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Fact:  the Northwest Territories Canada does not have An Animal Protection Act as does the rest of Canada.

Fact:  April 2008  “Petiton for Hope” launched on Care2.com and hard copies circulated.

July 2008     Approximately 2500 signatures from Across Canada, the NWT and International were submitted to Government of the Northwest Territories.  Copies of each Provincial Act and the Federal Criminal Code of Canada, pictures of neglected and starving dogs were submitted.

2008-2009  Animal Legal Defense Fund declares NWT Best Place to Live if You Abuse Animals (summer 2009)

Letters received from GNWT assuring that they would work towards comprehensive Animal Protection Act.  GNWT put out proposals to amend the current archaic Dog Act, these amendments to be “an interim measure” until a comprehesive Animal Protection Act would be put into place….timeline on APA  end of 16th Legislative Session August 2012.

2009-2010   Amendments to Dog Act finalized.  First scheduled reading before committee (November 2009) delayed until January 2010, letter received May 2010 now states this will be delayed again until Fall 2010.

Is this acceptable?  There is a 50/50 chance that this will again be postponed.  How many more animals will suffer and die while this important legislation is put on the back burner?

All comments are welcome.

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Inuvik, NWT: 2009 Before picture taken by Dir. Beaufort Delta Regional SPCA of a young husky who appeared at her residence. Dog was very skittish, very afraid and would not allow anyone to get close. Food and water was provided for many days and trust was starting to build. Note that her body condition and health appeared good. Then one day the dog had disappeared. Unsuccessful efforts were made to locate her. Many months later she was discovered, chained, neglected and starving. Another victim of complacency she Crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

How many times are we all outraged when we hear about child abuse and child pornagraphy, crimes against the innocent.

Think about this.  When a child is showing visible bruising, fear of going home or fear of a neighbor the alarm bells go off immediately and proper authorities are called in.  It is taken seriously and an investigation begins.

An animal does not have that luxury.  An animal must rely soley on the moral ethics and courage or people to speak out for them;  they have no voice and must suffer in silence.

A child can go to a teacher or a parent, or the parent of a friend.  An animal cannot.

I ask everyone to have the courage to speak up for animals that you have witnessed to be in  crisis.  When you go for walks carry your cell phone (most can take pictures) or digitial camera.  Look in your neighbors backyards.  Dogs without proper shelter, water and food, chained on very short leads, living in their own filth and strewn garbage, injured and sick animals;  you will find them out there.  Pitiful, starving, meglect and without hope. You will see it in their eyes.

Have the courage, take the pictures, put what you have witnessed in writing;  keep copies of all of it for yourself and take it to your local authorities. Insist that this be investigated.  If the report is in writing, it is difficult for action not to be taken, there is no excuse for failing to investigate.  Follow up a few days later to find out if anything has been done to help the animal you reported. and keep the pressure on until something is done.

The Link between Animal Cruelty and Human Violence is well studied and is recognized by legal authorities around the world as an indicator for future violent offenders.  Browse the Internet and you will find many studies.

Complaceny killed this beautiful young husky.

How many are you willing to save today?

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To all of those who signed the Petition for Hope launched in 2008, thank you.  The Northwest Territories Canada still is waiting.  It has been two years since your signatures were submitted to the Legislative Assembly, two long years that the campaign to end the incredible suffering of these animals has been applying needed pressure on the government.

The picture is that of an article published by one of our Local news papers in 2009. (Hub publications)

