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What is Harper Afraid Of?

by Franke James


Thank you Franke James..your presentation is brilliant.

Bloggers note:  please take the time to read this and to pass onto others.  As a Free Nation Canadians can no longer afford to allow our environment, waters and animals to be exploited, poisoned and destroyed.

Those that speak out against such atrocities have been labelled by MP Joe Oliver, Minister of the Environment, as terrorists……WE ARE NOT……we believe in our country and all that it stands for….we want to PROTECT our country for future generations….we VALUE our country and honor those who have died to PROTECT our Rights and Freedoms to freely express our concerns, our displeasure and the Sell Out of this Great Land.

This amazing video says it all.

You’ve felt it your entire life


The Greatest Speech Ever Made


Opinion: Canada’s mass firing of ocean scientists brings ‘silent summer’


Seal Hunt Has Started Again


Stop Poisoning the Boreal Forest

Bloggers Note:  Ironic that ads have been running on National Television inviting Canadians to “Join the Discussion” on our ‘Charter of Rights and Freedoms’…….

one might now  ask …

What rights and freedoms?  Do we have any left?


URGENT !!   Canada –  Our rights, under attack! / URGENT! Canada – Nos droits, sous attaque!

 Bill 78 will affect many non-radical animal activists, who hold “PEACEFUL” demonstrations against all forms of animal cruelty.   Please read the article below, sign, circulate and post to your sites. Thanks!  

Projet de loi 78 affectera beaucoup des activistes d’animaux non-radicaux, qui détiennent des manifestations « Pacifique » contre toutes les formes de cruauté envers les animaux.   Veuillez lire l’article ci-dessous, signer, faire circuler et publier sur vos sites. Merci !

Dear friends across Canada,

Québec Premier Jean Charest just enacted a draconian emergency law restricting the most basic rights of free assembly — all to quash students protesting tuition hikes. Sign the petition now to stand up for the basic Canadian values of free speech and assembly and call for an end to this law:

Québec Premier Jean Charest just enacted a draconian emergency law restricting the most basic rights of free assembly. The law could turn Canada into an international embarrassment — making us look more like the Middle Eastern police states the Arab Spring just overthrew — unless we show the world that Canadians reject this type of outdated suppression.

The emergency law, known as Bill 78, imposes massive fines of up to $125,000 for organizing peaceful protests — the most basic right of free democracies. And anyone hoping to gather just 50 people must give police 8 hours notice! Legal scholars are uniform in declaring the law unconstitutional, but while we wait for the courts to strike it down, free speech is in jeopardy. Let’s join together and show leaders everywhere Canadians reject this attack on basic rights and that all suppression will bring is a stronger opposition.

Our country’s constitutional rights and international reputation are at risk. Join the call and forward to everyone — if we reach 50,000 signers, Avaaz will erect giant protesters in front of Montreal representatives’ offices to bring our national call home to politicians:


The freedom to peacefully assemble is a fundamental right enshrined in the Canadian constitution. It’s a basic right respected throughout the democratic world and now the Québec government is trampling all over it. When governments try to change the rules of the game like this to suppress their opponents, one of two things happen: freedom begins to wither or the backlash leads to a brighter and freer day. Right now, police are already cracking down: over 300 people were arrested at once on Sunday night. But if we stand together, we can ensure that our voices lead to a better tomorrow.

The student demonstrations over tuition hikes that provoked this over-the-top response have been largely peaceful. A small group of radicals and overzealous police shouldn’t be allowed to destroy Montreal or our basic rights and values. But instead of directing police to respect protesters, Premier Charest decided to fan the flames by passing this backwards bill. This is not the way democracies deal with legitimate debate and it’s time we show Charest and the rest of our country’s Premiers that citizens everywhere will not stand for being silenced or intimidated.

Join the call to repeal Bill 78’s attack on our rights — click here to sign:


Throughout the world, peaceful demonstrations have overcome repressive backlashes. At a moment when even the Middle East is overthrowing emergency laws intended to suppress, Canada shouldn’t be going backwards. Let’s join the spirit of the day and show that we too are capable of overcoming ignorance, fear and abuse of power.

