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Canada continues to import fur products from China!!!!!


Demand that Prime Minister Harper bans and ends these imports instead of enabling this horrific cruelty.

Warning!! This is an extremely graphic undercover video.
Canada continues to enable this by importing these fur products into Canada. This must stop now!!!!!

How could anyone be proud to show off fur cuffs, fur boot trim and fur accessories imported from China when these animals suffer so horrendously.

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The “Five Freedoms” are contained in the BC SPCA Charter and express the dedication of the BC SPCA  ensuring that all animals are healthy, happy and cared for.

Five Part series:  Part 3
    “Freedom from emotional distress – By ensuring conditions and treatment which avoid mental suffering”

“The PCA Act defines Distress as follows:  if an animal is:
a)    Deprived of adequate food, water or shelter,July 23 2012 015
b)    Injured, in pain, sick or suffering
c)    Abused or neglected”

By Definition, the terms:
“Well-Being includes both emotional and physical health”.

“Physical Well Being: the animal is free from clinical symptoms of disease and does not show evidence of current or old injuries left untreated;
Emotional Well-Being:  the animal shows evidence of normal behaviour and an absence of abnormal behaviour (specific to the species).”

All animals will and do suffer extreme stress, just as do humans, when their basic needs are withheld from them. Just as in humans, physical and mental trauma, food/water deprivation, and their surrounding environment play a key role in the emotional and physical well-being of an animal.

Animals respond very much the same way that humans do to their surroundings and to the way they are treated.  Those that are abused, beaten, tortured and abandoned experience fear, despair, hopelessness and worst of all pain.  Pain not only from the physical but emotionally as well.  While physical scars may heal in time, the memories of their abuse, neglect and mistreatment remain.  Anyone who has rescued/adopted a severely battered or neglected animal knows this.  My own canine companions are clear evidence of  the emotional suffering they endured.

Animals also experience joy, contentment, enthusiasm, curiousity and playfulness.  As the Pack Leader, the Alpha in your home, your dog looks  to you for guidance, interaction, education, comfort and protection.  If injured or frightened he/she will come to you for comfort and help,  happy to see you when you come home, the excitement is evident in tail wagging and displays of affection;  grabbing the leash or jingling the car keys and you are witness to an explosion of enthusiasm;  throw a ball, walk, run, play tug of war and experience the exuberance of your own youth and that of your companion.  Cats while often aloof, will snuggle up content and the purring begins.

Animals also experience the pain of losing a loved one.  Devoted dogs and cats have been known to ‘pine away’ at the death of a beloved owner.  Refusing to eat, falling into deep depression, remaining by that favourite chair of the deceased, refusing attempts to play or interact.  Ever so slowly they will die if their spirits cannot be uplifted.

All animals, be it dogs, cats, birds, pet rabbits or ferrets to just name a few, very much need interaction with their human parents.  They need your reassurance that they are loved, cared for, safe and more importantly respected.  As a parent you are responsible for providing their every need.  Their emotional and physical well-being is dependent upon you.  The more time you spend in pleasurable interaction with your animal companion, the stronger the bond, the greater the devotion and of course that unconditional love you will receive.

The Following is a summary of the existing Federal Criminal Code, Animal Cruelty Act: Bill  S-203.  The Criminal Code is the Federal Law that is in force everywhere in Canada and which applies to every person in Canada.

Section 446 of the Federal Criminal Code states:
You are guilty of an offence if you:

a.    willfully cause or allow unnecessary pain, suffering, or injury to an animal;

b.    by willful neglect cause injury to animals while they are being transported;

c.    abandon an animal or fail to provide it with enough suitable food, water, shelter, and care;

d.    participate in any way in the fighting of animals (example: arranging or attending a cockfight or dogfight);

e.    administer a poison or injury-causing drug to any domestic or captive wild animal or allow this to happen (example: poisoning a neighbor’s cat or spraying a dog with oven cleaner);

f.    are involved in any way with the release of captive birds for the purpose of shooting them;

Section 429 of the Federal Criminal Code defines “willful” in the following way:

“If you cause something to happen, either by doing it or by not doing something you should do, and you know what the results will be, you are considered to have done so “willfully”.

