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Horse Slaughter Imminent in Tennessee: Tennessee Residents Take Action NOW!

March 14, 2012

by Stacey


Tennessee Rep. Frank Nicely is back this session with another effort to smooth the way for a horse slaughterhouse to open in the state. House Bill 3619 just cleared the House of Representatives Agriculture Committee and could be scheduled for a vote by the full House at any time.


Equine Welfare Alliance

Mountain Grove residents say neigh to proposed horse slaughter plant


SPCA hosting letter writing party to support boy’s fight to save horses


2012 American Equine Summit Unites Against Horse Slaughter


CHATHAM, NY, March 13, 2012 – The 2012 AmericanEquine Summit will take place March 31 – April 1 at Equine Advocates Rescue & Sanctuary in Chatham, NY.  This invitation only summit will unite the equine community’s foremost experts to speak about horse slaughter, raise awareness and encourage grassroots efforts to ban this practice, which has recently gained legislative approval to be reinstated.  In attendance will be members of the press, lawmakers and those involved with animal welfare and the horse industry.
Said Susan Wagner, founder/president of Equine Advocates, “Over 80 percent of Americans oppose horse slaughter, according to recent polls.  Our goal is to empower these ‘eighty-percenters’ to make their voices heard in Congress, urging their representatives to pass legislation to stop this horrendous practice.”
Horse lover and legendary concert promoter, Ron Delsener, will be the Keynote Speaker.  Others will include:

Paula Bacon (Texas): Former Mayor of Kaufman, Texas, will address the impact of opening a horse slaughterhouse.


Cathleen Doyle (Oklahoma): Director, Save the Horses will discuss the historic passage of the initiative that banned horse slaughter in California.


John Holland (Virginia): Equine Welfare Alliance President will present the misconceptions about “slaughter horses”.


Dr. Kraig J. Kulikowski, D.V.M. (Florida and New York): Licensed equine practitioner will discuss humane euthanasia as an alternative to slaughter.


Katia Louise (California): International award-winning documentary filmmaker will screen and discuss Saving America’s Horses.


Victoria McCullough (Florida): Equine protectionist will discuss the successful passage of Florida’s 2010 Equine Protection Act.


Cindy Meehl (Connecticut): Director of the award-winning 2011 documentary, Buck.


Jo Anne Normile (Michigan): Saving Baby Founder will discuss the plight of the “used up” Thoroughbred.


“Equine Advocates is unequivocally against equine slaughter for human consumption – and it will be a travesty if horse slaughter were to return to the US,” said Wagner.  “This will happen if special interest groups twist the issue and have their way through their lobbyists in Congress.  We must act now to stop them.”


Founded in 1996, Equine Advocates is a non-profit equine protection organization and Horse Sanctuary based in Chatham, NY.  Its mission is to rescue, protect and prevent the abuse of equines, especially through banning the slaughter of American horses, through education, investigation, rescue operations and public education. Email info@equineadvocates.org or call 518-245-1599 for more information.


PRESS:Susan Bang/Emily Collins

Bang + Collins PR

Ph: 917-991-9714 / 518-771-3003

susan@bangcollinspr.com / emily@bangcollinspr.com















PR Newswire

2012 American Equine Summit Unites Against Horse Slaughter


press release

March 13, 2012, 12:14 p.m. EDT

 Canadian Horse Defence Coalition’s Blog


“Luck” Ran Old, Unfit, Drugged Horses, Says Necropsy Report

New post on Canadian Horse Defence Coalition’s Blog


“Luck” ran old, unfit, drugged horses, necropsy report says

by canadianhorsedefencecoalition

Outlaw Yodeler hadn’t raced much, was suffering from severe pain and inflammation and had been given strong killing drugs. Marc’s Shadow was arthritic and hadn’t been raced in four years. Still, both horses were run twice daily during racing sequences to shoot “Luck,” the now canceled HBO series; both suffered explosive fractures; and both were euthanized.


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New post on Canadian Horse Defence Coalition’s Blog

Rescued horses up for adoption in Hanover

Posted on March 12, 2012

Hanover Shoe Farms built an eight-stallion paddock in one day to accommodate some of the horses from Md.

