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As  it now stands,  the first reading before NT Legislative Committee of the Finalized and Revised NT Dog Act has been put off yet again to Fall 2010, members will be back to work October 2010.  By that time snow will be on the ground and temperatures will be dropping daily.  This is the third postponment and as stated in the May 6, 2010 letter received from MACA Minister Robert McLeod :  “MACA has finalized the legislative proposal for Dog Act amendments, and has submitted the legislative proposal.  It is unknown at this time when the amendments will be introduced in the LegisLative Assembly; however, it is likely that the first reading of the bill may occur in the fall 2010 session.”

Notice the words used:  “unknown” and “likely”…in otherwords a 50% chance that this could again be postponed.

In June 2010 the Humane Society International Canada and the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies wrote their own letters at my request, to Min. McLeod urging him to expedite this important piece of legislation.  Only July 21, 2010 the Animal Defense League of Canada also wrote to Mr. McLeod urging him to do this.

Recent conversations with two supporting MLA’s revealed a disturbing fact, that continued strong opposition to Animal Protection is coming from northern MLA’s and communities as this sought after animal protection is apparently being mis-interrupted by some that it will infringe on traditional hunting rights.  Not so, wildlife is protected under entirely different legislation.

Further, while not said in an absolute fashion, the message to not hold one’s breath for the comprehensive Animal Protection Act for which this campaign is pushing, was loud and clear, despite written assurances from Mr. McLeod that the GNWT “continues to work towards a comprehensive Animal Protection Act”, that the “amended Dog Act is an interim measure”.

Below are just a few of the scathing comments submitted with the newest petition signatures.

Jun 23, 2010,Lana Marie DeNoni, Canada

This is absolutely disgusting & shocking that it is happening here!!!! The people who inflict this cruelty to these dogs/cats or any animal for that matter need to be accountable. THERE must be laws for the animals protection. I would think – should this continue to get out there (it will) will definately effect the tourism to the area. People will not put up with this. As far as heritage or what we do ‘up here’ means nothing!! It’s people that continue to cause animals great pain & suffering — it has to stop!! People that do it MUST pay the price – jail & fined.

# 540:

Jun 23, 2010, Claudia Elliott, Canada
Come on Canada! You’re embarrasing me! Time to stiffen the laws with jail time not misdemeaners slaps on hands to animal abusers, killers, and neglectors.

# 347:

Jun 22, 2010, Andrea Clarke, Canada
Please, act on this NOW. This unconscionalbe delay in enacting animal cruelty laws show me that animal cruelty is condoned in Canada’s North. Once again, I am ashamed to be Canadian… Seal clubbing, puppy mills in Quebec, now this… Please if you are from another country spend your tourist dollars elsewhere- and write to the Canadian Government explaining that until animals are truly protected here, you will never visit Canada.

In addition to these signatures, individuals have also been writing to MACA Minister Robert McLeod on their own urging the passing of the finalized and revised Dog Act.

To view sampling of scathing comments contained with signatures on this newest petition to NWT MACA Min. R. McLeod and browse the signatures yourselves please go to the link provided below.   If you support positive Legislative change to protect the dogs that continue to suffer in the NWT, please sign petition to send a
…clear message that animal cruelty will no longer be tolerated and further postponements are unacceptable.

Should you wish to write your own letters urging the Minister to enact this legislation please write to:

Hon. Robert McLeod, Minister of Municipal and Community Affairs

P.O. Box 1320, Legislative Assembly Building, Yellowknife, NT X1A 2L9


http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/protecting-northern-animals See MoreEnd the Horrors – The Petition Site www.thepetitionsite.com Please put an end to decades of compacency and unending animal cruelty and suffering. (700 signatures on petition)

As for the 23 puppies seized in the recent raid on May 29th, their fate remains unknown, likely pending a court decision.  The puppies remain at the shelter.  The status of the other 83 dogs left on that property remains a mystery.  Are they alive or dead….

To view published accounts recording the history of unprosecuted animal creulty in the Northwest Territories Canada please click on links below and also view Archived Blog posts.













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Up:coming Events Per Animal Alliance of Canada Newsletter:  July 2010




Kevin Newman deals with another hot issue: Do animals have any rights in Canada?

That’s a question he poses in the latest instalment of the ‘Revealed’ documentary series, produced by 90th Parallel Productions for Global Television. NO COUNTRY FOR ANIMALS examines Canada’s deplorable record on animal welfare and looks at the people who are fighting to bring about much-needed change. It’s part of Global Television’s summer documentary series ‘Currents’ and will be telecast on Wednesday, July 28 at 10PM.

Without being unnecessarily graphic, it exposes Quebec’s notorious puppy mills and examines the mistreatment of animals raised for food. We see the gestation crates where animals spend their entire lives confined in standing positions, and overcrowded abattoir-bound trucks where livestock can go for days without food or water.

It all happens because Canada has very outdated, ineffectual laws protecting animals and when cruelty charges are made, they are often dismissed. “In Canada animals are property,” explains one activist. Our legal standards protecting animals lag far behind the European Union or California, for example, where major steps have been taken to protect animals and enhance their lives.

This is a documentary that will enlighten and enrage you. And will leave you wondering how humane our society really is. Please watch!

I would ask that you all watch this.   At least the other provinces do have an Animal Protection Act and some offenders actually get prosecuted.  In the Northwest Territories there is no Animal Protection Act and offenders rarely get charged if at all.  Remember we have no resident vets, no true animal shelters, limited hospitals (one in Yellowknife).

