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Thank you:  information provided by Animal Alliance of Canada

Please help to keep these ELK alive :

“As some of you may recall, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (OMNR) decided to allow the hunting of a tiny population of 467 elk in the Bancroft/North Hastings area, not far from Algonquin Park.
 Historically, elk were widespread across North America.  But by the 1800s, human settlement and overhunting cause the eastern elk to be totally wiped out.  The OMNR undertook an elk restoration program and 10 years ago released 443 western elk from Elk Island National Park in Albert to four locations in Ontario.
Only the Bancroft/North Hastings herds, which have increased from 120 elk in 2000 to 467 in 2010, are under fire.
Because of intense pressure from hunting and agricultural interests, the OMNR staff have decided to implement a hunt that is slated to kill 70 of the 467 animals.  OMNR staff argue that the Bancroft/North Hastings population can sustain a hunt, even though under any other circumstances these elk would be considered endangered.  In addition to the hunt, OMNR staff will allow farmers to hire agents to shoot any elk who are damaging agricultural property.
We need your help to stop this proposed hunt that will start in September 2011.  This is an election year for Ontario and the politicians will be more sensitive to ta public outcry about the elk.  Please contact Premier Dalton McGuinty today.  If you are considering travel to Ontario, please reconsider, and tell the Premier you may not visit this province because the elk are going to be killed.
In your letter you may wish to include these recommendations:
1.  that elk be protected under Ontario’s Endangered Species Act, 2007;
2.  that any lethal or invasive intervention actions be suspended;
3.  that the OMNR implement a gradual reduction and ultimate ban on feeding elk, particularly in the Bancroft/North Hastings area;
4.  that the OMNR implement a human/wildlife conflict prevention and non-lethal intervention program for elk; and
5.  that farmers in the Bancroft/North Hastings area who are most affected by the elk receive full compensation for crop and related losses.”
Premier Dalton McGuinty
Legislative Building
Room 281
Queen’s Park
Toronto ON M7A 1A1
Tel:  416-325-1941
Fax:  416-325-3745
TTY:  1-800-387-5559
Thank you for all your help for the elk!

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Leaving it to the sensationalism:   “BC Mystery Beast on Bowan Island”  note the words “Mystery Beast”.  Rather conjures up something hideously evil doesn’t it?  What usually happens to a creature portrayed in this fashion…likely a bullet.

While this animal obviously poses a high risk to domestic pets and livestock, this animal is doing what comes naturally, hunting to survive.  Unfortunately there remains a risk to the human population as well, in particular smaller children.

That being said, there are alternatives to killing the animal, which is suspected according to the above video to be possibly a dog/wolf hybrid that may have been brought to the island and abandoned, the description of the animal as showing no fear towards humans, may lead one to that conclusion.

There is an second and very real possibility.

This animal could very well be one of the BC Coastal Wolves, that reside in the more remote regions along the BC coast.  Having watched a documentary on these rare and beautiful wolves, they are very secretatve and usually fish salmon and smaller game.  They are capable of swimming great distances from island to island and have rarely been seen in the wild by man.  Hence not being exposed to the threat of man, they would obviously show no fear towards humans.

I also watched a documentary on the relatively new “Super Coyote which has developed on the East Coast.  These are products of  wolf/coyote matings which has resulted in a hybrid of significant size..  Perhaps the same thing may be going on in this case as well.  Coyotes show know fear and adapt and survive well in human populated areas.  Wolves on the other hand are shy and avoid human contact as much as possible.  Combine the sheer adaptability and cunning of the coyote with the strength and allusiveness of a wolf and you have an animal capable of adapting quickly to it’s surroundings in a most awe inspiring fashion.

Unfortunately far too often what man fears, man destroys, bullets are certainly cheaper than mounting a capture operation in order to save the animal and transport it back to a more remote region devoid of a large human population.

Since there have been no reports of “Super Coyotes” on the West Coast it is quite possible that this mystery animal is indeed a Coastal Wolf from the BC Rainforest.  As the documentary pointed out the Coastal Wolf is a species unto it’s own and genetically removed from the inland wolves which most people are familiar with, that being the Gray Wolf.  The Coastal Wolf has evolved in it’s chosen habitat removed and rather isolated from man and other wolves thereby ensuring a clean gene pool.  They are genetically distinct and being so they need to be protected.

