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Dear animal advocate,

Summer has been a mixed bag of rain and drought across Canada. I hope that you and your animal companions have been coping with these extremes.


Most shelters are bursting at the seams and adoptions seem to be slow everywhere. If you are looking to adopt a new friend, please visit your local shelter, or check out the Project Jessie website if you are in southern Ontario.


Altough adoptions have been slow we have had some really good placements – but we have also been asked to help in some very difficult situations. In the last few weeks we have adopted out several cats including QuiQui, Lacey, Bluebelle and Grigio.

In dogs, dear Ruby (whom we featured in the last newsletter) it seems has finally found a permanent home (yay!), and Toby is being adopted by his awesome foster mom. Strangely, we still have Belle (who is small and very charming) and Quiz who is just a perfect pup. I have no idea why these two are still in foster care!

We are still on “maternity watch” for a few more days with our hedgehog from Quebec. Fingers crossed she is not pregnant at all.

To get more info on fostering or adopting, or if you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please contact me, shelly@animalalliance.ca or 519-940-4712.


The beautiful face below is Abby. She has been in our program for just over a year now. If you know anyone who loves shepherds and might consider a slightly older dog please call!


Shelly and crew





Upcoming Events 



Project Jessie at the Ontario Agility Nationals (Barrie, ON)

August 4-7th

 Once again, Project Jessie will have a booth at the Agility Association of Canada National Championships

If you are interested in seeing some really awesome dogs (including several PJ alumni competing), more info at:




Project Jessie on CP24 August 16th

Amazing Project Jessie foster and all around guru Andrea Harrison will be on Animal House Calls Aug. 16 to showcase an animal or two looking for their forever homes. The show is live from 7-8pm If you get a chance to tune in that would be great!


Living With Wildlife Conference – Sept 23

(Toronto, ON)


The Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals is hosting the first ever “Living With Wildlife” conference in Toronto on Friday, Sept 23.

The objective of this conference is to provide individuals, government and our communities with non-lethal solutions for dealing with so-called ‘nuisance’ wildlife.

Guest speakers include Liz White, Animal Alliance of Canada
A large part of this conference will be focus on living with coyotes and beavers – which is a big concern for many cities across Canada.

For more information visit our website: http://www.furbearerdefenders.com

If you would like to attend, just let me know. Admission is by donation – and breakfast will be provided.

Lesley Fox



Project Jessie at PoochPalooza September 24 & 25

(Caledon, ON)

 Owners of the ever so popular Caledon Inn are hosting PoochPalooza this fall!

Avid dog owners, members of rescue organizations and fluent in dog language, owners of the Caledon Inn had this fabulous idea to bring a yearly dog festival to the Caledon Inn property; A beautiful country property that consists of 25 acres of pure fun for dogs.
Pooch Palooza…… a dog festival for the ultimate dog.

With this yearly festival we plan to include lots of fun for dogs and their owners:
Agility demos, Search and Rescue seminars/demos, training seminars, nutrition seminars, walking trails, contests, door prizes and plenty more.


…..a festival for the ULTIMATE dog




Where bunnies and people come to play!


On Sunday, September 25th, 2011, Rabbit Rescue will be holding their fourth-annual fundraiser and educational event, BunFest 2011 at the Bob Rumball Centre for the Deaf, in Toronto, Ontario.  And Project Jessie will be there!


House rabbit lovers and their furry friends are welcome to come and enjoy the Bunny Spa, Bunny Glamour Shots, rabbit-savvy veterinarian advice and much, much more!


For more information, visit





Animal Rescue Site Challenge – Update 


We are currently in fourth place in the Animal Rescue Site Shelter+ Challenge with Petfinder.com and unlikely to be in the money (we would need to be in first place to win $1000) but if you are still in a voting mood, it would be lovely if you would still help us out. Thanks everyone!


Click on the purple button at The Animal Rescue Site and give food to an animal living in a shelter or sanctuary –at no cost to you.

Then, click on the “Vote today” button near the top of the page, and you will be taken to the Shelter Challenge page

There will be a big box near the top.

Search for “Project Jessie”,  “Caledon”  “ON” Canada  and click “Vote”

You will be taken to a page where you are asked to confirm your vote by typing in some numbers/letters and click on “Confirm vote” or your vote will not be registered.