The Evening Sun eveningsun.com

Posted:   03/10/2012 05:50:27 PM EST


Three Chimneys presents Good News Friday: A Different Kind of War Horse

by canadianhorsedefencecoalition

by Scott Jagow | 03.16.2012 | 9:53am

Horses have had a long association with war.

Their use on the battlefield, which dates back thousands of years, gained international attention recently with the Steven Spielberg film, War Horse, based on the novel and play.

In the world of racing, it’s not uncommon for Thoroughbreds to carry names reflecting this history – Man o’ War, War Pass, War Front, Battle Hardened, Warrior’s Reward – just to name a few.  Racehorses are highly-trained, disciplined and focused on winning, just like human soldiers.  And

when their service is over, as with their human counterparts, they often face difficult circumstances and frighteningly uncertain futures.  Some of them are lost forever.

Please continue here:

Bute and Banamine: Avoid Using Together (AAEP 2011)

by canadianhorsedefencecoalition

In this article from thehorse.com vets, who are sworn to do no harm, INTENTIONALLY lamed eight Thoroughbreds to test a couple of drugs.

by: Nancy S. Loving, DVM
March 13 2012, Article # 19726

A common approach to lameness in the equine athlete is non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) treatments, such as phenylbutazone (PBZ, Bute) or flunixin meglumine (FM, Banamine) alone or sometimes in combination. At the 2011 American Association of Equine Practitioners convention, held Nov. 18-22 in San Antonio, Jonathan Foreman, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACVIM, of the University of Illinois, discussed the effect of these medications on lameness when used at a normal recommended dose with these strategies and whether combining the drugs confers any special effects.

Reversible lameness was induced in eight Thoroughbred horses by using an adjustable heart bar shoe that could be tightened with a screw to elicit severe non-weight-bearing lameness. After an hour of the shoe application, Foreman and his colleagues treated the horses with one or both drugs: PBZ at 4.4 mg/kg, FM at 1.1 mg/kg, or PBZ + FM at these same dosages. In line with findings from previous studies, the team found that peak effect of these drugs occurred four hours following administration.


Horse Graveyard Discovered In Desert East Of El Paso

by canadianhorsedefencecoalition

By ABC-7’s Matt Dougherty

POSTED: 3:57 pm MDT March 16, 2012

AAAText Size


EL PASO, Texas — On a secluded stretch of Red Sands west of Hueco Tanks, lies a swath of desert so remote and quiet, the buzzing of the flies is magnified to the audio level of fighter jets.

There are a lot of flies. More and more these days they are finding refuge amongst the remains of the many horse carcasses strewn about the desert sands. Horses that have been shot and dumped. The bullet holes are clear in the bleached skulls that have been there a while, more hidden in the fresher carcasses that were recently put to rest.

The full story can be read here:

Oregon Horse Processing Plant Planned

by canadianhorsedefencecoalition

by: Pat Raia
March 16 2012, Article # 19746

Oregon could be the site of the latest proposed horse processing plant since Congress lifted its ban on USDA funding for horsemeat inspections, according to the project’s organizer Dave Duquette. In February a Wyoming-based group announced its intention to develop a horse slaughter plant in Missouri. Feasibility and site selection studies for that plant are currently under way, despite the fact the initial proposed plant site was abandoned earlier this week.

Duquette said the Oregon plant would be located on a 250-acre parcel in Hermiston. When operational, the plant would process more than 100 animals per day and employ between 50 and 100 workers, he said. The $3 million project would be developed by private investors with possible participation by Native American tribes in the region.

Katherine Minthorn Good Luck, the Intertribal Agriculture Council’s representative for the Northwest Tribes, was not available to comment on tribal participation the project.

Please read the full article here:

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Re posted with Permission.


Our animals and us

by canadianhorsedefencecoalition


Horse meat on the menu: “Horses are not livestock and should not be treated as such,” reader Ann Giles argues.


” In Lesley Chesterman’s latest restaurant review (“Fun side of Quebec cuisine in DNA,” Gazette, March 10), she correctly states that the idea of horse meat may be gruesome to many. There are several reasons for that. Not all of them are sentimental.

