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Calgary muzzles artists critical of tar sands

by Rob Maguire on April 17, 2013


President Obama Slams Climate Deniers on Twitter


Fracking Our National Parks: America’s Best Idea Threatened By Oil and Gas Addiction


Breaking: Enbridge Pipeline Spills in Minnesota (Updates original)



Animal Justice Canada wants the chicken killer artist to be charged


Obama Moves to Block Horse Slaughter


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Call me whatever you like, but NEVER call me APATHETIC.  Never call me COMPLACENT.

Every single day, 24 hours a day, in the news there is something about the horrors inflicted on animals somewhere.  In our towns, our cities, our neighborhoods and across the globe.  Every day, 24 hours a day there is something about the destruction of habitat, our fresh waterways, our ozone layer, our overall environment. Perfect example is the decision of Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson, despite the outcries of protest, to destroy the home of Lucky and Lily, the Lindsay Pond Beavers.  In response to the emails his offices received, a rather canned response was issued, I know I got the identical response others have received.

In the news every day, 24 hours a day, there are published accounts of man-kinds inhumanity against our own species.  Wars plague our planet, the fight for freedom and for democracy continues. Wars rage against   tyranny.  There are wars evolving around  religion, wars of politics, war for land, for resources, the subjugation of human rights and freedoms.  Wars are big business,  wars create jobs and make money for the politicians and the vast innumerable companies that manufacture arms of destruction.  Wars make humans disposable items, just as humans have made animals disposable, made our waterways, our lands disposable.

There are wars in our schools, wars in our neighborhoods, continued child abuse, spousal abuse, domestic violence is on the rise. Mutilators of animals turned mutilators of people.  Wars between drug lords, wars among street gangs, wars with our neighbors, wars in every single aspect of our lives.

The biggest war is our personal war to survive period., to pay our bills, to support and feed our families and to keep a roof over our heads, to cover medical costs and to just get through each day as best we can.

Unfortunately far too many do not, far too many just say to hell with it, suicides are on the rise, addictions are on the rise, mental illness is on the rise, murder/suicides are on the rise.  People are snapping, losing it, you see it every day in the newscasts.

Is it me or has all of mankind inhabiting this beautiful planet gone absolutely mad??

From the continuing Middle East crisis, that has not changed over the centuries, nor will it ever;  the Euro catastrophe;  the issues here at home and pretty much everywhere:  the rising cost of living, the rising unemployment, the rising interest rates, the famine and crop failures coupled with increasing droughts in some countries, the increased natural disasters across the globe, the negative health effects suffered by First Nations and others due to Canada’s dirty oil and planned expansion in Alberta…the millions of taxpayer dollars ill spent by our politicians in their continuing bid to ensure Canada’s sealing industry continues, the unwanted pipelines that pose risk to our environment, wildlife and communities are pushed through;  the continued Canadian importation of US horses for slaughter, the continued horrific slaughter of Canadian horses, the devastating cruelty in  Factory Farms and the horrific suffering of these animals in fires due to the lack of proper safeguards.   The violation of human rights here at home and around the globe.

Add to the above the lack of affordable housing, cuts to social programs, the lack of proper health care in Northern communities…increased taxes, hungry children across our land…and MOST of all the deaf ears of politicians to the voices of the people….MY GOD, where will it all end???

Here in Canada, Harper has gutted Environmental Protection despite the loud voices of protest across this country.    Revenue Canada is now charged with the responsibility to pull Charitable Status from any organization that speaks out against the policies of Harper’s Government.

Here in Canada, unless one is independently wealthy or has a substantial nest egg, Canadians are now being forced to retire at age 67 rather than at 65.  Is this a ploy to ensure that Canada Pension will remain in the coffers of government….that hopefully many of us will be dead before we are able to collect the benefits which we have paid into all of our working careers??

