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From correspondence I received relative to this issue.  I still believe it is imperative to express that NO animals should be used:

“I appreciate you checking with us before making up your mind. The research mentioned in the Humane Research association’s website was conducted prior to 2004, the University of Newcastle has not used dogs in research for more than 10 years.”


In a recent study(1) conducted by researchers at the University of Newcastle, greyhounds underwent invasive and distressing surgery without general anaesthetic or any form of sedative.

This experiment was conducted in an attempt to further explore the body’s stabilising mechanisms for maintaining blood pressure in relation to bronchial circulation in the lungs (baroreflex).

The first part of the procedure involved the twelve greyhounds having pulsed Doppler blood flow transducers (a medical device for measuring blood flow) surgically implanted on the right bronchial artery.

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Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog

In an attempt to clarify and understand the Government’s position on the business of horse slaughter, on behalf of the CHDC, MP Alex Atamanenko submitted these Order Paper Questions which were entered into the parliamentary publications on May 9, 2013 (Q-13682).  Click on the left image and scroll to the bottom for Q-1368.

Because it’s a bit difficult to read click here for an easyread version of the Order Paper questions 

MP Atamanenko is responsible for tabling Canada’s Bill – 322, An Act to Amend the Health of Animals Act and the Meat Inspection Act (Slaughter of Horses for Human Consumption).

Read more about Bill C-322 and its predecessor, Bill C-544 here.

Order Paper Questions may be submitted by Members of Parliament on specific days and are formally presented by an MP.  Once submitted, the questions are entered into the parliamentary journals.   If the…

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Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog

By Mary Ormsby and Dale Brazo
May 23, 2013

BSBThe horse “passport” Canada relies on to keep toxic meat off dinner tables around the world is open to fraud and error, a Star investigation has found, confirming the findings of an international audit.

Please read the complete article here.

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Straight from the Horse's Heart

Source: Multiple

“EVERYTHING about Horse Slaughter is either corrupt or illegal!”

THE HAGUE, Netherlands — Dutch authorities on Thursday arrested the director of a meat-processing and wholesale company whose business is at the center of an investigation into undeclared mixing of horse meat with beef.

Investigators from the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority arrested the man on suspicion of fraud and detained him for further questioning. If convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of six year’s imprisonment, according to prosecutors.

His identity was not released, in line with Dutch privacy laws, but local media identified him as Willy Selten, whose company is at the heart of a huge recall of beef that had possibly been mixed with horse meat. An interim director of the company was arrested on Tuesday and an administrative employee also is suspected of fraud, but has not been detained, prosecutors said.

The company involved…

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Straight from the Horse's Heart

Source: By Mary Rampellini of the Daily Racing Form

“We’ve counted, unfortunately, 150 horses or more that have been found [dead], were killed, or had to be put down,”

Lost HorsesIn a sobering count, more than 150 horses died as a result of the violent tornado that swept through Moore, Okla., on Monday. The number represents the entire community of farms that sit on the southern border of Oklahoma City, including Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses who were based at Celestial Acres Training Center.

Several organizations coordinating horse-rescue efforts, as well as local veterinarians and horse owners themselves, determined the number, said Joe Lucas, executive vice president of the Thoroughbred Racing Association of Oklahoma.

“We’ve counted, unfortunately, 150 head or more that have been found [dead], were killed, or had to be put down,” Lucas said. “And that’s not just Celestial Acres. That’s the Moore area. That’s what we’ve gotten up to.”

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Dear Humanitarian,

Penning, the practice of confining coyotes and foxes in fenced-off enclosures and allowing packs of dogs to chase and often maul them for “sport” and “entertainment”—with no opportunity for protection or escape—is a cruel and vicious practice that is unfortunately prevalent in Virginia and some other states. Every year, thousands of coyotes and foxes are forced into numerous known penning operations in the state, both legally and illegally.

Aside from the suffering and egregious inhumane treatment of these animals, penning also leads to the spread of diseases associated with the translocation of wild foxes to these enclosures. Tests often reveal evidence of canine distemper and past exposure to a variety of viral diseases, including canine parvovirus, canine coronavirus, canine herpesvirus, and canine parainfluenza virus, as well as over 20 species of parasites.

In 2012, the Virginia state legislature considered bills from the Senate and…

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Straight from the Horse's Heart

Source: Mary Ormsby and Dale Brazao Staff Reporters of THESTAR.com

“I’m just buying the horse for the (meat) plant and that’s it”

The horse “passport” Canada relies on to keep toxic meat off dinner tables around the world is open to fraud and error, a Star investigation reveals.

Using undercover reporters, the Star found problems with passports — which are supposed to detail a horse’s complete medical history — for several horses headed to the slaughterhouse.

The Star also obtained 10 passports, nine of which were incomplete or mistake-filled.

In some cases, signatures did not match the names of people claiming to be the horse’s owner. In other interactions witnessed at a busy Waterloo-area auction house, the document was partially filled out by an auction-house worker instead of the owners.

What was seen at auction confirms the findings of an international audit obtained by the Star: that Canada’s ability to…

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