Section 446 (c) abandon an animal or fail to provide it with enough suitable food, water, shelter, and care;

(Examples: which may be considered to be a “willful” act:   failing to feed an animal could be, since you know that an animal will starve if it is not fed. Failing to provide proper shelter to protect animal from elements, leaving an animal in a vehicle during hot summer, not providing clean fresh water on a daily basis resulting in dehydration, depriving a sick /injured animal of medical care. Beating and/or abandoning an animal).

Any person found guilty under Section 446 of the Criminal Code can be fined up to $2,000, sentenced to up to 6 months in jail, or both. In addition to this, the Judge can make an order prohibiting that person from having an animal or animals for up to 2 years.

“By definition within the Act:
a) Adequate food means:  providing for sufficient quantities of suitable food to allow for the normal growth and maintenance of normal body weight;  that all food bowls are kept clean/disinfected and located in an area preventing contamination from excreta. “

b)    “Adequate food does not mean:  feeding the animal once a week because an owner may prefer a slim animal.” (An animal whose rib cage, hip bones, back bones can be visibly seen is not being fed properly, thereby constituting willful neglect.)

c)    An animal not being provided with daily ongoing fresh supplies of clean watercan and will suffer from dehydration.  Fresh water does not mean a pool of dirty rainwater or 2-3 week old water left in a slimy bowl or bucket.

d)    Adequate shelter does not mean: “putting up an old canopy in the backyard to keep the animal dry”.  Adequate shelter means:  providing a shelter constructed properly to ensure that the animal is protected from the heat , the dampness and cold; it must be appropriate to climate conditions of the region as well as the “weight and protective outer coat of the animal.”

Section 448 of the Federal Criminal Code states:

“For the purposes of proceedings under paragraph (1)(a) or (b), evidence that a person failed to exercise reasonable care or supervision of an animal or a bird thereby causing it pain, suffering, damage or injury is, in the absence of any evidence to the contrary, proof that the pain, suffering, damage or injury was caused or was permitted to be caused wilfully, or was caused by wilful neglect, as the case may be.”   (In other words the state and condition of the animal is proof of willful intent.)

For purposes of this Act, under Section 1(3) “person responsible for an animal” identifies two individual types covered by the Act:

Those that own the animal or individuals who have control or custody of the animal.

Important to note that while some communities within the N.W.T. do have By-Laws pertaining to the standard of care for animals, as well as By-Law Officers whose job it is to enforce these Municipal By-Laws and the current N.W.T. Dog Act (soon to be revised January 2010) it must also be noted that under the current N.W.T. Dog Act: R.C.M.P. are “exacto”.

The following is quoted from a letter submitted to GNWT Justice and MACA Ministers from the Animal Defense League of Canada pertaining to the proposed Amendments to the N.W.T. Dog Act:

8.b)    Discussion Paper: “Scope of the Problem”:
“ to avoid the issue of “wilful intent” the RCMP can lay charges under the Dog Act  which provides as follows: “2.(2)   Members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are, by virtue of  that office, officers under this Act.  S.N.W.T. 2008, c.8, s.7(2).”

This means that by virtue of the legal authority held by RCMP to uphold all aspects of the Federal Criminal Code including the Federal Cruelty to Animals Act and the N.W.T. Dog Act charges can be laid for violations not only under the Federal Criminal Code but the current N.W.T. Dog Act as well.

8.a) Discussion Paper:  “Legislative Arrangements”
(paraphrased) Conviction under Criminal Code requires proof of “intent”.  Not so for conviction under “quasi-criminal” legislation.  Therefore the preferred option is to proceed with a charge under the provincial or territorial animal protection legislation, or under a municipal bylaw.”

Recognizing the Signs

Signs of Chronic Stress include:
1)    Depression
2)    Weight loss or poor weight gain
3)    Depleted immune system
4)    Poor Body and Coat condition
5)    Secondary parasites
6)    Reproductive failure

Dehydration :  Sunken Eyes, Loss of Skin Elasticity
a) due to lack of fresh potable water, water withheld, not provided
b) normal bodily processes:  defecation/urination; sweating and respiration
c) abnormal processes:  diarrhea, excessive urination/respiration and vomiting

“70% of total body weight is composed of water”, any  animal/human  suffering Dehydration is, if left untreated, facing a horrific death. All bodily functions depend upon  a proper electrolyte balance. When Cells begin to lose their water content, electrolyte imbalance takes over, the needed H2O oxygen normally circulated by electrolytes becomes depleted, gradually organs begin to shut down.  Left untreated, the animal/human will die.

