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Animals identified as Sentient



Amendment of the French Law – Animals recognized as “sentient”

The legal definition of animals will go from “personal property” to “living sentient.”

Article (Google translate): http://www.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=auto&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ouest-france.fr%2Floi-les-animaux-reconnus-comme-doues-de-sensibilite-2177929%3Futm_source%3Dfacebook%26utm_medium%3Dsocial_cm%26utm_campaign%3Dof_animaux%26utm_content%3D20140415%26utm_term%3Dof_page&sandbox=1


Now if we can get Canada’s Powers that Be to actually take their fingers out of their ears….we have been fighting for this for decades!!

Please visit:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Esdaw-European-Society-of-Dog-and-Animal-Welfare/162090127175643?hc_location=timeline


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LOKI Feb 16  17 and Hemi 007So many of you have been following the story of LOKI.  The Sole surviving pup, one of 23 seized in a 2010 hoarding case in Canada’s Arctic.

Many of you are also followers of Loki on his Face Book page:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Friends-of-LOKI-Sole-Survivor/188340937903082

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Friends-of-LOKI-Sole-Survivor/188340937903082?id=188340937903082&sk=photos_streamNC Nov 30 2013 018 NC Nov 30 2013 016 NC Nov 30 2013 015 NC Loki in the house My bed and Den 009 NC - October 29 2013 007 Loki joins his family  October 25 2013 Loki First day in house  Oct 2013 NC Hemi and Loki  Oct 13 2013 003 Good boy on mom's bed Oct 2013 NC October 23 2013 014 New Chapter Oct 14 2013 001

During the years that I spent with LOKI, on his terms, in his domain, you can only imagine the fear and anxiety I felt each day that I would venture out looking for him.  The question always in the back of my mind (would this be the day that I could not find him, or that he would not come to me when I used our signal)?  There were those days that my heart was in my throat, because I could not find him, because he did not come.  The search would then be on and I would keep going out at all hours of that day to find him.  There were times that he would totally disappear for days, and at those times my fears flourished in nightmarish visions of him suffering, laying perhaps in a leg trap, perhaps dying a slow death from poison or from a fatal gunshot.

The mind has a wonderful way of conjuring such images, removing sleep from ones agenda and instilling sheer panic…motivating one to go to extremes in their search attempts.

Three years, each and every day, no matter what time of day, no matter what weather conditions, that is the life I lead. Nov 18 2011 035 Now that life has taken a term for the better and LOKI is home, safe, loved and protected with my family.  Gone for me now, is the daily anxiety and fear as well as the horrible anger I carried for so long.  Replaced with a calm and renewed commitment to ensure that LOKI remains healthy, happy and strong in his new life.

Despite him now living with my family, his new pack, diligence is on the agenda each and every day to ensure his safety.  Multiple leashes are used when we go for our daily walks, a necessity to ensure that he remains connected to my person.  No risks can ever be taken for him to break away as catching him again would be a monumental task if not impossible…and it could mean his death.

Some individuals have questioned as to why he has not been placed within a sanctuary…..to those who have asked…research was done by myself and my closest followers on just that.  Did you know that there are approximately 250,000 +  WD in sanctuaries across North America.  That most of these sanctuaries are full.  It is a sad commentary that they are, that they continue to have to rescue and save these beautiful creatures.

LOKI and I, through our three years of contact, on his terms, in his domain shared something very special…Patience….with each other.  Through this Patience was born Trust, Respect and Understanding.  Never, ever did I force him to do anything, all was by his own Choice and his Choice alone.  From the very first time that he allowed me to approach him when he was a youngster, to his eventual responding to our secret signal, to his showing me the whereabouts of his secret hiding places, secret stashes of the many toys and blankets I would bring to him, even to taking me to and allowing me to enter into his winter dens…..all has been by his Choice.

It takes a great deal of time to win the Trust, Respect and Understanding of an animal, more so from one that had never known the kindness of a gentle touch.  It takes a great deal of Patience and an unwavering Commitment from both parties to develop that form of relationship.  LOKI took the time, offered his Patience and his Acceptance to me.  The Bond that developed over those three years grew stronger each and every day, and it is that Bond born of Love that has allowed him to Transition as gracefully as he has to his new life.

