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All of us feel the pain of every living creature on this planet due to the continued exploitation and suffering inflicted upon them at the hands of the human species.  Anyone who knows me personally knows exactly how I feel on a deep personal level, as well as my commitment to the fight for animals everywhere.

Right now, there are major well funded, well established organizations addressing the needs of the voiceless around the globe,  many of those orgs which are based here in Canada are part of this network.

There can never be any question as to the importance of the global mess animals are in, it is a sad and horrific statement on today’s society as a whole.  Many of us already support the major orgs such as WSPA, HSUS, HSI Canada, IFAW and the like, we do this so that animals outside of Canada can be rescued, rehabbed and hopefully go on to live their lives in peace.


For decades animals in Canada, be they Factory Farm Animals, Battery Hens, products of Puppy/Kitten Mill and backyard breeders or animal hoarders have suffered at the hands of those profiting from their suffering.

There are those abandoned, discarded like trash;  there are those chained and neglected in the backyards of neighbors, those put into dog fighting rings;  those who are beaten, tortured and far too often used to control family members.  Every day in Canada an animal is suffering the agonies of the damned.

Every day in Canada the individuals who have dedicated their lives to rescuing, rehabilitating and the fight for improved Federal, Provincial/Territorial and Municipal  Legislation are either out in the field doing the hands on dirty job of cleaning up the horrors, or they are pounding out letters of protest demanding that positive change be legislated to protect the growing number of victims of gross animal cruelty.

There are countless numbers of both private individuals  and organized smaller rescue groups across Canada, located in every city, town, province and territory.  All making their own stand against animal cruelty, all relying on their own individual network to which they may turn to for help.

For some time now, it has been recognized that there is a great need to unite these private individuals and small rescue groups.  The larger organizations such as WSPA,PETA, IFAW, HSI Canada are well established, everyone knows about them, they have the resources and capital to send out their mailers, pamphlets and to solicit their countless donations.  They have the resources to send valued rescue operations to countries outside of Canada and in doing so to gain additional support around the globe from caring individuals who wish to help animals everywhere.

Here at home, every day, the smaller rescue groups must do what they can on their own, for the most part, all are volunteers dedicated to making a difference in the life of even just one animal.  Private citizens that care, will pick up that tiny abandoned pup or kitten, or will nurse back to health any animal that they may find.  Private citizens will tap into their own personal finances so that this little one will survive and the smaller rescue groups will rely soley upon the financial and donated time of volunteers and whatever fund raisers they can muster.

As mentioned, for years, these smaller groups have existed and operated independently, often struggling to keep their heads above water, each acting in their own region and hoping to find needed support.  Many have been on the brink of possible closure.

The proposed United Canadian Animal Welfare Coalition addresses the needs of bringing together all of these smaller groups.  In doing so not only would their be increased support and networking,  power would be added to the voices raised, the awareness of a United Front in Canada addressing the needs of the voiceless and the innocent could no longer be ignored.  The fight to have improved legislation across this country has gone on for decades, each new bill brought before the House of Commons has been defeated by the incumbent powers.

As the Founder of Action for the Protection of Northern Animals, I am very excited about this much needed United Coalition, and will continue to  be working very closely with Ms. Sarah West Founder of CFAWR (Canadians for Animal Welfare Reform).

I have in the past received private  emails which have stated that there is a definite need for a United Canadian Animal Welfare Coalition.  In order to get this off the ground, support, input and the willingness to UNITE is crucial. By forming the UCAWC Canada can lead the way that other countries around the world can follow.  If we are successful in forming the UCAWC this would set a shining example that  IT CAN BE DONE and other countries around the globe may follow suit, it is hoped that they would.
Canada’s history of unabated animal cruelty is legendary around the globe as are the antiquated laws currently in place.  While I will continue to support some of the major orgs, I truly believe that Canada’s own backyard needs to be swept clean, that more work needs to be done here at home to do just that.

Ms. West has put together the following contained below as a draft, a work in progress….

It is requested of each of you to submit your comments and ideas after reading the proposal below.

United Canadian Animal Welfare Coalition


Mission Statement

(proposed @ this point)

To unite all grass roots and other provincial animal welfare groups for the specific purpose of standing together and speaking as one voice, for the protection and welfare of all animals in Canada through positive and proactive activities , action and education  in all provinces and territories and lobbying for changes in federal animal welfare legislation.