In a perfect world this “Mystery Beast” on Bowen Island should be tranquilized and captured, possibly tested genetically to see if the animal is indeed a Coastal Wolf and then promptly returned to his/her home range, left to do what wolves do which is hunt, play, produce families and as they themselves prefer to do…. avoid all human contact.





post by Happy Jack

A Coastal Wolf, photographed in the Great Bear Rainforest, BC, Canada by Joe Rils

The Coastal Wolf contained in the above picture looks strikingly similar to the wolf shown in the first linked video.

An excerpt from a Blog which was found by Googling BC Coastal Wolves: Please learn more about the area involved as this Blogger certainly has described the area in great detail and just what the biologists have determined about these magnificent wolves.


Meanwhile, groundbreaking research ….by biologists…..  became convinced that the wolves are genetically distinct,….”

Going Coastal: Shared Evolutionary History between Coastal British Columbia and Southeast Alaska Wolves (Canis lupus)


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Confirmation by way of an email received on May 18, 2011 from MACA Minister Robert McLeod’s office states:  “The amendments to the Dog Act are in force effective May 15, 2011.”

While this new Dog Act pertains only to dogs in the NWT it is a Victory, it is historical.  The NWT has never had an Act protecting the dogs up here.  The original Act protected HUMANS from Dogs.

This is the FIRST step towards the Comprehensive Animal Protection Act needed and work towards achieving that goal will continue.  Until a comprehensive Act is in place the NWT will continue to remain in the Bottom Tier as reported by the Animal Legal Defense Fund.  For two years running (2009 and 2010) the NWT was awarded the dubious distinction of being “The Best Place to Abuse Animals”.

Some of you who have followed this Blog over the years are fully aware of the decades of unabated, un-prosecuted cases of horrific animal neglect and cruelty.  Hopefully now the new Dog Act in conjunction with the Canadian Federal Criminal Code will put an end to the suffering and bring those who inflict such horror to justice.

To all of you who have given your support to myself and to the dogs here……THANK YOU!!!!

My work towards a Comprehensive Act will continue, monitoring and reporting of all animal cruelty incidents will continue.

There remains much work yet to be done.  Municipalities across the NWT now need to ensure that the New Dog Act is enforced and if needed amend their own specific By-Laws accordingly; veterinary services across the NWT need to be expanded, educational programs on Animal Welfare and Care need to be implemented, fully equipped animal shelters need to be established, and most importantly fully trained qualified Animal Cruelty Investigators need to be implemented.  All reports of suspected animal cruelty must be investigated and action taken to aid animals in crisis..remember that neglect abused dog on a two foot chain in a neighbors yard may very well reflect the potential family abuse within that home.  The Link Between Animal Cruelty and Human Violence is very real.



Animal Abuse and Conduct Disorder


Looking Out for Family Pets:Recognizing the Connection between Animal Cruelty and Family Violence








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“Friends, please remember that “fireworks nights” always have high incidences of all domestic pets bolting… please ensure their safety tonight and tomorrow during fireworks…”


Any persons interested in giving these wonderful pets a chance at a loving forever home please use contact information below.

Charlie’s Barkin’ for a home! (thanks to champs Lorraine Houston & Dora Sesler)


Nixie:  I am a spayed female, grey tabby Domestic Shorthair. The shelter staff think I am about 4 years old. I have been at the shelter since Jan 09, 2011.  

Ask for information about animal ID number A555736

Nixie is a silver tabby that was the longest resident at Toronto Animal Services South Branch. She was there over a year and then finally, adopted out. A week or two later, poor Nixie was found locked in a box, in a park, in the middle of winter (minus 10 and below weather). Luckily, she was found by a kind stranger before she was hurt and brought back to TAS where she has remained ever since. The “adopter” was not charged because Nixie was found in time and according to Animal Services, intent could not be proven. The “adopter” didn’t like that Nixie and her current cat did not get along!

