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Days left to Stop Canada’s Deadly Oil


“Canada mines deadly oil that creates toxic sludge lakes and destroys forests in Alberta — and Harper needs Obama’s help to sell it.”



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Please support this very important petition to :


This petition is authored by the:

The Ontario Wildlife Coalition



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For those of you following the plight of America’s Wild horses who wish to learn more and to help.  Please go to the link provided below.  Once on this site you will be able to link into other sites which will provide you with much needed information as exampled below.

The Bureau of Land Management continues these cruel roundups and thousands of horses, many just foals are meeting a horrific end.


“Submit Comments on 15-20 Year Plan for Wild Horses in Devils Garden Plateau Territory, California”


Forest Service Asks for Public’s Input on Management Plan


Two BLM Roundups Currently Underway

“On Sunday, August 21, the BLM began the White Mountain/Little Colorado roundup in Wyoming. As of Tuesday, the BLM reports that 355 horses have been removed from their families and homes on the range and three horses have been killed during the roundup. “


“Approximately 500 miles away, the Triple B roundup is taking place outside of Ely, Nevada. This is the fifth week of this roundup, the largest roundup of the summer, and as of Tuesday, August 23, the BLM reports that 1,182 horses have been captured and 10 horses have been killed in the roundup, the majority of them young foals..”





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Enjoy the video




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Obama: Impose Sanctions to Stop Icelandic Whaling


Take the Pledge to Fight Animal Cruelty


No More Lab Monkeys on Air Canada!


Pledge Not to Shop at Pet Stores That Sell Puppies



Help Ensure All Animals at Guzoo Find a Safe Home



Stop Mass Killing of Romanian Dogs



Kiwi’s Help Save Japan’s Dolphins !


End the Torture of Chimpanzees in Laboratories


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BLOGGER COMMENTS:  This is an extremely important project, one that continues the fight to save America’s horses.  Please show your support.  Thank you.

On Fri, Aug 26, 2011 at 5:04 PM, Team@ Saving America’s Horses <info@savingamericashorses.org> wrote:

For Immediate Release
Wild for Life Foundation
Los Angeles, CA, August 27, 2011 (revised)

Special Private Advance screening of “Saving America’s Horses – A Nation Betrayed” in Alexandria  Virginia

Wild for Life Foundation (WFLF) is pleased to announce the special private advance screening of “Saving America’s Horses – A Nation Betrayed” at the upcoming International Equine Welfare Conference in Arlington Virginia. Filmmaker Katia Louise will present the film in person on Monday, September 26th to registered participants of the conference. Many cast members will also be in attendance for this special screening including Senator Mary Landrieu, former mayor Paula Bacon, Julie Caramante, Craig Downer, JoAnne Normile, Sonja Meadows, Susan Wagner, Laura Allen, John Holland, Senator Dave Wanzenried, Ginger Kathrens and more. “Saving America’s Horses – A Nation Betrayed” is a platform to over 40 of the world’s most renowned equine professionals bringing their voices to the world stage through cinema on behalf of ending equine cruelty.

The special private conference screening will follow the screen’s Canadian premiere scheduled to take place on Saturday, September 24th in Huntsville, Ontario. Filmmaker Katia Louise has been invited to present the film in Canada as part of the upcoming International Film North Festival with a filmmaker Q & A to follow. Representatives from the CHDC including Twyla Francois and Shelley Grainger will also take part in the lively discussion. CHDC founder, Sinikka Crosland underscores the importance of bringing this film from the U.S. to Canada because the problems exist on both sides of the federal border.

Bringing this film to the public eye the goal of the “Saving America’s Horses” On World Stage campaign by Wild for Life Foundation. The chief objective is to get the truth out through the public release and distribution of this lifesaving film. Screening the film costs money and donations are needed to help cover expenses. “Donations made to Wild for Life Foundation in support of “Saving America’s Horses” are tax deductible and go toward meeting this objective”-Mario James, WFLF

Plans are underway to distribute this film publicly across America, Canada and Europe and beyond, but finishing funds are needed to pay for expense including special processing, screening fees, film rating, theater space, replication and promotion. The special edition “Saving America’s Horses – A Nation Betrayed” film posters are being made a available on a limited basis to help launch this exciting final phase of production. Join WFLF’s “Saving America’s Horses” and receive a complimentary special limited edition “Saving America’s Horses” film poster commemorating the recent screening at the historic Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, CA. (while supplies last) Donations can also be made in any amount online and by mail.

