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Three years ago the battle to have animal protection legislated in the Northwest Territories began.  This battle is not yet over.  As you will see in the last CJCD link, the new Act has passed, and the initial “deadly loophole” was replaced by crafty rewording, and despite desperate attempts that were made to have this reworded loophole totally removed from the new Act, those Committee Members that opposed the loophole, as well as the hundreds of private individuals across Canada, those who spoke against it during Public Hearings and those of the International Community who spoke against the clause, were ignored.  The GNWT Cabinet, who for the most part do not vote, vetoed the motion to delete this clause.

While the new Act does provide for much needed improvement, the fact that there remains wiggle room for offenders of animal cruelty to be considered an “exception” dependent upon how and why an animal is in duress or crisis, is a disgrace.

As of this date, it is unknown on what exact date this new Act will take effect.

One good note:  the motion to begin work on a Comprehensive Animal Protection Act during this session, carried through which means it will be continue to be worked on with the next Territorial Government.  Elections should be held this Fall.

An additional post on this topic will be made shortly.





NWT animal cruelty legislation worst in Canada

June 11, 2010


GNWT sluggish on revising Dog Act – animal rights activist

October 26, 2010





GNWT to revise animal cruelty laws

November 1, 2010



GNWT amends animal protection laws

November 2, 2010



MLA expects lots of debate at Dog Act hearings

January 7, 2011



Hearings begin into NWT Dog Act

January 14, 2011



Over a dozen attend Hub hearing on Dog Act

January 20, 2011



MLAs to look over NWT Dog Act again this week

February 22, 2011



Animal rights activist not impressed by Dog Act change

February 25, 2011



Controversial clause in NWT Dog Act replaced

February 24, 2011



Controversial Dog Act passes in NWT Legislature

March 5, 2011







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Contained below are only just a few of the CJCD reports that one can fine online.  Many more reports and published articles may be found on sites such as : Northern News Services which publish newspapers across the North, such as the Yellowknifer, Decho Drum, News North.  Many links to various articles have been posted in this Blog’s Archives.

Here is a short review thus far.  Please take the time to go to each link and read for yourself.



Hay River creating by-law against animal abuse

March 24, 2010

In January 2010 Hay River Mayor Kelly Schofield was approached and a discussion within his office took place about strengthening Hay River By-Laws, as well as a proposal to put into effect a “Zero Tolerance Policy on Animal Cruelty” in place for Hay River.  For all intent and purposes the Hay River resident  presenting this policy was lead to believe that this was well received.  Two follow up meetings, almost one year later, with a Hay River Councilman, not the Mayor, further discussed the issues in Hay River.  As of this date the question remains as to just WHAT the Mayor’s office and Town Council have actually done to revisit and strengthen existing Hay River By Laws to ensure that animals are protected.

It must be noted that on February 4, 2011, Judge Malakoe set a precedent by throwing three charges brought against a Hay River resident who was allegedly in violation of current Hay River By Laws (Animal Control) out of court due to a technicality whereby the By Laws did not explicitly reference the consequence to the violation nor the penalty payable.  Hub Publications covered this story which can be found on their website. “Animal control by-law lacks teeth, judge says” Hub Publications February 16, 2011.


Hub goes without by-law officer for over a year

September 14, 2010


HR’s new by-law officer taking gradual approach to enforcement

November 18, 2010


New bylaw officer starts off in Hay River

November 18, 2010




Over 100 dogs found neglected in HR, woman charged

June 2, 2010


Neglected dogs under care of SPCA

June 4, 2010


Lack of resources forced town to euthanize puppies — SPCA

September 8, 2010


What happened to the rest of the dogs? – animal welfare group on Hay River hoarding case

September 21, 2010


HR accused dog abuser faces more charges

December 3, 2010


Woman pleads not guilty to dog neglect

January 20, 2011


Trial date set in animal cruelty case

March 4, 2011

As it now stands, 83 of the original dogs found on Hobson’s property remain there, as wards of the town and supposedly monitored by a Town employee.  Logically it may be safe to believe that additional puppies have been born on that property since May 29, 2010.  Question:  What is the actual number of dogs now on that property???  Unfortunately while the Animal Alliance of Canada has already written two requests for information, they have yet to receive a response.