From the moment that LOKI decided to and took that first step into my home, his life changed as did my own and that of my family.  Admittedly it was difficult for him at first, new sights, new smells, new dogs and cats to get acquainted with and of course another human, my mother.  His nervousness was evident and understandable, his Patience was again required.  He did not fail in this.  He tolerated ear scratches, nose rubs and gentle touching….now he looks for it and quite enjoys the attention….often coming silently up behind us and poking us with his nose to say ‘I am here’.  He sleeps in front of the fire, on soft pet beds, after long evening walks on cold nights, he lounges where it is warm and safe and sleeps beside my Hemi on beds in my own bedroom.  He no longer wonders where and when his next warm meal will come from, nor where he can find shelter from winter storms, freezing rain and powerful winds.  I will never again find him huddled in a tiny ball, soaked to the skin and looking terribly cold and forlorn, pitiful in fact.December 25 2012 031

A Promise which I made to him over three years ago has been kept, and now through the Patience, Trust, Respect, Understanding, Bond and the Love we share, LOKI will live out his days without fear, without harassment, without the dangers that faced him each and every day of his life in his first years.

He is one of the lucky ones, and it breaks my hear to know that there remain so many others out there that are not so lucky…so despite the diminished anger, I still do get angry when I become aware of those that could not be helped in time.

We must all do our part to end the relentless suffering, both at home and around the world.

Animals dont make me cry

These following pictures are the before and after in the life of LOKI and speak of our three year journey together from the beginning.


LOKI Sole Survivor

LOKI Sole Survivor

Hhmm I like her choice

Hhmm I like her choice

Proud and strong

Proud and strong




Mom makes a good dinner, mission accomplished

Mom makes a good dinner, mission accomplished

Loki and Zephr and China 006Sunday Afternoon Oct 15 2011 025Sunday Afternoon Oct 15 2011 003Sunday Afternoon Oct 15 2011 020May 20 and 21 2012 LOKI 068October 24 and 25 2012 100

  • Dec 19 2012 023October 24 and 25 2012 004Dec 19 2012 029December 25 2012 054020Feb 1 2 and 3 2013 020Jan 2013 Loki across ravine 049Loki and gardens 062Loki s first day out of run 017Sept 29 2013 LOKI IS HOME 041 Nov 14 2013 NC 006 Nov 14 2013 NC 016 Dec 14 2013 016 Dec 14 2013 032 After surgery Dec 2013 NC 004 After surgery Dec 2013 NC 015Youthful exuberance Oct 20 2013 003Dec 14 2013 015

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Summer 2012 closeup

First I wish to thank all of the amazing people who took such a major part in enabling me to rescue and bring to my home this amazing boy.  Those of you who took the time to email the Mayor of Hay River, those of you who signed the online  petition.

Special thanks to Michelle Nadon founder of Cause 4 Paws (C4P) located in Ontario, to Sarah West founder of the Canadian Federation for Animal Welfare (CFAW), Jean McCarthy a dear friend in Ontario and Lawrence Pinksy who is so busy raising needed funding to help cover Loki’s vetting and other needs.

To list each and everyone by name is an impossible task so I will not even make that attempt.

As some may already know, Eldad Hagar founder of Hope for Paws based in L.A., California, was contacted by both Jean and Sarah, who in turn gave me a call at home, with just days left before the deadline of September 30th.  I called Eldad and we spoke at length, formulating a plan for LOKI’s capture.

The backbone in this plan was a wonderful lady, Bonnie Crowther who lives down the street from me, and who also ensured Loki received proper nourishment during his wild days.  She and her beautiful dog China walk every day and Loki would always accompany them.  LOKI spent much of his time at Bonnie C’s, laying in the company of China.

Following Eldad’s instructions, Bonnie C began coaxing LOKI to eat inside her garage.  Eldad had told us if he would eat inside for two days in a row thenEldad would catch the next plane to get here.  Well Bonnie succeeded and Loki became comfortable eating in her garage.

Eldad arrived at the Hay River  Airport at 2:45 pm on Thursday September  26th.  Meeting him at the airport, he followed me to my home, checked out the dog run, decided it was not strong enough and I took him over to Bonnie C’s to see Loki and to speak with her.  Eldad had checked out Loki’s FB page prior so had a good idea as to the size of Loki.  He and I then went about locating and purchasing additional chain link reinforcement for the dog run.  It now has 2 and three layers of added chain link.