Thank you for helping!
Please click and vote EVERY day if you can!

There are other links on their site that allow you to vote as well.

(So if you have the time – you can actually vote multiple times each day.)

I have sent the list of links in a separate email – please save it and vote as often as you are able.






If you are a Facebook member, be sure to join one or both of our FB groups. Search under Animal Alliance and also under Project Jessie to find them.

The more members the better – we can mobilize quickly for petitions and email actions.

See you on Facebook!


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July 31, 2011

This morning’s visit with Loki was a rather unique and interesting one.

Already very warm and slightly humid, a little overcast, this day is shaping up to hopefully be another nice one.  With no bug problem, heading across the ravine and sitting with Loki was very comfortable.

Perhaps a neighbor on my street had already given him breakfast, he was not at all interested in his fresh butcher cuttings this morning, he was however interested in his soup bone, but only after he lead me to an area unknown to me.

Stopping to watch and wait until I would catch up to him, Loki apparently had something important to show me.

Trekking through the even higher vegetation, the minimal rains we had the last few days, caused the growth spurt of all the wild plants, was a little daunting…it was difficult for me to see Loki…he perhaps knew this and would stop, wait and continue on once he was sure I saw him.

A number of months ago Loki had tangled with a porcupine, for weeks he carried his trophies, three quills in his tender nose and two quills along his bottom jaw.  Thankfully he was able to sneeze the quills out of his nose and remove the other two quills from his jaw himself.

What was Loki taking me to I wondered?  And Why?

I soon found out, as I watched the ground beneath my feet so as not to trip.  Approximately  400 hundred yards into the thick vegetation I found the answer.  The carcass of the dead Porcupine that Loki had tangled with.  This picture does not do justice to the size of this Porcupine, it was extremely large, it’s quills averaged between 5” to 6” long.

I paused and thanked  Loki for showing me just what he has to contend with at times and I was grateful that Loki did not get the worst of it, given the size of this Porcupine and the length of his quills.  Loki received 5 quills in total and it could have been a lot worse.  Had he not been able to remove/sneeze those quills out himself, they could have worked deeper and moved into his eyes or his brain..killing him.  Infection could have easily begun and spread through his blood system turning toxic.

After moving deeper into the brush Loki and I sat together for at least a half hour, I hummed and spoke to him, and he lounged and listened….he then decided to take a walk, so I picked up his plate and headed back out of the thicket…to my surprise this boy had cut through and was now standing ahead of me waiting again.  Together we walked out to the road and we again spent time together out in the open this time.

Still not interested in what I had brought out to him, I headed back home to cut him some fresh Rollover, this time I was in the lead and Loki followed.

Our morning visit lasted over an hour, I discovered much thanks to him this morning, our time together proved to be one of both physical and spiritual closeness and valued trust.

Your video will be live in a moment at:




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Loki being camera shy  :



Eating under cover.


Sometimes he will be camera shy, he is not used to the new camera I bought yet, too much chrome that glints in the sunlight.

After this picture was taken he came to me and gave me a gentle nudge.

Additional videos have been uploaded to YouTube and you can view all when you view the above two new ones.

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Save Toronto Animal Services


Per email received:

Please read/educate yourself/crosspost and see at the bottom, how you can help.

Toronto City Council is very seriously proposing basically scrapping Toronto Animal Services (‘TAS’) and privatizing the services.  Why should you care?  It’s important we all understand the repercussions if this goes through.


* TAS is a city service responsible for enforcing animal-related bylaws in Toronto.

* Pick up injured animals and provide either veterinary care or humane euthanasia

* Pick up dead wild/domestic animals

* Accept surrendered or stray animals and shelter them; if a dog or cat is deemed available for adoption, they are spayed/neutered, microchipped, dewormed, treated for fleas, vaccinated and licensed

* Run four animal shelters that adopt out animals

In 2010, just ONE of these shelters adopted out:

391 dogs

287 small animals

1029 cats

* Provide low-cost euthanasia to the public

* Reunite lost pets with owners

* Deal with animal-related complaints

* Work with local rescues to place certain animals in a more appropriate environment

* Operate a spay/neuter clinics for cats

* Provide Dog Bite Prevention programs to elementary schools

* Respond to animal-related complaints such as dog bites


* There is no accountability when a private company runs animal services.