With hope,

Emma, Ari, Ricken, Mélanie, Laryn and the rest of the Avaaz team
Montreal protesters defy demo law and clash with police (CBC)

Lawyers compare Quebec’s controversial protest bill to War Measures Act (National Post)

Montreal student groups to challenge Bill 78 in court (Ottawa Citizen)

After Bill 78, two nights of violence in Montreal streets (Montreal Gazette)

Montreal police pepper spraying bar patrons during protest melee (video) (Ottawa Citizen)

Bill 78 — An Act to enable students to receive instruction from the postsecondary institutions they attend (Assemblée nationale du Québec)

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May 2, 2012 – a Date to remember.In a message received by a dear friend, some good news for a change.

Message from IFAW – International Fund for Animal Welfare

Senator Mac Harb’s bill to end the commercial seal hunt, which would help sealers out of the industry while protecting the rights of Inuit and First Nations people, was sent for second reading.
This means that the commercial seal hunt will be debated in the Canadian Senate for the first time in history. It is encouraging that politics in Canada may have finally evolved to a place where the facts on commercial sealing can be discussed.

At a time when vital services in Canada are being cut and all levels of government are talking about fiscal responsibility, it makes no sense to pour more money into propping up the dying seal hunt industry. It’s time for a rational and open debate about this wasteful and cruel industry.

The facts are clear: commercial sealing is inhumane and unnecessary, and it’s time for it to end.”

Bloggers Note:

IFAW promises to continue the fight and end this barbaric industry.

Please support Mac Harb’s bill.  Thank you.




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Two Montreal Cats Die after eating  recalled pet food


More on Pet Food Recalls: http://www.truthaboutpetfood.com/articles/the-plot-thickens-clues-to-big-issues.html



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Honour Alberta’s heritage by treating horses well

Posted on May 21, 2012


“Re: “Story to bring history of horse to life,” May 16.

“I find some irony in the Calgary Stampede horse tribute, “Tails.” Honouring everything the horse has done for Albertans is well deserved. Yet I have to ask why horses face undignified death at the Fort Macleod slaughterhouse. The horses are tossed aside for many reasons – doesn’t run fast enough, doesn’t jump high enough, kids lost interest, getting a divorce, costs too much, too many foals from the breeder’s crop, not enough buyers, and the horse just got too old.”


Read ‘em and weep

Posted on May 21, 2012

From  our  friends  at  EWA

38% increase  over the same period last year.



Wild Horse Controversy in Kansas


Comment on story and video: 

From S. West Founder Canadians for Animal Welfare Reform: “

In a message dated 5/17/2012 8:26:44 P.M. Mountain Daylight Time, CFAWR@Telus.net writes:

The horses who have blood on their heads have had their eyes gouged at so that can’t see too well and wont kick  !!!!This is the obscene brutal and disgusting  realty of all of this I would soon die than allow horse slaughter to continue and i will do all I can via CFAWR to create the awareness to  prevent it forever ! I grew up with 11 horses ( on our UK 400 acre farm) Almost all were rescued They are beautiful sensitive intelligent magnificent and precious creatures and this slaughter cracks my heart into tiny pieces”

Front Range Equine Rescue



Horse Killed and Legally Used To Bait and Kill Wolves


May 20, 2012

Friends of Animals


Healy, Alaska trapper Coke Wallace “apparently walked a horse out to an area off the Stampede Trail near the boundary of Denali National Park – an area made famous by the 1996 book ‘Into the Wild’ – shot the horse, and set snares all around the area hoping to catch wolves attracted to the carcass.”

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One of the amazing things living in the North is the awe one finds in the color of the skies, the crimson brilliant sunrises and sunsets, the ethereal grandeur created with the startling hues of azure blue of a night sky that refuses to surrender to the night. 

December Sunrise

  LOKI has been spending more time at my home, in the privacy of my back yard, sometimes for his meals, but also lately just to spend time together, to enjoy each other’s company.

The last few nights he arrived mid evening, and we would lounge relaxed and safe from prying eyes, surrounded by song birds, clean crisp fresh air, Spring plant sprouts and branches filled with tiny buds now forming. Often times serenaded by the Red Winged Blackbirds and tiny finches that perched safely in my trees.