After having gotten Eldad checked into the hotel where I work as the Financial Administrator, and getting a good meal into us both, Eldad retired to his room and I headed home.  Eldad’s parting comment was to the effect of would it not be great if we got him tonight.  With the deadline date to get Loki captures only 4 days away…well…

I had just crawled into my own bed, relieved that Eldad was here when I got the phone call.  Bonnie C had been able to close her garage door and trap Loki inside.  Rushing over  to her place, my heart was pounding and I was trembling.  Eldad was already there and together he and I entered her garage.  LOKI being terrified had reacted in fear and was now sitting on top of Bonnie’s freezer.  We entered slowly and I was able to calm him with my voice and humming, I sat on the garage floor with Eldad standing behind me.  Gradually as I continued in a soft voice, Eldad took baby steps and approached LOKI  eventually being able to sit on the freezer next to Loki.  Using the end of the catch pole(no drugs or catch pole were used) wrapped in a towel, Eldad placed it behind his back and was able to ease the towel  to Loki’s side and began touching him gently with it.  I was shocked.  Within a few moments Eldad told me he was petting Loki with his bare hand.

Myself having never been allowed to pet Loki, I immediately asked “What does his coat feel like”, the answer “amazing so soft”.  I slowly approached Loki and for the first time in the three and a half years we have journeyed together, I was able to hold him.  I cannot describe the incredible joy.

Eldad slept on top of the freezer that first night, with LOKI up there with him.  Friday the next day, I slept on the garage floor with Loki in my arms the whole day while Bonnie C and Eldad began re-inforcing the run.  Eldad took over sleeping with Loki in her garage that night.

More work was done on the dog run all day Saturday, and without Bonnie C, none of this would have been possible.  This amazing and dedicated woman worked like a construction guy, lacing the additional chain link purcahsedd by Eldad, to the existing,  going over everything with an eagles eye to ensure that Loki would not only be safe but also unable to escape.  Eldad purchased the additional chain link to wrap around the run and I purchased the chain link flooring.  Eldad also added to Loki’s comfy bed linens (4 more comforters and another fleecy blanket).

Saturday evening we planned to relocate Loki to my home and the dog run.  Remarkably our fears of getting him into the large borrowed transport carrier was ill founded.  Loki calming walked into the carrier on his own.  We loaded him into Bonnie C’s truck and in the darkness of night got him into the dog run.  That night and Sunday I had the immeasurable pleasure of the first sound sleep I have had since Loki had been given a basic death sentence if I did not get him secured and safe at my home.  Of course I slept in the dog run, Loki, calmly curled up in my arms, both of us safe and sound.

Both Bonnie C and her husband Roy came back on Sunday and Roy had picked up some gravel and earth for one portion of the run near the door so that Loki can do his business.  Bonnie also brought a bale of straw as well.  Additional run reinforcements were made.  Eldad came over and spent time working on the run as well as spending time with Loki.

Monday morning Eldad again came by before he headed out to catch his flight out of Hay River.  I will be forever grateful that he chose to be a part of Loki’s journey.

Bonnie C comes over regularly to spend time with her beloved Loki, and of course the work that I and Loki are doing now in this newest chapter of our journey together, is slow, calm and steady.    I will not push him, all must be on his terms, I will not see his spirit broken, nor will I do anything to lose his respect and his trust.  Sleeping outside with him is all part of the growing bond that we share.  He has made friends with my own dog Hemi, who has a remarkable calming affect on Loki, which is easing the transition.

I was so proud of Loki yesterday, his second venture outside the run, he did so well calmly exploring the backyard he knows so well.  Tethered securely and also fashioned to me physically, he enjoyed the ability to explore and relax outside the run, his head uplifted watching the birds fly overhead, smelling the plants and investigating all manner of scents.  Not yet leashed trained, but learning, I am hopeful that soon I will be able to bring him inside the house as well as taking him for long walks like we used to take together.

Patience on both our parts, silent communication and most of all mutual respect and trust will see Loki transition slowly and without additional emotional trauma.  His remarkable eyes fixed on mine tell a story so intense it is not to be believed unless personally experienced.  The trust and strong bond we have shared for over three years continues to grow.

LOKI is living proof that the impossible can be made possible.  He has touched the hearts of total strangers around the world, uniting all for the sole purpose of saving his life.  He proves that when we all work together miracles do happen.

 It is my hope that Loki’s continuing story will inspire others to step up and go beyond what appears to be limits and impossible situations, to stick with it, to never give up.