Please help save and protect these majestic animals by making a tax deductible donation today.

Support the public release of this lifesaving film on Facebook:

Mario James: mario[@]wildforlifefoundation.org

www.savingamericashorses.org      www.wildforlifefoundation.org

Link to this announcement on line at our blog:


Link to PDF:

 Previous Blog Posts:

Is it bad enough for you? Wild Horses 2









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Americas Wild horses continue to rounded up for slaughter, continue to be shipped to Canada and to Mexico to be made into horsemeat.  The US banned these slaughter houses in thier own country years ago. 

Voices around the World need to unite in order to put an end to this.  Their are viable measures that can be taken to control populations.  These horses are a national treasure and need be protected and treated as such.

The video below put on Youtube by the United Horsemen advocates horse welfare



Is seen as a propaganda video by those fighting to save these magnificent horses.

In an Alert received today:

“Guys we are losing on this poll please thumb them down and report as promoting animal abuse pass we cannot lose this poll to Wallis’s propaganda Wallis’s propaganda”

“Please sign into youtube to be counted”  Note that comments on this video have been disabled but you can still do a thumbs down.

The truth about the BLM roundups and horrific suffering of these wildhorses

Is it bad enough for you? Wild Horses 2



Paul’s message to President Obama, March 2010, outside the American Embassy, London


Prior posts




In this letter to HSUS Ms. Courtney, dated 7/7/2011 6:18:06 A.M. Mountain Daylight Time, a long time advocate for these beautiful horses writes:

(permission has been granted  by T. Courtney to post on all updates pertaining to this issue)

“To ensure a long term survival for our wild herds, the current close-out strategy of PZP’ing all mares and gelding all stallions is not sustainable.

“While a fertility program might manage our herds, the way the BLM operates means extinction, not long term management. We also know that their numbers are highly inflated, reflecting a true concern for how many mustangs and burros are really out on the range.”

“It is a shame that mustangs have to languish in holding pens, in a country with millions of acres of range available to them. The prison mentality and exploitation of BLM towards these iconic creatures is a shame.”

“I hope HSUS will keep up the pressure to make BLM comply with humane treatment of all horses and burros and to make an end to the culling operations, specially in high heat and inappropriate weather – the assurance of any humane standards which BLM has so greatly violated, the lack of transparency and their unwillingness to involve advocates – there is plenty of evidence of BLM’s shortcomings and cruelty – and it is imperative that each and every case and violation against each horse must be taken into account -enough cases have slipped thru the system and it is time to end this horrific chapter in American history – or we can all look back in 20 years, and reminisce an opportunity missed, the true preservation of our wild horses.” M. Courtney


Excerpts from response received by Ms Courtney from HSUS:

”   the BLM recently announced its intent to open “a new chapter in the management of wild horses, burros, and our public lands” by fast-tracking “fundamental reforms” to its current policies and procedures which include reducing the number of wild horses removed from the range by 5,600 (or 24 percent) over the next two years while increasing the number of mares treated with fertility control and released back onto the range from 1,000 to 4,000.

This is a huge accomplishment, but as we know all too well, it’s not enough. Despite the significant decrease in removals, the BLM still plans to remove 15,000 wild horse and burros for our public lands over the next two years, and since it can only find homes for approximately 6,000, by 2012, there could be more than 50,000 animals in holding facilities. That isn’t economically sustainable and it’s bad policy. The BLM needs to further reduce the number of animals it plans to remove from our public lands far beyond its current goals.”

“….using fertility control as a primary means for managing wild horse herds, the BLM could save taxpayers more than $200 million dollars over 12 years while dramatically reducing the number of animals removed from the range annually.”