Spending time together May 19, 2012

Ever alert and inquisitive, everything catches his attention….things far too small for me to see or hear.

Last night was very different….he arrived at midnight, that beautiful bushy tail held high and waving ..visible through my window..he arrived in silence.

Meeting him out back, he greeted me with an enthusiastic “ooof” and a warm whimper.  As I sat cross legged (seems to be my favorite position) he came to me and just gazed into my eyes.

Safe and relaxed

Settling down in front of me on our blanket, he rested his head on crossed paws, his eyes never leaving mine.  I reached my hand to him and he ever so gently took the pieces Rollover I offered, his touch like a feather, his position unchanging.

Raising his head to view the night  sky, he allowed me to also witness the wonderful and amazing shades of blue, hints of pink and brilliant purple mingled with sapphire. Oh, my, it was another Aah Hah moment…a moment that could not get better than this.

I hand fed LOKI each morsel of Rollover as I laid now stretched out on the blanket beside him, each cookie (his dessert) he took gently from my hand, those beautiful warm eyes telling me of his trust in me, reassuring me that I was part of his life.

I do not know exactly how long we remained like that, time stopped, and there was nothing but the two of us in this very special place and very special time. Crazy as it sounds, we were in a world far away, alone and together, speaking silently on a level that can never be heard. A wild world, clothed in the beauty of the night sky, wrapped in the robe of tranquility that only nature can provide.

I did not take pictures last evening, perhaps I should have, perhaps in doing so I may have betrayed this very special moment.

Summer 2011

Magical?  Yes.  Beautiful?  Yes.  A rare and precious gift?  Yes.

Together we touched the soul of each other and in that moment we became one.

Kindred spirits, united under amazing Northern Skies.

Thank you my friend, your gifts to me are many and for without you, I would never have found my way back home.

October 2011, my back yard, I pray we have many more moments such as this.

Feel free to view and join  “Friends og Loki” FB page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Friends-of-LOKI-Sole-Survivor/188340937903082




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Once again I am publishing on the request and  behalf of Canadians for Animal Welfare Reform (CAFWR)

Take a look Steven Harper There is blood on your hands

Steven Harper this is what you are supporting ! Take a long hard look? Now there is CONCRETE evidence that 42% of baby seals… yes that is BABY seals ( a few weeks old) are conscious  when being skinned alive! The seal hunt is over ! 80 % of Canadians don’t want it. 80% translates to over 27 MILLION Canadians  who want this brutal cruelty stopped. So does the rest of the world .You have no markets any more.


At the end of the day .China will say no to you and you have nowhere else to go to sell this bloody slaughter .Stock piling seal skins is laughable  !Do you really believe that over time there will be a market for stock piled seal skins and meat ?


Admit defeat Mr Harper? You are only adding more fuel to the fire of the erosion of your government. All your government will EVER be remembered for is the perpetuation of Canada’s  “bloody shame”…… in arrogance and defiance of the wishes of Canada and her citizens


Retrain the sealers for other industries and work. BUY THEM OUT NOW?


 Sarah West Founder/President

Canadians For Animal Welfare Reform (CFAWR) www.cfawr.org

Follow us on Twitter

Canadian Ambassador World Animal Day


CFAWR Challenges P.M. Harper and the Honourable Kathy Dunderdale: Do the RIGHT thing: End the Seal Hunt!!


Why are Taxpayers Subsidizing the Dying Seal Slaughter Industry?


IFAW Documents Unacceptable Cruelty During 2011 Seal Hunt


Per:The Honourable Mac Harb on Canadian Seal Hunt


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Thank you to Ms. Brenda Thompson for your amazing dedication.






Saturday July 7, 2012


Brenda Thompson is the owner of Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue in Hagersville, Ontario.  Now filled to capacity fundraisers are extremely important in order to continue the amazing work that this rescue does.  Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue does not receive funding.  We can all imagine just how expensive feed, veterinarian care and the operation of such a large undertaking actually is.

