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Last Thursday, on April 18, a student at the Alberta College of Art and Design brought a live chicken into the school’s cafeteria. In front of spectators, the student slowly cut the throat of the writhing and screaming bird. The student proceeded to bleed the chicken out, remove the head and feathers and drop the bird into a pot–all under the guise of performance art.

Art never justifies harming and inflicting fear, pain and suffering upon another sentient being. The student`s actions must be recognized as what they are: blatant abuse and cruelty inflicted upon a defenceless animal.

Further, the student`s actions may be a sign of psychopathology. A large body of research indicates that those who inflict pain and suffering upon human victims start by inflicting it upon non-human animals.

It is important that the student who committed this cruelty be prosecuted by authorities and…

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Wild Horse Education

This week the legal actions in federal court for Triple B and Jackson Mountain move forward in Discovery.  Leigh and her attorney, Gordon Cowan, continue the actions that began in August of 2011 at the Triple B roundup and then amended in June of 2012 to add Jackson Mountain.

On July 20th the BLM began the Triple B roundup in Ely/Elko Nevada. From the beginning of the operation there were issues with the operation that began the swelling controversy. Ability to observe animals after capture was impeded with “walk arounds” only being given once a week. The first fatalities of the operation were very young foals. One was a palomino that BLM said had defective tendons (any horse breeder knows you don’t run foals because tendon and hoof development varies widely and continues after birth much like the bones in a human skull). The other was a foal that BLM…

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Our Compass

1. Please click HERE to to urge WUSTL to modernize its medical training program.
2. Please click HERE to urge Canada to cease seal slaughter
3. Please click HERE to tell the EPA that our oceans are not a toxic waste dump
4. Please click HERE to tell Justin Bieber to let go of his pet monkey
5. Please click HERE to demand an end to the dog/cat meat trade (see below for an Our Compass statement)
6. Please click HERE to help ensure protection for endangered wolves
7. Please click HERE to Urge U.S. Postal Service to Ban Live Animal Shipments!
8. Please click HERE to save millions of animals from painful testing
9. Please click HERE to help stop bullfighting

1. Background

PETA has obtained disturbing undercover video footage of cats being subjected to cruel medical training exercises in a course called Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) conducted…

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Various late August 2012 075

         Sunday mornings, I am usually up relatively early, however this morning I chose to roll over, cuddle with Philly , and remain comfortable under the covers.

Philly, is by his very nature a cuddle bum and enjoys nothing less than snuggling under the blankets and getting his belly rubbed, at least until my little three legged terror Zephr decides that she wants to join us, at which point Philly having chosen not to share me with her, gets quite upset with the intrusion and jumps down to run into mom’s bedroom to snuggle with her.

  Zephyr,Piccs and New Videos July 2011 041 by her nature is a little terror as I said, and of course not to be undone by Philly’s presence she has no qualms about walking all over him covered by blankets are not.   Now where is HemiKids November 2012 005  you might ask, well he is laying on his bed at the foot of my bed, content in t he knowledge that Zephyr for now is not bothering him.    While Luna my 11 year old matriarch chooses to remain near my pillow. Quite undisturbed by any of them.

July 1 2012 002

  China, that precious little bunny, has finished her breaky and is surveying her puppy pen deciding on what she wants to now destroy.Kids November 2012 058

   Now you must remember that I decide to get out of bed later than usual.  I am now on my third cup of coffee and drafting blog posts on the Horse slaughter issue.  I am also still in my nightgown, knee socks, faux fur booty slippers and I look like a punk rocker with my hair the way it is.

    So, who arrives looking for his breakfast…none other than…Dec 19 2012 012LOKI.

    Now pretend you are one of my neighbors, envision this crazy lady, standing outside, in her driveway dressed in knee socks, large furry booty slippers, in a blue nightie with a purple ski jacket on, and a large red Red Raggedy Ann Doll in one arm and a large plate of Loki’s breakfast in the other hand.  Now imagine this crazy lady with wild punk rock messed up hair trying to not fall while climbing a 5′ snow bank between her garage and fence, while Loki stands on top of it all the while urging her to follow him into her backyard.  Jan 23 to 26 2013 011

   Well folks, while I tried, it just did not happen.  I often think Loki finds great amusement in my efforts to please him.  Agreed that he has me quite well trained, as I have been reminded by other so often before.