Stephanie L. Boyles, M.S.
Wildlife Scientist, Wildlife and Habitat Protection

The Humane Society of the United States
2100 L Street NW    Washington, DC 20037



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Having just posted a disturbing incident in Toronto, it is with some pleasure that this writer is now able to give an update on LOKI.

These new pictures were taken the other day and Loki is doing well.  Getting bigger and stronger each day, and his trust continues to grow as well.

Last evening, I did not find my friend the first time I went across the Ravine looking for him.  Over an hour later, LOKI’s friend, Mr. Raven who is usually accompanying him, landed on my roof and made quite the big production..teasing my own dog Hemi.  Of course Mr. Raven was given some tasty tidbits and now knowing that LOKI must be out across the ravine, I prepared his evening meal once again.

Mr. Raven of course accompanied me, and to my delight as I crossed the tiny bridge and climbed the ravine slope, there was my beautiful LOKI with his friend “Fiddle” standing there waiting for me.

To my delight, LOKI danced, pranced, ooofed and ran ahead of me, while ‘Fiddle’ walked slowly by my side.  LOKI stopped numerous times to ensure that I was indeed following him, and once I caught up, I placed his plate on the ground and sat down beside it myself, he again danced, ooofed (he does not bark) and all was right in our world.  His playtime with ‘Fiddle’  had made him hungry and he ate every morsel, it is a good thing I had extra in my pocket to treat Mr. Raven who of course remained on the road in anticipation.

I am very happy to let my readers know that the local newspaper in town, Hub Publications, published an article about Loki and I in their August 17, 2011 edition.  Since that article was published, I have been approached by four complete strangers, town residents I had yet to meet, who have expressed their concern for Loki and who support my work with him.  One young man has offered to help with his food, and offered whatever assistance he can,  a young woman wishes to have her own dog meet and play with LOKI and supports my idea to have the Town of Hay River adopt Loki as Town Mascot; and two other women expressed their thanks to me for caring for him and the work I continue to do to aid the animals in this Town and across the NWT.

My whole purpose in going public about LOKI is in an all out effort to keep him alive, healthy and safe from those who would do him any harm.  Knowing that I have this support here, receiving comments of support via emails and those posted on this Blog is so greatly appreciated.

Two dear friends in town visited with me yesterday and we discussed how I could put up a shelter for LOKI.  One friend offered to get me needed material and we talked about how to build it and another dear friend has also offered to have a shelter built for him which I can put in my own backyard, and which I am hoping LOKI will choose to use.

There are three new LOKI videos on YouTube which I uploaded Friday.  I hope you enjoy them.




As you can see, LOKI is looking good, I must be doing something right.  He is putting on the needed body mass to face the coming frigid winter here and he has been coming to my property for breakfast each morning the last few weeks as well, last winter he came to my property many times a day and night, and I can attest to the -40 temp I sat in outside in my driveway or on my deck with him in the wee hours of the long winter nights and mornings. It is good that he is starting to do that again, as it will be difficult for me to get to him across the ravine once winter is here.

To all of you who have expressed your concern for him, thank you so much.  Your voices and comments matter and with your continued support of LOKI my hope to keep him alive and safe may very well continue to succeed.

This picture is of Mr. Raven, LOKI’s companion:  a smart fellow who loves to land on my roof, torment my own canines and also let me know when and where to find LOKI.  I have had the pleasure to watch LOKI and Mr. Raven play and do their own little dance together.

This picture is of LOKI with “Sammy” who just recently succumbed to old age. “Sammy” will be greatly missed by his family  and  housemate “Fiddle” .

LOKI and Sammy. Sammy crossed the Rainbow Bridge days after this picture was taken

These other pictures are of “Fiddle” and Loki together.  LOKI is particularly fond of “Fiddle”.  “Fiddle” is a real sweetheart.


I do hope all of you enjoy these updates about LOKI.  Your supportive comments are most welcome and appreciated and will aid me in my quest to keep him safe.  Thank you so much everyone.

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Doe shot in Toronto, Fawn left to fend for itself!!!