Links to Health Canada Reports:  CHIRRP


Animal Protection is most certainly about protecting the animals, usually properly cared for and well socialized animals, do not attack unless provoked or trained to do so. The recent number of dog attacks causing injury and in some cases death is preventable and alarming.
Attacks in the North are not only the result of malnourished sled dogs breaking free, but also due to the negligence of owners who allow their animals to run at large. Far too often these animals are neglected, starving and attempting to survive in whatever manner they can. Be it from attacking other residential pets (some often tied in their own yards) to attacking small children, hikers and others.
Strict enforcement of all municipal By-Laws in the North, strict enforcement of the Federal Criminal Code Animal Cruelty Act in the North and the passing of and strict enforcement of the Amended NWT Act needs to happen immediately.
The Amended NWT Dog Act, has yet to be brought before Legislative Committee and is an “interim” measure until a comprehensive Animal Protection Act similar to existing Provincial Acts across Canada is put in place.
This is a quote from correspondence received from the Hon. Robert C. McLeod, Minister of Municipal and Community Affairs, GNWT in May 2010.
“You may recall that my January 2010 correspondence also advised you that the Departments initial goal was to submit the legislative proposal to make amendments to the Dog Act by the end of November 2009 but that this timeline was revised to permit an opportunity to consult Members of the Legislative Assembly – through the Standing Committee on Priorities and Planning – in November 2009 on both the proposed Dog Act amendments and the broader animal protection legislation work.
MACA has finalized the legislative proposal for Dog Act amendments, and has submitted the legislative proposal. It is unknown at this time when the amendments will be introduced in the Legislative Assembly; however, it is likely that the first reading of the bill will occur in the fall 2010 session.”
Note the key words “unknown” and “likely”. In other words: there is a 50/50 chance that this important legislation may/may not be read in the Fall 2010. There is a 50/50 chance that it will be delayed. The 15th Session of the Legislative Assembly ends in August 2010, the final session (16th) ends in the Fall 2011 and another election should be taking place.
Fall in the North, means the onset of winter, frigid temperatures, piercing winds, snow and ice. How many animals will continue to go without proper shelter, poor body condition due to malnutrition (heavy fur coats do not protect an animal who is skin and bone and without the necessary body weight and mass to fight the effects of extreme cold and loss of body temperature)? How many negligent pet owners will visit friends over the holidays out of town, leaving their dog tied, alone, without proper food, water, care and shelter in the backyards of their homes? How many more puppies will be born and left outside with their mothers to freeze to death, or get their tiny throats slit and hidden in town dumps?
These animals cannot wait any longer. “MACA has finalized the legislative proposal for Dog Act amendments, and has submitted the legislative proposal.”
Please urge the GNWT to put this proposal through now. Also note that this amended Dog Act pertains strictly to dogs and no other animals in the NWT. An effective and comprehensive Animal Protection Act is needed. Qualified and properly trained Animal Cruelty Investigators with the legal power of seizure of the animals in crisis and the legal power to pursue charges against offenders is required. The Crown needs to take this seriously and not cite difficulty in proving willful intent as a means of staying charges as was in the case of Archie Beauleau who had his 34 dogs seized and humanely destroyed.
Keep in mind that no amount of Legislated law is effective unless it is strictly enforced, strict enforcement must come from the municipalities, the GNWT and the RCMP who are the legal authorities mandated under both the Federal Criminal Code of Canada and the current Dog Act (section 11). In accordance to Section 448 of the Federal Criminal Code, which applies to everyone everywhere in Canada, the condition of the animals and the circumstances surrounding the animals in question, is evidence of ‘wilful intent’. No additional proof is required. Further under Summary Conviction: charges can and should be laid in accordance to Municipal By-Laws.
Residents and taxpayers of the NWT have the right to expect action when they report to their Municipal Government and to the RCMP any incidents of animal cruelty and neglect. These are not only legal but also morale issues.
No more scratching of heads, turning a blind eye, or relying on the opinion of someone who is not qualified to make an accurate assessment of the health and needs of an animal….as happened in Tuktoyaktuk in 2009.
Please support effective change, please urge the GNWT to not delay any longer the reading and passing of the Amended Dog Act. You can write to, fax,, email or call:
The Hon. Robert C. McLeod, Minister MACA
Fax: 867-873-0169 Phone: 867-669-2345
The Hon. Jackson Lafferty, Minister Justice
Premier, Floyd Roland
Legislative Assembly Building
P.O. Box 1320
Yellowknife, NT X1A 2L9

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So innocent and grand

Life is great unless you live in the Canadian North

This dog not even two years old, had a litter of pups .You only see one unknown outcome of the rest of the litter. This pup meet death by a car. She had a second litter, she died later on in the winter due to malnutrition, and cold from a dog house with no floor, no nothing, she sat on ice. she was skin and bone. Please help stop back yard breeding. Please help and send a vote to change the Dog Act in the NT to a Protection Act of Northern Animals. We need strong fines and enforcement of them. Help stop the cycle of abuse and death

Above was submitted, unedited,by a very active and concerned collegue in the war against Animal Cruelty in the Northwest Territories Canada.

