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By Susan Bird

If you hate stories about cruelty to animals, give this one a pass. It’s one of the most savagely horrific animal crimes in recent memory and it will break your heart. What’s worse is that the sick, twisted perpetrator is unknown and remains at large. Still reading? You’ve been warned.

This sweet little brindle and white pit bull puppy once had a name. She’s known to the world now as “Puppy Doe,” but once upon a time she was Kiya, and she was loved. When her owner’s landlord decided she couldn’t keep a pit bull puppy, however, a Craigslist ad found Kiya a new home. That’s when the real tragedy began to unfold.

Kiya’s new owner got rid of her a few months later, apparently because she didn’t want her anymore or couldn’t care for her. Somehow, Kiya ended up in the hands of monsters.

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Straight from the Horse's Heart

Source: HorseTalk

“The fate of former wild horses being held captive by BLM contractors in long term SD holding remains uncertain.  We will issue an update when information is made available.” ~ R.T.


Medicine-Hat-8-676x450The horse toll from the major blizzard that struck South Dakota appears likely to number several hundred, with cattle losses from the storm likely to be in the tens of thousands.

Authorities are still trying to get a handle on cattle losses from the storm.

No official figures are available on horses losses, but individual news reports across the state point to ranchers losing significant numbers of animals.

One ranch alone reported the loss of 90 horses used at a summer camp while a sanctuary lost 50 foals and many older horses.

The western part of the state was hardest hit in the storm, from October 4 to 7, which brought bitterly cold winds and a…

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Tuesday's Horse

Cross-posted from The Blood-Horse

The Racing Medication and Testing Consortium’s Tactical Research Program was instrumental in the Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission’s recent prosecution of trainer Donald Roberson by working with the HFL Sport Science’s Lexington laboratory to identify dichloracetic acid and tadalafil, which is marketed in the United States under the trade name Cialis.

Roberson received a two-year suspension and $2,500 fine, the maximum penalty the stewards could impose. The DTRC upheld the stewards ruling Oct. 16.

The substances were found during a July 13 search of Roberson’s barn by the DTRC that uncovered pre-loaded syringes with hypodermic needles attached and a large quantity of injectable substances. The injectable substances were compounded products labeled as GTO Accelerator and SK360. Samples of these two compounded substances were sent to the HFL Sport Science Lexington laboratory as part of the RMTC’s Tactical Research Program.

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Tuesday's Horse

Cross-posted from the Hull Daily Mail

E. YORKS, ENGLAND — The introduction of wild horses at an East Yorkshire reserve is proving a huge success. Four konik ponies are creating homes for a range of wildlife at RSPB Blacktoft Sands near Goole and their introduction is a first for Yorkshire.

They have been grazing on the reserve since November 2011, helping to create suitable habitat for everything from rare beetles to breeding birds.

By chomping their way through dense areas of grass, the ponies have made homes for ground-nesting birds including skylarks and also provided suitable winter feeding grounds for wading birds such as curlews.

Pete Short, Humber reserves manager, said:

“When the ponies arrived at the reserve nearly two years ago, we had high hopes that they would help make Blacktoft an even better place for wildlife.

They have certainly lived up to our expectations…

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Straight from the Horse's Heart

Source: Front Range Equine Rescue

“We had a good week in our New Mexico litigation to stop horse slaughter:

First, the Court rejected the Defendant-Intervenors’ motion to strike statements from our merits brief related to the environmental havoc caused by the last three horse slaughterhouses to operate in the U.S. The Court can now consider this evidence in its final ruling.

Second, the Court rejected Valley Meat’s motion to strike statements from our merit brief about Valley Meat’s history of environmental violations.

Third, the Court denied USDA’s attempts to pretend that it considered the environmental havoc caused by the last three horse slaughterhouses to operate in the U.S. before issuing the recent grants of inspection.

Finally, the Court denied Rains Natural Meat’s motion for a security bond.”

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Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog

Two gentle, handsome geldings are looking for their forever home!  Sadly, due to a death in the family, they can no longer stay where they are currently living in Enderby, B.C.

These horses are 16-year-old half-brothers, one a registered Quarter Horse with papers.  They lead well and are friendly.  One was used for riding about ten years ago; the other would need training in order to be rideable.

Anyone interested can e-mail sinikka@defendhorsescanada.org.

NOTE:  A veterinary reference is mandatory. 





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Our Compass

If you witness cruelty on Facebook, abuse to children or animals in videos or pictures, please do not report to Facebook; if you report to Facebook the evidence may be destroyed. Please contact local authorities immediately.

Instructions for reporting animal and children abusers on Facebook (or other site).

Click HERE to refer to INTERPOL.  Please note that Interpol may not receive your direct request for help in a timely manner; you need to contact your local, or nearby, police or law enforcement personnel who will then contact Interpol if appropriate. However, please click HERE for general Interpol inquiries and to report appropriate crimes.  Scroll down to Interpol General Secretariat to include and submit information. Please note that this should not be your only source of reporting; you should contact local law enforcement as well.

Please click HERE to report online child sexual abuse to the Virtual Global Taskforce, Combating Online…

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