    Slipping my way back down that 5′ ice covered mound of snow, and making it back into my driveway, note I did not drop the doll nor his plate of food, I stood patiently calling him to come to me, which within a few moments he graciously decided to do.

     More interested in seeing me make yet another attempt to climb that icy mound and follow him into waist deep backyard snow, he took a nibble and then climbed the hill once again.   Nope…this is  not going to happen Loki, not with me dressed like that.

Finally he accepted his defeat and joined me in the driveway to enjoy his breakfast, and having now had his belly filled and his full dose of amusement and entertainment at my expense, he happily began to make his rounds, heading down the street to find his BFF’s.

Had anyone told me, back in 2004 that I would move from my well established and comfortable existence in Ontario and find myself  living in Canada’s Arctic with four delightful Northern rescues (note Luna is a rescue from Ontario and moved here with me) as well as caring for, loving and cherishing such a magnificent gentle feral soul as Loki, I would have told them they were nuts.  I would not have envisioned myself in my driveway dressed as I was this morning, providing Loki’s breakfast and entertaining him with my clumsy attempts to follow him either.  Life has become far more interesting….

As my friend Carol said….’quite the visual’ for all to see.  But as I said to her ‘it works for Loki and I’  and truly that is all that really matters.

Here’s hoping you all enjoyed ‘a day in the life of ‘ …….Feel free to leave your comments.

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Canadian Wild Horse Foundation has launched a Federal Petition

Canadian Wild Horse Foundation
PO BOX 320
Carrying Place ON K0K 1L0


For Immediate Release
Canadian Wild Horse Foundation (CWH) launches Federal Petition: Alberta Wild Horses. “Heritage Animal”
Canadian Wild Horse Foundation (CWH) has launched a federal petition, which will be submitted to the Canadian House
of Commons August 2013. The petition urges the Government of Canada to protect the wild horses of Alberta by
designating them a “Heritage Animal”. The campaign to save Albertaʼs wild horses is actively supported by both local and
international equine enthusiasts and celebrity.

Today, the wild horses of Alberta fall under the “Stray Animals Act” which classifies them as feral and leaves them
severely unprotected under the Law. They are at serious risk of having their herd(s) population fall below the required
numbers needed to sustain the natural balance of a healthy gene pool. These horses have an abundance of natural
predators and harsh living conditions to contend with and are now forced to survive government licensed trapping that not
only send these magnificent animals into the slaughterhouses for human consumption but also seriously risk the future of
Albertaʼs wild horse herds. According to ESRD (Alberta Environment & Sustainable Resource Development) between
December 2011 and February 2012 there were 216 wild horses captured through a possible 237 permit licenses
distributed by the ESRD. This was a record high cull.

Wild horses have roamed Albertaʼs Crown land for hundreds of years. They are born, live and die in the wild; they are not
a stray-animal. They have contributed to the natural eco-system for centuries and are an integral part of it. It is time we let
them live wild and free, so that future generations will be able to appreciate not only their contribution to our countries
history but their beauty in a natural environment.

Many Canadianʼs are unaware of the wild horseʼ existence and their immense contribution to the history of Canada. CWH
is working to change this. CWH believes it is of the utmost importance to protect the iconic wild horse herds of Alberta
before it is to late. The federal petition is in response to concerned citizens who have initiated letters, emails and phone
calls to political bodies that have fallen on deaf ears.

CWH is urging all Canadians to support the cause to save our wild horses by signing the federal petition available for
download on CWH Facebook, Google+ Linked In and You Tube Profiles.