Would it not be nice if our politicians stopped wasting our tax dollars on propaganda campaigns hoping to lull us into a false sense of security as well as attempting to lift EU bans that are in place on Sealing products or attempts to convince countries outside of Canada to by dirty oil?  Or to fulfill personal agendas? Or to waste our money on all the fixings for the last G Summit held in Toronto?  Or to launch insulting campaigns against each other during the election process?  Count the many ways your tax dollars are wasted…can anyone count that high?

Wow, then there would be money for all our Pensions, all of our health care needs and social programs.

We would not have needed the “Black out. Speak Out” campaign!! that so many participated in across our country.

Oops, did I say that…am I provoking thought…oops again.

Throughout human history, we have an extremely dismal past.  If anything the centuries clearly show that despite our so-called technical advances, our medical miracles discovered, we have failed miserably as an overall species to live in harmony with each other and the world around us.

Everything we have ever come in contact with, including each other, our environment, our wildlife, every living organism on this planet, has been manipulated, controlled and destroyed due to a superiority complex infused with ego, greed and a self centered pathology.

My favorite phrase (put more politely) is that if one does not like what I have to say, does not wish to know the truth, then one can walk away.  Calling it as I see it, and voicing my personal opinion (as everyone has the right to do) often creates a great deal of controversy, at times negative, however it also provokes thought.

All of us are on the brink, that very fine thin line and unless there is extremely positive action to reverse the centuries of accumulated damage to human thinking, the human misconceptions and current way of life, society today across the globe will go the way of the Aztec, the Mayan, the Roman Empire, and the Egyptian Empire just to name a few.  All great civilizations in their own right, that by their own actions, produced their decline and extinction.

I am not a harbinger of doom…..I see the reality…I do not have my head stuck in the sand…I shout from the rooftops, I reach out, try to educate as best I can.

Each and every one of us, has within us an untapped strength and the ability to make positive change in any area and or issue that we now face on a global scale.  Each and every one of us has the Free Will to do so, to take a Positive Stand, to Reach Out, to Shout Loudly not only through our words but also our Actions.

What are you prepared to do?  Are you prepared to join those of us who continue to fight the good fight against unfair odds?  If so I applaud you, if so I am grateful to you!

My dearest mother and sole living relative asked me what I wanted for my coming birthday…my answer..to just once listen to the radio, or watch TV news broadcasts, or pick up a newspaper where there were very real Happy Stories instead of the continued barrage of doom and gloom.

Imagine a news broadcast that featured only good things?  Is that at all even possible?

Here is one bad story with what is hoped will be a happy ending for one severely injured cat.

‘Lucky’ cat gets life-saving treatment and TLC in Etobicoke


Anyone wishing to help cover the high medical costs for “Lucky” can do so.  Donations may be sent to:

Long Branch Animal Clinic

3459 Lakeshore Blvd. W. Toronto, Ontario  M8W 1N2 Vets names are Dr. Yvonne Worthy and Dr. K. Zimmerman……

telephone 416 251-6787   fax 416 251-0853 and www.longbranchanimalclinic.com

My rant is now done.  Thank you for taking the time to read and to comment.

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What is Harper Afraid Of?

by Franke James


Thank you Franke James..your presentation is brilliant.

Bloggers note:  please take the time to read this and to pass onto others.  As a Free Nation Canadians can no longer afford to allow our environment, waters and animals to be exploited, poisoned and destroyed.

Those that speak out against such atrocities have been labelled by MP Joe Oliver, Minister of the Environment, as terrorists……WE ARE NOT……we believe in our country and all that it stands for….we want to PROTECT our country for future generations….we VALUE our country and honor those who have died to PROTECT our Rights and Freedoms to freely express our concerns, our displeasure and the Sell Out of this Great Land.

This amazing video says it all.