Read more: http://www.montrealgazette.com/animals/6298113/story.html#ixzz1p9EMDuf0



Hunter Jumper Association Joins Pro Abattoir Group

by canadianhorsedefencecoalition

WASHINGTON, (AHC) – March 15, 2012. The United States Hunter Jumper Association (USHJA) has joined the Unwanted Horse Coalition (UHC).

“Supporting the mission of UHC is totally in line with the USHJA’s mission of which a major component is protecting the well being of our participants both human and equine and offering broad based education for our members.  We want to do all we can to help ensure that these generous animals have the responsible care that they deserve from all of us,” said Shelby French, CEO of the USHJA.

The USHJA, which is the nationally recognized affiliate for the hunter and jumper riding disciplines, promotes the equestrian sport and the well being of its participants. The USHJA offers broad based education for its members and provides the framework for the conduct of the hunter/jumper sport.





On March 13, the following letter was sent to Dr. Martin Appelt of the CFIA expressing concerns over the misinformation Dr. Brian Evans expressed in his letter to the CHDC dated February 20, (http://canadianhorsedefencecoalition.wordpress.com/documents/) in his replies to supporters and in the interview with radio host Jordi Morgan of News 95.7 Maritime Morning (http://canadianhorsedefencecoalition.wordpress.com/2012/02/02/dr-brian-evans-from-the-cfia-interviewed-on-radio/).

This is the second Open Letter we have sent in an attempt to clarify certain errors and denials publicly issued by the CFIA.
We are hopeful the truth will not be suppressed.
Please click on this link to access the entire letter: http://canadianhorsedefencecoalition.wordpress.com/2012/03/13/chdc-issues-open-letter-to-cfia/.

Alberta Government Decimates Wild Horse Herds


Posted on March 13, 2012 by canadianhorsedefencecoalition


In a ruthless ploy to protect grasslands from wild horse herds that have roamed Alberta for centuries, the province’s Sustainable Resource Department (SRD) has put a large dent in the population of horses living in the Sundre/Olds area of Alberta.  According to Bob Henderson of WHOAS (The Wild Horses of Alberta Society: http://northernhorse.com/wildhorses/), “Over 130 horses that we know about were taken.”  Evidently the government is so anxious to rid the province of these majestic wild horses that even its customary capture application and license process has been waived this year.  The horses have been rounded up and many have gone to slaughter.


Why would the SRD think to rob wild horses of their land – and their lives?  The usual answer in similar situations has been greed, and once again, the burgeoning needs and wants of ranchers seem to have been given the upper hand.  Even with miles and miles of grassland rolling on farther than the eye can see, the wild Alberta horses, whose birthright would surely include the capacity to remain on those lands, have become the target of greed and corruption amongst ranchers and short-sighted government officials who are paranoid that the horses will somehow impact upon the livestock industry.


Only small herds of these iconic, breathtakingly beautiful horses now remain.  If the ranchers and the government have their way, the wild horse herds of Alberta will become extinct.  It is believed that these horses could be descendents of Spanish Mustangs, introduced from Spain during the early conquest of the Americas, but that doesn’t seem to matter to those whose world revolves around profits.


The Alberta government needs to hear from citizens everywhere who are opposed to the mindless roundups and killing of these horses.  Please consider contacting the following officials with your concerns:


Hon. Frank Oberle

Minister of Sustainable Resource Development
Legislature Office
420 Legislature Building
10800 – 97 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB
Canada T5K 2B6
Phone: (780) 415-4815
Fax: (780) 415-4818
E-mail:   SRD.minister@gov.ab.ca


Premier Alison Redford
307- Legislature Bldg
10800-97 Ave
Edmonton, AB
T5K 2B1

Ph.: (780)-427-2251

E-mail contact form: http://alberta.ca/premier_contact.cfm


We’d like to thank Mr. Atamanenko for his continued support, Angel Acres, the donors and all those who worked hard by getting the word out on social media and various web sites to make this a reality!