The  ” 5th Annual Open House Fundraiser on July 7, 2012”  is ” fast approaching” Ms. Thompson is now reaching out to her  supporters along with local businesses to support her cause by sponsoring the fundraiser requesting donations  “of items such as prizes for the prize table, baked goods, items for the BBQ, used garage sale items or used tack and horse supplies.”

In Ms. Thompsons own words:

” As you can imagine, it is very expensive rescuing these horses as they need specialized feed, vet care and many hours of handling.  This is what has driven me to start Whispering Hearts where we can try to obtain sponsorship, donations and volunteers, as well as educate the public on horse care.  Most importantly we also want to provide the public an option when they can no longer care for their horses other than the auction barns.

Many times it is just circumstance that brings the horses to the auctions in such rough shape. I attend many local auctions to purchase horses heading for slaughter as well as receive calls advising of horses in need for various reasons such as cruelty and neglect.  We are not here to judge, just to help and make a difference somehow.

We have many success stories and made many families happy by adopting a rescued horse into their family.  In the past 4 1/2 years we have taken in over 130 horses and adopted out over 70 to good homes.  This would not be possible without public support and the many great volunteers that have crossed our path.

If you are interested in helping Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue through a donation for our fundraiser, please contact me via email or call me at (905) 768-9951 at your earliest convenience. Thank you for taking the time to consider my request and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.”

Yours Truly, Brenda Thompson
Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue

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So much is coming in..fast and furious..but not as fast and furious as these magnificent horses MUST RUN FOR THEIR LIVES.



Breaking News

Federal Court Slams BLM in Ruling on AWHPC’s Lawsuit; Judge Says Agency Can’t Remain “Studiously Ignorant” of Scientific Evidence


“AWHPC’s lawsuit against the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) over its plans to castrate wild, free-roaming stallions in Nevada’s Pancake Complex achieved another milestone last week. On May 9, 2012, U.S. District Court Judge Beryl A. Howell issued a ruling ordering the BLM to consider scientific evidence submitted by AWHPC regarding the negative impacts of castration on individual wild stallions and on the herds as a whole. Judge Howell warned that the agency could not remain “studiously ignorant of material scientific evidence.” (Please see AWHPC’s press release here and the Courthouse News Service’s article here for more information.)”

BLM Sends Email Inviting Public to Tour Desatoya Mountains

Take Action Reminders

Please Take Action to Protect Wild Horses and Burros During “Drought” Conditions


Oppose BLM’s Environmentally-Destructive, Water-Guzzling Mining Projects in Wild Horse Areas





…”Front Range Equine Rescue and the Humane Society have teamed up and submitted a second petition for rulemaking against slaughter. Together, we have launched step 2 of our multi-step expanded attack on horse slaughter.”


Humane Groups Petition USDA to Block Companion, Working and Show Horses from Being Slaughtered for Human Consumption

Meat From Horses Not Raised For Food Presents Public Health Hazard

“April 10, 2012 (Larkspur, Colorado) — Through its own investigation, Front Range Equine Rescue (FRER) has discovered that Valley Meats Co., 3845 Cedarvale Rd., in Roswell, NM, has applied for inspection of horses to be “custom slaughtered” and “processed” for human consumption. According to the facts uncovered, the facility has been involved in extended discussions with the Denver office of the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS). The FSIS inspects animals and meat in American slaughterhouses under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Horse slaughter for food is a national disgrace, given the iconic nature of American horses and the especially brutal methods used to kill them.”

An ABC News Brian Ross Investigation on Nightline tonight.  Inside the multi-million dollar sport of Tennessee walking horses. Investigators find that some of the seemingly graceful horses are subjected to incredible brutality and torture to make them perform in such a unique way, all in the pursuit of blue ribbons and championships worth tens of millions of dollars.




ABC News Brian Ross Investigates:

The story will feature an exclusive undercover video investigation by the HSUS and Brian’s encounter with Jackie McConnell – a top trainer who’s been indicted.

Recent Post:  of Interest





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On behalf of Sarah West, Founder of Canadians for Animal Welfare Reform (CFAWR) I wish to publish the incredible letter that Ms. West sent to the Hon Alex Atamanenko.

