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Updates on this case:  Border Collie Frozen in Ice



Violence against animals is rampant everywhere:



An Amazing story of survival:  dog rescued from Ice Flow in the Baltic


Please check out Queen Waldorf Fights Back below:  the only Canadian Database established to follow Animal Cruelty across Canada.


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Both this recent Yellowknife Victim and the sole surviving Wha Ti puppy deserve real Justice.  No EXCUSE for the willful neglect and subsequent deaths of these tiny lives can be tolerated any longer.  These offenders of extreme animal violence/cruelty should face the maximum penalties under the Federal Criminal Code of Canada.  No more slaps on the wrist.

I would ask that all of you who want to raise their concerns and see REAL Justice for this victim  contact.

Canada Crown Attorney

107 Mackenzie Rd #201


Northwest Territories, CA

X0E 0T0

Telephone:         (867) 777-3075

Fax:        (867) 777-3260

You can also use this link to email the Crown Attorney:


Please also contact: NT Justice Minister J. Lafferty

P: 867-669-2399; F: 867-873-0274 jackson_lafferty@gov.nt.ca.

Chairman on Dog Act Hearings:  Kam Lake MLA David Ramsay:  david_ramsay@gov.nt.ca

and the:

The Honourable Robert Douglas Nicholson

Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada

284 Wellington Street

Ottawa, Ontario

Canada  K1A 0H8

(613) 957-4222

TDD/TTY: (613) 992-4556



Wha Ti Det

GD Wha Ti X0E 1P0 (867) 573-1111

Yellowknife Det BOX 5000 Yellowknife X1A 2R3 (867) 669-5200

(general inquiries) (867) 669-1111

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Vehicle break-in leads to tragic dog death

Excerpt from CJCD Online Post

“A 23-year-old Yellowknife man allegedly broke into a vehicle parked in the downtown area, and took the dog that was inside.”

Now just imagine this Chinese Pub puppy being beaten to death, it’s tiny body left at the scene.  Imagine the mentality of the individual that would do something this horrible to a tiny and innocent life.  Imagine reaching into that vehicle being GREETED by a bundle of enthusiastic energy, tail wagging and fussy to see someone, as all puppies are.  Imagine the fear and terror this pup suffered as it was being punched and beaten until it died from blunt force trauma.

Picture the face of this sick individual who took pleasure in doing this to the puppy.  Was this 23 year old smiling or was his face filled with rage?  Maybe he was smiling on the inside.  What was his reasoning behind such a violent act?  Was it a relationship gone bad so he took revenge on this tiny soul?  Was he high or drunk?  If that is the case, will being under the influence of drugs or alcohol and promising to go to rehab result in yet another lenient sentence involving violence be handed out by the Justice system in the NWT?

What if that puppy had been a small child or an infant?  Things would be much different right?  There would be no question as to the repercussions of such actions.  But hey, it was only a puppy after all, and there are so many puppies abandoned, discarded and thrown into trash bins in the NWT.

The Federal Criminal Code is quite clear, as are the consequences and charges to which this individual should face,  but will he?  Who knows, after all this is the North.  Incidents such as this as well as domestic violence and other acts of violence meet with reduced sentences because the perpetrator was “under the influence” and would not have done the dirty deed otherwise.  Of course time served while awaiting trial is also always a factor in reducing any sentence as well.

This is NOT an Act of Omission (Passive Cruelty), this is an ACT of Commission (Active Cruelty)

Excerpt from ABUSE.COM

“Active cruelty implies malicious intent, where a person has deliberately and intentionally caused harm to an animal, and is sometimes referred to as NAI (Non-Accidental Injury). Acts of intentional cruelty are often some of the most
disturbing and should be considered signs of serious psychological problems.”
“This type of behavior is often associated with sociopathic behavior and should be taken very seriously.”

With the Public Hearings on the new Dog Act for the NWT still going on, this is just one more statistic among many that proves beyond any doubt that the deadly loophole MUST be removed in its entirety from the new Act.

As many have said, ‘there is no place for animal cruelty in the North’.  Add to that THERE IS NO ACCEPTABLE EXCUSE that should EVER be taken into account by the Legal System in the NT when sentencing these offenders for  crimes of animal cruelty and neglect or crimes of violence committed against people in the North.

The Link Between Animal Cruelty and Human Violence cannot be questioned.  The NT has, as reports have shown, the highest rate of Domestic Violence and Violent Crimes per Capta than anywhere else in Canada.

18 Oct 2010 … Canada’s most violent region. Talk to people living in the North about why the violent crime rate is so high compared to the rest of Canada …

Your comments are most welcome.

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Unbelievable animal cruelty is running rampant.  Has the human race gone totally mad??


Animal abuse on the rise across Canada



Home Owners finds dog in a block of ice on his property.



