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This posting is a departure from the issues pertaining to Northern Dogs.

The recent Pig Farm fires necessitate that immediate action be taken in order to put an end to the incredible suffering and excruciating pain that the Pigs endured.

Imagine yourself trapped inside a burning structure, unable to escape.  Imagine the panic, imagine the searing hot smoke and flames filling your own lungs.  Imagine that no one is there to make your rescue possible.  Imagine yourself fighting to cram your too large body through the too small bars of your holding cell, imagine feeling the weight of your companions crushing you, your flesh tearing from sharp hooves clammering for escape, imagine the pitiful screams of pain from yourself and others around you.  Are you terrified….you should be….would you wish this on any living creature….I surely pray to God that you would not.

It has been proven that pigs are highly intelligent creatures, even moreso than man’s Best Friend, the dog.

Many of these pig farm operations DO NOT have in place proper sprinkler systems, smoke alarms or fire alarms.  Perhaps considered too costly by some pig producers yet the government doles out funding to such operations.

It is bad enough what these intelligent sentient beings must endure , confined to crowded barns, steel birthing cells,
piglets never being allowed to venture from their steel enclosures; mothers barely able to move in what has been their
living quarters likely from birth.

Below is a link  that will open your eyes and hopefully enable you to act in support of these tortured animals who through no fault of their own were burned alive.  Additional links will provide more of the pictures which, for those with a conscience, will horrify you.


The pictures are very graphic and the explanations equally distubing.


PLEASE urge our government to carry out inspections of such pig farms to ensure safety measures are in place PRIOR to handing out their cheques!!!

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I received this Action Alert  via The Animal Alliance of Canada today, and am now posting this today  in order to drum up support to save the Feral Cats which are to be captured and euthanized in an area of British Columbia.

You too may also receive Action Alerts by contacting and requesting that you be placed on their mailing list.

"Animal Alliance of Canada" <shelly@animalalliance.ca>

original news article:


100 Mile House Free Press, August 12, 2009
100 Mile to euthanize feral cats

The mayor of 100 Mile House cast the deciding vote to capture and euthanize a number of feral cats in the Scott Road area. Council met Aug. 11 and reviewed two options to deal with the approximately 50 to 100 cats that are disturbing residents.

One option, favoured by councillors Bill Hadden and Dave Mingo, was to trap the cats, spay or neuter them and release them back into the community. Councillors Jeanne Best and Mel Torgerson were in favour of trapping the cats and euthanizing them.  Mayor Mitch Campsall’s deciding vote was in favour of euthanizing.

Campsall said council has been getting a lot of complaints that people can’t go out in their yards for all the cats spraying, yelling and fighting; residents can’t sleep because of the screeching and the cats are ruining peoples’ cars, boats and furniture.

The plan will be well advertised so cat owners can keep their own pets inside or have them wear a collar to distinguish them from the feral cats.

Please note that I made my own personal alterations to this sample letter which was provided by the Animal Alliance of Canada, (I let the contents  the same, with only changes of the word “I” basically and my last paragraph comment, as I am sending it off myself as well, and I am hoping that others will do the same.

Please join myself and others in voicing your concerns about this approved action by Town Council.  Please give a voice to these innocent animals, who through no fault of their own have been abandoned and discarded.  Email addresses are as follows:   Please scroll down to see sample letter.  Thank you everyone.



Dear Mayor Campsall,

I am writing you on behalf of the tens of thousands of members of Canada’s national animal and environmental protection organizations, Animal Alliance of Canada and Environment Voters, regarding your recent vote to euthanize the approximately 50 to 100 feral cats in the Scott Road area.

We are appalled that a mayor and city council would take such draconian measures to solve a human/animal conflict.  Clearly there are other more responsible and humane ways to solve this problem that do not involve the killing of feral cats.  Two of your own city councilors, Bill Hadden and Dave Mingo, have suggested other options that would prevent further population growth among this colony of feral cats.  While killing the cats may seem the most expedient way to deal with the situation, it will not solve your city?s feral cat problem, since the reason the feral cats exist is because your residents do not spay or neuter their cats.  Cats allowed outdoors unsupervised roam and mate. The results are cats that are born in the wild.

Your municipality has clearly fallen down on its responsibility to ensure irresponsible pet ownership does not occur.

Yours is a human created problem and, as such, should result in new
policies that deal with the problematic human behavior.  We strongly suggest developing policies which make it mandatory for cat owners to spay and neuter their cats and which prevent them from allowing their cats to roam outdoors.  Otherwise, more feral cats simply will take the place of these cats.

Killing feral cats to solve a human-created problem is shortsighted and inhumane and ought not be tolerated.  We strongly urge you to reconsider your decision and implement the suggestion of Hadden and Mingo to trap, spay and neuter the cats.  We also suggest that you enlist the services of your local humane society or cat shelter to find either a sanctuary, cat rescue or farm that can take the cats.


Shelly Hawley-Yan
  Director, Project Jessie Coordinator
  Animal Alliance of Canada
  221 Broadview Avenue, Suite 101
  Toronto, ON M4M 2G3

  On the Web:

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