On Thu, May 10, 2012 at 1:32 PM, Canadians for Animal Welfare Reform  wrote:

To the Hon Alex Atamanenko

Well done and our heartfelt thank you so much for what you and Angels for Animals are doing? We fully support you with regards to banning horse slaughter in Canada .The bill board regarding Canadian horse slaughter is wonderful and so very much needed. Thank you so much Angels for Animals.

It’s not just that slaughter houses don’t have glass walls that keep the public unaware of this obscene industry. …it the simple fact that the meat slaughter industry has far more money than those of us attempting to educate the public about this barbaric cruelty..

However we are getting smarter creating awareness for the public about this cruelty by using social media. This is a tool that nether the government or the food animal slaughter industry would ever use because it’s transparent and immediate! This alone with undercover investigation videos from CFETFA Canadians For The Ethical Treatment of Food Animals is make a  small dent in this invisible cruelty

CFAWR’s position is that we as Canadian citizens have a right to know HOW our food is made, WHAT is in it and WHERE it comes from.  It is the meat industry that has anesthetized the public from day one by calling baby cows “VEAL” sheep “MUTTON” cows “BEEF”. Deer “VENISON ect .If they could find a name for horses that worked… I am sure they would market that to us also.

This and building food animal slaughter houses well away from the public’s eye have made this “invisible” cruelty so far away from public scrutiny. However this is changing!


I have sent the below from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as this issue may it may come in parliament, up re your bill.  My question is…horses are not food animals and why is the CFIA Director involved with this? Drugs alone are not the key issue here as I know you are aware. It is the obscene and brutal cruelty in horse slaughtering that is!

Even though our federal animal welfare protection welfare legislation is outdated and almost redundant… I know that the horse slaughter industry is in violation of this and the regulations set down by the government’s food inspection agency

CFAWR | Current Legislation  ( Please check out our link ?) You will find it very informative and it may be useful for you with regards to your banning horse slaughter bill)


You +1’d this publicly. Undo

Richard Ryder writes that the first known legislation against animal cruelty in the English-speaking world was passed in Ireland in 1635. It prohibited pulling wool…

CFAWR’S point is WHY should we have our tax dollars used by the Canadian government put controls in place for food animals we don’t eat and to support a few horse slaughter plants…   a slaughter we don’t want and for European markets? How is this helping the Canadian economy?

When you connect the dots and look closely, the Canadian food inspection agency via Dr Arsenault is supporting the business ventures of 3 or 4 horse slaughter businessmen and with our tax dollars! This is totally unacceptable

I believe there are only a handful of places that serve horse meat in Canada and I think they are all in Quebec? So my point to the government is …how much are you spending on this to support an overseas food industry and a handful of restaurants for FOOD animals we don’t eat  and an animal slaughter Canadians don’t want ?

Political objectives are often met and legislation passed,  because no one takes time to connect the dots and look at the domino effects of political decisions and /or consider public input. Part of  CFAWR’S role and one in which we have made a commitment to in helping the government move forward on strengthening animal cruelty legislation,is by connecting  the dots in various issues and laying out a map

Last but certainly not least it might be advantageous to point out to the opposition of your bill that this could be a first opportunity for the Canadian government to take some action on their “ commitment in principle” to the UDAW Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare. This would go down very well for Canadians and give Prime Minister Harper some credibility back !

( Please check out the link below )

UDAW campaign reaches critical milestone in Canada –   WSPA … 
 ► 3:02► 3:02 www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1h0je_5QJQ12 Nov 2009 – 3 min – Uploaded by WSPAcanada
The motion was put forward by Liberal MP Michelle Simson …first North American country to express support …

. Regarding the CFIA I should like to know how much money is being spent on these controls and what is the salary (which we are paying for) is for Dr. Richard Arsenault ?. If you can most kindly respond with any information or insights you may have into this entire issue, it would be greatly appreciated by us all ? Thank you.

I hope that all or some of my comments may give you some fuel in support of your bill to ban horse slaughter in Canada

Thank you again so much.

