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Speak Out for Sled Dogs Chained Without Shelter

January 18, 2012

by Stacey


Justice for More Than 150 Huskies Neglected in Alaska


B.C. company condemned for sled dog massacre gives operation to charity



New EU Strategy fails to highlight benefits of animal welfare for Animals and People



Posted with the permission of Ms. Courtney: 

Ms. Courtney comments:

“It is a sad day when we as a society depend on the common sense and innocence of children to make ANY sense at all in a mad world of exploitation and greed. The irresponsible over breeding is not just affecting America’s horses, but dogs and cats nationwide, who all pay the ultimate price for deliberate human ignorance. It is beyond appalling that in a country that creates more new bills to regulate and control its society and shrinks our freedoms daily, such a mess can exist, whereas animals are the victims of archaic protection laws, non-existing governance in regards to breeding and simply the motto: Throw away society.  America is a land of wasteful ideas in many aspects but to waste the lives of sentient beings and pretend they don’t suffer and sell the idea as an evil necessity, is preposterous. Education is key, and many need it desperately. I urge everyone to network the link to Katia Louise’s global award winning documentary, www.savingamericashorses.org and tell the story, as it must be told.”

Presidio Federal Vet Wants No More Calls Complaining About Horses

January 28, 2012

By Steven Long



Equine Welfare Alliance

 US Horses Slaughtered

(Yearly 1989-2010)




Federal Vets Ignored Misuse of Coggins Certificates at Presidio Holding Pens


Hurdles looming ahead for equine processing plants


American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

Take Action

Tell BLM Idaho: Manage Wild Horse Herds with Fertility Control and Cancel Removal Plans


For the latest updates from the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign



The Cloud Foundation

Action Alert:  Cloud’s Echo


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Stepping Back from the issues surrounding gross Animal Cruelty is something that everyone involved in Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation needs to do from time to time in order to preserve ones sanity.

The frustration, anger, outrage and unfortunately the despair and emotional bankruptcy combined with the physical exhaustion means that those who are committed to the innocent and helpless animals at home and around the world, pay a very high price for their efforts.

This Blogger, did, reluctantly take a Step Back, purpose being to renew and refresh the soul and the spirit.  During the past few weeks, a great deal of discipline was needed not to open emails, not to go on the Net, discipline was needed not to Boot Up once I got home from a long day at the office.

Well that needed break is over now, and the hundreds of emails and bulletins are slowly and methodically being viewed and organized for additional posts.

Particularly horrifying is this current case, particularly horrifying in that it was children who perpetrated this horrific sick act of violence.  Warning the images and video are graphic.

Justice for a Special Dog


Vucko: A Life Lost!


The fact that it was children who DID THIS is beyond all comprehension.  The statement that this act of extreme violence makes on today’s society is powerful.  One can only hope that this beautiful German Shepherd will find Justice in the courts and that these youth will meet the full legal consequences of their horrendous act against this dog regardless of their age!!!

The Link between Animal Cruelty and Human Violence has been well covered in this Blog site.

One need only browse to find such as the following below.


 Discerning the truth about abuse

The deadly link between human and animal abuse

by Adrienne Lee, RDH, BS

The New York Times published the following: and you can get your own reprint : here

June 11, 2010

The Animal-Cruelty Syndrome


Sick acts of violence against animals, must be recognized as a precursor to violent acts against all of us.  Children who inflict pain and suffering on animals will grow to be the schoolyard bully, the adult bully next door, the violent offender in ones community.  The neighbor you would have least suspected of such acts.

Failing to recognize this, is in effect enabling this behavior to grow and to flourish.  Failing to impose the Maximum penalties under the  Law continues to enable such acts.  Failure to recognize the mental illness involved along with the failure to address and treat this mental illness ENABLES!! Sticking ones head in the sand and leaving it to others to address such issues, failing to be proactive in ones community ENABLES.

As an example:  good intent often becomes a total disaster:

Animal ‘Hoarding’ Often Tied to Mental Illness


We must all take a positive and proactive approach to ending Violence against Animals, in our neighborhoods, our communities, our towns and cities everywhere.  Even just one person can make a difference.



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