It was brought to our attention that the Alberta government’s Sustainable Resource Department (SRD) is systematically removing the wild horses from areas in the Sundre/Olds area of Alberta, many of which have been sent to slaughter http://canadianhorsedefencecoalition.wordpress.com/2012/03/13/alberta-government-decimates-wild-horse-herds/

For a link to the Wild Horse of Alberta Society that is actively trying to raise awareness on their plight, go to the WHOAS web at: http://northernhorse.com/wildhorses/


Petitioning for Bill C-322 continues to gather strength – we cannot stress the importance of your petitions in the fight to save our horses from slaughter.

On our Do It Now webpage:  you can find English http://www.defendhorsescanada.org/do-it-now.html
http://www.defendhorsescanada.org/petition_oct_2011.pdf and French petitions
http://www.defendhorsescanada.org/appuyez_le_projet_de_loi_c.pdf  as well as instructions and further steps you can take.

You can also save, print and distribute our flyer in English:  http://www.defendhorsescanada.org/flyer_feb_12.pdf  or in French: http://www.defendhorsescanada.org/chdc_french_flyer.pdf
Remember – you only need 25 signatures to form a petition!

Are you attending Can-Am in London, Ontario this weekend?

by canadianhorsedefencecoalition


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Opening my emails today….OMG…..so much to read through….

To make it much easier for my own readers, and please take your time to view this weekend, I have put together as much as I could in a short time.


Re-posted with permission.  To read the full articles please click on the links contained.


Atamanenko Hopes Ottawa Billboard Will Shine Light on Horse Slaughter

by canadianhorsedefencecoalition

NDP – Atamanenko Hopes Ottawa Billboard will shine light on horse slaughter


March 14th, 2012

Predatory horse meat business must be shut down

March 14, 2012 – Alex Atamanenko, MP for BC Southern Interior, is applauding the new anti-horse slaughter billboard that has been erected in Ottawa by the US based Angel Acres and supported by the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition.

“I am hoping that the billboard’s powerful message will bring much needed public attention to an industry that, for a long list of reasons, should not exist.”

Atamanenko has championed this cause with his private members bill C-322 (Slaughter of Horses for Human Consumption).  Thousands of people have petitioned the government in support of this bill in the hopes of ending what is regarded as a predatory and inhumane industry.

“If other companion animals, such as dogs and cats, were to suffer the inhumane deaths endured by horses in Canadian slaughterhouses, the country would call for an immediate end to the practice,” said Sinikka Crosland, Executive Director of the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition.

According to Atamanenko all kinds of horses, raised for every other purpose other than the food supply, are being bought up by kill-buyers at auctions across Canada and the United States.  They are then transported to Canadian slaughterhouses so their meat can be sold to European and domestic markets for human consumption.

“Besides the cruel and inhumane way in which they are transported and slaughtered, as has repeatedly been revealed in undercover investigations, drugs such as phenylbutazone are commonly administered to horses that are prohibited as highly toxic in food animals,” noted Atamanenko.  “Canadians need to be made aware that horsemeat is completely unsuitable as a food source.”

Atamanenko believes that if people take the time to look into the underbelly of this industry, and the inadequate regulations surrounding it they will be moved to express their outrage.

“If the powerful message on this billboard helps spark that movement it would be the best thing in the world for horses,” concluded the BC MP.


For more information contact:

Alex Atamanenko, MP – (613) 996 8036

Pour diffusion immédiate

Le 14 mars 2012


Le député du NPD Alex Atamanenko espère que le panneau d’affichage installé à Ottawa permettra de lever le voile sur l’abattage des chevaux

Mettons un terme au commerce sordide de la viande de cheval

Alex Atamanenko, député de Colombie‑Britannique-Southern Interior, se réjouit de la présence du nouveau panneau d’affichage à Ottawa. Installé par Angel Acres (dont le siège social est aux États-Unis) avec l’appui de la Canadian Horse Defence Coalition, le panneau a pour but de dénoncer l’abattage de chevaux.