 City of Toronto Animal Services South 416. 338.6688 (thanks Lilian for bringing Nixie to our attention)


Doc: 5 yr. English Pointer Neutered Male Quiet housepet. Active, Belly rubs, Commands. Doc is one frustrated dog because he has normal Pointer energy but has been kenneled and kept in a small apartment. English Pointers are more rare than German Shorthair and often not identified in shelters. Shelter has listed as mix with Lab. Breed is energetic, needs regular exercise…he may run and need to be on leash. He was returned because he was adopted to a lady in an apartment who said that he often tried UNsuccessfully to run in her tiny apartment! Shelter staff state: “Doc 5 years Neutered Male. Housetrained.  He came through his Temperament Test with flying colours!!  He loves people and knows commands sit, stay,come and down. He isn’t much of a barker. Doc will need a little bit of work on his manners, but we think he would make a great family pet or new best buddy for a single person. He loves to run, needs active home (on leash jog or run), or big well-fenced yard.  Doc gets along with other dogs but isn’t really a fan of cats. Doc enjoys running and is a high energy dog who needs a yard to run in. He would make a great dog for almost anyone! Housetrained. No cats/rabbits.  Napanee 613-354-2492 (20 minutes west of Kingston on 401).

Keeko & Yoshi Husky mixes are a bonded pair of HOUSEPETS need a home together. They will keep each other company when you are not home, and could exercise each other in a secure yard. This breed runs so must be kept secure. “Keeko & Yoshi were found running down a highway together, they are obviously from the same home and we will adopt them as a pair. They are housebroken and well behaved, with lots of energy typical of the breed. They are good together, but they dislike other dogs and are not suited with young children. No cats. Keeko is approx 6 years and Yoshi is approx 3 years. Both are affectionate / friendly, they know basic commands and would benefit from more training. They are typical huskies and can be quite vocal so a home in the country would be ideal. They enjoy each others company and will make a wonderful addition to their new home. The adoption fee will be reduced to place them together. They are up-to-date with routine shots, house trained and spayed/neutered. NO cats, dogs, young children.” Call 613-623-0916 Arnprior.

Tulip & Poppy (puggle sisters) are a bonded pair that have been together for their lives (12 years!) and at the shelter waiting for quite a while: They need a home together!! . Shelter staff state: “Tulip and Poppy are sisters and they just love each other. We are offering a 2 for 1 adoption fee. Tulip & Poppy were born on Nov 27, 1998, and would love to stay together, they are a joy to watch when they play together, so funny! They are spayed and have an adjusted adoption fee due to their need for **dental work and lumps and warts. They are rescued dogs.”  It is not uncommon to find lumps & bumps on senior dogs which often are fatty deposits and warts which are often age warts, but these should be checked by vet. **Dental health is directly related to general health of all the body organs and is important to take care of. To give these sisters a home, call 905-356-4404 Niagara.

11 year old Bitty seriously needs rescue:


Rossy’s still looking for someone to love : 

a spayed female Collie mix she is about 2-3 yrs. She lived in a rural rural shelter in Northern Quebec. She was at the shelter for over a yr. (Spared from being gassed) She was shipped to Toronto Animal Services  about 3 wks ago. She dosent love other dogs so a home without other dogs is great

If anyone is interested pls see Toronto Animal Services south between 1030am-630pm 416-338-6668

Heidi needs surgical $ help:


 Dear Cousin Jackson: Wire-hair Jack Russell Terrier, cuddly, fetches, loves water hose!  

Oh, the JOY of a senior jack russell terrier! Still playful with years to go, but MELLOWER and usually cuddly! They are also a very smart breed that can live well into the teen years. Jackson is a very affectionate guy! He loves to cuddle and has many endearing traits that only a senior would have time to develop! He is good on leash and knows commands. He really enjoys playing fetch with his favourite ball and going on walks. He gets along with other dogs, on his own terms. Jackson came to Sheba’s Haven with diabetes, that is easily controlled. He has no problem with getting his needle twice a day. His insulun costs approx. $22/month (inc. tax). Needles cost approx. $30 for 100. Jackson is 10 years young. He has been to the doggie spa and was shaved down in this picture.  This breed will run so must be kept secure. Email paws_toes@sympatico.ca Kingston Area – don’t let distance deter you.  Spayed/Neutered � Up-to-date with routine shots � House trained � Prefers a home without: young children � Special Needs �

Denver (thanks Doug Hinton for helping) Female GSD :  

I’m emailing you on behalf of some dog owners who found “Denver” at a forest tract in East Gwillimbury (near Newmarket) Easter Weekend.  She may have been abandoned since a few people found dog biscuits and a loaf of bread left on a trail not far from where she was found.  She had no collar, dog tags or microchip.  Unfortunately none of the dog owners who found “Denver” are able to keep her.  We’re now in the process of contacting many dog people and organizations to let them know about “Denver” in hopes that someone will adopt her.