Puppy beaten to death in hotel room



Sentence for man who killed puppy expected next week

Cannot believe judge stayed charge of killing an animal!!!!!!!



SPCA investigates case of emaciated dog in Surrey


Dead pit bull found stuffed in suitcase
Vancouver, BC (CA)



Dog dragging leads to cruelty charges

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ACTION ALERT JUST RECEIVED:  Thank you Animal Alliance of Canada

The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV), STOP UBC Animal Research and Animal Alliance of Canada are calling on Air Canada to stop transporting primates destined for the research industry. The call comes following a tip-off to the BUAV from a concerned member of staff at Toronto Airport that monkeys from breeding farms in China are flown into Toronto Airport. They are held at the airport overnight, for up to 15 hours or more, before sent on another Air Canada flight to Montreal and their final destination – the research laboratory. The most recent shipment of 48 monkeys arrived in Toronto on Saturday 23rd January.

Companies / laboratories known to import primates include: LAB Research Inc, ITR Canada, Charles-River Montreal,McGill University and the University of Montreal.

The international trade in primates for research is a global industry that involves misery, suffering and death ona massive scale. Thousands of monkeys are trapped in the wild, ripped from their family groups and native habitats;others are bred in captivity, usually under factory farmed conditions. The capture and confinement of such primates causes anxiety and stress.

Transportation by air serves only to exacerbate these problems and contributes to further suffering. Primates destined for the research industry are packed into small wooden crates (usually too small to allow them to stand up) and travel as cargo, predominantly on passenger air flights to destinations around the world. In addition to the cramped conditions, the monkeys may have to endure delays, inadequate ventilation, noise and extreme temperature fluctuations as they are shipped on extremely long journeys to research laboratories across the world.


In recent years, an increasing number of airlines have taken the decision to dissociate themselves from the cruelty and suffering that are intrinsic to the trade in primates. These include British Airways, United Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Northwest Airlines, Qantas Airways, South African Airways, Delta Airlines, Eva Air and China Airlines. Air Canada is one of only a small number of passenger airlines that continues to be involved in this grim business.

Air Canada claims that it must comply with a 1998 ruling made by the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA). However, in the past Air Canada has made a decision to discontinue the transportation of beagles destined for research laboratories following complaints from its passengers.

We are calling upon Canadian citizens, Air Canada passengers and concerned individuals and airline passengers from around the world to contact Air Canada to show the strength of public feeling on this issue.

The call to Air Canada has already been picked up by leading newspaper, the Toronto Sun:



Please write to Air Canada urging it to stop transporting primates:

President and CEO

Air Canada

Air Canada Centre

P.O Box 14,000

Dorval QC

Canada H4Y 1H4




For more information on the transportation of primates:



Thank you for all your help!

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Recently Action for Northern Animals was privileged to receive an interview request from Animal Voices, a Vancouver based Animal Advocacy radio program.

As so much of the rest of Canada is totally unaware of what is going across the North, and in particular the Northwest Territories, this golden opportunity arrived at just the right time, given that the Public Hearings on the new Dog Act and the “deadly loophole”…….”make exceptions for accepted local or traditional practices” is causing so much debate and argument.

Some, like the Mackenzie Delta MLA David Krutko want this ‘get out of jail free card’ (quoted from clause opponent) to remain within the new territorial act and continues to speak out loudly in favor of this loophole.

While the new Act contains articles such as:

Section 1 (1): Distress: states “For the purpose of this Act, a dog is in distress if it is

a) deprived of adequate shelter, ventilation, spce, food, water, reasonable veterinary care or reasonable protection from injurious head or cold;

b) injured, sick, in pain or suffering: or

c) abused or subjected to undue hardship, privation or neglect.”

Dogs in Distress:

4. (1)” No owner shall permit a dog in his or her charge to be in distress.

(2) No person shall cause a dog to be in distress:



Note:  No where are there any regulations stating specifics for “generally accepted local or traditional practices” or for “reasonable veterinary care”.

Opponents to this clause are not targeting any group, or those that use sled teams to conduct traditional fishing, hunting or trapping. There are countless reputable mushers, countless persons who use their teams traditionally to support their families, and who genuinely respect and care for their dogs.  There are dog owners whose animals are members of their families, very much loved and cared for.

However there are those persons who do not care, do not respect the lives of these animals and who show total indifference and complacency, and it is those persons who cast a dark reflection on those reputable and caring persons who do.  It is those persons who dispose of unwanted puppies in garbage dumps, allow their animals to starve and freeze to death, those persons who slash throats, shoot helpless tied dogs in the face, those that abandon these animals and that show no respect for these lives.  It is those person who  NEED to face the consequences of their actions.

