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Webster’s Dictionary provides the following Definitions excerpted below: http://www.merriam-webster.com/

LOGIC: : a particular mode of reasoning viewed as valid or faulty,

INTELLIGENCE:: the ability to learn or understand …also the skilled use of reason

REASON: : the power of comprehending, inferring, or thinking especially in orderly rational ways, : intelligence: proper exercise of the mind : the sum of the intellectual powers

KNOWLEDGE:: the fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience or association, the range of one’s information or understanding,: the circumstance or condition of apprehending truth or fact through reasoning

CONSCIENCE: the sense or consciousness of the moral goodness or blameworthiness of one’s own conduct, intentions, or character together with a feeling of obligation to do right or be good

IRRESPONSIBLE: not responsible,: not answerable to higher authority : said or done with no sense of responsibility, lacking a sense of responsibility

INDIFFERENCE: the quality, state, or fact of being indifferent : lack of difference or distinction between two or more things : absence of compulsion to or toward one thing or another

DISREGARD: to pay no attention to : treat as unworthy of regard or notice

NEGLECT: to give little attention or respect to : disregard: to leave undone or unattended to especially through carelessness

neglect: implies giving insufficient attention to something that merits one’s attention  disregard suggests voluntary inattention,ignore: implies a failure to regard something obvious,overlook: suggests disregarding or ignoring through haste or lack of care,slight: implies contemptuous or disdainful disregarding or omitting,forget: may suggest either a willful ignoring or a failure to impress something on one’s mind,mean to pass over without giving due  attention.

Now if one reads through the above definitions:  Here is food for thought:

Is it not logical that if you allow your pet to run at large at anytime, unaccompanied and unsupervised that eventually this animal is going to get hit by a car or other type of vehicle? Possibly get lost or stolen or worse.   Is this not logically a lack of good judgement?  If one exercises their own intelligence one should be able to figure that out quite easily.

In using the reasoning process, one’s own intelligence,common sense and logic, it makes far more sense to either tether the animal outside while at home, walk with a leash or have a fenced yard.

Is it not common knowledge that in some Northern communities dogs are shot on sight if running loose.    It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that those who allow their animals this so-called freedom are thereby practicing the negative arts of indifference, disregard and lack of good conscience showing that they have no regard or respect for the animals life.  Are these owners not also exhibiting a total disrespect to their neighbors and community? Is it not logical and of good conscience to spay/neuter the animal so there is no need to reduce populations by gunshot?

Is it not logical and in good conscience to ensure that your animal is fed properly to meet nutritional needs, is supplied with fresh supplies of drinking water, is properly sheltered, allowed to socialize,  receives exercise and medical care if necessary?  Would this not be using common sense, compassion  and good judgement/conscience,  providing these necessitities of life?

Is it not logical to exercise a conscience effort  to be a responsible animal owner who does not practice indifference, disregard and neglect thereby ensuring that the animal remains safe, healthy, happy and a valued member of the family?

Is it not logical and in good conscience to exercise compassion and common sense, to aid an animal when one is seen in distress, suffering malnutrition, dehydration, extreme cold/heat, neglect, abuse, and indifference?

The question therefore arises as to why so many animals in the North are allowed to run loose, why they are allowed to roam the streets being hit by vehicles, why they are allowed to run uncontrolled and end up being shot in an effort to control the numbers?  Why are they chained, starving, freezing to death, abandoned, neglected and failing to receive the help that they desperately need?

All one need do is look at the  owners who practice irresponsibility, lack of conscience, total disregard, neglect and indifference.  The total lack of common sense, a disrespect for their neighbors and communities, and worst of all the indifference to life…the life of the animal which they own.

All one need do is look at the lack of true Animal Protection Laws in the North and the failure to enforce what laws actually do exist: The Federal Criminal Code of Canada, Section 446, what Municipal By-laws that are in place and yes even the current archaic Dog Act. Blind eyes of indifference are everywhere…..are your eyes blind?

Now unless a person mistakenly  draws the conclusion that all Northerners suffer from Brain Freeze and cannot therefore think rationally, exercise good conscience, judgment, responsibility, compassion and common sense then one cannot come up with an acceptable excuse as to why animal cruelty is perpetuated in the North without serious consequences.

