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“Newly released data from the University of British Columbia shows the institution conducted research involving nearly 212,000 animals in 2010.”





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Support the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act!
4781 signatures thus far
End the Brutal War on America’s Wild Horses
279 signatures thus far

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ACTION ALERT: Support Legislation to Criminalize Crush Videos in the Philippines! PLEASE SIGN !


Reps. Irwin Tieng and Mariano Michael Velarde are proposing a bill that would criminalize the production, sale, and distribution of animal “crush” videos and other filmed acts of cruelty to animals in the Philippines.

ACTION ALERT: End Bear Hunting in Great Bear Rainforest! PLEASE SIGN !


British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest is one of the greatest tracts of intact temperate rainforest left on Earth. It is home to thousands of species of plants, birds, and animals including black bears, grizzlies, and Spirit bears.

Petition Seeks Investigation Into State’s Slaying of Nine Deer at N.C. Animal Refuge- PLEASE SIGN PETITION!

When is an animal sanctuary not an animal sanctuary? When state wildlife officials raid it and begin shooting its fenced-in denizens with ?

ACTION ALERT: Thank USDA for Ending Puppy Mill Imports! PLEASE SIGN !

Help us stop the import of puppy mill puppies! The USDA issued a proposed rule to implement the 2008 amendments to the Animal Welfare Act (AWA). These amendments banned the import of puppies from …

ACTION ALERT: Intermix: Please Go Fur Free!

Intermix has every type of slaughtered and skinned animal for sale: Fox fur, rabbit fur, raccoon fur, and even coyote fur.

ACTION ALERT: Mayor of Saint Petersburg Florida: Police Officers Attend a Comprehensive Animal-Handling Training Session !

When a police officer’s first line of defense in restraining an animal is to reach for a weapon, it is sending the wrong message to the community that they swore to uphold and protect.

ACTION ALERT: Justice for Bucky ! PLEASE SIGN !

The dog did nothing wrong. Excessive force was used when the officer shot the dog 5 times, in front of the owner’s children, for jumping around and barking. Animal control was there, and the officer did NOT need to do these actions!

ACTION ALERT: Every Homeless Pet Deserves a Chance! PLEASE SIGN !

As he gingerly walked across the room, Elijah struggled to maintain his dignity, but his feet hurt so much he winced with every step. His toenails had grown so long they were curled and digging into his pads.

ACTION ALERT: Tell the Obama Administration to Stop Shell! PLEASE SIGN !

The Obama Administration has given Shell a tentative go-ahead to drill next summer off the sensitive coastline of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, where an oil spill could be catastrophic to polar bears and other….

ACTION ALERT; Gas Chambers and Heartstick Animal Shelters Should End Right Away!! PLEASE SIGN!

Gas Chambers are when shelters gas an animal to death. Its a very slow and painful death! No way to treat an animal!

ACTION ALERT: Florida Petition: Pass SB 0488 Low Cost Spay/Neuter Bill ! PLEASE SIGN !

To save tax payers’ monies, please support, co-sponsor, and help pass Florida SB 0488. It will cost the State nothing and is humane

ACTION ALERT: Tell Topsfield Fair to Stop Exploiting Exotic Animals! PLEASE SIGN !

Bengal tigers at the local county fair? The answer is yes. In Topsfield, MA, at this year’s famed annual Topsfield Fair, beside countless booths of crafts and lifestock exhibits, was an enclosure containing several …

ACTION ALERT: Support Australia’s Crackdown on Animal Cruelty! PLEASE SIGN !

Australia is gearing up to enforce harsher animal cruelty laws. According to the Observer: “Convicted offenders will be automatically banned from owning animals of the same type for a minimum of two years.


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Quoted from one U.S. Wild Horse Advocate:

“The crimes of inhumanity against the mustangs have no boundaries – not within the Bureau of Land Management agency. – the more the advocates try to help and protect the animals, the more atrocious the treatment of them inflicted by SunJ and BLM  becomes. They want to clearly demonstrate they are in charge by refusing Laura to assess all operations.”

Plain and simple. No transparency, cooperation nor “preservation” is delivered, period. The empty promises of the BLM’ers are an outrage and insult to America and its mustangs.

BLOGGER’S COMMENT:  The BLM agenda of exterminating the Wild Horses in America is clearly evident.

 BLM Continues Effort to Strip 1,000 Wild Horses from Massive Public Land Complex « Straight from the Horse’s Heart

“Horse Hunting Helicopter Contractor Continues Operations

Laura Leigh, VP of Wild Horse Freedom Federation, has been observing and documenting the BLM’s wild horse stampede at High Rock over this past week.  Laura has put together a detailed and informative video, for your review, that explores many aspects of the BLM’s mismanagement of our National Icons and roundup specific issues related to this operation and the contractor that is already under the watchful eye of a federal judge in an ongoing case where Ms. Leigh is the plaintiff.



American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign


Sheldon Wild Horses and Burros Are At Risk…. Again!

Please Oppose the Plan to Eliminate Them from Wildlife “Refuge” on Oregon/Nevada Border

.Wild horses and burros have lived for hundreds of years on the lands that are now part of the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge, located in northwestern Nevada on the Oregon border. Do not let the word “refuge” mislead you. Sheldon is no wildlife sanctuary. Instead, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) manages this 575,000-acre public land area essentially as a game preserve. Now, in order to make more forage available for big game animals for hunters, the USFWS is pushing a plan to remove all the wild horses and burros from the refuge.”