« J’espère que le puissant message ainsi communiqué attirera l’attention du public sur une industrie qui – pour maintes raisons – ne devrait pas exister. »

Atamanenko a défendu la cause en déposant le projet de loi C-322 sur l’abattage de chevaux à des fins de consommation humaine, un projet d’initiative parlementaire. Des milliers de personnes ont signé une pétition à l’intention du gouvernement pour l’appuyer, dans l’espoir de mettre fin à une pratique jugée inhumaine et sordide.

« Si d’autres animaux de compagnie, comme les chats ou les chiens, devaient subir la mort cruelle qu’on inflige aux chevaux dans les abattoirs du Canada, le pays tout entier se mobiliserait pour demander qu’on mette immédiatement fin à cette pratique », a affirmé Sinikka Crosland, directrice administrative de la Canadian Horse Defence Coalition.

Selon Atamanenko, tous les types de chevaux – élevés pour bien d’autres raisons que celle de servir de nourriture – sont achetés dans des encans au Canada et aux États-Unis puis transportés dans des abattoirs canadiens. La viande obtenue est ensuite vendue au Canada et en Europe à des fins de consommation humaine.

« Outre la cruauté avec laquelle les chevaux sont transportés et abattus, comme l’ont révélé plusieurs opérations d’infiltration, il faut savoir que des médicaments comme la phénylbutazone – interdite d’utilisation chez les animaux destinés à l’alimentation en raison de leur haute toxicité – leur sont très souvent administrés, a indiqué Atamanenko. Il faut que les Canadiens sachent que la viande de cheval est totalement impropre à la consommation. »

Atamanenko est d’avis que, si les gens prennent le temps d’examiner ce que cache cette industrie et la réglementation qui s’y applique, ils voudront exprimer leur indignation.

« Si le puissant message du panneau d’affichage permet d’amorcer une mobilisation populaire, ce serait la meilleure des nouvelles pour le monde équin », a dit pour conclure le député de la Colombie‑Britannique.


Pour obtenir plus de renseignements :

Alex Atamanenko, député, 613-996-8036

Please read Alex’s release here: http://alexndp.ca/files/



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Hello and HAPPY St. Patty’s Day everyone!!!

  Sometimes I must wonder that I am in the wrong profession.  I should have become a Mail Carrier rather than a Professional Financial Administrator.

Last evening we experienced yet another dump from Ole Man Winter, apparently he is not done with us yet.  Despite the weather, I had the gift of spending time with my precious LOKI, even as the wind blew the snow around us.  It was cold yet not intolerable.

Despite his large breakfast earlier in the morning, LOKI was very hungry.  Maintaining his body heat requires food, the mere process of digestion aids in this.  So like any good mail carrier, warm clothing was put on and the trek through snow was needed to ensure that he would have a good meal to get him through the cold evening winter.

This morning that trek was made once again, and he again was very hungry.  The snowfall from last night blanketed the ground in a fresh white wonderland.  Deep enough to trip me up a number of times, the balancing act not to drop or spill the plate succeeded.

   No need to coax him today, he came on the run as soon as he heard my voice, he does  lately.  Knowing exactly what he needs (he is a very smart boy) he chose to eat the chunks of fresh fat and Rollover rather than the chunks of fresh meat.  Rollover does have sugar for energy and the fat will be converted to energy and warmth as well.  Once again his plate was cleaned, nothing left over.

Our newest game of me mimicking everything he does seems to appeal to him.  We roll in the snow, on our backs, bellies and sides.  He takes the play stance, so do I.  He woofs, I woof.  He give a little curious whimper, I respond in kind.  He throws his food in the air, I throw his food in the air.  Am I nuts????  Possibly…but we are both having such a good time together….I really don’t care….I doubt he does either.  Our interaction is our private quality time together….right!!

I took some amazing videos, however as they would reveal the location of his den, I cannot take the chance and make them public.  LOKI surprised me, by allowing me to actually lay with him at the den.  A very precious gift of trust that he had given to me.  One that I cannot betray.

  LOKI has come along way from the scrawny escapee from the municipally owned town shelter, his escape in the summer of 2010  meant that he was not killed as were the other 22 rescued pups were.

Our journey together began in October 2010 and it continues now, and I pray that it will continue.

