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Thank you Sarah West for the wonderful work you are doing.  Your dedication and commitment to positive change is applauded.

Please support Sarah and her CFAWR team.  Canadians For Animal Welfare Reform.


All elected Canadian Officials need to listen to their constituents, need to hear what is being said by Canadians across the country who demand strict Federal, Provincial and Municipal Animal Protection Laws and the enforcement of same.

The International Community continues to watch Canada carefully.

Canadians need to remind themselves that those persons elected to hold privileged office work for them, it is not the other way around. Without the vote of Canadian taxpayers those currently in power would not have their jobs!

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In checking the stats as to who is viewing what on this Blog, many have been looking for updates on the last Post.

Unfortunately what was once good news is now no longer. “RIP” little ones, you have crossed “The Rainbow Bridge”

To view the original CBC News broadcast on June 4, 2010 re the rescue please go to:


The News Release of August 30, 2010 as televised at 6 p.m. on CBC North  might be  found on  site:    CBC.ca site North

Personal thoughts and comments remain  silent as my own.

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