A perfect example is the Behchoko case whereby 44 sled dogs had to be put down due to severe neglect, Crown stayed the one charge brought against owner (see “You be the Judge” and” Hail to the Justice System” (Archived) ;  the Tuktoyaktuk case : see “Tuktoyaktuk Cruelty Capital of Canada” (Archived); and the 6 tiny puppies found with slashed throats in the Behchoko dump (one survived).  Then there is little Yuki in Wha Ti whose mother was forced to deliver her litter outside in sub-zero temperatures.  Yuki is the sole survivor!!!

Can one get a “get out of jail free card” for actions such as these, by saying something like, ‘we do that all the time here, it is an accepted practice’?  Keeping this deadly loophole in the new Act will effectively allow the decades of animal cruelty to continue with consequence.

Please continue to submit your emails, faxes and letters urging that his loophole be deleted in it’s entirety; and please sign the online petition:


Emails, faxes and letters opposing this clause may be sent to:

Kam Lake MLA David Ramsay:  david_ramsay@gov.nt.ca FAX:  867-873-042  (Tel: 867-669-2299)

Chairman for the NT Dog Act Hearings.

Standing Committee on Economic Development and Infrastructure

Legislative Assembly, P.O. Box 1320, Yellowknife, NT  X1A 2L9

Please ensure a copy is emailed to:  protectionofnorthernanimals @gmail.com

To Contact:

MacKenzie Delta MLA David Krutko to voice your opposition:

Telephone:  867-669-2285 or email: david_m_krutko@gov.nt.ca

Please go to the links below for Animal Voices:


You can download show broadcast or go directly to: http://archive.animalvoices.org/AnimalVoices_2011-01-21.mp3

The MP3 recording starts with a short discussion on the movie “Forks Not Knives” and then continues into the situation in the NT and Nunavut.

Animal Voices can also be found on Facebook.  It is refreshing programming that speaks out on animal welfare, care and issues.

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Here we go again!!

Courtesy of:

Peaceful Parks Coalition
January 2011


Once again the illegal Coyote Killing Contests are underway in Ottawa.

As outlined in the attached release, the Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre is
among a number of
organizations that are challenging the MNR in not laying charges in these
illegal contests.

It is bad enough that these 18th century contests give the Nation’s Capital
a black eye but the McGuinty government’s inaction in upholding its own
laws  is simply unacceptable.

Donna DuBreuil
Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre

Please see attached news release, poster for coyote killing contest and lawyer’s letter to Minister of Natural
Resources Linda Jeffery


A recent opinion editorial in the Woodstock Sentinel- Review comments on the
backwards thinking of those individuals campaigning for a province-wide
coyote bounty.

An army of Elmer Fudds
Comment and Opinion
Andrea Demeer, Woodstock Sentinel-Review

Friday, January 14, 2011


What, oh what, are we going to do about the coyote?

This issue has raised its furry head with increasing urgency in the past
year, especially in the Oxford area. Now a Grey-Bruce-Owen Sound MPP, with
the collusion of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture, is seeking to secure
government approval for a province wide bounty program that would result in
open season on coyotes.

Picture an army of Elmer Fudds blundering through the Ontario wilderness
and label it The Looney Tunes Solution.

Wildlife experts -including those working for the Ministry of Natural
Resources -agree any human plan to eradicate coyotes will not only fail, it
will backfire in its objective. Only a very small percentage of coyotes are
aggressors who are “guilty” of attacking livestock, and it is not possible
to identify these predators through the scope of a rifle. Science tells us
the consequence of randomly culling a coyote population is only to
strengthen its numbers through accelerated reproduction and migration.

It is an assurance the coyote population will decline in the coming years
as a result of a diminished food supply. At one time, coyotes were also
naturally controlled by predators such as wolves only … oops … we
killed all the wolves. The irony and the lesson should be obvious to even
the reddest of necks.

Without question, coyotes present a challenge to farmers, just like too
much rain, or too little rain, or a variety of infestations and animal

There is a cost associated that all must bear either through compensation
from the taxpayer or higher food costs at the grocery store.

The suggestion that it is only a matter of time before a coyote attacks a
human, particularly a child, is fear mongering at its most despicable. A
toddler left unattended long enough to be “carried off” by a coyote is in
far more danger of drowning in an irrigation pond, being struck by a car on
a county road or even hit by a stray bullet from a bounty hunter. History
records only two cases in North America of humans being killed by
coyotes -in 1981 and 2009.

The coyote is a majestic animal. It is more intelligent than a dog and one
of the few mammals that mates for life. To seek to destroy such a creature
because it interferes with the haphazard footprints we create as we stomp
recklessly across the environment is simply unconscionable.

Andrea Demeer, Woodstock Sentinel-Review

Peaceful Parks Coalition
P.O. Box 326, Station B
Toronto, Ontario M5T 2W2

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