  1. The mission statement will be carried out will be via a UCAWC council comprised of members from all provinces and territories.
  2. Initial activities are to create a minim team of 2-3 animal welfare individuals who can start to create a list of all animal welfare rescues groups in their  specific province NOT including humane societies or SPCA branches ( as yet)
  3. This UCAWC council will not include major national groups such as CFHS Canadian Federation of Humane Societies, WSPA World Society for the Protection of Animals, PETA People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal AAC Animal Alliance of Canada, I FAW International Funds for Animal Welfare and others ( at this is point in time) to be reviewed at a later point when UCAWC is up and running
  4. The coalition hopes to recruit all groups currently in existence such as Paula Webbers group Stop Animal Cruelty in Canada and the group against Animals being regarded as property under the Canadian law
  5. Once contacts have been created and established a FACE BOOK will be set up for UCAWC and utilized to gain supporters, to educate and gain awareness
  6. All Provincial members ( contacts for UCAWC) will be administrators for the purpose of sharing provincial concerns
  7. One individual hopefully will come forward to host the face book site
  8. Once UCAWC has members from all provinces and territories a common Google doc can be created and SKYPE calls set up to “ brainstorm` re laying out activities and goals for a 12 month period
  9. It will be hoped that each Province may tackle one project or activity or smaller provinces work together on one project
  10.  An example of this will be heavy SEAL HUNT protest activities and education via articles to the media and Press releases etc and presentations to the government
  11.  Once this has been established a WEBSITE will be set up with contacts for all the Provincial council members
  12. Press releases will be issued to media re this
  13. It is hoped that all UCAWC participants will enjoy contributing their specifc and personal skills they may have and that a list of these individuals and skills can be outlined and sent to everyone
  14.  When assistance is needed with a particular projects task or emergency then the individual needing help can contact the person they think can, could help
  15. An email list ( group) can be created so that ALL  emaidl  go everyone
  16. CFAWR via Sarah West is most happy to deal with media and send out Press Releases and act as a coordinator for UCAWC in some way
  17. Sarah West is moving to the Toronto, Ontario area within the next six months so will be much closer to political activities regarding animal advocacy
  18. When it is established with UCAWC members that we  are all confident of our success as a united group we can look towards forming a board (who will also act as a council) for the purpose of becoming a NON PROFIT ( NOT with charitable status ) society
  19. Any one group or individual who may be involved on a provincial level with UCAWC but have concerns about speaking to the Government and or jeopardizing their charitable status ,can take quieter behind the scenes role
  20. Once a  council has been created a consensus will be reached on who may like to contact individual MPs etc that can be invited to participate in and with UCAWC
  21.  A CODE OF CONDUCT will be drafted that all founding participants and members will draft and agree and adhere to

Among other items the Code Of Conduct (TBD) will also relate to correspondence sent on behalf of UCAWC, protests, activist activities and confidentially when required, in order to protect other CAWC participants

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I am wolf, I am wind.

I sat in awe with tears in my eyes watching this beautiful video.  The wolf in this video reminds me of LOKI and why LOKI means so very much to me.

Stopping to say we will meet soon

LOKI in October

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This big, black beautiful boy showed up last evening with two of his fave friends.

Both friends had been here earlier 



Fiddle came inside..making herself quite at home. 

Sarg and I remained outside with LOKI.   Sarg behaved very well, despite grumblings as he wanted to share in LOKI’s meal, Sarg remained on the deck with me, waiting patiently for whatever LOKI left for him.  LOKI always will share some little tidbit with his buddies.




  LOKI never ceases to amaze me.  He truly is a Free Spirit, yet he has chosen to share his life with me on his own terms.

      With a full tummy from a warm meal, he is content and it is time for our quiet time together.  Each night he comes, and no matter the temperature or the weather conditions, we spend quality time together.  He stretched out and often myself as well in the snow, be it my driveway or my backyard.

Some have told me that there is a spiritual connection between he and I and perhaps there is.  LOKI has allowed me to be part of his world, and in allowing me this great gift, he has taught me much, not only about him but about myself as well.

Through his eyes, I see things differently, the wonders that surround me that I had lost touch with.  Through him, I have met some of his beautiful friends, and they too have allowed me to be part of their lives.

Being ‘part of’ not apart from..is the difference.  Each and every precious friend of his, has their own story to tell, each has their own lesson to teach and I as their pupil have learned so much.

  Please visit “Friends of LOKI on Facebook to see all his photos and his friends.

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Click here: (88) LegalZoom Video Contest Application on Facebook


“Saving America’s Horses” is in the running for a national TV spot and you can help with just a simple click! Please vote for “Saving America’s Horses” daily by following the link. Voting ends Dec 31st. Thank you! http://apps.facebook.com/legalzoomcontest/contests/147142/voteable_entries








WE CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN – just vote please – it only takes a click to make that difference for America’s horses !



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Banner used with the permission of Saving America’s Horses Campaign

Wild for Life Foundation

All Posts contained on this Blog pertaining to the issues facing the Horses across America are authored by this Blogger for the intent of drawing International attention to the issues.

Links and videos have been researched and are provided for your information.

Paving the way for continued brutality against America’s Wild Horses/Burros/Racehorses/discarded family horses/rodeo horses…..President Obama has authorized the re-opening of slaughterhouses across the U.S.


