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Even Loki got his Christmas Present.   A wonderful friend brought me a crate of Caribou bones for him.  You will see him delight in this special treat.

I woke him up and he is about to eat his Rollover before I give him his caribou.

While taking these pictures of him with his caribou, I was only about 2’ from him, not once did he utter a growl at me.  I laid down in the snow and kept taking pictures and also did a video of him.

He is so amazing and this really proved how much he trusts me.  He was working real hard on that leg and sure was enjoying it.

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As you can see from this video taken just this Wednesday, Loki continues to go strong.  Full of unbridled energy and filled with the sheer joy of just being alive, this beautiful survivor continues to inspire so many around the world.

Life in the  Boreal Forest of Canada’s North can often be and is harsh at the best of times.  We have had an extraordinary amount of snow so far this year, which has resulted in less rabbits, making it difficult for wildlife to hunt.

Wolves have already taken a number of dogs in the various communities, including this one.

Loki, still feral, on the other hand, is receiving his daily fresh meals, his vitamins and he continues to enjoy the company of the other pet owner’s canines here.

This past Wednesday, we spent at least two and a half hours together and it was amazing.  Not only did he enjoy his warm lunch and his new toy, but he convinced me to take a wonderful walk with him to areas that I had yet to explore.  Sharing this time with him, was precious, surreal in the absolute beauty of the surroundings and the serenity of total silence.  An ethereal land of snow and ice shared between two sentient beings who marveled together in mutual respect at the trust and bond that we share.

I hope that you all enjoy your walk with Loki and the beauty that surrounded us.

Angels are among us and they come in so many forms.  Beauty and wonder abounds if we only take the time to stop, to look and to listen.  The many Blessings that too often remain hidden from our view, are visible only when we open our eyes and hearts to receive them.

Wishing all of you a Wonderful Christmas and Sincerest Wishes for a Terrific New Year.






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Over a month ago I announced via FaceBook that I was, after long hard thought, retiring from advocacy.  Perhaps I used the wrong terminology, sabbatical is the term I should have used.  Suffering from Compassion Fatigue, I need a break, the length of which is unknown.

Anyone who is bombarded on a daily basis with the continued horrors inflicted upon animals, anyone who must physically clean up the mess left behind by irresponsible pet owners, administer care to the abandoned and the suffering, anyone who works in shelters and vet hospitals will in time go through Compassion Fatigue.  Similar to Post Trauma Stress Disorder, the effects of Compassion Fatigue can be and are devastating.

Despite the need for peace and respite from advocacy there are issues that continue to eat at my soul, no inner peace can be found as long as animals suffer at the hands of man.

I received this email just the other day from Sinika, with the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition, and with her permission have copied and pasted it below.

Canada continues the blood bath in the equine slaughter plants in this country.  Canada continues to enable the horrific BLM roundups of wild horses in the US by importing these animals for slaughter into our country.

We all thought that the recent XL Meat scandal was bad enough.  We learned how our Canadian Food Inspection Agency dropped the ball on that one.  Well the CFIA continues to drop the ball, by not effectively and efficiently monitoring horse slaughter in this country, and by allowing contaminated horse meat to be exported from this country.  But really, think about it, can we expect anything less, after what we have already learned?

Once you have read Sinika’s  email, please take the time to visit this additional  link below regarding ‘Animal Angels’ Investigation of  the “Bouvry’s Slaughter Pipeline”. “Bouvry Exports operates one of the largest horse slaughter plants in Canada approved to export horse meat to the EU. Bouvry Exports owns about 2000 acres of land near Fort Macleod, where they fatten US and Canadian horses in large feedlots.”

Warning the pictures which are exposing this horrendous inhumane treatment of horses awaiting slaughter are very graphic.


We cannot allow the continuation of such inhumane treatment to continue.  We all know about the Factory Farms, we all know about the Puppy and Kitten Mills, we all know about the Dog Fighting Rings, the Racing Industry, the Circuses and the Rodeos….but more must be done to end the equine slaughter for profit and greed and the exploitation of lands established as protected areas for wild horses, we must all put an end to the Canadian export of tainted meat unfit for human consumption, and any and all Canadian imports of products into this country from the cruel exploitative practices of other nations against animals.


Below is Sinika’s email: posted with her permission

Subject: The life and death of a racehorse, and the chilling implications
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2012 09:23:03 -0800

The Life and Death of Silky Shark, a Racehorse


In July 2011, a Standardbred U.S. racehorse named Silky Shark died in a Quebec slaughterhouse.


The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition tracked the evidence, showing that Silky Shark had been administered phenylbutazone (a deadly drug that must never enter the food chain) and subsequently slipped through the system undetected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.


Jack Rodolico of Latitude News has produced an exemplary account of the fate of this beautiful horse – Silky Shark’s life in the racing industry, how he fell through the cracks, and what chilling implications his death holds in terms of animal protection and food safety.

Links to articles and podcasts are below.


The full magazine feature and podcast: http://www.latitudenews.com/story/the-shady-trade-in-american-horsemeat/

A short version aired on the American radio program Marketplace: http://www.marketplace.org/topics/world/drugged-american-horsemeat-sold-europe


A slightly longer version aired on Harvest Public Media’s network of public radio stations throughout the American Midwest: http://harvestpublicmedia.org/article/1544/drugged-horsemeat-us-showing-europe/5

A medium-length text version on The Week:  http://theweek.com/article/index/237968/the-shady-trade-in-american-horsemeat


CHDC’s report, Proof of CFIA Failure: http://canadianhorsedefencecoalition.wordpress.com/2012/12/12/proof-of-cfia-failure/



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