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When one first boots up to check their email, they are often just looking to hear from friends.  Curious to see how everyone is doing and to catch up with each other.  Share pleasantries, recent photos and to connect.

When a person is an animal rights advocate/activist that persons email is for the most part a grand mixture of pleasantries as well as URGENT ALERTS requiring immediate action and forwarding, all concerning various issues on animal abuse, neglect, rallies, fund raisers and far too often very graphic pictures of animals exploited and victimized.

The email received below is a prime example of legal issues governing the Standards of Required Care for animals, Provincial Legislation and inaction on the part of the Powers that Be.  This email received, will of course be forwarded to a vast network of dedicated individuals who work tirelessly towards making positive change.  Will you be one of these people and take the necessary action needed to ensure that proactive legislation is enacted?


Dear Friends of Animals – Below you will find some backgrounder in respect of Ontario’s failure to regulate the keeping of tigers, lions and other exotics/wild animals (a similar article is attached). Please write a quick letter regarding this issue! But please do so in your own words and do not copy info directly from this email request.

 Especially, if you live in Thorold – please write to all the members of the City of Thorold Council as they have recently drafted an animal control bylaw that did not include exotic species.  

To find the emails and names of Thorold Councillors, go to –  http://www.thorold.com/siteengine/activepage.asp?PageID=296 

The Mayor of Thorold is Ted Luciani – mayor@thorold.com 

If you live in M.P.P. Jim Bradley’s riding, contact him jbradley.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org or at jbradley.mpp@liberal.ola.org

Minister Bradley is the Minister responsible for the Ontario SPCA and as such should be interested in these issues.


Using www.electionsontario.ca  you can find the name and contact info of your own MPP. With an election in the autumn, it is a good time to remind them what our concerns are in respect of these animals.

 Our province has the distinction of being the only one in Canada not to have any such regulations. As a result, anyone can buy and breed a tiger or lion (provided there is no municipal bylaw prohibiting the keeping of that particular species) without acquiring a licence; without being subject to inspections by qualified inspectors; without having any professional training in the construction of wild animal facilities or animal management; and without demonstrating that they have the resources, commitment and expertise to provide minimally suitable care for captive wild animals in either the short- or long-term.  In other words, those applying to adopt dogs and cats from the local shelter are probably held to far higher standards than those seeking to purchase and breed ‘pet’ tigers. There are more roadside zoos & and private wildlife collectors in Ontario than in any other province. In addition to approximately 50 zoos, there are thousands of private animal owners, including many that are housing potentially dangerous animals.  Evidence suggests that in the vast majority of cases, these animals are kept with little regard to animal welfare or public safety. 
What’s astonishing is that the province has failed to take action despite the demonstrable threat these wretched animals pose to the public. Since 1985, there have been some 50 incidents in which exotics have escaped from their enclosures and/or injured or killed people. The recent case of Norman Buwalda is only the last in a long series of events highlighing the need for reform. Mr. Buwalda was killed in 2009 by his pet tiger. Years earlier, he had successfully turned to the courts to strike down a local by-law forbidding him to keep tigers. The municipality in question had first tried to pass the bylaw banning tiger ownership in 2004 after Mr. Buwalda’s tiger had mauled a 10 year old child.



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Help is desperately needed to raise funds to continue the much needed veterinary treatment of Pheonix.  This young dog was set on fire and is suffering severe burns to 40% of his body.  “Phoenix had surgery on Friday, May 6, 2011 to remove his ears.”

Obviously Phoenix is a fighter, fighting for his life, fighting the excruciating pain, fighting possible infection and fighting for his life.

Please go to these links to learn about Phoenix and how you can help ensure that his medical treatment continues.

Thank you to all, for your caring support.



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More Alerts coming in…..

ALERT!!! Please show your support…May 22, 2011

Speak for the Captives of Marineland

Have heard from Niagara, Ontario:

“We have it on good advice that there will be a ‘public education event’ at Marineland this Sunday, May 22nd… at the drive in entrance from 10:30 a.m. if you want to help leaflet or from 12 noon opposite the walk-in-ticket entrance on the lawn, to hold banners. ”
“We have signs, but feel free to make your own.  Also new T-shirt reveal on the day and they will be selling for $10 plus donation!!  Hope you all can make it.  The animals captive at Marineland need us to speak out for them.
for all animals.”

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 PETITION: Normes de fonctionnement des refuges et fourrières/Standards for the operation of shelters and pounds 

Pour signer cette pétition, vous devez compléter 3 étapes :

Étape 1 : remplissez le formulaire sous le texte de la pétition et envoyez-le (vous devez accepter les conditions à respecter pour pouvoir signer la pétition avant d’envoyer le formulaire). “Les champs marqués d’un astérisque (*) doivent être remplis pour que votre demande de signature soit traitée. Les autres champs sont facultatifs. Pour imprimer le formulaire avant de le transmettre en ligne, cliquez sur l’icône « Imprimer la page » située en haut au centre de cette page. “

Étape 2 : consultez votre boîte de courriels et ouvrez le message envoyé par l’Assemblée.

Étape 3 : dans ce message, cliquez sur le lien vous permettant d’enregistrer votre signature. Vous ne pouvez signer la même pétition qu’une seule fois.