This act paves the way, allowing the Bureau of Land Management to systematically round up for slaughter Wild Horses across America, effectively exterminating these magnificent animals for the sake of big business, big bucks and profit.

U.S. horse slaughter plants were shut down years ago, years ago these “national heritage species,”  rights to live free were guaranteed by the unanimously passed Public Law 92-195 and that are supported by many millions of ordinary U.S. citizens as well as people worldwide.  https://giftofloki.wordpress.com/2011/09/24/forever-wild-and-free-mr-craig-downers-full-unedited-speech-revealing-the-truth-about-the-blm-roundups-and-plight-of-u-s-wildhorses/

Since the U.S. slaughterhouses were shut down, horses have been transported across U.S. borders into Canada and Mexico for slaughter.

Horse Slaughter in Canada!



Disturbing video sparks pressure to ban horse meat | CTV OttawaAnimal rights groups are calling for a ban on the sale of horse meat after disturbing video at a slaughterhouse in west Quebec was sent to the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition.


Not only have the BLM round ups been brutally inhumane the method of transport and the horrors these horses and burros have faced once at these slaughter plants cannot be described by any words found in the English language, or any other language period.

Recently  a Canadian MP had the courage to bring before the Canadian House of Commons a Private Members Bill to end horse slaughter in Canada.


Could this be the additional motivation behind the U.S. President’s decision to re-open slaughter houses once again across the U.S.?  Everyone involved in attempting to save the Horses cross America know full well the number of private interest groups, such as those that infringe upon the grazing lands designated for the wild horses and burros across America.  The fact that these captured, tortured and brutalized animals must then face thousands of miles in over crowded transport trucks, without food, water, for days at a time, already terrified and injured…headed for their final destination to face further horrific acts across U.S. borders may be one reason U.S. slaughter houses will re-open.  Of course jobs will be created……

Despite the public outrage and protest of U.S. Citizens, despite the International outrage and protest, despite the fact that research has proven that horse meat is unfit for human consumption on so many levels..this barbaric practice continues unabated.  Despite the fact that Congress passed Public Law 92-195 which was supported by millions across the U.S. the systematic extermination of Wild Horses and Burros continues.  Once all of these magnificent animals are finally extinct across the United States, will they wish to repopulate U.S. areas by importing what few Canadian wild horses remain back into those areas, just as they did by importing Canadian Buffalo and Wolves?  Obviously no lesson has been learned from historical mistakes!!  Once again wolves across the U.S. are being slaughtered in great numbers, wolves that are quite likely descendents of the Canadian wolves imported to repopulate many U.S. areas.

The continued Bureau of Land Management round ups, the continued brutality inflicted, the horrific suffering endured during transport and at the final destination:  slaughter houses….must NOT be tolerated!!  Must NOT be allowed to continue period.



Save Wild Horses, STOP Roundups and BLM!


Wild Horse Roundup – Challis, Idaho July 2009


There are so many organizations fighting to save these beautiful and magnificent animals and all need your support.

The Canadian Horse Defense Coalition      http://www.defendhorsescanada.org/

The Cloud Foundation:      http://www.thecloudfoundation.org/

Cloud’s Release, minus many family members


Cloud’s Family To Be Euthanized?


Cloud – The Wild Stallions of the Rockies.qt


Surprises in the Snow
An Update on Cloud, his Family, & All the Pryor Mustangs


Action Alert: Your Help Needed to Protect the Pryor Mustangs
BLM Sets Sights on Cloud’s Herd Once Again

Equine Welfare Alliance (you can subscribe to their updates)Equine Welfare Alliance | PO Box 6161 | Naperville | IL | 60567

Here is an excellent public service announcement [PSA] on horse slaughter. Please share far and wide.


Battle lines being drawn on horse slaughter issue


This is posted on Horseback  

USDA Has Disproportionate Influence on BLM Wild Horse Board


Infamous Wyoming Equine Terrorist Has Head Up Horse’s Butt, Again


American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

Please Oppose the Roundup & Removal of Burros From Nevada’s Bullfrog HMA

This Action Will Leave Behind Just 58 Burros on More than 237 Square Miles of Land

Saving America’s Horses  www.SavingAmericasHorses.org




Sneak Peek into “Saving America’s Horses” with Filmmaker


Animal Law Coalition


If you have the courage to learn the truth, have the courage to Shout from the Rooftops to end this NOW, then you are urged to do so before it is too late.



The videos contained below are extremely graphic and very very real so if you are faint of heart, do not watch…however sticking ones head in the sand and not bearing witness to these horrors will not strength conviction to put an end to all of this.

The Death Of Braveheart (a Wild Stallion)


Is it Bad Enough For You? Wild Horses


Horse Abuse: In Their Shoes


*Horse Auctions-The sad truth*


Stop Horse Slaughter


Slaughter Horses Saved!


stop horse slaughter




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She’s alive… & beautiful !!!




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Please enjoy this beautiful video.




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