Canadian Wild Horse Foundation (CWH) is a group of determined citizens dedicated to the preservation and well being of
Canadaʼs wild horse population. CWH is securing not-for-profit status in Canada.
CWH is committed to educating the public about Canadaʼs wild horses and participating in the preservation of wild horse
populations by utilizing strategic awareness campaigns and supporting other like-minded equine groups and concerned

For media inquiries or further information:

E: canadianwildhorses@gmail.com
Catherine Betts, Founder CEO
Adrienne Calvert, Partner Executive Director




Received via email 27 October 2012

***URGENT!!!*** PLEASE  read this report on horse slaughter plants in Canada and help put a FULL STOP on the slaughter of Canada’s precious wild horses in Alberta!  Cull starting Nov. 1st.  Thank you.


Did you know…any time after November 1st, the government can issue capture licenses to horse trappers? AND that 99% of all wild horses captured end up slaughtered!?

Please write to Diana McQueen and tell her to stop the cull of the Wild Horses of Alberta!

Information and Sample Letter provided at the following website:




In addition to writing to Diana McQueen (see my earlier posts) please also write to: the Premier of Alberta and ask her to stop the cull of the Wild Horses of Alberta starting Nov 1st. Thank you!


Email Address: premier@gov.ab.ca.

Mailing Address: The Honourable Alison Redford Premier of Alberta 307 Legislature Bldg 10800 – 97 Avenue Edmonton, AB …

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Renown author of “The Wild Horse Conspiracy”, Mr. Craig Downer will be presenting in London ,Ontario, CANADA next month and I urge any and all of you who are fighting to save both American and Canadian horses from the horrors found in slaughterhouses to attend.  Believe me you will find his presentation enlightening as well as thought provoking and it will light your fire to act in a very positive direction to preserve this heritage species, and to put an end to the Canadian participation which enables the war on both US and Canadian horses.

I feel very privileged to work with all who fight so diligently to ensure that wild equines as well as  domesticated horses do not continue to face the never ending harassment and the houses of horror called slaughter plants.

Craig has dedicated himself to the Saving of Wild Horses and Burros in the U.S. and has revealed the truth about just what these magnificent horses and burros face in their never ending battle to remain alive and free.



By Craig C. Downer, Wild Horse Ecologist

P.O. Box 456, Minden, NV 89423; ccdowner@yahoo.com

Speech for Wild Horse Summit, Las Vegas, NV, Oct. 12, 2008, organized by ISPMB

Though the horse family is endangered world wide, wild horses and burros on public land remain on the very bottom of the totem pole of priorities of both the Bureau of Land Management & U.S. Forest Service.  These are the two agencies charged by law with protecting & managing them.  These two “national heritage species,” have rights to live free that are covered by the unanimously passed Public Law 92-195 and that are supported by many millions of ordinary U.S. citizens as well as people worldwide.  For these and other sundry reasons, the extent of livestock grazing and the number of permittees involved both in the original Herd Areas and in reduced Herd Management Areas should be clearly spelled out to the public – but this is not currently the case!

The poster below was sent to me via Craig and with permission I am including it in this Blog post.Craig Downer  London ON visit

I have also included links to prior posts which I have on this Blog, all related to the continuing fight to end horse slaughter.    To see all posts, just type in wildhorses into the search box at the top right of the Blog page.

Note the Canadian Horse Defense Coalition is very active here in Canada and has published many articles on their own site as well.

Did you know that the Japanese also import live horses from Canada, to slaughter in their own country???  These animals are enclosed in containers so cramped they cannot move and then set sail over open seas to Japan.


Recent scandals in the EU whereby horse meat was sold in various food products to unsuspecting consumers, the EU has banned the import of horsemeat from the US.  Canada however continues to accept US wild horses into this country for slaughter and shipping horse meat out of Canada.

CHDC Reposts “Proof of CFIA Failure”, Phenylbutazone Positive Horse Sent to Slaughter and Through the Food Chain




In the Name of Beef: How Cattle Ranching Could Drive Wild Horses to Extinction


Dirty little secret: Canada’s slaughter industry under fire



4 Slaughter Houses in Quebec, 1 slaughter house in Alberta

This Billboard is just outside of Ottawa, Ontario


Is it bad enough for you? Wild Horses 2


This chart shows the number of horse imported into this country for slaughter, despite the FACT that the US banned slaughter for horsemeat in the early 2000′s.  The US closed down her own slaughter houses and Canada took on the role of slaughtering these magnificent wild American horses!!!!