* A for-profit company has very different motivations than a city shelter or private rescue. It is ALWAYS cheaper to euthanize animals than to shelter them, provide vet care and adopt them out. It is also ALWAYS cheaper to euthanize them improperly, causing pain and fear. If a shelter provides proper care, veterinary services and community outreach, it cannot be a for-profit model.

* Contracting animal services out to a for-profit company has lead to disaster in Montreal. There, the city had an agreement with a private pound, Berger-Blanc, and recently footage of horrific abuse and neglect.

Read about the horrors at Berger-Blanc here (a CBC news report – graphic in nature):

The Montreal SPCA’s reaction:

You can see the documentary yourself here (very graphic – be prepared):


Note that at Berger Blanc:

– Euthanasia was done improperly, in the cheapest way possible.

– Very few adoptions occurred.

– Very few lost animals were reunited with owners.

– Veterinary care was not provided.

– Employees administered injections rather than veterinary technicians.

* Now many Montreal citizens want the city to take over animal control – but once it’s been contracted out, the city won’t have the resources or ability to take on that huge responsibility! That’s why we have to keep TAS public while we still have the chance!


* Write to your city councillor and let them know that TAS is important to you SEE HERE FOR YOUR CITY COUNCILLOR:  http://app.toronto.ca/im/council/councillors.jsp

* Spread the word to your friends, families and neighbours!

* You can sign the petition to keep TAS and stop it’s privatization http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/savetas/

* For more information/background go to the following sources:

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Hope you all Enjoy this longer video


Loki and Henry Jul 29 2011

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At this very moment a “massive trade agreement” is being negotiated “by Canada and the European Union (EU).  This agreement is called the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement.”

All excerpts are quoted from the Animal Alliance of Canada and AAEV with their permission.

“This Agreement is the largest and most complex free trade agreement that Canada has ever negotiated. As complex as it is, there are only 3 major factors that we need to consider strategically regarding environmental and animal protection.”

The Animal Alliance of Canada, Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada (AAEV) is launching a campaign which will hopefully ensure :

“that the proposed trade agreement now being negotiated between Canada and the European Union prohibits imports from Canada of “products” derived from practices that would not meet the highest EU standards of environment and animal protection.”

Canada’s ongoing deplorable record failing to protect animals in this country is well known around the world.  Not only the protection of companion animals but those who suffer endlessly within the Factory Farm Industry and slaughterhouses around this country.



As clearly evidenced in this one particular video even Toronto, Canada experiences cases of extreme cruelty to those awaiting slaughter:


4 Barn Fires in 4 Days Claim Lives of Over 23,000 Animals


Learn More at:   www.cefta.com

Excerpt from Animal Alliance of Canada (AAEV) letter to Agriculture Ministers:

“…the current standards for farm animal transport are completely unacceptable.  The CCFA describes the standards as follows:

a)  Horses, pigs and other monogastric animals (including chickens, turkeys, ducks etc) can be transported for 36 hours without food,water or rest, in addition to a 5  hour food withdrawal period.

b)  Cattle, sheep, goats and other ruminants can be transported for 52 hours within Canada without food, water or rest, in addition to a 5 hour food withdrawal period.

c)  Rest periods need only be 5 hours following the maximum travel times, until transport begins again.

d)  Current standards are unclear regarding ventilation given that animals are transported during extreme summer and winter conditions.”

“The European Standards are far superior to Canada’s and they are continually being improved. We recommend that current EU standards and future improvements should apply to all imports from Canada since Canada has one of the worst records among developed nations on animal and environmental protection laws, regulations and standards.”

“Despite repeated requests from animal protection groups, Canadian regulators have failed to legislate protection for agriculture animals and to enforce existing laws where cruelty and abuse has been identified.  In some cases, Canadian legislators have passed laws that condone animal cruelty as in the case with farm animal transport.”

“We hold out no hope that Canadian legislators will pass laws that meet and exceed European standards.  Foot dragging, obfuscation and outright refusal to address farm animal suffering and cruelty have been the norm.”

“The reality in Canada is that our political leaders continue to resist “adopting environmental and animal protection policies, laws and regulations that are “best practices” unless forced to by its trading partners.”