Please visit Loki’s FaceBook page:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Friends-of-LOKI-Sole-Survivor/188340937903082

Funds are being raised to secure the cost of Loki’s vetting and any other initial needs.  When visiting Loki’s FB page:  Friends of Loki, should you wish information as to how to make a donation for this beautiful gentle sould, please Private Message Lawrence Pinsky, or leave a comment on this page.

 Please share Loki’s Story – He is amazing.


Loki s first day out of run 004 Loki s first day out of run 017 Loki s first day out of run 031 Sept 29 2013 LOKI IS HOME 014 Sept 29 2013 LOKI IS HOME 041

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May 2, 2012 – a Date to remember.In a message received by a dear friend, some good news for a change.

Message from IFAW – International Fund for Animal Welfare

Senator Mac Harb’s bill to end the commercial seal hunt, which would help sealers out of the industry while protecting the rights of Inuit and First Nations people, was sent for second reading.
This means that the commercial seal hunt will be debated in the Canadian Senate for the first time in history. It is encouraging that politics in Canada may have finally evolved to a place where the facts on commercial sealing can be discussed.

At a time when vital services in Canada are being cut and all levels of government are talking about fiscal responsibility, it makes no sense to pour more money into propping up the dying seal hunt industry. It’s time for a rational and open debate about this wasteful and cruel industry.

The facts are clear: commercial sealing is inhumane and unnecessary, and it’s time for it to end.”

Bloggers Note:

IFAW promises to continue the fight and end this barbaric industry.

Please support Mac Harb’s bill.  Thank you.




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The fallen Whistler sled dogs (2010), have inspired world-wide action for changes to animal protection and animal cruelty legislation. This is their story.
Please watch this beautiful memorial video


Charge approved in Whistler sled dog case
More terrific News:  OPERATION SLED DOG
An amazing success story showing how dedication, commitment and compassion saves lives.  Rescued Quebec Huskies…..and now loving homes.    Please go to FB page Operation Sled Dog to learn more on this amazing journey.  https://www.facebook.com/OperationSledDogs
To all those wonderful people we owe a debt of gratitude.  Without their perseverance and determination ……  it is unimaginable what may have happened to these beautiful animals.
B.C. Proclamation Honoring Whistler Sled Dogs

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For more information:
Ryan Cotter
(613) 992-3213


Dr. Hedy Fry’s bill: An Act to amend the Canadian Criminal Code (animal cruelty)

• Introduces the term ‘negligent’ and defines it as “departing markedly from the standard of care that a reasonable person would use”;
• Makes it an offense to kill any animal without a lawful excuse. Lawful excuse includes: hunting, fishing, farming, euthanasia, and protection of life and property. THESE PRACTICES ARE FULLY PROTECTED;
• Makes it an offence to kill an animal with ‘brutal or vicious intent’, whether or not the animal dies immediately;
• Introduces a definition of ‘animal’ and defines it as “a vertebrate, other than a human being”;
• Includes specific offences for poisoning, injuring or killing a law enforcement animal while it is working;
Moves animal cruelty out of the property section of the criminal code to better reflect contemporary Canadian values of seeing animals not merely as chattel but as beings capable or pain and suffering;
• Makes it an offense to train an animal to fight or receive money for animal fighting and training;
• Applies to all vertebrates equally whether or not they are owned or un-owned (wild, stray, etc.);
• Allows for a lifetime prohibition on future animal ownership (up from the current maximum of two years) and a minimum five-year prohibition for second or subsequent offences;
• Allows judges to order anyone convicted of cruelty to animals to pay restitution (such as veterinary bills and shelter costs) to the animal welfare organization that subsequently cared for the animal(s).
• Provides greater flexibility in sentencing by allowing animal cruelty crimes to be prosecuted as summary conviction or indictable offenses. Maximum penalties for an indictable offense would increase to a jail term of up to five years and unlimited fines; and for summary convictions, a maximum jail sentence of up to eighteen months and fine of up to $10,000.00.

Liberal MP Dr. Hedy Fry introduces 5 Private Members Bills | Hedy …


20 Sep 2011 – Liberal MP Dr. Hedy Fry (Vancouver Centre) today re-introduced five  “I reintroduced these bills because they have long been a priority for me,” explained Dr. Fry.  Moves animal cruelty out of the property section of the criminal code to better  is impersonal and they can therefore say whatever they want.

Please get in touch with  Dr Hedy Fry and do all you can to share this and support her bill ? Please also check out the CFAWR  link regarding Canada’s Animal Cruelty legislation .It is virtually nonexistent!  