“Denver”, is approximately a 6 year old German Shepherd who is now staying at the Georgina Animal Control and Adoption Centre,  She is a very sweet girl but is shy. She will need a calm, quiet environment with adults that are gentle and confident. To assist in building confidence around strangers, Denver spends time in the front lobby of the adoption centre where she often greets visitors and licks their hands. She loves to play ball and enjoys being around other dogs.

 contact Georgina Animal Control and Adoption Centre, 1-800-898-8606 or 


Petfinder.com http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/19453757?mtf=1  

Rocky:Jack Russell Terrier mix, 6 yr. ~15 lbs. or less, agility, flyball, jog! 

This is a perfect age for this high energy breed. This breed can be comical and entertaining and often excels at flyball and agility activities. ‘Jacks” live well into the teen years and are highly intelligent and active. Rocky has been given another chance by being transferred to another shelter. The first shelter reported that Rocky does not get out to play when it rains, and so he is even more energetic when he finally does get out. Please understand that Rocky can be a settled companion once he gets regular exercise. This breed will run so must be kept secure; A well-fenced yard and a ball to fetch would do wonders for Rocky!  “ROCKY Terrier, Jack Russell/Mix  Male Neutered Approx. 15 lbs. or Less  White  6 years 8 months  Housetrained Partially  No Cats.” .  613-354-2492 Napanee (20 min. west of Kingston on 401).

WILLY – sweet & deserving FIV+ boy needs foster home! or forever home!  

this is sweet willy…who we affectionately refer to as ‘tuxedo willy’ for his beautiful tuxedo markings.  willy has been vetted, vaccinated and neutered. he is a handsome, loving and affectionate boy..approximately 1 year old.   he is FIV+, a common virus in stray cats but he’s healthy and happy and FIV cats can live a long wonderful life.  we are seeking a foster home for willy since at the moment he only has a small bathroom space to call his own.  of course he also needs a forever home!!

if you can help with fostering willy or know someone who can..please spread the word OR if you are interested in adopting willy…please email us at info@projectpetrescue.com.  willy is excited to meet you!!

Check out his blog page at: http://projectpetrescue.wordpress.com/2011/05/03/willy/

Bob, handsome gray tabby, is between 10-14 yrs old  was left at Pet Value East Scarboro to be the store cat, when owner died. Sadly, one of their employees are highly allergic to him and he must find another home�he�s a sweet loving happy go lucky kitty.  Help is offered with transport.  Rescuer States:

He was purring and heading me when I met him. He is very sweet and unlikely to get a home through normal channels given his age.

Please contact Andrea at twoharri@aol.com to help Bob find a new forever home and pass this along.


 ORA Petition to stop high kill rate at Hamilton Animal Control:



OSPCA Report on Ringworm outbreak, not:



Sled Dog Update: 


Great article on “new” service dogs:


Alert re: Oshawa (ON) dog trainer charged with cruelty:


Top Chef Canada’s Horse Meat Episode Sparks Outrage


 What does it take to rescue? (thanks Ariel Lang for sending)


Congratulations Coalition Fline of Montreal!  – hereby invites you to visit our brand new, tri-lingual website created to offer strong solutions to the issue of cat overpopulation. We have been working on this site for two years now, and this launch coincides happily with Montreal’s recent decision to make big improvements to animal care. We are confident that our website will save them months of research (especially as most of the information available online has been written only in English).   www.coalitionfeline.ca

Beautiful rescue of Eaglet in Victoria BC – check out concerned parents watching!


Special Needs Pet Babysitting available to owners/guardians of “special needs” animals only in Aurora (ON)  Contact C4P@mediaintelligence.ca

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Further to inititial post: https://giftofloki.wordpress.com/2011/05/21/ontario-shelter-animals-are-in-trouble/

In March 2009 a great deal of Hype was publicized about Ontario enacting the Strongest Animal Protection Law in Canada.  Congratulations to Ontario!!

Ontario’s Animal Protection Law Strongest In Canada






McGuinty Government Modernizes Animal Cruelty Laws


“Today is an historic day for our province when it comes to animal protection. Ontario has passed legislation that will give us the strongest animal protection laws in Canada, and bring more abusers to justice.”

 – Rick Bartolucci
Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Service

Changes To Improve Animal Welfare



However it may it be pointed out that no amount of written Legislation (LAW) is effective when it is not stringently enforced by those Powers that Be (government of Ontario) actively take part in monitoring and overseeing the activities of the body to which powers of investigation and enforcement are given  (OSPCA).