Deer shot by police after being struck by car near High Park



“Toronto Animal Services are disgracefully callous, incompentent, untrained and unsuited for animal rescue.  A doe was hit by a car and long story short, no vet was available, animal services did nothing to alleviate the poor deer’s suffering…a passing motorist was a living saint to this poor animal for three hours she gave first aid and bathed away the blood from the doe’s eyes…others frantically made calls to get vet’s and animal control on the scene…vet’s were in surgery, animal control showed up but didn’t know how to administer aid, finally the public managed to get a vet on the phone and the police shot and killed the deer.  People at the scene thought she was being taken for repair and healing….they were devasted…tragically, the news is even worse the doe had a fawn and no search was organized…..so the fawn will likely suffer and suffer before dying.  Untrained and incompetent personnel cannot be allowed the protection of a job when they are too inept or callous to perform the compassion needed to respect life and comfort.  I am enclosing for you to read a letter sent to the editor respecting this tragedy. “

Source:  Metro News

Week-end Edition – August 19-21, 2011

August 19-21, 2011

 Re:  No wildlife vet to aid dying deer, published August 16th, 2011

 I am a veterinarian doctor from Colombia.  I was shocked by this news and not being able to figure out why a situation like this is happening in a country like Canada.  

 In my thirty years of experience as a wild animals doctor and co-founder of the Foundation Against Animal Cruelty in Bogota, Columbia, I had never heard a case where the authorities make irrational decisions that go against animal rights.

 I am pretty sure in Toronto there are hundreds of qualified immigrant doctors looking for a volunteer position available to take care of wild animals in Canada.  Unfortunately, none of these institutions realize that there are overqualified people willing to contribute with our knowledge and experience so that a situation like this never happens in Canada.  Finally, I would like to think that Mahatma Gandhi’s idea that “the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

Toronto Wildlife Centre response to injured deer shot this week in Toronto:  



“It is time that Toronto take accountability for hiring the wrong people to administer compassion for animals and those who could not or would not render aid and comfort to this deer and who lacked the compassion to organize a search party for the orphaned fawn, please direct your sentiments to:  Mayor Rob Ford, Office of the Mayor, City Hall, 2nd Floor, 100 Queen Street W., Toronto, Ontario, M5H 2N2 —- Telephone:  416 397-Ford (36873) or e-mail:  mayor_ford@toronto.ca”



This writer is normally not at a loss for words, and at this time it is no different.

The fact that this injured doe laid for hours suffering from her injuries and shock is unacceptable, unforgivable and clear evidence that those agencies involved spent far too much time conversing amongst themselves in an attempt to make a life and death decision!!!


The fact that no effort was made to locate and rescue the surviving fawn, is a very sad and pointed statement that, dare it be said, indifference towards the survival of this fawn is clearly evident, in my own and likely the opinion of many others.

A fawn CANNOT survive without its mother!!!  This baby, CANNOT fend for itself, will languish and suffer a horrible death due to starvation, dehydration and possible predation.

Failure to search for this fawn, to rescue this youngster and to take the necessary measures to ensure the fawns survival is not only irresponsible, it is also lacking in compassion.

It is clearly evident that TWO lives have now been lost if that fawn is not found!!

It is clearly evident that the combined agencies involved in this incident are ill equipped to handle such emergencies.

It is clearly evident that a fully equipped and properly trained Animal Emergency Response Team needs to be established and be on call 24/7.

With the number of veterinary hospitals within the Toronto area, the number of qualified veterinarians available, there is no acceptable excuse as to why immediate medical aid was not given to the suffering mother, whose only comfort was given by  good Samaritans on the scene.

This injured doe should have been, could have been transported immediately to the closest veterinary hospital and received immediate medical attention.

WHY was this not done?

If the Toronto police removed the doe (dragged her after she had managed to stand again and then collapse) in order to shoot her out of view of the public, and only after she suffered laying on the street for hours, why did they not remove her immediately upon arriving at the scene and transport her immediately to a local veterinary hospital?

An immediate qualified medical assessment of her condition and the possibly life saving measures that could be taken would have possibly negated her destruction.  If euthanasia was the only recourse, then it would have been done humanely and the hours of suffering she endured while the agencies involved talked amongst themselves trying to decide on who should do what (and doing nothing for her but allowing her to suffer) would not be a deplorable factor in this case.

