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Days left to Stop Canada’s Deadly Oil


“Canada mines deadly oil that creates toxic sludge lakes and destroys forests in Alberta — and Harper needs Obama’s help to sell it.”



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Please support this very important petition to :


This petition is authored by the:

The Ontario Wildlife Coalition



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For those of you following the plight of America’s Wild horses who wish to learn more and to help.  Please go to the link provided below.  Once on this site you will be able to link into other sites which will provide you with much needed information as exampled below.

The Bureau of Land Management continues these cruel roundups and thousands of horses, many just foals are meeting a horrific end.


“Submit Comments on 15-20 Year Plan for Wild Horses in Devils Garden Plateau Territory, California”


Forest Service Asks for Public’s Input on Management Plan


Two BLM Roundups Currently Underway

“On Sunday, August 21, the BLM began the White Mountain/Little Colorado roundup in Wyoming. As of Tuesday, the BLM reports that 355 horses have been removed from their families and homes on the range and three horses have been killed during the roundup. “


“Approximately 500 miles away, the Triple B roundup is taking place outside of Ely, Nevada. This is the fifth week of this roundup, the largest roundup of the summer, and as of Tuesday, August 23, the BLM reports that 1,182 horses have been captured and 10 horses have been killed in the roundup, the majority of them young foals..”





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Enjoy the video




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Obama: Impose Sanctions to Stop Icelandic Whaling


Take the Pledge to Fight Animal Cruelty


No More Lab Monkeys on Air Canada!


Pledge Not to Shop at Pet Stores That Sell Puppies



Help Ensure All Animals at Guzoo Find a Safe Home



Stop Mass Killing of Romanian Dogs



Kiwi’s Help Save Japan’s Dolphins !


End the Torture of Chimpanzees in Laboratories


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BLOGGER COMMENTS:  This is an extremely important project, one that continues the fight to save America’s horses.  Please show your support.  Thank you.

On Fri, Aug 26, 2011 at 5:04 PM, Team@ Saving America’s Horses <info@savingamericashorses.org> wrote:

For Immediate Release
Wild for Life Foundation
Los Angeles, CA, August 27, 2011 (revised)

Special Private Advance screening of “Saving America’s Horses – A Nation Betrayed” in Alexandria  Virginia

Wild for Life Foundation (WFLF) is pleased to announce the special private advance screening of “Saving America’s Horses – A Nation Betrayed” at the upcoming International Equine Welfare Conference in Arlington Virginia. Filmmaker Katia Louise will present the film in person on Monday, September 26th to registered participants of the conference. Many cast members will also be in attendance for this special screening including Senator Mary Landrieu, former mayor Paula Bacon, Julie Caramante, Craig Downer, JoAnne Normile, Sonja Meadows, Susan Wagner, Laura Allen, John Holland, Senator Dave Wanzenried, Ginger Kathrens and more. “Saving America’s Horses – A Nation Betrayed” is a platform to over 40 of the world’s most renowned equine professionals bringing their voices to the world stage through cinema on behalf of ending equine cruelty.

The special private conference screening will follow the screen’s Canadian premiere scheduled to take place on Saturday, September 24th in Huntsville, Ontario. Filmmaker Katia Louise has been invited to present the film in Canada as part of the upcoming International Film North Festival with a filmmaker Q & A to follow. Representatives from the CHDC including Twyla Francois and Shelley Grainger will also take part in the lively discussion. CHDC founder, Sinikka Crosland underscores the importance of bringing this film from the U.S. to Canada because the problems exist on both sides of the federal border.

Bringing this film to the public eye the goal of the “Saving America’s Horses” On World Stage campaign by Wild for Life Foundation. The chief objective is to get the truth out through the public release and distribution of this lifesaving film. Screening the film costs money and donations are needed to help cover expenses. “Donations made to Wild for Life Foundation in support of “Saving America’s Horses” are tax deductible and go toward meeting this objective”-Mario James, WFLF

Plans are underway to distribute this film publicly across America, Canada and Europe and beyond, but finishing funds are needed to pay for expense including special processing, screening fees, film rating, theater space, replication and promotion. The special edition “Saving America’s Horses – A Nation Betrayed” film posters are being made a available on a limited basis to help launch this exciting final phase of production. Join WFLF’s “Saving America’s Horses” and receive a complimentary special limited edition “Saving America’s Horses” film poster commemorating the recent screening at the historic Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, CA. (while supplies last) Donations can also be made in any amount online and by mail.