Starvation: (Underweight, skin and bones, poor coat condition, immune deficit, skeletal structure visible, weak, lethargic) due to the failure to provide proper and adequate nutrition to the animal. This constitutes willful neglect. A horrific and lengthy way to die as the animal’s own system begins to feed on its own muscle tissue and bone marrow.

Quoted from Environment and Natural Resources Website: http://www.enr.gov.nt.ca/_live/pages/wpPages/starvation-malnutrition.aspx
“Starvation or malnutrition occurs when an animal is not able to get the amount of nutrients from food that it needs.”  (Applies to all animals be it wildlife or domestic)

“What are the signs of starvation-malnutrition?”

“Animals may be weak with not much body fat. The skin may appear loose with a dull, rough hair coat. Animals may have humped or sagging backs, sunken eyes, and small tucked up bellies. The bones of the shoulders, ribs, back and hind end may stick out.”

Hypothermia (decreased body temperature): due to lack of proper protection and shelter and extreme climate changes: “Any reduction in body temperatures results in system slow down.  Eventually, the body cannot remove toxic wastes nor produce energy and it ceases to function”.  The very same process in humans.

Hyperthermia (increased body temperatures): due to lack of proper shelter, being left inside vehicles during summer, lack of backyard shade.

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As the world, and especially the horse world, watches as the horsemeat scandal unfolds in Europe and the U.K., the CHDC is reposting “Proof of CFIA Failure“, the story of Silky Shark, a Standardbred racehorse who was slaughtered and slipped through the system to dinner plates, when his carcass should have been condemned due to phenylbutazone contamination.


Canada’s Bloody Secret is that this country enables the mass brutality and inhumane treatment of both US and Canadian horses. Why, because it is a multimillion dollar industry, fueled by greed and a total disregard for life. The US banned their own equine slaughter plants many years ago, so Canada took up the opportunity to make money by importing tens of thousands of US horses destined for slaughter and horse meat exportation to Europe. Our own wild horses face the same total disregard and what few wild numbers are being exterminated because they have no protection and are considered feral vermin. Retired racehorses, competition horses are all now part of the growing horse meat industry.

With former Ontario PremierMcGuinty’s closure of Ontario racetracks that number of equine victims has increased, these horses contain toxic medicines administered during their racing and competitive careers that make the meat unfit for human consumption. The EU has already launched a full scale investigation into consumer fraud against companies within the EU that have failed to advise consumers that horse meat is often the prime ingredient in their products.

Regardless of the contaminants, horses continue to be exploited by any and all means possible at the hands of the greedy, self justified pro-slaughter advocates, who disregard the legal lands given to and what little protection there is for horses across the US and Canada.

Canada continues to bloody her hands and will continue to do so on this issue, just as she stains herself with the blood of murdered seals and by importing cat/dog fur products from China.

Until such time as Private Members Bills that are brought before the House of Commons demanding increased and strengthened Animal Protection Laws for this country no longer get defeated in their Second Reading (and there have been so many) nothing will change in this country. It is a total ongoing disgrace period!!! Shameful to a degree that cannot be described in words!!


ottawa-billboard    This is a Billboard in Ottawa, the Nations Capital.

It shows a stallion breaking his leg and it shows him running..heart wrenching. A foal also falls and a horse falls in the trap and gets trampled.. The BLM began the roundup of 200 wild horses in the Antelope and Antelope Valley Herd Management Areas (HMAs) on Oct. 2, 2012. Two horses died as a result of the roundup on Day 1.   This video:

Silver King Roundup: Braveheart’s body is dragged onto the trailer

Uploaded by AWHPC1 on Oct 8, 2010

Loading the stallion’s body onto the truck as his mare looks on.

PVC Antelope Horses (newborn euthanized) 3-2-2011

Uploaded by LauraLeigh001 on Mar 2, 2011

3/2/2011 baby born from a mare run during the Antelope stampede Nevada at Palomino Valley BLM facility killed…. Baby never had a chance… our “protected” symbol of American spirit.

