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Thousands of you do not know what is going on across the oceans in other lands.  Some of you do.

Below is a link showing the horrendous cruelty inflicted upon dolphins every year, these intelligent gentle creatures being slaughtered by the thousands.  Butchery in it’s rawest form.  Clean azure blue waters turned to boiling red with the blood and quivering bodies of these magnificent creatures. Hear their cries of sheer agony echoing.

A special thank you to Oprah Winfrey for having the courage to present on her show this past week what is going on.

Please speak out against this ongoing brutal murder.   Remember our whales who are supposedly being hunted and murdered by Asian Research ships…the slaughter continues.



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In early January 2010 this annoucement was made stating that things are to soon get better for dogs in the Northwest Territories.  It is now April 21st and as of yet no further announcements have been made stating these amendments are now in effect. No that these changes will apply only to dogs and no other animal.   So just what is happening????  What are they waiting for?

Registered mail was sent to both of the  GNWT Ministers of Justice and Municipal and Community Affairs, as well to the supportive GNWT MLA’s, this Monday.

Your comments are welcome.  Anyone wishing to hear this announcement please request providing an email address….unfortunately I am unable to upload the audio file to this post.  Any requests will be kept strictly confidential and the audio will be sent to you.

Thank you for your support.

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