Please help save and protect these majestic animals by making a tax deductible donation today.

Support the public release of this lifesaving film on Facebook:

Mario James: mario[@]wildforlifefoundation.org

www.savingamericashorses.org      www.wildforlifefoundation.org

Link to this announcement on line at our blog:


Link to PDF:

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Is it bad enough for you? Wild Horses 2









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Americas Wild horses continue to rounded up for slaughter, continue to be shipped to Canada and to Mexico to be made into horsemeat.  The US banned these slaughter houses in thier own country years ago. 

Voices around the World need to unite in order to put an end to this.  Their are viable measures that can be taken to control populations.  These horses are a national treasure and need be protected and treated as such.

The video below put on Youtube by the United Horsemen advocates horse welfare



Is seen as a propaganda video by those fighting to save these magnificent horses.

In an Alert received today:

“Guys we are losing on this poll please thumb them down and report as promoting animal abuse pass we cannot lose this poll to Wallis’s propaganda Wallis’s propaganda”

“Please sign into youtube to be counted”  Note that comments on this video have been disabled but you can still do a thumbs down.

The truth about the BLM roundups and horrific suffering of these wildhorses

Is it bad enough for you? Wild Horses 2



Paul’s message to President Obama, March 2010, outside the American Embassy, London


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In this letter to HSUS Ms. Courtney, dated 7/7/2011 6:18:06 A.M. Mountain Daylight Time, a long time advocate for these beautiful horses writes:

(permission has been granted  by T. Courtney to post on all updates pertaining to this issue)

“To ensure a long term survival for our wild herds, the current close-out strategy of PZP’ing all mares and gelding all stallions is not sustainable.

“While a fertility program might manage our herds, the way the BLM operates means extinction, not long term management. We also know that their numbers are highly inflated, reflecting a true concern for how many mustangs and burros are really out on the range.”

“It is a shame that mustangs have to languish in holding pens, in a country with millions of acres of range available to them. The prison mentality and exploitation of BLM towards these iconic creatures is a shame.”

“I hope HSUS will keep up the pressure to make BLM comply with humane treatment of all horses and burros and to make an end to the culling operations, specially in high heat and inappropriate weather – the assurance of any humane standards which BLM has so greatly violated, the lack of transparency and their unwillingness to involve advocates – there is plenty of evidence of BLM’s shortcomings and cruelty – and it is imperative that each and every case and violation against each horse must be taken into account -enough cases have slipped thru the system and it is time to end this horrific chapter in American history – or we can all look back in 20 years, and reminisce an opportunity missed, the true preservation of our wild horses.” M. Courtney


Excerpts from response received by Ms Courtney from HSUS:

”   the BLM recently announced its intent to open “a new chapter in the management of wild horses, burros, and our public lands” by fast-tracking “fundamental reforms” to its current policies and procedures which include reducing the number of wild horses removed from the range by 5,600 (or 24 percent) over the next two years while increasing the number of mares treated with fertility control and released back onto the range from 1,000 to 4,000.

This is a huge accomplishment, but as we know all too well, it’s not enough. Despite the significant decrease in removals, the BLM still plans to remove 15,000 wild horse and burros for our public lands over the next two years, and since it can only find homes for approximately 6,000, by 2012, there could be more than 50,000 animals in holding facilities. That isn’t economically sustainable and it’s bad policy. The BLM needs to further reduce the number of animals it plans to remove from our public lands far beyond its current goals.”

“….using fertility control as a primary means for managing wild horse herds, the BLM could save taxpayers more than $200 million dollars over 12 years while dramatically reducing the number of animals removed from the range annually.”

Stephanie L. Boyles, M.S.
Wildlife Scientist, Wildlife and Habitat Protection

The Humane Society of the United States
2100 L Street NW    Washington, DC 20037



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