Responsible caring pet owners across Canada’s North, across Canada period,  and from around the world (as evidenced by the comments accompanying petition signatures) want to see positive change and they want to see it happen now.  The bubble of indifference needs to be shattered.  It is time Canada’s Northern eyes opened,  it is time Canada’s North joined the 21st century and began keeping up to the Standards on Animal Welfare that are in place throughout the rest of Canada.

Would this not be a logical step in the right direction considering that the North wants to advance in development, continue and increases it’s tourism trade and entice new workers. Alot of new families  and visitors coming North do have pets.

Animal Protection Legislation in the North is the Logical and the Right thing, the Responsible and the Compassionate thing, the essence of Good Conscience and Judgement.

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A recent write up in the Edmonton Sun “Warm homes for cold dogs” http://www.edmontonsun.com/news/edmonton/2009/12/22/12245696.html
cites truly good news for the Northern dogs who continue to suffer cruelty and neglect in Canada’s North.  Koodos to the Alberta animal lovers who have stepped up to the plate to aid in the rescue, relocation and who will hopefully find new forever homes for these deserving animals.

For decades dogs, animals in general, have been considered “disposable”.  Note that term comes from a reliable source.  The blatant disregard for their care and welfare is more than evident and continues unabated and without consequence.

While good, caring and responsible pet owners shudder at the continued published accounts of animal cruelty and are often witness to the suffering of these innocent victims and while these same individuals may speak up, may make reports of incidents, there remains within them a fear of retaliation, as well as the sense that any reports which they may have the courage to make are disregarded by authorities.  After all it is just a dog, just a cat, and there are so many more important matters to attend to.

While written assurances have been received by this writer from the Minister of MACA: Hon. Robert McLeod and the Minister of Justice: Hon. Jackson Lafferty  who wrote that “the Department of Justice is working with other Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) departments towards the goal of introducing new animal protection legislation.  The government has committed to bringing forward this legislation during the life of the 16th Assembly….the Department of Municipal and Community Affairs is currently moving forward with planned amendments to the Dog Act.  These amendments, while limited to protecting only dogs, will address the immediate concerns regarding the protection of dogs, until more comprehensive animal protection legislation is implemented.” (July 6, 2009) Note that the 16th Assembly does not end until August 2011.  How many more animals will suffer horrifically during the next two years???

In a letter dated August 24, 2009 received from MACA, Mr. McLeod writes “As you know, the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) through the Departments of Justice and Municipal and Community Affairs (MACA), is developing new legislation to address animal welfare in the NWT, as well as revising the Dog Act as an interim measure until animal welfare legislation is developed and enacted.” In his response to my position that the Dog Act should be replaced by comprehensive animal protection legislation to protect all animals in the North, Mr. McLeod responded “Your point is excellent, however, developing and implementing comprehensive animal protection legislations will take time.  In the meantime, MACA is moving forward with amendments to the Dog Act to address immediate concerns.”

Unfortunately as stated by Kam Lake MLA David Ramsay “The fall is here, the snow is falling and Christmas is coming.  Where exactly is this legislation, how come it hasn’t even gone to committee yet?” http://www.cjcd.ca/archives.boa (MLA unhappy with state of NWT animal rights laws (03-Nov-2009) Further Mr. Ramsay refers to the current NWT Dog Act as archaic: http://www.cjcd.ca/archives.boa (MLA Says Animal Neglect Has To Be Dealt With (09-Mar-2009).

In addition to MLA David Ramsay, Weledeh MLA Bob Bromley has spoken out in support and is calling for  “prompt revision of the animal protection laws”  http://www.cjcd.ca/archives.boa (Animal Lovers Want Tougher Protection Laws (23-Feb-2009).  In fact you will find Mr. Bromley’s Member’s Statement to the Legislature on Animal Rights Legislation on page 2176 of the Northwest Territories Hansard (February 12,2009). http://google.gov.nt.ca/search?q=page 2176&site=Legislative_Assembly&sort=date%3AD%3AL%3Ad1&output=xml_no_dtd&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&client

The Legislature is now on Christmas Break and Session will begin again on January 27, 2010.  Will this important piece of much needed Legislation be dealt with?  Will the issues to amend the current archaic Dog Act finally be brought before committee?  Will concerned, caring and responsible pet owners finally see progress being made for the welfare of the animals in the NWT?  Or will their call for Animal Protection be disregarded just as is the welfare and care of the animals unfortunate enough to be born in and to live in the NWT???
Pictures submitted by Beafort Delta Regional SPCA Director : early 2009.  No shelter, malnourished mother and pup.  Do these dogs look well cared for to you?