Yours sincerely

Sarah West Founder/President

Canadians For Animal Welfare Reform (CFAWR) www.cfawr.org

Follow us on Twitter

Canadian Ambassador World Animal Day ( Victoria BC)










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More and more, public awareness of the outrageous, unforgivable treatment inflicted on the lives of innocent animals is proving to be a driving force for positive action.

One year ago today, a VIGIL, protesting the needless murder of 102 unlucky shelter animals held at the Newmarket, Ontario shelter was launched. Below are just a few of the many pictures taken during the 2011 VIGIL.

Today, May 11, 2012 marks the Second Anniversary and once again, dedicated, caring people are gathering to honor these lost lives taken due to indifference and apparent complacency on the part of the caregivers to which these precious lives were entrusted.

The fact that today’s MEMORIAL VIGIL is even taking place is evidence in itself, that SOMETHING HAS GOT TO CHANGE IN ONTARIO.  This incident SHOULD NEVER have happened in the first place!!!!!

In March 2009 a great deal of Hype was publicized about Ontario enacting the Strongest Animal Protection Law in Canada.  Congratulations to Ontario!!

  Note the sarcasm here!!!!

McGuinty Government Modernizes Animal Cruelty Laws


“Today is an historic day for our province when it comes to animal protection. Ontario has passed legislation that will give us the strongest animal protection laws in Canada, and bring more abusers to justice.”

 – Rick Bartolucci
Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Service

Clearly obvious by the scandal and subsequent Inquiry launched by Mr. Klees resulting in the report finally being published: http://giftofloki.wordpress.com/2011/06/04/news-from-ontario-ospca-full-report-released-finally/

Excerpt: “The report said a couple of things which made my blood boil, one of them being 57 animals euthanized. Well we all know that is not true. From the very beginning in their attempt to make themselves look transparent to the public they itemized exactly where the 102 animals were, how many were in foster care and those that went to alternate clinics. So how do they get off saying there were only 57.  Please do not blame the investigators for that.”

A great deal must be done to improve the Ontario situation.  Thus far it is most questionable as to whether anything at all POSITIVE has been done to protect the lives of innocent animals in Ontario, whose sole crime was to be born. 

Many animals have AND CONTINUE TO FALL VICTIM to irresponsible and uncaring owners that allow continued breeding, failing to spay and neuter their pet, allowing them to roam freely and THUS  contribute to an ever expanding population of unwanted and discarded animals.


Much gratitude is due to ALL those who continue to fight, in Ontario, the injustices inflicted upon  animals in Ontario.  Gratitude must be given to those who REMEMBER and who continually REMIND us that WE are all RESPONSIBLE.  Reminding us too, that each and every one of us CAN DO something POSITIVE, to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!  Special thanks to you for allowing me to use these pictures.


    2011 VIGIL


“Miracle of Life”

Come quick”, their mother said, “The time is getting near”;
She feels that when the kittens come the children should be here.
She told them that a big orange Tom took “Kitty” as his wife,
“It’s wonderful, a gift from God, the miracle of life”.

At half a year young “Kitty” feels too painful and too scared,
To appreciate six miracles, blind-eyed and yellow haired.
But she knows these lives depend on her and nature tells her how,
And as she cleans them, children ask “Mom, can we go now?”

But now and then, for six more weeks the children visit her,
To play with six new magic toys, made of life and fur.

The six weeks pass, the newness gone and new homes yet unfound,
Mom bundles up six miracles and takes them to the pound,
Where lovingly, with gentle hands and no tears left to cry,
The shelter workers kiss them once and take them off to die.

And “Momma Kitty”, now she’s called, mourns her loss and then,
She’s put outside, and of course, she’s pregnant once again.
Dad tells “Kitty” STOP THIS NOW or you won’t live here long!,
But deep inside of Momma Cat, this time something’s wrong.

Too young, too small, too often bred now nature’s gone awry,
Momma Kitty feels it too and she crawls off to die.
She too is freed from this cruel world, and from her time of strife.
How harsh the truth, how high the price, this “Miracle of Life”

- Veterinarian, Dr Barry Taylor-from Manxalot Rescue

OSPCA Scandals are readily located by Googling:







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