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As Time Goes By

Loki and Family Spring 2015 026

Life and it’s demanding realities take away from much loved writing, blogging, and I have been away far too long.

For all of the 10,800 followers of Loki’s FB page updates have been frequent.

For my readers here, I extend heartfelt apologies.

Much has transpired since Loki was rescued and joined my family.

Much has also transpired in the world of animal exploitation and the autrocities continue unabated.

My return to blogging will likely be slow as I am still recovering from Compassion Burnout (a form of PTSD) that all who fight for animals worldwide know too well.

Hence this first post in a very long time, is a happy one.  I hope you enjoy the latest video of Loki enjoying all the mud puddles he can find.

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