Note that TAS (Toronto Animal Services) is currently looking for help: per email received this morning:

Toronto Animal Services: Once again we are asking for your support.  On September 9th the Municipal Licensing and Standards Committee will be meeting to discuss Animal Services.  As well, there is an Executive Committee meeting being held on September 19th to talk about the Core Service Review for all divisions .  We are asking that anyone available or interested in doing a deputation on either of those days please contact me directly so that I can give you further information.  If you are not interested in doing a deputation but would still like to attend, please feel free as we need the support. The deputations are for Toronto Animal Services (TAS) – With regard to the Core Service Review and the privatization of TAS or the reducation in services that TAS provides. They will be held at City Hall, 100 Queen st W. Usually starting @ approximately 9:30am. On September 9, 2011 & September 19, 2011 no committee room has been assigned as of yet.   Stephanie Cliff   scliff@local416.org

An online petition has been circulating to save TAS from becoming privatized and can be found on an earlier post on this Blog.

There is also another important petition which is circulating:

Ontario Wildlife Coalition Petition to help baby animals:


Where is the help for this dead doe’s fawn????

Those living within this Toronto area, are respectfully urged to try to locate this fawn, in order to save a life.

If one must take it upon oneself to act responsibly and with compassion this tiny life may then be saved. 

Depending solely on the responsiveness of agencies supported by taxpayer dollars and donations apparently does not get the job done.


  • Mailing address:
  • Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary
    1116 Crawford Street
    Rosseau, Ontario P0C 1J0
  • Phone: 705 732 6368
    Fax: 705 732 1929
  • Email: info@avws.c
  • Bergerons Exotic Animal Sanctuary
    967 County Road 5
    Picton, Ontario K0K 2T0 Canada
    (613) 476-4212
  • email: bergerons.animals@yahoo.ca
  • Teja’s Animal Refuge in Ontario
  • Contact Teja’s Animal Refuge: Email: tejasanimalrefuge@sympatico.ca Phone: 613-874-1291.
  • The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada in Ontario
  • (519) 836-1697
  • info@thedonkeysanctuary.ca
  •   The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada
    6981 Puslinch Concession 4
    R.R. #6
    Guelph, ON N1H 6J3 (519) 821-0698
  • Big Sky Ranch Animal Sanctuary in Kemptville, Ontario
  • Owner / Operator
    Mr. Andy Parent
    810 Pelton Road in Peltons Corner
    telephone: 613-258-7118
    toll free: 1-866-433-7118
    email: bigskyranch@ripnet.com
  • Bergeron’s Exotic Animal Sanctuary in Picton, Ontario
  • Constance Creek Wildlife Refuge in Ottawa, Ontario Serves as a home for over 70 farmed and domestic animals as well.
  • 2494 Dunrobin Road
    Ottawa, ON K0A 1T0



Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

P. O. Box 1329

Woodstock, NY 12498


[8am-5pm EST only please, we're farm folk!]

Emergency Phone Contacts Click Here


 Painted Rock Animal Farm & Sanctuary:  http://www.paintedrockrescuefarm.com/contact.html

  • Barry & Laura Cameron
  • Painted Rock Animal Farm & Sanctuary
  • 5354 Third Line, R.R.#2
  • Tottenham, Ontario, L0G 1W0
  • 905-939-7458
  • E-mail: Laura

Roosters Inn : http://www.theroostersinn.com/sanctuary.htm

(905) 986-9843.
The Roosters Inn
3251 Highway 7A
Blackstock, Ontario L0B 1B0

Snooters Farm Animal Sanctuary   http://snootersforeverhome.com/

 Friends of Animals   http://friendsofanimals.ca/

Friends of Animals  (905) 936-9609

email:  bette@friendsofanimals.ca

Painted Rock Rescue Farm


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A Tribute to Tiny Innocent Lives

This month of August marks the first anniversary of the needless slaughter of 22 puppies seized during the Hay River Hoarding case, raid conducted May 29, 2010, 109 dogs involved, 3 dogs were humanely put down immediately during the raid due to severe health conditions.

