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Well old man winter is upon us, lots of snow, high winds and frigid temperatures.  It is blowing strong as I write this, I can hear the wind howling outside my window.  How anything survives up here is beyond me.  Song birds, fragile finches….I must remember to top up my feeders and clear away the snow from them again today.

LOKI was here last night for a hearty warm dinner.

Of course “Fiddle” was in tow:

  She is such a sweet girl, loves belly rubs and of course treats.  While LOKI ate, Fiddle and I laid in the snow and cuddled. It was actually quite a nice evening.  Quiet and surreal.

It is very important that LOKI gets his meals at least twice a day if not more.  The process of digesting food produces body heat, good nutrition also maintains a thick healthy coat and body mass, all of which are needed especially during these cold long winter months.  Fresh water is also needed, eting snow will dehydrate an animal just as it will a human.

Loki is lucky, with his dense undercoat and long guard hairs, he has insulation against the extreme cold, but even with all of that I have watched him lift his paws, his feet being cold, the soft foot pads can easily freeze and ice can build up between the pads and toes.








One must also remember that short haired dogs cannot be left out for long in this frigid weather, even if they have a doghouse.  Insulated shelters are of course the best.  Ears, tails, noses, feet can all freeze..we all know the severe pain when our fingers and toes start to freeze up…imagine what the dog feels. Severe frostbite can result in the loss of ear tips, tail and even a limp, gangrene can set in resulting in the need for amputation.  Hemi for example loves to be outside but not for long.  His coat is short and dense and he does have undercoat, but his feet freeze up quickly and his ears do not have the thick hair needed to withstand these temps.

Philly, while he looks as if he has a thick coat he actually has no undercoat.  It is his top coat (guard hair) that is curly and gives the appearance of thickness.  He cannot tolerate the cold nor hot days.

Cats too, should not be left outside for long. Personally none of my cats are allowed outside period and are perfectly happy about it.  Luna has a really long thick coat which would easily cake with ice.  She would also be exposed to many air born diseases that cats can get outside as well as internal parasites if she were hunting mice and birds.  Keeping your cat indoors ensures health and a long life, also protection from predators.

Rule of thumb…if your skin will freeze in seconds….if it is too cold for you to be out there…then it is too cold for your pet to be out there!!!





I will continue to keep an ever watchful eye on LOKI, ensuring he gets as much warm food as he wants, no matter what the weather or the temperature.  If I must look for him out there I will, he sometimes does not always come to the backyard, so putting on my snow suit and bundling up is all part of it.  He is very special and will continue to get a fighting chance as long as I am alive.  My hopes to have him decide to join my family are still alive and well.

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Iams Pet Food Recall




FDA Continues to Caution Dog Owners About Chicken Jerky Products

November 18, 2011

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This past week has been an emotional roller coaster, hence Blog Posts have had to wait.  As Animal Rescuers we all know the individual efforts we make, the commitment needed and the intense networking it takes.

One week ago today, I received a call that a LOON had been rescued at the Water Sewage Treatment plant here in Hay River, NT.  Of course I had to say yes, and the bird was brought to my home.  Why the Loon had failed to migrate in time remains a mystery as the bird showed no external evidence of injury.  Perhaps it’s mate had died and Loons like Swans will not leave their mates.  Loons require open water, they are not meant to be on land for great lengths of time and with snow on the ground and waterways frozen, frigid temperatures (it was -39 celcius the day she was rescued) she surely would have frozen to death or fallen prey to the many predators in the area.

Having set her up comfortably, two full days were then spent networking, sending out Urgent Alerts for additional contact information.  Long distance phone calls resulted in my finding a Wildlife Rehab in Burnaby, B.C. that would take her.  Now it was the logistics of flying the Loon to Burnaby.  Travel from the North to anywhere can be a nightmare, flights hinge on weather conditions, connections, one cannot fly direct to anywhere basically, at least not from Hay River.

Thankfully the email came in from Edmonton, that the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton would accept the Loon, care for her until she was ready for the next leg of her journey to Burnaby.  Most encouraging news.

Now the preparations to arrange a flight from Hay River and obtain the required permits necessary.  More calls and contacts to make.

The original flight arrangements made failed.  The Loon had to be flown to Yellowknife to meet a connecting flight the same evening to Edmonton.  As usual in the North, weather played a notorious part, in that the flight delay, plane would not arrive in Hay River on time, therefore the connecting flight to Edmonton could not be made in time meant another night in my home, until she could be flown out to Yellowknife the next morning.

Unfortunately there was no connecting flight out of Yellowknife to Edmonton until 5:15 the same day.  Another phone call to notify Edmonton of the new flight schedule and a call to arrange for the Loon to be picked up by a representative of Canadian Wildlife Services in Yelowknife, who would hold her and make sure she got on her later flight.  Again the weather further delayed her departure.