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Mother and Daughter starving in Canadian North, Beaufort Delta Region 2009

For everyone who has been either involved/supporting  or following the issues relating to the lack of Animal Protection Legislation in the Northwest Territories.  My work on this began in April 2008.  Despite numerous written assurances from the Ministers of MACA (Robert McLeod) and Justice (Jackson Lafferty) these changes have yet to be brought before Committee for approval.  It is now May 2010

I am now requesting that a letter writing campaign be started  to put the necessary pressure on the Ministers in order to put an end to this apparent stalling.

I am now requesting that a letter writing campaign be started  to put the necessary pressure on the Ministers in order to put an end to this apparent stalling.  Only last month two 5 week old pups were rescued out of the Fort Liard dump, they were abandoned and left to die, and were covered with pipes to hide them.  Pups are now in foster care in Hay River.  Further 3 people were attacked in Yellowknife by a German Shepherd which had to be shot, due to the negligence of the dogs owner in allowing the animal to run at large. In March 2010, in Hay River, a beautiful Collie “Ginger” found herself abandoned by owners who moved and chose to leave her behind.

STATUS: Campaign began April 2008.

Letter of January 10, 2010: whereby Robert McLeod (MACA) says “anticipates advancing this work to Standing Committee in January 2010”.

Deputy Minister Micheal Auburns televized announcement was made January 9th or 10th…audio file may be requested seperately BY CONTACTING: protectionofnorthernanimals@gmail.com

Mr. McLeod’s letter of May 6 2010 now says (pg 1) “It is unknown at this time when the amendments will be introduced in the Legislative Assembly;  however, it is likely that the first reading of the bill will occur in the fall 2010 session.”
In a prior News North Article (attached) Mr. McLeod says “We kind of agreed the Dog Act provisions need to proceed as quick as we can,”…….

Robert Bromley addressed the Legislature on February 12, 2009 Page 2176 of the Northwest Territories Hansard, and David Ramsay spoke out on November 3, 2009  (CJCD 100 Online) “MLA Unhappy with state of NWT animal rights laws. He also spoke out:  New North May 25th, 2009.

In a March 10, 2009 email from Mr. Ramsay whereby he states ” I have had numerous discussions with Minister Lafferty about new legislation and I really do believe that we can have a new act in place by this time next year”. Would therefore be March 2010 ahd it not been postponed in going before Comittee.

The GNWT Ministers appear to keep pushing this needed legislation back.  We need to get a letter writing campaign going.

First it should have been in place by March 2010 as speculated by Mr.Ramsay, but it never went before committee.

Then Mr. McLeod’s letter dated January 10, 2010  cites bringing it before Committe in January 2010, and now his latest letter  dated May 6, 2010  says it won’t go before Committee until likely Fall 2010.

Thank you everyone for your continuing support.

Copies of GNWT Feb 12, 209 Hansard is available on request, as are other documents and the audio file. Please email: protectionof northernanimals@gmail.com to request.

Animals in the Northwest Territories are in desperate need.

Please write to and urge the government to stop postponing this important legislation.

Mr. Robert McLeod, Minister, Municipal and Community Affairs   (867) 669-2366
Mr Jackson Lafferty, Minister of Justice    (867) 669-2399

Government of the Northwest Territories
Legilsative Assembly Building
Yellowknife, NT X1A 2L9

MLA’s Supporting these needed changes:

Hon. Robert Bromley, MLA Weledeh
P.O. Box 1320
Yellowknife, NT X1A 2L9
Phone: 8767-669-2272
FAX: 867-873-0276

David Ramsay. MLA, Kam Lake
P.O. Box 1320
Yellowknife, NT X1A 2L9
Phone: 867-669-2296
Fax: 867-873-0154
E-mail: david_ramsay@gov.nt.ca

Hon. Paul Delorey, MLA Hay River North
Speaker of the House
Box 1320
Yellowknife, NT X1A 2L9
Phone:  867-669-2233  or 1-800-661-0784
Phone Hay River Office:  867-874-6301   FAX: 867-874-6079

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