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Our Compass

The beat burns. The vortex swirling, reverberating, unpredictable, and free. Weightless, head spinning, I travel with the piercing, pounding, poetry as it pulses through my bloodstream. I let go of everything around me, travel to another plane of existence. I succumb to pure emotion…mind, body, soul…

I like the way you make me feel.

“I always believed that Hip Hop was a revolutionary movement against injustice and abuse,” says Croatian Hip Hop artist, IFEEL. “It’s only natural that now it speaks up for abused and neglected animals.”

“I constantly remind myself why I do it. The faces and stories of abused animals keep me energized and motivated. That is why I visit animal sanctuaries and watch gruesome videos that are really hard to watch. It fuels my passion to do what I do.”

I do it for the calf in box 44

He can only stand up and fall…

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Straight from the Horse's Heart

Let’s Catch Our Breath

With all that is not right with the world swirling about us let’s take a day off and simply embrace each other prior to heading off into another week of the war to save the horses.

Today we offer up a couple of videos to make you smile, or maybe flinch…not really sure but whatever strikes your fancy we hope that you have a good day and continue to keep the faith.

Yesterday, Sarah Campion, captured on video a wild deer chasing two race horses down the stretch at Keeneland Racecourse in Lexington, Kentucky.  Not really sure what was going through her head but being that we proudly have a herd of resident deer on our property, there is no telling.  (Usually the horses chase the deer)

Now here is one for you that I really don’t understand but it IS inspired by the horses:

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Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog

muskokaonlinelogoDid you know that horse slaughter is big business in Canada?   Find out more about this ugly industry by tuning into Ian Purdy’s interview with Shelley Grainger, Eastern Director of the Canadian Horse Defense Coalition, Monday at 10 am on Animals and Airwaves. http://www.muskokaonline.com/Start/tabid/55/Default.aspx

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