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Straight from the Horse's Heart

Letter to the editor of The Taos News by Albuquerque resident Karen Borch

“Here at SFTHH we are not condoning nor are we speaking to any individual faith or religion but instead we stand in total alignment with the author of this “letter to the editor” regarding the brutality, cruelty and disgrace that horse slaughter brings forward to the human race.  We should be good stewards to all that live on this planet, including ourselves; instead we have allowed a perverted, sadistic, sub-human cult to perpetuate and make progress in butchering those living beings who cannot protect themselves from such dark madness.  It is truly time to shine the light on the poisoned slime and drive it back into the dark and dank crevices from whence it crawled.  The “Pro-Slaughter” deviants are an embarrassment to our species and an insult to humanity…so much so that if I were a higher…

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Straight from the Horse's Heart

A Statement from TWHBEA President Tracy Boyd

TWH CrueltyThis past weekend, I made perhaps the toughest decision of my life. A decision that carries potential ramifications for many of my friends. It carries potential ramifications for immediate family members as well. I, along with six other members of the Executive Committee, voted to support H.R. 1518, better known as the Whitfield Amendment. That was on Saturday morning. Before lunch, our vote was not ratified by the TWHBEA Board of Directors. Presently, TWHBEA has taken no official stance on the proposed legislation.

Let me be clear… I love all facets of the Tennessee Walking Horse breed. I support the performance division. How then, you say, can I support this legislation? As president of TWHBEA, I represent the oldest and largest membership driven organization in the Tennessee Walking Horse industry. TWHBEA, being an international organization, is also the most widely recognized “brand” representing…

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Our Compass

SourceAmnesty International
By Vienna Colucci

My life’s work has always been human rights, but I’m also a strong supporter of animal protection. So I was especially heartened by our recent decision to join 59 other organizations – ranging from the Humane Society to the ACLU to the Sierra Club to the United Farmworkers – to oppose what are known as “ag-gag” bills.

These bills aim to silence and thwart whistle-blowers who would expose animal cruelty, poor working conditions, food or environmental safety issues, and more by, for example, making it a crime for an investigator to get a job on a factory farm, banning taking a photo or video without permission, and requiring mandatory reporting under timelines that are so short as to make it virtually impossible to document patterns of abuse.

What at first might appear to be exclusively an animal abuse issue is, on closer inspection…

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Wild Horse Education

As the Triple B and Jackson Mountain cases move through Discovery in federal court news stations and advocacy groups put out press releases discussing the beginning of bait trapping at Triple B (also Maverick Medicine, included in the Triple B EA, and Antelope). Yet there is no discussion of the active cases that have been “playing out” in documents effecting Triple B.

The Triple B EA, that had public comment period, gave rise to the issues of drought and renewed removals. Currently BLM has little space in holding and districts are literally “wrestling” over what areas will actually make the roundup schedule (to be announced shortly) for the 2013/2014 “roundup year,” that begins in July and runs through February. Wild Horse Education has been expecting “drought” to be a buzzword in the contest to make the schedule and has been actively collecting information.

How did we get to this bizarre…

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Episode 89

To the Heart of a Mustang

Working with multiple horses has really allowed me to accelerate my learning. Within each day, I may have a chance to work with one horse or 3. And each horse presents a different feeling and needs different things. So I have to be a chameleon.

This episode shows Janus, a 5 year old warmblood gelding that is here for training. It’s a privilege that Manolo has given me the opportunity to work with a horse that is here for training. I get to learn how yet another horse works!

And Janus is a good challenge! He’s sensitive, smart, and reacts easily. It’s very easy to annoy him and sour the work. So I have to work extra hard and stay really focused when lunging him. And he is unsure as well, so he needs affection to let him know he’s doing alright.

I hope you enjoy watching how yet another horse…

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Straight from the Horse's Heart

Source: University of Kentucky

“When nurses and doctors benefit from collaborating with horses then ultimately their patients also benefit.”
Peaceful Moment by Terry FitchResearchers in the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture recently completed one of the first studies to explore how working with horses can develop emotional intelligence in humans. UK Center for Leadership Development researchers, Patricia Dyk and Lissa Pohl, collaborated with UK HealthCare nurse researchers, Carol Noriega, Janine Lindgreen and Robyn Cheung on the two-year study, titled “The Effectiveness of Equine Guided Leadership Education to Develop Emotional Intelligence in Expert Nurses.”
“With Lexington being known as the Horse Capital of the World, it is only fitting that the University of Kentucky is conducting pioneering research in the emerging field of equine assisted learning,” said Patricia Dyk, director of the Center for Leadership Development.
The project included a control group of 10 nurses from the Neuroscience Surgery Service Line and an…

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Straight from the Horse's Heart

Guest OpEd by Grandma Gregg

“BLM also considers themselves as being “above” Mother Nature too…”

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) publicly published the statement that they are above the law and the 1971 Congressional Wild Horse and Burro protection LAW DOES NOT PERTAIN TO THEM!  BLM stated: “The … [Congressional] Act … is not pertinent to the overall management of the wild horse and burro populations by the BLM and USFS.  In general, it protects the wild horses and burros from such actions by the general populous.”


Well … apparently the BLM also considers themselves as being “above” Mother Nature too because they insist wild horses must be removed from their legally designated land (our public land) because of current widespread “drought” and BLM has been pushing this same drought agenda for at least three years.  Basically these “emergency” roundups are just a front/excuse to round…

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