From this picture in 2010 to this magnificent beauty now

LOKI is much loved by those who have come to know him, know that gentle sweet soul and spirit.  Not only those here, but those around the Globe who have read his story and viewed his videos.  The supportive comments and emails for him have amazed me.  To all of you, LOKI sends his love to you as well.

LOKI is living proof that patience, caring, commitment and dedication to help even just one animal goes a very long way.  He is proof of the Will to Survive and proof that often strangers can act as one to ensure an animal is cared for.  For those who do enjoy his company, who do offer him food as well…..a very sincere Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

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This Never Ending story is not a fairy tale!!!    What is to become of the thousands of Wild Horses across the U.S. that continue to rounded up and shipped in the most inhumane methods possible across US boarders to Canada and Mexico for even more horrific treatment in Canadian and Mexican slaughterhouses???

Canadian Wild Horses also are being slaughtered as well.

Not just Wild Horses, but that retired race horse, that once beloved family horse and companion, that hard working competition horse that brought i n thousands of dollars, blue ribbons and trophies, those rodeo horses no longer considered useful.  Horses used to produce medicines like Premarin and the mares who are constantly bred to provide milk for the ‘winners’ while their foals are destroyed and never stood a chance.

Just released by the Equine Welfare Alliance


March 10, 2012



Horse slaughter promoter alleges death threats to YMCA director

“Mountain Grove, MO (EWA) – A bizarre chain of events has followed the contentious meeting of the Mountain Grove City Council on March 6th concerning the Unified Equine proposal to build a horse slaughter plant near the town.” …………………….

“But during the meeting city residents became inflamed by a presentation given by attorney Cynthia MacPherson, cataloging the pollution and crime that Chevideco’s Dallas Crown facility had brought to the town of Kaufman Texas.” ………………….

“On her facebook page, Wallis explained this apparent snub by saying “We have not spoken to him directly, but it is my understanding that the YMCA director received death threats to his family, and to sponsors of his organization, We have heard directly from other community members that they have received threatening letters just for publicly expressing their support for the project.”

“EWA contacted the Missouri State Police, the Mountain Grove police department and the YMCA director, Chad Watson. State police captain Duane Isringhausen, told EWA’s John Holland that he had received no such reports. The Mountain Grove police said they had heard the report and investigated but that they could find no evidence of threats being made to anyone. YMCA director Chad Watson said he had received no threats and had moved the meeting when he learned of its subject. “This place is for the children”, said Watson.”…………….



“The ploy of Wallis’ cleverly embellished selling strategy by adding the key word “humane” is an insult to all horse people. When will Americans wake up to this ruse ? Plenty of evidence exists: Horse slaughter was never and will never be humane.

“Sue Wallis is a one woman outfit with huge financial backers, no qualifications and no integrity. She does not tell the whole story and cleverly used Grandin’s name last year for her summit to maintain “credibility”. Now she is doing just that again. WHEN will the non-suspecting horse folks wake up ? “

Additional Reading









Tell Interior Secretary to Dump Pro-Wild Horse Slaughter Appointee


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ACTION ALERT: Tell Canada to Protect Polar Bears! PLEASE SIGN !
– 59 days ago – secure.humanesociety.org

Though experts predict that climate change could cause the extinction of polar bears by the end of the century, governments have failed to protect these vulnerable animals from the added pressure of human greed.

Tell Canada to Protect Polar Bears



Stop Importing Polar Bear Trophies


End Ontario’s Pit Bull Ban



Protect Woodland Caribou



Help Save the Kermode Bear


Tell Congress: Big Cats are NOT Pets!


Help Fight Illegal Wildlife Trade!



Boycott Sponsors of Iditarod Dog Sled Race


Stop Inhumane Breeding in Australia – Dogs Deserve Better!


Tell Obama to Stop Aerial Wolf Killing in Idaho





End Live Animal Export for Slaughter


For Lennox’s Sake


Ask the EU to Recognize Cetaceans as “Non-Human Persons”


Stop Mass Killing of Romanian Dogs



Stop Faroe Island Whale Slaughter




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