On May 29, 2010,  23 puppies ranging in age from 2 months to 12 months, were seized, removed from the Hobson property and taken to the Hay River Municipally owned town shelter, where they were bathed, fed, watered and sheltered.   These 23 pups were placed in the  care of caring shelter volunteers, these pups were all treated for worms and remained at the municipal shelter for 2 1/2 months. 

While my many offers made to the Mayor of Hay River to assist in the relocation of these puppies were made within weeks of their rescue, my offers were totally ignored by Municipal authorities.  No response to my offers were forthcoming from Hay River’s Mayor.

Mid August I learned that the pups were no longer at the shelter, and following this tip, I was to learn that indeed the pups had been secretly removed from the shelter, the volunteers asked to leave the property.  When they returned all pups had been removed and it was confirmed to me by way of a Town employee, the Mayor’s Assistant, that the pups were indeed dead. 

Due to the amount of pressure placed upon Municipal Authorities by CFAWR, Canadians for Animal Welfare Reform, the Deputy Mayor finally issued a Press Release dated late August 2010, (copy available) stating that the pups had been removed and destroyed…citing that they were a danger to the public.  Subsequent  media reports, the excuse was being given by Municipal authorities that their destruction was due to inadequate facilities to care for these pups.  (newspaper clippings on file) 

Had my offers to assist in the relocation of these pups to properly equipped and fully operational fac lities outside the NWT been taken seriously  these pups would not have met with death.  So just what is the truth????  and just how were these puppies destroyed?  Humanely by injection administered by a licensed vet or did they meet their end by gunshot?

LOKI, whom you have all come to know due to my work with him, is the SOLE survivor, the one rescued Hobson pup that escaped the shelter, prior to the remaining 22 pups being taken and destroyed.  LOKI is now on YouTube, his story appears here and he is drawing international attention.  Comments are coming in, people care!! about this magnificent and gentle spirit whom I will continue to work with, care for and with all out effort hopefully keep safe by having gone public and international about his story.

As of this date, no explanation as to the method used to destroy these 22 pups has been provided by Municipal Authorities.

Subsequent requests made by the Animal Alliance of Canada (two letters sent)  and CFAWR as well as myself for information relating to the animals left and remaining on the Hobson property all of this time remain ignored, the condition and status of these  83 remaining dogs left on the Hobson property at the time of the raid May 29, 2010, remains a mystery.

As of this date, the exact head count of the number of dogs now on the Hobson property remains a mystery.  How many more pups have been born there since May 29, 2010?

As of this date, the identity of the town employee who was supposedly tasked to supervise and monitor the care of the 83 dogs left on the Hobson property (per published media account) remains a mystery.

As of this date, Hay River’s Mayor and Town Council, continues to practice a code of silence .

In early September 2011, after far too many adjournments, Linda Hobson, owner of the 109 dogs, will be facing Federal and Territorial charges of animal cruelty.  Just what sentence, if any will be imposed….remains a mystery.  Just what fate the  animals currently on this property will face once a court decision has been rendered…remains a mystery.

On May 15, 2011, after my three and a half year battle with the Territorial Government, the new NWT Dog Act came into effect.  A Victory for the Dogs of the Northwest Territories and the first step towards the Comprehensive Animal Protection Act that I plan to continue fighting for.

August 2011 marks the First Anniversary of the Hay River slaughter of 22 Innocent lives, rescued pups that were never given the chance at loving forever homes. 

Please remember these tiny lives, these tiny spirits, these tiny hearts whose only crime was to be born in the Northwest Territories, born to a life of confinement..Born to Die!!!

Twenty-two lives lost, twenty-two out thousands across the NWT who have lost their lives due to indifference, due to complacency, due to decades of violent abuse and neglect, due to totally inadequate shelter facilities and  availability of veterinary services across the NWT. 

 Due to an ATTITUDE!!!

 Rest in Peace little ones, your suffering and your sacrifice will never be forgotten.

 Together we can prevent this from ever happening again!!

LOKI Sole Survivor

Earlier posts on this case can be found in the Archives.  Hopefully the Internet links provided in prior posts are still viable.

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