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Calgary muzzles artists critical of tar sands

by Rob Maguire on April 17, 2013


President Obama Slams Climate Deniers on Twitter


Fracking Our National Parks: America’s Best Idea Threatened By Oil and Gas Addiction


Breaking: Enbridge Pipeline Spills in Minnesota (Updates original)



Animal Justice Canada wants the chicken killer artist to be charged


Obama Moves to Block Horse Slaughter


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For Immediate Release

Wild for Life Foundation

Los Angeles, CA

June 27, 2012

Wild for Life Foundation is pleased to announce the release of its brand new Flash media PSA, ” Justice for America’s Horses“,  a public service announcement to raise awareness about the cruelty of horse slaughter. The 1 minute PSA comes in the wake of the recent push by foreign investors to expand a niche market for horsemeat sold as a delicacy abroad.
History proves that USDA inspections fail to stop the insidious crimes of cruelty inside America’s slaughterhouses. Substantial evidence as documented by numerous governmental reports and undercover investigations reveal egregious violations and a total lack of enforcement by the USDA before horse slaughter plants were shut down in 2007. “If horse slaughter plants are reopened in the U.S., horses will undoubtedly suffer torturous agony on U.S. soil again,” states Katia Louise, President of Wild for Life Foundation.  “The new PSA, JUSTICE FOR AMERICA’S HORSES drives this point home through use of FOIA documentation previously suppressed by the USDA.”
“Foreign slaughterers want the U.S. government to ignore the resounding opposition to horse slaughter by 80% of the American people, and instead give them our hard earned tax dollars to set up new killing shops in the heart of our home town communities.”
As quoted from the PSA, “It doesn’t have to be this way. Federal protection is possible when you take a stand. Tell your policymakers to right the wrong by supporting the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act.
JUSTICE FOR AMERICA’S HORSES was made possible by generous in kind contributions to Wild for Life Foundation from IMA Studios, Maria Daines, Paul Killington, Animal Law Coalition, Kaufman Zoning, Animals Angels & John Holland.
Now see and share JUSTICE FOR AMERICA’S HORSES >> http://youtu.be/UpuJM_2I8uI
Learn more>> http://www.savingamericashorses.org/advocacy.html

Equine Welfare Alliance

Three Angels Farms Ordered To Cease Transporting Horses – NewsChannel5.com | Nashville News, Weather & Sports



Three Chimneys presents Good News Friday: A Second Start for Fort Erie’s Horses


First time ever that animal treatment features on UN negotiations on sustainable development

Jun 19, 2012


What’s on your plate?

WSPA has released a new report, What’s on Your Plate? The Hidden Costs of Industrial Animal Agriculture in Canada that exposes the destructive impacts of ILOs on our health, the environment, animal welfare and rural Canada.


The Cloud Foundation

Remembering Trish Kerby

Champion of the Pryor Wild Horse Herd


Group rallies against ‘cruel’ horse-drawn caleches


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First from the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition……………………….Reposted

A sad anniversary

by canadianhorsedefencecoalition

“April 5th is the 4th month anniversary of the Pasture to Plate: The True Cost of Canada’s Horsemeat Industry report from the CHDC.”

A sad anniversary

by canadianhorsedefencecoalition

April 5th is the 4th month anniversary of the Pasture to Plate: The True Cost of Canada’s Horsemeat Industry report from the CHDC.


During the last 4 months, the CHDC attempted to engage the CFIA with two Open Letters, the first on January 4, 2012 and the second on March 13, 2012 in order to get answers regarding the slaughterhouse at La Petite-Nations and the discrepancies from the investigation as well as information being released by the CFIA in the media and in emails.

To date, the CFIA has not addressed any of the CHDC’s concerns.

Once again, here is the link for the Pasture to Plate investigation.  Also, please take the time to read the written report.  Only then will you get a true understanding of the issues horses face at slaughter in Canada.  And for our U.S. friends, please remember that if slaughterhouses re-open in your country, this is what awaits your horses no matter how hard the pro-slaughter side tries to pull the wool over an unsuspecting public.

It is imperative that we keep the pressure on the CFIA to obtain answers and to stop the atrocity of horse slaughter in Canada.

Please download a petition from either our web site or here on the blog to support Bill C-322. All the info you require has been provided in both places and in both English and French.


This issue will not go away unless you, the taxpayer, demand that this inhumane industry is shut down forever. Thank you



http://canadianhorsedefencecoalition.wordpress.com/pasture-to-plate/ – Link to written report

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Adena Springs launches equine retirement site

by canadianhorsedefencecoalition

04/05/2012 12:32PM

By Glenye Cain Oakford


Revised CHDC flyer uploaded

by canadianhorsedefencecoalition

Our revised two page flyer has been uploaded to our blog and can be found here: http://canadianhorsedefencecoalition.wordpress.com/chdc-documents/

Please print and distribute freely!

Thank you from the horses.

p.s. The French version will be forthcoming soon.

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With over 255 emails having been received in just three days…..I have put together some of the important stories and links together for you.

