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Three more of Loki’s Global friends.

“In the picture, left to right. Max (my dog) Peanut (my moms dog) and Lucy (my foster) All the dogs in the picture are rescue dogs from a California shelter. We live on Vancouver Island. One year ago we a adopted a semi feral dog and named him Max:) We adopted Max from Paws Without Border Rescue. They are great dogs!!! ” Cyndi Ross


Thank You Cyndi.  You have some beautiful furbabies.

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Jimmy 2 Jimmy    Ella Kaarsemaker


Hi Loki
My baby boy jimmy wanted to say hello
He is also a rescue and he is now part of our family forever.  He is also pure black like you.

Love you Loki

Submitted by Ella Kaarsemaker

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Sept 29 2013 LOKI IS HOME 041LOKI resting comfortably after trashing his blanky!!

So many of you have followed Loki’s Story and our amazing journey together on his Face Book page:  “Friends of Loki”  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Friends-of-LOKI-Sole-Survivor/188340937903082?ref=br_tf

Thanks to him, over 10,800 strangers have come together, thanks to him I have made over 10,800 new friends, all of which are committed to helping animals.  These amazing and dedicated individuals, have not only made a positive change in the life of animals, they have also provided me the strength which I needed to carry on the fight to protect Loki, to ensure that he would begin his New Journey within my family.  There were times when the frustration, the anxiety and the fear I felt was so overpowering that I felt I had nothing left to fight with.

I knew I could not give up, I had made LOKI that promise over three years ago, and with the continued encouragement which I received and the amazing help I received to have things ready for him, that promise has been kept.

LOKI as you all know is now within his forever home, my home, is part of my family, and a very special part of a now Global Family.

To honor all those individuals who have made such a life changing difference in my life, in my family’s life, in LOKI’s life, the life of each and every animal they have committed to caring for and the remarkable difference they have made in the lives of each other,  I have invited LOKI’s followers to submit, in their own words, their stories and pictures.

Below is the first of hopefully many more to come.

Here are the words of Dawn Withers and Mike Preston

These are our babies Loki (the black and white husky), Cheemoe (the red and white husky), and Buddha (our precious grey mutt).

We had taken in 3 additional strays that we don’t have any pics of. One was a neighbor’s chocolate lab, Booger, who they never took care of, one was a boxer who showed up one day whom we named Sir-Growls-Alot (we finally realized he was just very vocal and talkative), and Pretty Girl, whom my son and I found walking down a dirt road almost starved and limping. She was missing her right front paw. It had looked almost healed and the vet said she would be okay. It had looked like she might have gotten caught in a trap. The vet was pretty sure that she had been abused. It took us 4 days before she trusted us enough to come inside of the house. And when she finally did, you could tell she had never been inside if a house before. we nursed her back to health and she became a very loving, playful, and affectionate puppy.

Dawn Withers 6 Dawn Withers 5 Dawn Withers 4 Dawn Withers 3 Dawn Withers 2 Dawn Withers 1 Dawn Withers 7

Months later despite our very careful watching and planning Pretty Girl and Sir-Growls-Alot “hooked up”. Two weeks later Sir-Growls-Alot was hit by a car.

Pretty Girl had 3 pups, one of which we kept, Buddha. Loki and Cheemoe had been ours from pups.

Loki was 12 and Cheemoe is now 6. In August of 2011, as we were taking Buddha and Cheemoe to the vet for their yearly shots, our house caught fire. In the 45 minutes that we were gone we lost almost everything. And more importantly we lost 3 of our fur babies. Loki, Pretty Girl, and Booger died of smoke inhalation despite our efforts of CPR. Buddha and Cheemoe are our survivors and are spoiled even more every minute of every day.

Losing our babies has been a very long healing process. Seeing your page and your dog being named Loki, I thought was a good way for me to be able to see another Loki’s journey and maybe that Our Loki lives on.

Seeing Loki’s progress and y’all’s journey has put a smile on my face daily. Thank you for sharing.


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