inuvik Twin Lakes and MACA Minister robert_c_mcleod@gov.nt.ca

P.O. Box 1320; Yellowknife, NT; X1A 2L9
Phone: 867-669-2366; Fax: 867-873-0431
Constituency office:
P.O. Box 3130; Inuvik, NT; X0E 0T0
Phone: 867-678-2429; Fax: 867-678-2431
Sandy Lee, MLA Range Lake and Minister sandy_lee@gov.nt.ca

P.O. Box 1320; Yellowknife, NT; X1A 2L9
P: 867-669-2344; F: 867-873-0169

MICHAEL MCLEOD, MINISTER, MLA DEH CHO michael_mcleod@gov.nt.ca

P.O. Box 1320; Yellowknife, NT; X1A 2L9  P: 867-669-2377,  F: 867-873-0169


P.O. Box 1320; Yellowknife, NT; X1A 2L9
P: 867-669-2388; F: 867-873-0169

Robert C. McLeod, MLA Inuvik Twin Lakes and MACA Minister robert_c_mcleod@gov.nt.ca

P.O. Box 1320; Yellowknife, NT; X1A 2L9
Phone: 867-669-2366; Fax: 867-873-0431
Constituency office:
P.O. Box 3130; Inuvik, NT; X0E 0T0
Phone: 867-678-2429; Fax: 867-678-2431

P.O. Box 1320; Yellowknife, NT; X1A 2L9
P: 867-669-2344; F: 867-873-0169

DAVID KRUTKO, MLA MACKENZIE DELTA david_m_krutko@gov.nt.ca

P.O. Box 1320; Yellowknife, NT; X1A 2L9
Phone: 867-669-2285; Fax: 867-873-0274
Constituency office:
Box 266; Fort McPherson, NT; X0E 0J0
Phone: 867-952-2652

NORMAN YAKELEYA, MLA SAHTU norman_yakeleya@gov.nt.ca

P.O. Box 1320; Yellowknife, NT; X1A 2L9
P: 867-669-2270; F: 867-873-0276

KEVIN MENICOCHE, MLA NAHENDEH kevin_menicoche@gov.nt.ca

P.O. Box 1320; Yellowknife, NT; X1A 2L9
Phone: 867-669-2294; Fax: 867-873-0276
Constituency office:
Box 266; Fort Simpson, NT; X0E 0N0
Phone: 867-695-3780; Fax: 867-695-3781

The watchful eyes of North America and the International Community will remain focused on the Northwest Territories. Just what will they see? and will their opinions change? We can only hope so.

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