Arriving well after 10:30 p.m. in Edmonton the Loon was very stressed and exhausted.  Now in safe hands she did receive two tube feedings and re-hydration.  You can only imagine the relief all of us felt.

It is with sincere heartbreak that later the following morning I had to advise everyone that the Loon had not survived her ordeal.  Receiving the call from Edmonton made my heart break. That sickening feeling in the bit of your stomach we are all familiar with.

This beautiful Loon, this fiesty lady, had the will to survive..yet the stress of delayed flights and finally the flight …… she could not recover from.

This is a tragic story in that she crossed the Rainbow Bridge, it is tragic also because there are no Wildlife Rehabilitation Facilities in the North whatsoever.  At least she did not pass alone.

Yet while this story is tragic, it is also a story of collaboration, of total strangers coming together, people who genuinely cared, those that would go to whatever length it would take to give her a fighting chance.  The dedication and commitment to do what could be done for her.

From the young men who found her and delivered her to me, their mother who called me, to the vast network who responded so quickly to my Urgent Appeal for help, to the Wildlife Rehab experts with whom I spoke numerous time, to the airline willing to fly her to where she needed to be, the officials who issued her permits for transport, and the many who emailed me wishing her good health and the very best on her journey.

I remain in awe of this amazing group of people, brought together by a Loon in trouble.  To each and everyone, I owe a Thank You.  All of you are amazing, all of you are very special.

Special thanks to:

Rescuer: Brent who cared enough to rescue her and bring her to me.

Mom:  Edith who called me.

Holly: Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton who received the Loon in Edmonton, arranged for special permits, and who cared for her immediately upon her arrival in Edmonton

Canadian Wildlife Services who received the Loon in Yellowknife and ensured she made her connecting flight to Edmonton

GNWT – ENR who issued the permits and flew them to me from Fort Smith, NT

Mountainaire Avion Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in B.C. for their fast response and excellent care advise

And thanks to all of you that came together, individuals and organizations elsewhere in Canada, too many to name.

Rest in Peace

You will not be forgotten

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The never ending plight of the wild mustangs in the U.S., the continued horrific BLM Round-ups, the failure to end all of this despite the outrage voiced by peoples around the world…is a definite statement…a very negative one…the US Government is NOT listening!!!  In fact it is to get much worse!!

You will find links and excerpts below and I would ask each and everyone of you to take the time to go to the links, read and learn..and take action yourselves to add your voice to the protest of millions.

Thank you.



November 22, 2011 by thepersianhorse

Dedicated to the Horses and Burros who Shed their Blood, Gave up their Freedom and Lost their Lives for BLM.

“HORSE SLAUGHTER – Sabrina’s Story”

Excerpt: “Big scary men staring down at me.  Their smiles are Evil.   They smell of facilities. What will they do to me?  I begin to worry. Could I escape if I hurry?

The others have their ears down in fear.  A girl outside reads the words on the truck, then sheds tears…..When we arrive there are chains on the walls.  They hang from the ceiling, on the floors, in the stalls.

They put chains on my legs and then count to three.  I can’t stop thinking that I am no longer free.  MY LEGS BROKE OFF !  My blood has fell.  I will soon be in Heaven; but right now I am in HELL.”



November 25, 2011 by thepersianhorse


“Last week while you weren’t looking Congress and the president did something the vast majority of Americans oppose. The president signed an omnibus-spending bill approved by Congress that makes it legal to slaughter horses in the United States once again. Polls show more than 70 percent of Americans oppose horse slaughter and few if any eat horse meat. Given the fact we are divided politically by a gap the size of the Grand Canyon, recognize that a 70 percent majority is an unheard of amount of backing.”



November 19, 2011 by thepersianhorse

Excerpt:  “Are you one of the 6,198 U.S. Citizens who recently signed a Petition at the New White House, We The People, Petition Site, asking President Obama to Protect Wild Horses and Burros; Reform Inhumane Interior Department Management Program That Wastes Tax Dollars?

If so, you have by now received your Insulting, Slap-In-The-Face Response; Not from the Obama Administration – AS PROMISED; but from none other than Bob Abbey of the BLM.”



Giving Thanks

If you haven’t already: Please Take Action to Oppose Stone Cabin Roundup




Urge Congressional “Super Committee” To Reduce Spending While Protecting America’s Wild Horses!

Tell Congress to Save $173 Million by Cutting Funds for BLM Roundups!


AWHPC Statement on the White House’s “Canned” Response to Our Wild Horse Petition

If you signed the Wild Horse and Burro petition on the White House’s “We the People” website, you have received the same canned response that we received from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) director, Bob Abbey.
We are as frustrated and disappointed as you are with this insulting and dismissive response to the sincere concern of thousands of American citizens who seek reform of the costly and cruel federal Wild Horse and Burro Program.

