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First off I wish to thank Lilianna with the Examiner for having done such a wonderful job in putting together her amazing article at the link below.  She has included a photo gallery as well as a beautiful video that I took last Fall.

http://www.examiner.com/article/saving-hay-river-s-beloved-loki .  I also want to thank those wonderful individuals who have enough love in their hearts for LOKI that they have reached into their pockets, and who are emailing and messaging me, with their sincere support and encouragement along with their prayers for both he and I.

     Donations came in fast and furious at the start, which covered the cost of the Dog run which is now on my property. May 2013 106  I will be securing the floor to the run today.  The dog run has already been paid for out of what donations came in, which greatly depleted the account set up for him at the RBC.   My estimated goal is far from being reached.

     Having made contact with an ENR Officer here in town, arrangements have been made that this individual who knows LOKI well, as does his young son, will dart LOKI with a tranquilizer in order to capture hm and get him to my property.  The sedatives needed must be provided by the Alberta veterinarian and shipped in from Alberta.  I do not know as yet what cost to myself this will mean.

     When asked by the only media reporter in the NWT that contacted me why I was raising funds, I responded by saying …. Being the sole income support for my family, is the reason that this fund raising campaign was launched.  The dog run could never have been purchased, had not donations started coming in as fast as they did.  A deadline to get Loki off the streets by May 31st has been extended, however, it was not made clear by Town officials how much more time I have.

     The donations which have come in have been from caring persons back home in Ontario, some from Alberta and BC by e-transfer.

     Additional  Funds are needed to cover the cost of screening to protect LOKI from the horrible insects such as bulldogs who take huge chunks out of anything that lives, heavy duty dive bombing mosquitoes and of course the clouds of sand flies up here.  Veterinary costs that will include a complete physical, heart worm testing, complete immunization and also neuter, and whatever else he will need initially.

       Messages and comments have been coming in fast and furious both to my email bc_dawson@hotmail.com and to LOKI’s FB page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Friends-of-LOKI-Sole-Survivor/188340937903082?fref=ts

        I continue to be awed and inspired with the messages of love towards him so many are sending.  LOKI has touched the hearts of so many since I began chronicling our journey three years ago.  You can view his many videos on http://www.youtube.com/user/TundraVoices?feature=watch

Dec 19 2012 029   Loki remains at large for now, date scheduled for his darting has yet to be set, as the sedatives have yet to come in from Alberta.

    Soon his freedom will become lost to him, and the long and patient work both on his part and mine will begin once he is here with me.  I promised him from the very start that I would never ever give up on him, and I will keep that promise.  I also promised him just the other night, that we will continue to take our long and beautiful walks together in this pristine Northern Boreal Forest area together just as we always have, only this time he will have to leashed.

     Loki has never know the warmth of a loving hug, he has never known the comfort of laying beside a warm wood stove on a frigid winters night, he has never known the comfort of a secure, safe and loving home.  No doubt about it, there will be a difficult period of adjustment for him, even greater trust must be built before I will be able to truly handle him, put a collar or harness on him for our walks together.  But I will Never give up on him, on us.

     LOKI and I  still need your help to raise funds for him.

      LOKI by any other name IS A SURVIVOR.  Now with your help his continued life can be secured in a safe and loving forever home.

      Donations can be made by e-transfer, the easiest method.  If doing this way please notify me by using my email address so that  I will know the security password you are using and I can then email you back a confirmation number issued as a receipt…..bc_dawson@hotmail.com
Checks or money order can be mailed (please personally email me for that information).  Thank you.

       Please help me keep LOKI alive, healthy and safe…to give him the loving home he deserves but has never known.

       We, LOKI and I, wish to thank all of you who have already contributed, and we thank any of you who are planning to do so.

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Our Compass

1. Please click HERE to help protect wild horses and burros

2. Please click HERE to speak out about maltreatment at UCSF

3. Please click HERE to urge USDA to pull license of cruel roadside zoo

4. Please click HERE to help stop bullfighting

5. Please click HERE to end elephant tourism in Thailand

6. Please sign HERE to make donkey roping illegal

1. Background | IDA

The Senate recently confirmed Sally Jewell as the next Secretary of the Interior. This could be a positive change from her predecessor, Ken Salazar, who failed to deliver on his promise to reform the federal wild horse and burro program. Salazar, a rancher, defended other ranchers to the detriment of wild horses and burros.