You’ve felt it your entire life


The Greatest Speech Ever Made


Opinion: Canada’s mass firing of ocean scientists brings ‘silent summer’


Seal Hunt Has Started Again


Stop Poisoning the Boreal Forest

Bloggers Note:  Ironic that ads have been running on National Television inviting Canadians to “Join the Discussion” on our ‘Charter of Rights and Freedoms’…….

one might now  ask …

What rights and freedoms?  Do we have any left?


URGENT !!   Canada –  Our rights, under attack! / URGENT! Canada – Nos droits, sous attaque!

 Bill 78 will affect many non-radical animal activists, who hold “PEACEFUL” demonstrations against all forms of animal cruelty.   Please read the article below, sign, circulate and post to your sites. Thanks!  

Projet de loi 78 affectera beaucoup des activistes d’animaux non-radicaux, qui détiennent des manifestations « Pacifique » contre toutes les formes de cruauté envers les animaux.   Veuillez lire l’article ci-dessous, signer, faire circuler et publier sur vos sites. Merci !

Dear friends across Canada,

Québec Premier Jean Charest just enacted a draconian emergency law restricting the most basic rights of free assembly — all to quash students protesting tuition hikes. Sign the petition now to stand up for the basic Canadian values of free speech and assembly and call for an end to this law:

Québec Premier Jean Charest just enacted a draconian emergency law restricting the most basic rights of free assembly. The law could turn Canada into an international embarrassment — making us look more like the Middle Eastern police states the Arab Spring just overthrew — unless we show the world that Canadians reject this type of outdated suppression.

The emergency law, known as Bill 78, imposes massive fines of up to $125,000 for organizing peaceful protests — the most basic right of free democracies. And anyone hoping to gather just 50 people must give police 8 hours notice! Legal scholars are uniform in declaring the law unconstitutional, but while we wait for the courts to strike it down, free speech is in jeopardy. Let’s join together and show leaders everywhere Canadians reject this attack on basic rights and that all suppression will bring is a stronger opposition.

Our country’s constitutional rights and international reputation are at risk. Join the call and forward to everyone — if we reach 50,000 signers, Avaaz will erect giant protesters in front of Montreal representatives’ offices to bring our national call home to politicians:


The freedom to peacefully assemble is a fundamental right enshrined in the Canadian constitution. It’s a basic right respected throughout the democratic world and now the Québec government is trampling all over it. When governments try to change the rules of the game like this to suppress their opponents, one of two things happen: freedom begins to wither or the backlash leads to a brighter and freer day. Right now, police are already cracking down: over 300 people were arrested at once on Sunday night. But if we stand together, we can ensure that our voices lead to a better tomorrow.

The student demonstrations over tuition hikes that provoked this over-the-top response have been largely peaceful. A small group of radicals and overzealous police shouldn’t be allowed to destroy Montreal or our basic rights and values. But instead of directing police to respect protesters, Premier Charest decided to fan the flames by passing this backwards bill. This is not the way democracies deal with legitimate debate and it’s time we show Charest and the rest of our country’s Premiers that citizens everywhere will not stand for being silenced or intimidated.

Join the call to repeal Bill 78’s attack on our rights — click here to sign:


Throughout the world, peaceful demonstrations have overcome repressive backlashes. At a moment when even the Middle East is overthrowing emergency laws intended to suppress, Canada shouldn’t be going backwards. Let’s join the spirit of the day and show that we too are capable of overcoming ignorance, fear and abuse of power.

With hope,

Emma, Ari, Ricken, Mélanie, Laryn and the rest of the Avaaz team
Montreal protesters defy demo law and clash with police (CBC)

Lawyers compare Quebec’s controversial protest bill to War Measures Act (National Post)

Montreal student groups to challenge Bill 78 in court (Ottawa Citizen)

After Bill 78, two nights of violence in Montreal streets (Montreal Gazette)

Montreal police pepper spraying bar patrons during protest melee (video) (Ottawa Citizen)

Bill 78 — An Act to enable students to receive instruction from the postsecondary institutions they attend (Assemblée nationale du Québec)

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She’s alive… & beautiful !!!




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