How about these dogs?  pictures submitted 2008,  by Beaufort Delta Regional SPCA Director.

Found frozen to the bottom of his wooden doghouse.  Did not survive.

Below: Victims in Tuktoyaktuk 2009, please see prior posts regarding these dogs in the Archives.  No charges laid. PETA speaks out.

To voice your own concern and support please use the following contact listings:

Minister of Municipal and Community Affairs      robert_c_mcleod@gov.nt.ca    (867) 669-2366

Minister of Justice
jackson_lafferty@gov.nt.ca   (867) 669-2399

Hon. Robert McLeod, Minister of Municipal and Community Affairs
Hon. Jackson Lafferty, Minister of Justice
Legislative Assembly Building
4570    48th Street
Yellowknife, NT
X1A 2L9

Bob Bromley MLA, Weledeh :                   bob_bromley@gov.nt.ca   (867) 669-2272

David Ramsay MLA, Kam Lake:              david_ramsay@gov.nt.ca   (867) 669-2296

Paul Delorey, MLA Hay River North:    paul_delorey@gov.nt.ca     (867) 669-2233

Please take the time to browse the following links to get a true feel of the situation for animals in the North.

You will have to scroll through the CJCD Archives (tip: search Animal Cruelty to find the titles below).
Behchoko puppy doing well after throat injury (05-Nov-2009)
Animal abuse case leaves three puppies dead, one recovering (22-Oct-2009)
Animal Neglect Charges Stayed for Behchoko Artist (06-Mar-2009)
Charges Coming in Case of Animal Neglect (14-Oct-2008)
Behchoko Artist Could Be Charged For Horrific Neglect of Dogs (14-Oct-2008)
Severely Damaged HR Dog Receiving Care (23-Apr-2008)
Animals and pellet guns don’t mix (18-May-2006)
NWT SPCA not sorry for emotional appeal to adopt animals in shelter (15-May-2006)
Hay River Shooting (11-May-2005)
Justice Minister Concerned Over Animal Welfare (01-Feb-2005) former Justice Minister
Cats left out in the cold (27-Jan-2004)
Dog Update (22-Sep-2003)
Hey want a dog? (15-Sep-2003)

MLA wants animal cruelty act


Animal rights left to the dogs

Dogs deserve better treatment

Police open probe into dog slaughter


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Please take the time to view the link below and speak out for these highly intelligent creatures.



Please also go to:

About Elephants Toronto

to see pictures taken by a very good friend of mine.

Thanks everyone.

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Having a Safe and Happy Pet Holiday Season

Christmas and New Years is just around the corner.  It is a magical time for the kids and a hectic time for the grown-ups. It is also a very stressful and a very dangerous time for your companion animals.

Making that living room come alive with Christmas Decorations, getting that perfect tree ready and filling your home with beautiful festive plants can pose many dangers to curious pets.       Not to mention the comings and goings of family members and friends who will drop in making it far too easy for a pet to slip outside unnoticed.  With these extreme temperatures that is not a good thing.    Remember to have an ID on your pet’s collar, just in case he/she slips out unnoticed.  This will allow the pet to be easily reunited with you. The best  precaution is to advise your guests and family visitors that you have animals in the house and that they are NOT to be allowed out unless tethered.  Even better is to place your pet in another room when your guests arrive and depart, that will ensure no accidental slipping out the door.

Please do not tie your pet outside and leave him/her there for the sake of houseguests, and convenience, the temperatures are far too extreme. Rule of thumb: if it is too cold for you to be out there, it is too cold for your pet.  Accidents do happen,  I personally know of one tragedy of a pet being run over by a departing houseguest, the animal did not survive his injuries.

Ensure your pet has a safe and secure place where they can hide out if need be.  Holiday activity and guests can really stress your pet out and be very frightening.  Your pet can easily experience tummy upsets and sudden illness.
Remember that the holiday season is not the right time to introduce into your home a new companion animal. Your home will be far too hectic and noisy for the new pet to adjust properly. Loud noises and many strangers coming and going will make transition very difficult and often traumatic for a new companion animal.  Best to wait until the festivities are over and done, when it is only family members and a quiet household allowing the newcomer time to adjust in their own fashion and you to devote the time needed to train and bond with your new animal.

Here are some suggested safety tips to use to help your pet stay safe, healthy and happy this Holiday Season, after all they  are members of your family too.