My personal comments:

Canada is attempting to pressure members of the EU “to allow the importation of products that do not meet EU standards, including products that the EU has banned. In fact, that’s the main thrust of Canada’s negotiating position:  reducing or eliminating what are called “technical barriers to trade” (TBT) to unacceptable Canadian products.”

Canada and the Canadian industries know already that due to the unacceptable and continued lousy environmental and animal protection standards which seemingly are condoned by Parliament in this country, that they are already in trouble and extremely “vulnerable” to the TBT.

As taxpayers in this country, as the electorate in this country whose blood sweat and tears provide the income these Canadian politicians survive on, we must speak up, we must act….and as we have all seen before…for the most part the officials whom we elect…fail to listen on a most grand scale.  Our voices go unheard!!

The goal of this campaign is “to protect the environment and animals”…”to ensure that, if Canada and the EU successfully conclude the Agreement, the EU will only import products produced in accord with EU (not Canadian) environmental and animal protection standards.”

So just how do we do this…by contacting the European Union directly, by not wasting our time with Canadian Politicians whatsoever!!!  This approach worked most effectively as seen in the EU ban on Canadian seal products derived from the brutal and horrific manner in which seals are slaughtered in this country.

The Animal Alliance of Canada and the AAEV has produced a mailer to Mr. Vital Moreira, MEP; Chair, Committee on International Trade, European Parliament, and are also inviting those persons who wish to submit their own statements and comments by video to do so.  The SPREAD THE WORD video production “will be made available to all EU politicians and officials, and their Canadian counterparts – as well as the general public and press in Europe and Canada.”

To submit your own personal video message please call or email Lia at (416) 462-9541 ext 24 or lian@animalalliance.ca.  You may record your video and email to Lia.

Excerpts taken from the Animal Alliance of Canada /AAEV letter to the Agriculture Ministers are contained in this post, the full letter to the Agriculture Ministers is available by contacting Lia as well as additional pertinent information about this campaign.  You may also obtain the EU mailer produced by the Animal Alliance / AAEV as well as your own copy of the letter to the Agriculture Ministers which you can then send (EU Mailer) and use the Letter to Agriculture Ministers as a reference in order to write your own personal letters.

On a personal note, I URGE everyone who is concerned about what continues to go on this country and who wishes to do something positive about it, to join in this campaign….to those of you who do…THANK YOU.


You may also write directly to: 

Mr. Vital Moreira, MEP

Chair, Committee on International Trade

European Parliament

Rue Wiertz

ASP 13G242

B-1047 Brussels

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This week has been a mixed back of tricks weather wise.  Needed rain came in short bursts, causing humidity which is normally unheard of this far North.  Hot temperatures in the high 20’s celcius, and also sun showers and yesterday morning heavy fog.  Thankfully the bug issues were improved somewhat and time spent with Loki was more comfortable..no need to wear the infamous bug suit (netting) to protect myself.  Loki does not like the bug suit as he is then unable to really look into my eyes.  Eye contact is very much a part of our communication process, usually a dog will avert their eyes from a human, and as experts will tell you, eye contact can be interpreted as a threatening gesture to some animals.  Not with this boy however, we will gaze into each others eyes forever during our quiet sit together/lay together moments.  Seeing the pictures below, I still envision him within my home, lounging in the living room or stretched out on my bed.

I realize and have had to accept that this may never happen, that Loki may remain feral, that he may choose to remain free and proud, and that is his absolute right….but I hang onto the hope that he will make the choice to join my family.  Whatever his choice, I plan to ensure that he is well fed, that his health issues are taken care of the best way that I can, and to spend as much time with him for as long as we are allowed to share our time together.

Living in the wild as he does presents many dangers to him, bears, cougars, wolves as well as the ever present human factor.  The NWT has a reputation that a bullet solves everything, feral dogs are shot as are loose roaming dogs in many communities, and if he is caught I will not be notified and he will be destroyed.  Thankfully he is smart, his intelligence, his will to survive has kept him alive.

I feel a great privilege that he has chosen me, that he trusts me and responds to my call, that he shares special moments with me, time together is so very important.  When I began this, rather we began this journey last October, he was skittish all the time we were together, however over time we have come a very long way.  He is far more relaxed, more trusting, and more responsive.  His body language and gentle bumps and nudges of me as I sit with him are gifts I continue to treasure.


A Beautiful Evening with Loki and His Friend ‘Henry’

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