Triple B: Inhumane Treatment of Foals

Video provided by the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign (AWHPC): BLM Inhumane Treatment of Foals During Wild Horse Roundups, August 2-4,

Is it Bad Enough For You!!





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There has been much by way of   emailing between parties with reference to the controversial No Kill Movement, and in addressing the issues and conversation that ensued, I have received permission from Ms. West to copy and paste her response in one of her communiques.    My own comments are made first and I agree wholeheartedly with Ms. West.

Bloggers Comments:

Over population is definitely NOT and animal problem.  It is in fact a HUMAN problem period!  Every single day, in every single town, city and province countless kittens and puppies are born and cats and dogs are either turned into shelters, are found abandoned and dumped.  Why, because educating the masses as well try to do, stressing the need for spay/neuter is being totally ignored by the ignorant, the money hungry and the irresponsible pet owners not only in Canada but elsewhere throughout the US and every country on the Globe.  It is a HUMAN problem.  We see it everyday, and we clean up the mess and horror left behind.

As far as the laws governing companion animals in this country, we all know how archaic and antiquated these laws are, yet each time a new Bill is brought before the House to improve the legislation and declassify animals as mere property, it is voted down by the current government in power.  Further, shelter funding for the most part is not subsidized by provincial or federal funding and often depends solely upon donations.  What municipally owned shelters there are, are dictated to by the municipal bureaucrats who dictate!!

Over burdened shelters, and especially No-Kill Shelters trying so desperately to find forever homes for those in need,  unlicensed back yard breeders, the human failures of spaying and neutering companion animals, the total lack of responsible pet owners and the failure of municipal, provincial and federal government to properly address the issues of inadequate veterinary services in many areas across Canada, the Federal Legislation, the lack of very real animal protection By-Laws within our communities, municipalities and not having enough qualified, fully educated Animal Cruelty Investigators within each SPCA, town, city, municipality and province/territory is also part of the problem.

We need the powers of Seizure to save distressed animals held in the confines of ongoing neglect, disregard and failures to provide the necessities of life.  Here in Canada, we need the powers that are given to SPCA’s within the US.  Here instead we must depend upon the local police forces for seizure and quite honestly folks they have enough on their hands and distressed and abused animals are the last of their concerns.

Major movements within this country and elsewhere, as Sarah has pointed out, must have one focus to be effective Any problem regarding animal welfare is NOT  a single faceted one The No Kill Solution is taking the shelters to task.  This is one of the problems we have with bad shelter management, lack of cooperation with rescues, not socializing dogs and the list goes on!

We have seen the scandals surrounding the OSPCA, my God my computer files are enormous on that particular issue alone.  Then you take into account the Whistler case, that massive slaughter was unnecessary and fueled only by greed and a failure to effectively monitor such operations. The subsequent investigation into the slaughter was too little too late, and the outcome of the judgement issued by the Courts for this mass murder was merely a slap on the wrist.

WE must, support each other.  WE must be united period.  WE must not criticize or judge that which is being done by any one group or organization in their fight to end cruelty to animals in this country or anywhere else period.  Dissention among the troops proves only to make the army very shaky and ineffective.  While one has the right to disagree, and I will defend that right, we all have one common goal and purpose..to save animals.  Since the Federal Government shows total disrespect and total disregard, often branding many of us as ‘terrorists’ if we speak out against the lack of very real Animal Protection, cutting off charitable status to organizations that openly oppose current ridiculous antiquated legislation and policies..we have only each other from which to draw strength and resources.


Ms. West writes:

Areas of Focus That must be Addressed Regarding Pet Overpopulation and Animal Cruelty