Omit holiday plants such as mistletoe, poinsettia, lilies and holly.  While pretty and temporary they can be deadly to your pet if ingested.

When putting up that tree, anchor it solidly to prevent it from falling on your pet and child.  Tinsel while nice to look at, if ingested can wrap around the bowel of your pet, and can also block the bowel. Cats in particular are drawn to this shiny stuff.  If you must use tinsel place it high on your tree.  Glass ornaments which may look like toys can do terrible internal damage if ingested, place them so that your pet cannot reach them. Spray snow is also toxic to your pet and many lights that flicker on and off or change colour contain a liquid solution which can poison your pet. The blinking could also trigger a seizure if the animal suffers from epilepsy.

Do not allow your pet to drink the stagnant water placed in the  tree holder if you use a real tree,  it may contain fertilizers from the tree sap and it often contains harmful bacteria. Remember to pickup those pine needles that fall, one can lodge in a pets throat or get caught up in the bowel.

Puppies have a tendency to chew, so  be weary of your electrical cords.  Plastic from your children’s toys if ingested can cause intestinal blockage as well as choke your pet, so putting away the new toys will save you on vet bills and toy replacement. Some toys also need batteries and the acid in those batteries will cause severe burn damage to a pet as well as poison them.  Remember to pick up all that beautiful wrapping paper and pretty ribbon, that  also poses a very real health risk to your pet, and get rid of those candy wrappers too.

Often new boots and shoes come with small silica pouches in the box, discard those pouches before you wrap the gift, you will be protecting your pet.

Then there are the goodies one serves at this time of year, many are extremely toxic to pets. As tempting as those dark eyes are, pleading with you and your guests so earnestly, do not feed your pets human food and stress this to your guests,  many foods can cause vomiting and diarrhea, even serious illness and poisoning.  All forms of  Chocolate, Alcohol, Onions/Garlic, Nuts of any kind, and some Fruits are highly toxic and could result in death. That little bit of turkey, skin and gravy is very rich and can result in quite a mess to clean up.

Keep your normal exercise and playtime with your pet, even though you might be feeling the stress of the season.  Your pet feels that same stress and the disruption of quality time with you will cause confusion and upset for them.

Precautions when buying new toys for your pets just requires some common sense.  Anything that is so small it can be swallowed is a no-no, it can become lodged in their windpipe and  can block their intestines; avoid toys with glass eyes and noses which can be ripped out and swallowed, the backs of these things are very pointed and sharp; toys with bells inside, plastic toys that become splintered and toys with beans in them are additional no-no’s.

As for treats, too much rawhide can block the intestines, and pigs ears can contain salmonella.  Go for the Dental Sticks, Milk Bones, Beggin’ Strips and if you are really energetic how about some homemade dog biscuits.

My Furballs and I wish all of you a very Blessed and Joyous Christmas.
Have a Safe, Happy and Healthy Holiday.

Our Best Wishes for 2010.

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Christmas and New Years will soon be upon us.  In the hectic rush of the season, please let us not forget.

I do not know the author of this poem, but the message is very clear.

Forgotten Dog’s Christmas~~

‘Twas the night before  Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a  mouse

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care
In hopes that  St. Nicholas soon would be there

The children were nestled all snug in  their beds
With no thought of the dog filling their head

And mamma in  her ‘kerchief, and I in my cap
Knew he was cold, but didn’t care about  that

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter
I sprang from the  bed to see what was the matter

Away to the window I flew like a  flash
Figuring the dog was free of his chain and into the trash

The  moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow
Gave the luster of mid-day to  objects below

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear
But Santa  Claus – with eyes full of tears

He un-chained the dog, once so lively and  quick
Last year’s Christmas present, now painfully thin and sick

More  rapid than eagles he called the dog’s name
And the dog ran to him, despite  all his pain


To the top of the porch! To the  top of the wall!
Let’s find this dog a home where he’ll be loved by  all.”

I knew in an instant there would be no gifts this year
For Santa  Claus had made one thing quite clear

The gift of a dog is not just for  the season
We had gotten the pup for all the wrong reasons

In our  haste to think of the kids a gift
There was one important thing that we  missed

A dog should be family, and cared for the sameYou don’t give a  gift, then put it on a chain And I heard him exclaim as he rode out of  sight”You weren’t given a gift! You were given a LIFE!”

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