Please sign my petition to Min. Robert McLeod, Municipal and Community Affairs.  Link to newest petition:


Thank you.

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This was just received a moment ago, via the Animal Alliance of Canada, and I would ask that we all consider taking action on this.  I know my family is.

Farm Animals suffer horribly in order to feed millions of humans.  Some of you are aware of these horrors, many of you are not.

Please see the message below from Twyla Francois, who is with the Canadians for the Ethical Treatment of Food Animals.  They do wonderful work, speaking out for the hundreds of millions of farm animals in Canada.

For articles and sign-on letters about the cruelty (including the two letters of which Twyla speaks), please visit http://www.environmentvoters.org/Resources.html

With gratitude for your help,
Lia and the AAC crew


You may have already heard that the barn in Notre Dame de Lourdes under investigation for severe neglect which left 500 pigs dead from starvation, another 160 so sick they had to be euthanized and a further 2,000 who had to confiscated, burned Wednesday.

I visited the barn before it burned and was sickened by what I saw – bones and limbs of pigs strewn everywhere, pools of blood and feces with bones floating in them.  The barn, although cleared of bodies, was filthy and the stench was so strong I couldn’t remain long in it.  These things only hint at the suffering these pigs must have endured.  CTV was on the scene as well and I did an interview after emerging from the barn.

On Thursday, I returned and inspected the bodies of the 500 pigs who died.  The bodies were simply dumped in a wheat field and covered with straw to aid decomposition.  We have concerns that the disposal does not meet environmental regulations as the bodies are accessible to scavengers and we wonder if the province had time to do the necessary tests to ensure the bodies were disease-free before dumping them.

Even the Manitoba Pork Council has publicly denouced the cruelty and is urging authorities to “take the necessary actions to hold the individuals responsible”.

We have serious concerns that given the Office of the Chief Veterinarian’s lack of action on farm animal cruelty cases we’ve previously brought forward, the perpetrator of this horrific cruelty will not be prosecuted.  Please help make sure that doesn’t happen.

Attached are two letters we’ve drafted jointly with the good folks at Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals.  Please print, sign and mail them to the appropriate minister.    Better yet, draft your own expressing your concern that justice be done for these suffering animals.

For the pigs,


Twyla Francois
Head of Investigation
Canadians for the Ethical Treatment of Food Animals

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Unconditional Love, Loyalty and Compassionship - Priceless

Since no news is actually at times good news, but can also be a result of inaction taken when action is required, rather than inundate all of you with the continued negative;  here are some links which may be of interest.

C4P does wonderful work and puts out a great newsletter.

To join or support C4P, a great organization: To donate to C4P click
on: http://www.mediaintelligence.ca/aboutus/socialresponsibility.phpTo unsubscribe (or
better, sign up family and friends!) write to: c4p@mediaintelligence.ca
C4P ANIMAL RESCUE:Canada’s Animal Advocacy

Another Great Organization:  Animal Alliance of Canada: http://www.animalalliance.ca/

Project Jessie does amazing work to help all animals in crisis.  http://www.projectjessie.ca/

Just some of the links C4P contained recently:  Links of Interest…..

United Pet Group Voluntarily Recalls Pro-Pet Adult Daily Vitamin Supplement for Dogs Because of Poss
United Pet Group, Cincinnati, Ohio is voluntarily recalling all unexpired lots of its PRO-PET ADULT DAILY VITAMIN Supplement tablets for Dogs due to possible Salmonella contamination. The Food and Drug Administration is aware of this recall.

Food Recall:http://cats.about.com/b/2010/06/19/natural-balance-dog-food-recall.htm?nl=1

Some Good news for a change:  Courtesy of C4P Newsletter:

Alexandria Passes Dog Tethering Law (thank you Judy..)http://www.care2.com/causes/animal-welfare/blog/alexandria-passes-dog-tethering-law-sarasota-considers-similar-ordinance-will-your-town-be-next/
Project Coyote: News/Media
Contacts:Camilla Fox, Project Coyote and the Animal Welfare Institutecfox@projectcoyote.org 415-945-3232 or 415-690-0338

Reminder:  Please don’t forget these animals:

An 8.8 earthquake. A tsunami. Aftershocks for months. Fires. An oil spill. Streets crowded with animals. In Chile, Kinship Circle and Chilean veterinarians see broken bones, gaping wounds, amputations, disease — but are dangerously low on supplies. 700,000 quake/tsunami affected animals. Your suppo…

TO DONATE TO CHILE ANIMAL RELIEF: http://www.kinshipcircle.org/donation

Now not so good news:  surfing the webA number of days old but a sad commentary on the status of the human condition.

Mass animal grave found at Aylmer home http://www.cbc.ca/canada/ottawa/story/2010/06


Police in Gatineau, Que., arrested three people on charges of animal cruelty Tuesday after they found the carcasses of more than 40 dogs and cats in the backyard of a home in the Aylmer sector of the city.


Dogs, puppies seized from Saskatchewan home | Canada | News | Toronto Sun

The Saskatchewan SPCA and the RCMP seized 83 dogs and puppies from a home east of Saskatoon after receiving a number of complaints that the animals were not being cared for properly.

Cops say boy, 8, beat dog with barbecue fork

Boy, 8, kills dog with barbecue fork: Cops | Canada | News | Toronto Sun

An eight-year-old boy in Newfoundland has admitted to killing a neighbour’s dog with a barbecue fork, according to the Gander and area SPCA.

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