  1. Education and awareness both public the government courts police and the media ( Bonnie is working on this )
  2. Education and awareness both public the government courts police and the media that animals are sentient beings
  3. Education and awareness with regards to THE CAMBRIDGE DECLARATION ( that animals have the same consciousness as we do) yes we all know this but it’s NOT public knowledge and  certainly NOT known and recognized by the public courts government police and media
  4. Education and awareness via humane education in elementary schools ( I am working on getting certified as a humane educator ) for CFAWR
  5. Education and awareness with regards to the Animal Cruelty Syndrome ( for the public courts, government and media)
  6. Getting the TERM “ Companion Animal” listed in our dictionaries and  as  working on getting the use of this TERM in precedence setting legal cases
  7. Debunking the myth that shelter ect are somehow inferior or broken
  8. The destruction of whose who run puppy mills and back yard breeder
  9. Education and awareness regarding the necessity and positives if spaying and neutering
  10. Creating ways to make spaying and neutering ( more accessible and affordable ) for the public  Mobile vets  and subsidised procedures by the veterinary profession for low income citizens
  11. Legislation that bans the sale of puppies and kitten from pet stores ( Canada wide)
  12. Acceptability of TNR programmes by municipalities ( Canada wide)
  13.  Complete transparency and better shelter management by shelters and humane societies ( FOCUS for the NO KILL MOVEMENT) and Bill Bruce the Calgary Model Bonnie also working on this
  14.  Animals removed as property from the Canadian criminal code and PROPER Animal welfare legislation brought into Canada ( CFAWR is trying to work on this tiny step  by tiny step
  15.  Creating and establishing relationships with those MP’s trying to make changes to federal and provincial cruelty legislation ( Peggy Nash Mac Harb Mark Holland ect
  16.  Contraception for cats and dogs Alliance for Contraception in Cats and Dogs
  17. Cohesiveness, elimination of back biting and power struggles inherent in many animal welfare rescuers and groups ( animal advocacy underground)
  18. Animal advocacy volunteer training/ support regarding education speaking with media, animal care and networking for animals in need


If we have groups and movements taking on any of these’ issues of this multi-faceted program…. it is a good thing!   No one group can do it all and we cannot criticize each other if any one of us feel that something is fundamentally wrong with a specific group then don’t work with them  Keep doing what you are doing, but I feel other than that we must work together as Bonnie says.


Think about this list above.  This is a huge problem  almost beyond comprehension but we can neither be “ overwhelmed” or critical.  All efforts are helping and the No Kill movement may be doing some things you don’t like  but the fact that Nathan Winograd has started this is a good thing.  Many animals lives have been saved by his movement and that is a good thing regardless. I for one glad am he is on the ground fighting back with the No Kill Movement

All of us have to pick one focus and working on creating a dove- tail relationships with others who have a different  mandate and focus! It is out of “ combined” efforts that will and do make a difference for all the animals we care for so deeply.


We can’t change other countries but we can all come together to do what we can for Canada and her animals and creatures, wild, marine, stray ,farm and companion.




Sarah West Founder/President

Canadians For Animal Welfare Reform (CFAWR) www.cfawr.org

Contact us via cfawr@telus.net  

Follow us on Twitter

Canadian Ambassador World Animal Day



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Feb 1 2 and 3 2013 021 Feb 1 2 and 3 2013 014 Feb 1 2 and 3 2013 017 Feb 1 2 and 3 2013 019 Feb 1 2 and 3 2013 020    As you can all see LOKI is covered in ice crystals.  It is bitterly cold again today, no relief in the extreme cold snap ahead.  How he manages is beyond me.  How any little or big ones out there manage is beyond me.

Just the few moments I had my right glove off taking these pictures and a very short video, I froze my hand.

We did have a very short playtime, I took the video of him with his blue stuffed whale and then reluctantly had to head home.  I could not stand the pain in my hand any longer.

He did have a big warm brunch before playtime so that should tide him over until I go out to him again later today.

He wanted to play more, because as I turned the corner driving back home, he had come out to meet me and stood there expectantly.  Friday he had done the same thing, and of course I did turn around and head back to meet up with him for another round of ‘I’ll run with the toy and you follow’!   He is quite the boy.

He and his BFF ‘Sarg’ (pictured behind Loki) camped out on my deck later Friday evening which was a joy to behold.  Out I went again, in jacket and fleecy pj’s.  LOKI got another warm meal and ‘Sarg’ got plenty of hugs, treats and belly rubs.

Later another one of his friends ‘Fiddle’ showed up, came inside to warm up and got her tummy rubs and some cookies.  Meanwhile my two boys welcomed her, even letting her leave with one of their treats.

Life is GRAND when you have so many wonderful furballs in your life.


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