We wanted to share our letter to President Obama’s chief of staff, William Daley, highlighting the inadequacy of the response and the White House’s utter failure to consider this issue, as promised in the “We the People” initiative.

To the thousands of you who took the time to sign the petition – WE THANK YOU and promise to continue to fight for our wild horses and burros. We hope that you will continue to join us.

18 November 2011

William Daley, Chief of Staff
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. Daley:
I am writing on behalf of the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign and the thousands of Americans who signed the “We the People” petition titled “Protect Wild Horses and Burros; Reform Inhumane Interior Department Management Program That Wastes Tax Dollars” to register our grave disappointment with the November 17, 2011 response from the White House. The petition calls on the Obama Administration to stop the Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) from wasting millions of tax dollars to roundup and remove wild horses by the tens of thousands from public lands in the West, and to instead implement a cost-effective policy to manage these national icons on the range using proven and humane cost-effective methods.
The White House’s canned response to this petition, signed by thousands of American citizens, was authored, not by a White House policy official, but rather by BLM Director Bob Abbey –   the very individual responsible for the mismanagement of the federal Wild Horse and Burro Program, which is the subject of the petition.

In unveiling the “We the People” initiative, the White House promised “a new way to petition the Obama Administration” and that “White House staff will review” the issue. However, there was nothing new in the response. The White House merely delivered the old familiar BLM rhetoric that has been used for the past several years to rationalize the agency’s mismanagement and waste of tax dollars. Included is the touting of a “new strategy” that is being implemented despite the receipt of tens of thousands of public comments opposing the majority of the strategy’s components.

Had we, the people who signed the petition, wanted a response from the BLM, we would have written to the BLM. Or better yet, since the response is just a cut-and-paste of BLM propaganda, we could have read it on the agency’s website and saved ourselves the considerable time and effort it took to log into the White House’s website and sign the petition!

President Obama has the full authority to reform the federal wild horse and burro program and could do so with one telephone call to his Secretary of the Interior. The fact that the White House didn’t even take the time to review this petition is a slap in the face to the American citizens who believed in the President’s promise that their concerns would be seriously considered. As a result, we are left to conclude that the entire “We the People” website is little more than a re-election campaign gimmick.

We conclude this letter with a final plea for President Obama’s attention to this issue and a request for a meeting with White House staff to discuss badly needed reform.  To such a meeting we would bring wild horse and range experts to discuss the humane, cost-effective solutions, which have already been proposed but continue to be ignored by the BLM and Mr. Abbey.

It’s time that President Obama intervened in this issue to fulfill his promise for hope and change for the future.

We await your prompt response.


Suzanne Roy
Campaign Director
American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

 Team@ Saving America’s Horses

For Immediate Release
Nov 16, 2011
Wild for Life Foundation,
Los Angeles, CA

Despite overwhelming support to keep horse slaughter out of America three legislators have undercut the ultimate safety and welfare of our horses. Since 2006, Congress has prevented horse slaughter in the U.S. by cutting funds for inspections of horse meat from its annual Agriculture Appropriations bill, but the fate of America’s horses has now been undermined in one swift move. There has been overwhelming support by the American public, the horse community and the House of Representatives to include defunding language in the 2012 Agriculture Appropriations bill but special Conference Committee members Representative Jack Kingston (R-GA),  Senator Herb Kohl (D-WI), and Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO), just removed that language from the final bill.

The extensive evidence of insidious cruelty when horse slaughter was permitted in the U.S. underscores the crucial need for protective legislation, but the truth about the misuse of humane guidelines by the proponents of slaughter has been a powerful device in their deceiving campaigns. “One of the biggest challenges in getting protection against the cruelty of horse slaughter is the constant misinformation propagated by proponents of horse slaughter and then circulated by the media,” said Katia Louise, Founder Wild for Life Foundation, Director “Saving America’s Horses”.

“The action to restore the federal program will cost Americans at least $5 million a year and pull limited USDA inspectors from ensuring the humane treatment and safety of our nation’s food supply,” said Chris Heyde, deputy director of AWI’s government and legal affairs department.

Wild for Life Foundation is calling on everyone who cares about the welfare of America’s horses to demand that Congress pass the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act immediately. We must stay vigilant in our efforts to educate the public and our policymakers about the truth of this barbaric practice.

For more information contact
Katia Louise, Katia[@]wildforlifefoundation.org


Learn more about this issue by visiting www.savingamericashorses.org

“Saving America’s Horses” is an educational project under Wild for Life Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit charity dedicated to the protection of equines from cruelty.

www.wildforlifefoundation.org, Facebook, Twitter, www.savingamericashorses.org

Excerpt:  “The mustangs of the Stone Cabin Complex are faced with a potentially lethal helicopter roundup in February – a very dangerous time of year for mares in particular. Heavy with foal, mares may be driven ten miles or more by a helicopter. They are at a high risk of spontaneous abortions. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) does not count these aborted foal deaths in their roundup death count, artificially skewing the destructive results of a winter assault. With the inept roundup crew, Sun J, at the helm, the death rate for these horses may be particularly high.”