One need only Google:  Scandals OSPCA and one will find a wealth of media reports and Blog posts which if they take the time to read, will raise serious questions.  Not only questions as to how these incidents happened in the first place, but also raise the questions as to just WHY this situation has been allowed to continue this long and WHY has nothing been done by the Ontario Government to step in.

With the Fall Election not far away, it is time that those Provincial Government Officials who intend to run for re-election step up to the plate.  It is time that they actually listened, that they actually pay attention to the ongoing situation whereby shelter animals in Ontario continue to lose their lives and taxpayers  of Ontario raise their voices in protest on that very issue.  Sticking ones head in the sand or fingers in ones ears hoping that the issue will go away, is not a very good way to be re-elected.

 Being proactive, taking a stance, listening and acting on the concerns which have been constantly raised by so many taxpayers of Ontario on the situation faced by Ontario animals held in shelters, shelters which are to be scrutinized by the OSPCA …. And by overseeing and monitoring/reviewing OSPCA policies and procedures  is the Way to be Re-elected.

The few links contained below have been easily located on Google by searching OSPCA Scandals.

Surely the countless number of Ontario residents that are desperately working to getting positive change needed to guarantee the protection of animals in a province that reported has the Strongest Animal Protection Law in Canada, as per the Ontario Government itself, are not crazies.  These dedicated individuals SEE the problem and have combined forces to actually DO something about it.  Why has the Provincial Government failed to take heed? 

Prior to the Election it is suggested that all current and prospective MLA’s and Ministers be contacted and the question “What do you intend to do to remedy this ongoing situation?” be asked.  Request written responses and keep them….




ORA Guest Advocate Feature: “Cruelty in Hamilton-OSPCA aware and doing nothing,” by Lillian Szillagy

by Ora AnimalRescue on Tuesday, May 17, 2011 at 11:49pm

At scandal’s core is a legitimate debate



THS Veterinarian role in OSPCA Scandal


Newmarket OSPCA Shelter; Management, Staff Unqualified


What went wrong at the OSPCA





Dog’s best friend: the story behind the Toronto Humane Society’s mutiny, raid and shutdown


Why charges were dropped in Humane Society case







ORA Guest Advocate Feature: “Cruelty in Hamilton-OSPCA aware and doing nothing,” by Lillian Szillagy

Ottawa woman charged with animal cruelty after dog starves to death


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Some good news:   Membership is growing.  More members are needed:


We all know what radiation poisoning does to a human.  These animals need to be taken out of the danger zone, sheltered and cared for until they may be united with their owners.  Given that many Animal Welfare organizations have responded to the situation in Japan, Haiti and elsewhere, WHY, are these pets still left in LIMBO.


 Pets starving, scavenging in nuclear danger zone

Congratulations to those who had their voices heard in Bolivia!!!


The Sacred and the Dead

Why is Canada supporting the slaughter of  horses????


Canadian TV Show Sends Wrong Message about Horse Slaughter

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How is it that the Shelters entrusted to care for the unwanted, the abandoned, the surrendered, sick and injured animals in Ontario are not being given the chance at caring, loving forever homes which they so deserve?  So much easier obviously to not take the needed time necessary to ensure that these victims of indifference and complacency are placed with families that will ensure a quality of life that is desperately needed and which they have a birth right to.

Action must be taken, not only by residents in Ontario, but across Canada, across the Global Front to apply the needed pressure necessary to ensure that all shelters everywhere adopt a NO KILL POLICY.

Please go to the links to learn more, to learn how you can help.

Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Announces Date of Press Conference to Present Findings of the York Region External Review


Klees: OSPCA Keeping LeSage -Meek Report Under Wraps    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wvJWIGTvCk


YorkRegion Article: OSPCA appears guilty in delayed release of ringworm report

YorkRegion Article: OSPCA sitting on report http://www.yorkregion.com/news/article/1009407–ospca-sitting-on-report


The OSPCA has received the long-awaited report on last year’s mass euthanizations at its York…

There is a Facebook Group who is actively seeking help to end these senseless killings in Ontario.  Go to the Group page and you will find a petition which you can sign.  Please join this group and offer your support.



ORA Project Accountability NOW: Abolish Death Row at Hamilton Animal Control!


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