Very little has changed, in fact nothing positive has happened for the better.  A great deal more must be done to save these magnificent equines.


Equine Welfare Alliance:  Study exposes real reasons behind decline of horse industry



AATV interview with Jo-Claire Corcoran on the children’s fight to save America’s horses. Many thanks to Deb Lopez (Animal Advocates TV and Americans Against Horse Slaughter) for her production of this video.


Or RTs site – http://rtfitchauthor.com/2012/03/24/aatv-interview-with-jo-claire-corcoran-about-the-childrens-letter-writing-campaign/




American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

Take Action

Tell the BLM “No” to Wild Horse Removals In The Desatoya Mountains Area in Central Nevada


Saving America’s Horses


Overwhelming response to SAVING AMERICA’S HORSES, the movie opens the door to mega attention for the horses!

New post on Canadian Horse Defence Coalition’s Blog


Horse killed, head dumped in pickup truck


Man arrested for carrying out “bizarre and senseless” horse killing (Niagara Falls, Canada)



Breaking News: Summit of the Slaughter Horse Canceled

Posted on March 27, 2012




Animals’ Angels Investigation: The Dennis Chavez Slaughter Horse Feedlot inNew Mexico

March 26, 2012



Dear New York Times: Please don’t forget the 26,600 slaughtered Thoroughbreds

Posted on March 26, 2012

Article by Vickery Eckhoff from her personal Blog


Death and Disarry at America’s Racetracks

Posted on March 24, 2012

Mangled Horses, Maimed Jockeys

Published: March 24, 2012


Fate of horses forgotten in political gambit



There is quite little that provokes horse lovers more than the subject of horse slaughter, which is why Premier Dalton McGuinty’s moves to effectively destroy the horse racing industry has signed the death warrants for thousands of animals.




Wild For Life Foundation


Wild for Life Foundation


March 23, 2012





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More News Links

Before I Head out to meet with and spend time with LOKI, here are more news links that came in today.

Remember you can subscribe yourselves to receive daily or weekly newsletters, emails and updates from these terrific organizations. 

Keep in the LOOP…LEARN a great deal…….


Speak for the VOICELESS

“You ask of my companions. Hills, sir and the sundown, and a dog…They are better than beings, because they know, but do not tell.”  Emily Dickinson

“If a dog will not come to you after he has looked you in the face, you ought to gone and examine your conscience.”   Woodrow Wilson

No matter the Species, all creatures deserve our respect, deserve our protection, our treatment towards them reflects our very souls, making a strong statement, be it good or bad on our own Species: The Human Race     (my own)

     To View New Petition Links:  Please go to Causes:  http://www.causes.com/causes/487549-action-for-the-protection-of-northern-animals


New post on Canadian Horse Defence Coalition’s Blog


Please act now to further help the wild horses of Alberta!

by canadianhorsedefencecoalition

The following link provides sample letters and an easy tool with which to e-mail the government:


Note: Minister of Sustainable Resource Development, Frank Oberle, has received a barrage of e-mails to which he has responded with a form letter full of misinformation.  A second round of e-mails will help him to understand that the public cannot be fooled.



New posts on World Wide Legal Action 4 Animal Rights


State Farm® Joins American Humane Association to Salute Hero Dogs


Arson Dogs are a Hot Category in the 2012 Hero Dog Awards State Farm, one of America’s largest insurance companies, joined forces with American Humane Association, one of America’s oldest humanitarian organizations, to celebrate the powerful relationship between dogs and people with the sponsorship of the “Law Enforcement & Arson Dog” category for the […]

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New post on World Wide Legal Action 4 Animal Rights

Three Victories for Wildlife Against Big Oil!


Reblogged from Victories for the Animals: source: National Wildlife Federation Action Fund The U.S. Senate passes a bipartisan transportation package that has tremendous impacts for America’s wildlife. Thanks to advocates like you who have been keeping the pressure on Congress to fight for their constituents’ interests instead of Big Oil’s, we are happy to be able […]

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Too late – military intervention fails to halt elephant slaughter in Cameroon


With up to 400 elephants already butchered for their ivory, soldiers were in a deadly battle with poachers last week to prevent further killing in Cameroon’s Bouba Ndjida National Park. A team from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW – www.ifaw.org) reported heavy fire between the two sides last Monday as poachers targeted a herd […]

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Ban Cruel Tail Docking of Cattle in Illinois!


Action Alert from Animal Welfare Institute AWI requests your help to urge IL legislators to support HB1697, a bill to ban unnecessary and inhumane docking of cows’ tails. The bill has passed the House Business and Occupational Licenses Committee and will be voted on by the full House in the near future. Tail docking can cause […]

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One Year After Japanese Earthquake, Thousands of Animals Still Without Homes, While Others Roam Amid Rubble


One year ago, on March 11, 2011, the world watched in horror as one of the most powerful earthquakes ever recorded hit off the coast of Japan, causing devastating tsunamis and triggering a meltdown at the nuclear power plant in Fukushima. The result of the disaster was catastrophic with more than 15,000 deaths, billions […]

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Great news! Arizona House committee votes for the greyhounds

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