Action Alert: Stone Cabin Wild Horses
Submit Comments Against Winter Removal in the Stone Cabin Complex



Winter Ready Mustangs & a Longshot
An Update on Cloud and the Pryor Herd

Update about ‘THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT: Pass Bill C-322 and End Horse slaughter in Canada ‘ on Change.org

We are almost at 1000 participants! Thank you for helping to support this effort to raise awareness. Our horses are being killed by government apathy and the heavy hand of big business. Once again we, the people, the majority are being ignored, and the animals are paying the untimate horrible price! They need our help because they have no voice–we must be their voice and make it loud and clear. Please do not stop–write your MP, write the Canadian gov., write the US and UK parliaments,make phone calls, write the papers. Sign hard copy petitions and send the information in this online petition world wide so everyone knows how US and Canadian horses are being tortured and killed. Thank you

Click the link below to view the message and reply.

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Excellent News




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Please go to this link.






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“The launching of this film can bring the reform to educate the masses against the clever and ill driven predatory industry moguls of horse slaughter.”


Banner used with the permission of Saving America’s Horses Campaign

Wild for Life Foundation

All Posts contained on this Blog pertaining to the issues facing the Horses across America are authored by this Blogger for the intent of drawing International attention to the issues.

Links and videos have been researched and are provided for your information.

Please vote for this film here – it is crucial and your vote will have an impact for all our horses.

Three days left.

Thank you.



Dear Friends and Supporters,

Imagine what it would be like not to worry about the safety and welfare of our horses… that they would be safe from predators who would like to slaughter them or eat them. – And now imagine the joy of compassion and comfort of a trusted equine by the side of a little girl or boy, … or a retired veteran returning from fighting for our country.. These magnificent animals heal our hearts and souls and this gift is treasure and honor to behold. But our American horses now face the gruesome fate of slaughter on our own soil… subsidized with YOUR TAX DOLLAR$. But YOU can help save them just by voting for Wild for Life Foundation on Facebook. Log on and VOTE now! Your vote can help us win a grant from Chase Community Giving.

Hurry though!  We just found out about the Chase Giving program and there are only three days left to  VOTEWild for Life Foundation needs to be in the top 100 charities just to win the smallest share from Chase Giving.  With your help, – by telling all your friends, we could do even better and perhaps even win the grand prize which could be enough to release this film publicly by early 2012.

Imagine the full power of “Saving America’s Horses” on the big screen in a theatre near you!

Our horses needs this intelligent and touching documentary film so that the American public can find out what’s happening… what’s really going on. It’s NOT okay to abuse, slaughter or eat our horses. Please stand with us, cast your VOTE today and make a difference for all wild and domestic equines tomorrow.

Thank you.


Katia Louise
Filmmaker, Saving America’s Horses
Founder and President, Wild for Life Foundation

PS – All donations to Wild for Life Foundation go to helping the horses. Wild for Life Foundation is dedicated to saving, protecting and preserving all wild and domestic equines.  You can also help by VOTING for Saving America’s Horses to win a spot on national TV. Check out our inspirational clip here.. It’s sure to touch the hearts of the American people – which will open their eyes to this issue. VOTE now!

VOTE for Wild for Life Foundation at Chase Community Giving

VOTE for Saving America’s Horses to win a national TV spot

Join our CAUSE on Facebook

Get our Tweets on Twitter

Donate to “Saving America’s Horses”

Saving America’s Horses is a sponsored project under Wild for Life Foundation, a 501 c3 nonprofit charity dedicated to saving, protecting and preserving wild and domestic equines. Donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.



Awards and Accolades:

BEST IN FESTIVAL: Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival

BEST ENVIRONMENTAL FILM: FILM NORTH Huntsville International Film Festival, Canada

ACCOLADE MERIT AWARD: Advocacy, Visuals, and Investigative Journalism


“Masterfully presented!” – Larry Lindner, New York Times best-selling writer
“Fantastic! Powerful and compelling” — Greg MacGillivary, MacGillivary Freeman Films (IMAX)
“It’s the freight train that will roar through our country awakening, engaging and empowering the public.” – Jo Anne Normile – Founder of CANTER, former racing breeder, owner, and BOD of the MI HBPA & M-TOBA

“It blows the lid off the abysmal horse slaughter industry in America.” — HarrisonHeldStarMedia
“Brilliant and heartbreaking exposé.” — Laura Allen, Attorney – Animal Law Coalition
“It raises the bar for animal welfare in this country.” – Shelley Abrams, racehorse owner, Co-Founder AAHS

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