During Salazar’s tenure, the Bureau of Land Management removed more than 35,000 wild horses from public lands. Jewell is known as an outdoor enthusiast and conservationist and IDA is…

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Straight from the Horse's Heart

Source: Horsetalk.co.nz ~ Live Link

The station reported that 75 to 100 horses had died in the area and completely destroyed the farm

Orr Family

Up to 100 horses are feared dead after a massive tornado ripped through the Oklahoma City area.

Authorities say two people are known to have died in twisters that ravaged the area, and six are reported to have died in Texas as storms generated a series of deadly twisters.

Oklahoma and other Midwest areas remain on high alert, with fears the storm system could generate further twisters.

KFOR.com, Oklahoma’s Channel 4, in a live feed earlier today, reported on the devastation at the 106-acre Orr Family Farm in Moore.

The farm and an adjoining horse training and agistment facility took a massive hit from the tornado.

Footage revealed complete destruction, with the remains of stalls unrecognisable. Surviving horses could be seen in the footage.

The station reported…

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Straight from the Horse's Heart

Source: Amanda Goodman Amanda Goodman of KRQE.com

“When you have a horse slaughter facility come to your area horse theft goes right up,”

PLACITAS, N.M. (KRQE) – Horse advocates fear New Mexico‘s wild horses could end up in New Mexico’s new horse slaughterhouse.

The Valley Meat Company near Roswell passed an inspection by the USDA in April, it is still awaiting its permit in order to start operations at what would be the country’s only horse slaughterhouse.

“When you have a horse slaughter facility come to your area horse theft goes right up,” said Patience O’Dowd, President of  Wild Horse Observers Association, or WHOA.

O’Dowd is not alone in her concerns.

In an interview with KRQE News 13 O’Dowd said a majority of people who live in Placitas where wild horses graze on their property are worried about them too.

“They talk so much about, about taking them…

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Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog

Heather Clemenceau has written another excellent article, this time focusing on the equine traceability program:

Under regulations of the Health of Animals Act, Canada has a mandatory identification program for cattle, bison and sheep. Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) have expanded that program to include horses.  According to AAFC, horses are functional livestock and are part of the national ID and traceability strategy for animal health and food safety reasons.

Please continue reading here.

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Straight from the Horse's Heart

Source: By ANDREW CHAMPAGNE of the Saratogian

“Reason, logic, and fact dictate that we should ban horse slaughter in New York state.”

ALBANY — Fewer stories in horse racing have had higher highs and lower lows than that of Ferdinand.

The 1986 Kentucky Derby winner banked more than $3.7 million in a stellar career and went to the breeding shed in 1988. However, the champion thoroughbred was slaughtered in Japan in 2002, setting off outrage in the horse racing community.

That story was repeated Wednesday by Assemblyman Jim Tedisco, one of several state politicians who spoke out in support of a bill that would criminalize the transport of horses for slaughter in the Empire State.

“It is a shame and a tragedy,” Tedisco said, “and we as a state should be ashamed for allowing that to happen.”

The bill is sponsored by Rep. Deborah Glick and Sen. Kathy…

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Straight from the Horse's Heart

Source: By Mary Rampellini of The Daily Racing Form

“People are giving horses water from plastic water bottles,”

Survivors of the CarnageA representative of the Celestial Acres Training Center in Moore, Okla., said 34 horses had been found alive as of Wednesday following Monday’s tornado, which packed winds of nearly 200 miles an hour.

The number of racehorses lost in the storm has been difficult to assess. Several trainers familiar with Celestial Acres estimate at least 80 horses were based there at the time of the storm. Tony Vann, a spokesperson for Glenn Orr and his son Tom, who own the facilities, said he is unable to give a “finite number” of horses stabled at the training center in part because those renting stalls were able to “come and go” as business dictated. As for the racehorse death toll, Vann said there is no accurate number that can be reported.

“There’s no way…

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