BLM – Bureau of Land Management Wild Horse Roundups Lack Oversight for Animal Welfare

The reality of our wild horses NEEDS OUR ACTION and INVOLVEMENT now.


People fear the press release may be lip service. See below.  Please prove otherwise. The record shows little real exposure for this crisis. Many people feel that HSUS donors deserve to know. Especially during this holiday time.. when people are targeted to donate to “give love” etc. The public is your backbone for a possible national educational campaign. We know the horrors are real, the cruelty is real and the numbers are inflated. HSUS must act now before more irreversible damage is done.

Most of HSUS donors across the US do not know what is done to our wild horses and burros. Who could educate better than you ? We want the plight of mustangs and your concerns to reach the general public with newsletters, links on website and educational materials with real footage and incidents as they DO go down,  to be included. Millions could be reached, millions who know nothing about this tragedy. It lies much deeper than horses – if you have not read the book by Craig Downer, “The Wild Horse Conspiracy”, please do so. It will tell the tale of the West, and the reality of the last 4 decades. Even those who worked for BLM once, would be amazed to learn the truth. It is not a work of fiction or staged on personal greedit is the truth and it is time for the truth to be accepted and live up to your name.


We must all work together to save one of our most Sacred & Natural Resources…The American Wild Horses!  Horses are our Natural Heritage & Legacy, and should share a place with the American Eagle as our National Symbol!  Think for a moment where this country would be if it had not been for Horses!  It surely doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out…WE WOULD NOT BE THE COUNTRY WE ARE TODAY!  So, let’s not serve up our Horses on dinner plates, so that other countries can eat them!  Please, let us ALL Work together for a common goal…Saving the American Wild Horses!


Please maintain the pressure and demand change now, tell the real story to Americans – it’s been hidden too long. A turn around only comes from true willingness to achieve it. The challenge is big, yet HSUS is a powerhouse that can help in this mission. It is time – as you noted, the horrors go on, and the hasty evictions do too. BLM needs to be held accountable in a society of 21st century, civilized values – not get away with constant unacceptable deceptive tactics, lies and methods that remind of indifferent savagery.


HSUS : Tell  America what is really going on. We all feel this could be the puzzle piece adding the momentum needed in this mission. HSUS ought to cater to the animals’ needs in question here, not the propaganda by those who inflict their suffering and plight. After all, BLM didn’t even meet your PZP expectations in your dealings with them. No time to lose, this is now most urgent. Your latest newsletter reached my inbox. “Give Love”… I agree.

Thank you for your time.

Monika Courtney

Wild Horse escapes containment pen and continues to run with his dangling broken leg.

Video and email sent to me via my Colorado contact who submitted same to BLM with her below comments.


“ No matter what we work for or on whose side we are – this link shows a horse running with a broken leg during a round up. We know accidents happen. But this is bad. You can’t possibly blow this off as just another bad luck event in the minority ? If your wranglers are so professional as your agency claims, this would not happen. Trap pens would be better designed. There is a problem when horses break their necks and legs like this.  For God’s sake, this must stop, Tom ! This is America, not the third world of savagery – BLM has got to stop this cruel treatment and find better ways to prevent this. To you it’s just a statistic, to this horse, it was his life, his freedom. He suffered horribly and I cannot fathom the fact that anyone within your agency can allow such horrid mishaps. BLM must improve – are we at least agreeable on this one part ???  And better sooner than later. We have been waiting ! Please respond.  “


Animals’ Angels Inc.

Investigation of the TDA

Export Pens

and the Chula Vista Slaughter Horse

Collecting Station in Eagle Pass, TX

Recent Investigation in Mexico Reveals Continuing Non Compliance with EU Standards




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