To sign this petition, you must complete 3 steps:

Step 1: fill out the form under the text of the petition and send (you must accept the conditions to be respected in order to sign the petition conditions à respecter pour pouvoir signer la pétition) before sending the form). “Fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed to have your application for signature processed.” The other fields are optional. To print the form prior to forwarding online, click on the “Print page” icon located at the top in the center of this page. “

Step 2: check your email inbox and open the message sent by the Assembly.

Step 3: in this message, click on the link allowing you to save your signature. You can sign the same petition only once. 


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This Blog is dedicated to animals in crisis around the world.  International attention is the means by which positive change can be made!!!  


This wholesale slaughter must end now.

Please spread the word.  Thank you.

Just received. A plea to Oprah to draw attention to the Wild Horses being systematically slaughtered!!!!  May I suggest that President Obama be politely contacted about this as well:



Strong message to all Americans / compelling video footage


“Please help us share this compelling video   – it is a message from Madeleine Pickens to Oprah, who could be instrumental in exposing the silent war against the innocent wild horses in the West. We must network this, as it is a strong message that needs to be heard by all Americans.”

“This nation was built on horseback. The mustangs have played a crucial role to which we owe much gratitude and respect. In the agenda of profit-driven, special interests-driven “management” by BLM – the deception and betrayal to the mustangs and us the people who sponsor this tax funded cruel extinction, Americans must take a stand to the destruction taking place before our very eyes now. Freedom must be defended – and the illegal eviction of our wild horses and burros stopped now. Oprah help us.”

“The brutalizing against mustangs and burros by BLM is a threat not only to the equines – but to us all. Our future generations have a right to this integral part of our historic icons and it must be protected at all costs.

“Please do your part. Time is of the essence, as the BLM is planning the continued relentless eviction of these protected legacies – silent, covert operations carried out with an un-American menace and cruelty that needs your help in being exposed. ”

Thank you for your time.”

M.C., Colorado


Dear Friends, We are trying our best to get this film out so that more of you and your friends can see it and in turn help the horses. Right now crucial funds are needed to move the film forward so that we can get it to the public eye.  With this being such a controversial topic and with the complex network of special interests at the core of this issue, it has been extremely difficult to win the support of would-be sponsors. 

We are asking for your help to raise donations. Please forward this message to your friends and ask them to do the same.  Donations are always appreciated in any amount and they are tax deductible. If just 100 people were to give $50, or 50 people were to give $100,  we would meet this immediate goal.  Donors have the option of being recognized for their support, or they may remain anonymous.

(continued): http://savingamericashorses.blogspot.com/2011/05/call-to-action-in-support-of-cause.html

Donation link:

Thank you.
SavingAmerica’s Horses

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  When you link in to send your message to the White House, there will be box to select your topic. “Afghanistan/Iraq” will be one of the topics you can choose. By choosing this topic you are most likely to have your message read.

You can click the link:  http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact?utm_source=email114&utm_medium=footer&utm_campaign=immigration

This is the message I just sent President Obama at the White House.  Please take the time to do the same in your own words.   Thank you.  Please remember to be polite!!!


I wish to comment with dismay about the military canines that will apparently be left behind in Iraq and at other bases in the Middle East.  In particular “Lady” who has served so honorably, bravely and with great loyalty to the base which she protected. The following is quoted from the alert which I received from SPCA International

“4 year-old Lady has served at a U.S. Base as a Force Protection Canine since 2007.  She’s been a brave and loyal guard dog to each unit that rotated in and out of her base.  And she is Navy Lt. John’s best friend.  And he is hers.  When Lt. John’s unit comes home from Iraq, Lady will be all alone.  Another unit will not be assigned to the base.  She will be thrown-out onto the streets.  She won’t survive. Without Lt. John’s love and protection, she will die.  I know he is desperate beyond words for us to save her.”

Far too often throughout history, military animals have been left behind, to suffer the consequences of abandonment.  The US Military often relied upon US citizens to donate to the war effort by providing horses and dogs, family pets, only to see them never return.

Given that the US Military easily made arrangements to have “Lady” and others like her transported to the Middle East, it is beyond all comprehension, that the US Military cannot evacuate these comrades in arms back home to the safety of the US.  These loyal companions need to be honored, not discarded.

Please do not allow these animals to become abandoned and victims of hostility, starvation and much worse.

I respectfully request that all out effort to have these War Veterans returned to the US to live out the rest of their lives in comfort and in recognition of the valued service to their home country and to the men and women to which they brought much solice during their tours of duty away from home and families.

Thank you.

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A letter to the GNWT, Ministers of Justice and MACA, Premier as well as MLA’s, and  Major Animal Welfare Organizations in Canada has been prepared today and will be sent registered mail and faxed tomorrow, (emailed today) regarding the new NWT Dog Act which passed on March 4, 2011.

As of this date the new Act (Bill 16) has not been made Law, No public announcement to that effect has been made.  I have requested that MACA and Justice put in writing the EXACT date this new Law will come into effect.  It has been 66 days since this Bill was passed in the Legislative Assembly, almost 4 years of fighting the GNWT to do so.  No more postponements are acceptable.
Anyone wishing to contact MACA and Justice themselves are urged to do so.

Hon. Robert McLeod:  Minister Municipal and Community Affairs

Fax:  867-873-0431        Fax: 867-678-2431     robert_c_mcleod@gov.nt.ca

Hon. Jackson Lafferty:  Minister of Justice

Fax: 873-0274           jackson_lafferty@gov.nt.ca
A copy of this letter is available to those persons who wish one, by contacting me directly providing their email addies.

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