By Craig C. Downer, Wild Horse Ecologist

Speech for Wild Horse Summit, Las Vegas, NV, Oct. 12, 2008, organized by ISPMB

“Though the horse family is endangered world wide, wild horses and burros on public land remain on the very bottom of the totem pole of priorities of both the Bureau of Land Management & U.S. Forest Service.  These are the two agencies charged by law with protecting & managing them.  These two “national heritage species,” have rights to live free that are covered by the unanimously passed Public Law 92-195 and that are supported by many millions of ordinary U.S. citizens as well as people worldwide.  For these and other sundry reasons, the extent of livestock grazing and the number of permittees involved both in the original Herd Areas and in reduced Herd Management Areas should be clearly spelled out to the public – but this is not currently the case!”

Livestock, big game, and other overlapping uses as these occur within the wild equid Herd Areas and Herd Management Areas should be clearly incorporated into the federal government’s National Integrated Land System (NILS) data retrieval program.  This incorporates most of the other land designations such as wilderness, mining claims, livestock allotments, etc.  The exclusion of wild horse and burro areas seems to be an intentional cover-up for the grossly unfair treatment that the wild horses and burros are receiving.  Last spring a top BLM official plainly told me that virtually all of the wild horse and burro Herd Areas (HA’s) and Herd Management Areas (HMA’s) were leased to livestock grazers.  From a close examination of the original 1971 wild horse and burro Herd Areas in relation to overlapping livestock grazing leases, I estimate that over 95% of these original legal areas are being grazed by livestock.  Likewise for the administratively reduced Herd Management Areas still occupied by scant equid herds, I estimate that over 98% of these legal areas are being grazed by livestock.  This is all the more objectionable given that 36% of the original Herd Areas have been reduced in setting up these Herd Management Areas (See Table 1 and accompanying Chart).


For Immediate Release
Los Angeles, CA
Wild for Life Foundation
Oct 29, 2011

“Saving America’s Horses” launches inspirational message to win National TV campaign for horses. 

“Saving America’s Horses” now brings the story about our horses to the mainstream through an upbeat and stimulating message sure to win the hearts of Americans.  The goal is to captivate viewers in just 25 seconds and move them to action. Vote now to help bring this message out to the mainstream and onto national TV.

The “Saving America’s Horses” 25 second promo spot is energized with a delightful and motivating song entitled “Make That Change” which was just recently licensed for use in this awarding winning landmark documentary. “Wild for Life Foundation is thrilled and honored to launch this effort with such a magnificent song!” – Katia Louise Filmmaker, “Saving America’s Horses”

Follow this link to watch and vote now!

Song Credits: MAKE THAT CHANGE; Recording Artist, JACQI MICHAELS; Words & Music by: Jacqi Michaels & Steven Cahill; Produced by Steven Cahill and Richard D. Kaye; Remastered at Jet Stream Sound; Copyright Greenleaf Music (ASCAP)

Learn more:

Mario James

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You have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, here you will be safe, you will be happy, you will be free from pain.


Reward for information on abused dog


Penny Eims

, Dog News Examiner

“The defeat in his betrayed eyes is apparent – please send him your positive thoughts and compassion.”

“Betrayal at the hand of a loved one is the most painful type of betrayal possible.”


Update – injured dog found on roadside


“Another victim in what seems to be a never-ending, vicious pursuit by individuals hell bent on making money off of the backs of the defenseless.”

All of his wounds were caused by dog-fighting as we suspected. He has some old wounds that were left untreated but the major concern right now is his leg. His leg has been torn apart and broken. This has caused major infection..”


Sometimes good bye is the kindest gesture


“The photo of Gideon lying on the veterinary exam table was a tragic indication of what was going to happen…

The image captured a look of utter defeat and surrender in Gideon’s eyes – this was a dog who had long ago given up on any form of human kindness.”


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“Several years back, San Francisco SPCA had a serious problem with Asians coming into the city from freighters docked for unloading….somebody put 2 and 2 together and found out that they were using the dogs for dinner.  So please get the message out to the network.  Many Thanks

Click here: Puppy meat no different than pork, celebrity chef argues – The Globe and Mail



 “Its already BAD, can it get any worse? We must keep putting on the “Pressure” folks!! The Cdn Gov’t advocates, it is OK to kill and eat companion horses citing “cultural tradition” as a major reason. ”

“Now consider the immigrant populations coming to Canada from places where they do eat dogs and choke down this article if you can….courtesy of the Globe & Mail, an attempt to “normalize” eating dogs now.
If you love dogs and cats, you might want to help with the fight to end the slaughter of companion horses before they move on to the killing of companion dogs and cats citing “cultural traditions” as the reason for killing them. ”

“In Canada, dog meat is perfectly legal to serve at a restaurant – it just has to be properly inspected first”


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Thank you NAFA:

This just came in :

“Dear friends of Animals – An update to say that Jake, (the Golden Retriever who was stolen from the foster-home in St. Catharines), several days ago has been found.  The report we have is that two teens saw a man with him and asked, “Is that the missing Golden?”, at which point the person dropped Jake and ran!  He is back in the hands of Golden Rescue at his foster-home. thanks to all for your advice, help and concern.  ”

   Glad you are safe and sound Jake.

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