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1. Please click HERE to sign and send automatic message opposing dangerous King amendment

Background | Source WSPA

I want to make you aware of a very dangerous amendment that was proposed late last week in the House of Representatives that could put the protection of animals in the United States in jeopardy.

The King Amendment, proposed by Iowa state Rep. Steve King, would take away a state’s right to pass laws governing the production or manufacturing of any agricultural product, including food and animals raised for food, that is involved in interstate commerce. This broad definition could have a negative impact on a wide range of animal welfare issues from securing better living conditions for farm animals to the banning of the shark finning trade – issues you’ve supported and helped us work on to improve! And, it could also have a harmful effect on food safety requirements and…

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Our Compass

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Interview with Dr. Ohn-Bar, one of the inhabitants

Haolam: Dr. Ohn-Bar, thank you very much for agreeing to participate in this interview. You were born a daughter of a vegan mother. You live in the vegan village of Amirim, Israel. Together with your husband, you run a guesthouse in Amirim which attracts eco- tourists from all over the world including Germany. How many inhabitants does your village have? Is it a municipality in itself or a kibbutz?

Dr. Ohn-Bar: Amirim is a vegetarian village, not a kibbutz. There are about 160 families here, around 600 people, including children. Just to let you know – as you can see in our website – I am a therapist, with a PhD in natural health sciences and a masters degree in educational psychology, rehab. counseling , psycho-physiology and biofeedback. I am a mother of…

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Straight from the Horse's Heart

Source: By Lorraine Jackson and Devon Dolan of KSL.com

“My part in all of this is to buy one and love it and make sure it doesn’t go to slaughter…”

SPANISH FORK — Victims of one of the states largest cases of animal -abuse found new homes Wednesday night when over 40 horses were sold at an auction.

Multiple volunteers and horse rescue organizations had confirmed that “kill buyers” would be attending Wednesday’s public sale of the neglected horses owned by mother and son Rory and Trudy Childs of Smokey Mountain Ranch. Fourth District Judge Fred Howard ordered that the horses be sold to pay a lien to the Utah County Sheriff’s Office, which cared for the horses after they were discovered near starvation in mid-February of this year.

Buyers could purchase the horses, transport them to Canada or Mexico, and resell them to slaughterhouses for processing. While regulations…

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Straight from the Horse's Heart

BLM wants to go back and totally eradicate native wild horses and burros

Twin Peaks Post Fire Survey

May 18th and 19th 2013


Twin Peaks Wild Horse and Burro Herd Management Area


Three experienced wildlife observers with binoculars: Jesica Johnston, Carrisa Johnston, and Kathy Gregg

91 miles traveled in 11 hours – we drove slowly with many stops to look for animals

1 horse and 8 burros found

Vegetation in burn area in very good condition with many wild flowers, low grasses, a lot of cheat grass and what appears to be some Russian/Siberian crested wheatgrass (non-native).

Many juniper trees burned beyond survival but many were not burned or will survive the fire damage.  Sage areas clearly show the patchwork pattern of the fire, with many areas completely unburned within the Rush Fire perimeter.

Saw some bitterbrush drill seeding along Rye Patch Road.  Very little black…

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More cover up, what else can be expected!!

Wild Horse Education

(Reno, NV) Today attorneys representing Laura Leigh of Wild Horse Education (WHE), a non-profit organization in the state of Nevada that tracks the condition of wild horses and burros on the range and handling of animals by managing agencies, and the Bureau Of Land Management (BLM) argued issues of Discovery in the ongoing case addressing inhumane conduct at the Triple B and Jackson Mountain wild horse roundups.

Government attorneys from Washington DC, representing the BLM, made claim that the Adminstrative Records (of both Triple B and Jackson Mountain) the agency is required to provide to the court only pertain to the decision to remove animals, not how they are treated. A government attorney also claimed to have “just become aware” that this case is about operation of removing animals and inhumabe care during and after operations. He then asked that the Magistrate not allow Leigh’s requested items of Discovery that…

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Straight from the Horse's Heart

Source: Salem-News.com

Other horse and animal experts have also added strong statements in defense of the bill and against horse tripping which can cause severe injuries such as broken necks, injured spines and broken legs to the animals.

(JORDAN VALLEY, OR) – World renowned animal welfare expert and critically acclaimed author Temple Grandin, Ph.D., has issued a stinging statement against horse tripping, an event that is held at the Jordan Valley Rodeo in Oregon. Currently under consideration, Senate Bill 835 would ban tripping horses and roping horses’ legs in the course of a rodeo event. Sen. Mark Hass, D-Beaverton, is sponsoring the bill with Sen. Brian Boquist, R-Dallas.

Well-known for her work to improve animal welfare, Dr. Grandin sent an email to Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) stating, “The horse tripping event you describe in your email dated May 20, 2013 is not acceptable.  Roping the…

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Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog

From Global News:

June_2013_chuckwagonCALGARY- The Calgary Stampede is making some big changes, in hopes of protecting both animals and cowboys.

New steel chutes have been installed in Stampede Park, which have wider, rounder and higher steel bars, better gate openings and hard rubber separating the animals.

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