Thank you  all,so much for your support!


CFAWR | Current Legislation


Current Canadian Federal Animal Cruelty legislation has its roots dating back Richard Ryder writes that the first known legislation against animal cruelty in the .


Sarah West Founder/President

Canadians For Animal Welfare Reform (CFAWR) www.cfawr.org

Follow us on Twitter

Canadian Ambassador World Animal Day



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Just In and Re-Posted with Permission

Excellent News for Coyotes facing Blood Sport

“Dear Friend of Wildlife

For all of you who sign petitions and write letters of support on behalf of wildlife, I know you must sometimes wonder whether it makes any difference. Well, here is the proof that it does.

The coyote killing contests didn’t occur this year mainly because you, and hundreds of others, wrote challenging the legality of these barbaric contests, pressuring the Premier and the MNR to enforce the law.

You will see from the comments below that we put the MNR in a difficult position. On the one hand, the MNR conveyed to the contest holder that it “was not in his best interest to hold the contest” this year but on the other an MNR spokesperson denies that they tried to muzzle him. The reason for this double speak is that, in having challenged the illegal nature of this contest, we exposed and put at risk the Ministry’s other questionable contests. The Ministry no doubt decided it was better to quietly stop this contest so that it didn’t have to defend the larger legal issue. The hypocrisy of the MNR in the article below does not go unnoticed by the public.

Thanks to you, we can take great satisfaction knowing that countless hundreds of coyotes were not chased to exhaustion or torn to shreds by a pack of dogs this winter, to serve simply as ‘sport’ for hunters. ”

Donna DuBreuil

Ontario Wildlife Coalition



“Locke’s decision not to repeat the coyote contest was preceded by a letter he had received from the MNR on Dec. 13, 2011. He had been informed that his contest was the subject of two complaints under Section 11 of the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act. The contest had received its share of criticism by both individuals and animals rights groups.”

Coyote hunt a no go


Posted 15 hours ago

CORNWALL — Just about this time last year, John Locke was busy organizing the Coyote/Wolf Fest Ball at a nearby night club.

Locke, the owner of Fence Depot in the north end of Cornwall, has no such duties this week, content he is still able to sell hunting and fishing licences.

“We had great response,” he said of the controversial Coyote/Wolf Contest held February 2011, which culminated with a coyote calling contest.

“(Hunters) were looking forward to (the contest this year); we were all set to go.”

About 120 coyotes were killed by about 100 hunters looking to receive a prize.

But then Locke claims he received a phone call from a representative with the Ministry of Natural Resources.

“(the MNR) suggested it was not in our best interest in holding the contest — in a subtle way,” Locke said.

“It’s kind of a slap in the face,” said Locke, citing other h unting contests he holds for deer and turkeys.

“How can they say we cannot have other contests, but except for this one.”

Fence Depot has a contract to sell hunting and fishing licences, he explained.

While the revenue from licences accounts for small percentage of his revenue, he was worried about a reduction of indirect sales from hunters and anglers.

“Because I’m in business, I don’t want to jeopardize what I do,” he said.

The contest was ini tiated in response to ongoing trepidation from livestock farmers about the increased coyote/wolf population in eastern Ontario.

MNR spokesperson Jolanta Kowalski said no MNR official had given instructions to Locke to muzzle his contest.

Kowalski said the MNR would not become involved unless hunters contravened hunting regulations, noting that coyote hunting is allowed year-round.

The MNR has cautioned against a determined cull of coyotes, explaining the species has reproductive cycle that speeds when its population declines.

Locke’s decision not to repeat the coyote contest was preceded by a letter he had received from the MNR on Dec. 13, 2011.

He had been informed that his contest was the subject of two complaints under Section 11 of the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act.

The contest had received its share of criticism by both individuals and animals rights groups.

But other residents, including South Stormont Mayor Bryan McGillis, had supported Locke.

Section 11 states that a person shall not hunt (among other methods) or induce another to hunt for gain.

The complaints had been brought forward by the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, which can utilize the Environmental Bill of Rights.

Locke said his $15 registration fee was charged just to recover expenses, such as renting space for the Wolf Fest Ball.

After a probe into the complaints, MNR environmental planning official Sally Renwick informed Locke there were no grounds for an investigation.

“… any changes in how coyotes are harvested due to holding and participating in contests would not likely cause harm to the environment,” stated Renwick’s summary.


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