The additional question of just WHO the Mayor’s office has monitoring these dogs and this property remains a mystery. According to CJCD post of March 4, 2011 – “Town authorities have not told CJCD who’s monitoring the remaining dogs on Hobson’s property.”

Note that having been provided information straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak,  David Ryan the newly hired Hay River By Law Officer has, according to Mr. Ryan himself , never been to the property nor seen these animals that remain on the property. Apparently it is being handled by a “higher authority”.

As this writer has been told that Mr. Ryan tape records conversations, (and has admitted that he  sometimes fails to tell the individuals) a record of this conversation has been made.

The fate of the remaining 83 dogs remains a mystery as well, already deemed to be ‘aggressive, vicious and unpredictable’ by Mayor Schofield in one other published media interview, these animals would be posing a threat to public safety moreso than those young puppies held at the shelter that  Town Authorities chose to designate in the same category and which they destroyed. Which raises yet another question:  Why were these 83 animals immediately not destroyed? Reports of a pack of 6 highly aggressive animals  in and around that property have made to this writer; the animals on this property are outside and what happens should any break free of their chains or escape their cages and maul or kill a town resident, or family pet?

So again, just WHO is monitoring these animals?  WHY is the new By Law Officer who is also to enforce the Hay River By Law on Animal Control, not monitoring these animals?   Very interesting, is it not.

As for the puppies that were seized, removed and relocated to the Hay River Municipally owned shelter and cared for by volunteers for 2 1/2 months, medicated for worms, receiving proper nutrition, fresh water from May 29, 2010 to mid August 2010; an offer to assist in the relocation of these puppies to fully equipped southern facilities run by trained professional animal care and rehab specialists was made a number of times.  However, no response came from the Mayor’s office, no attempts to socialize and rehab any of these rescued pups was made.  The end result:  puppies were removed from shelter and destroyed in mid August 2010 by order of Town officials who deemed them aggressive and unpredictable…they aged between 2 to 12 months old.  This information was finally released to the public on August 31, 2010 by the Deputy Mayor, only due to the blast of Press Releases issued by Canadians for Animal Welfare Reform.  Pictures of these pups were published by Northern News Services.

The Town of Hay River as been severely criticized by CFAWR, and once again as of this date, details as to just how these pups were killed remains a mystery.  With no resident veterinarians in this town….one may use their own imagination as to how these pups lost their lives.

As for the remaining 83 dogs left on that property, Mayor Schofield is quoted as saying ” The dogs are still in her care. The Town will be making sure the dogs are taken care of”.  Hub Publications June 9, 2010.  In addition SPCA President Jennifer Larkin is quoted “We did receive complaints (about this property) this time around, and we have received complaints in the past”. “But we are not an authority figure. We are an organization that cares for animals. We have to direct people to the RCMP.”

Given that previous Municipal authorities, as well as town residents had known of this situation being allowed to continue for over ten years, WHY was nothing ever done to correct the situation?  Further it is rumored that the accused also applied to the Town for a new Kennel License!!!!

In one Editorial:  the statement is made ” Ultimately , the blame for the animals deaths lies squarely on the shoulders of the person who was keeping them…” quote taken from published Editorial “Sad but not cruel”  Northern News Service concerning the killing of the rescued pups.

Also see:  Hub Publications Website:  “Town finds itself under attack after destroying 23 dogs”; “Dog seizure a disgrace to community” (June 9, 2010); “Dogs seized following tip” (June 9, 2010);

“Puppy deaths unnecessary”  Northern News: September 20, 2010.



Vehicle break-in leads to tragic dog death

January 29, 2011


Musician charged with killing dog banned from lounge

February 1, 2011



Musician accused of animal cruelty in jail pending next court date

February 3, 2011


Local musician pleads guilty to animal cruelty

March 2, 2011



Local musician sentenced to four months in jail



Behchoko puppies saved

November 18, 2010



Mountie says animal cruelty in Whati ‘heart-wrenching’

December 9, 2010


NWT animal rights activist happy with charges against abuser

December 14, 2010

In summary it has not been a good year HERE for dogs  in 2010.  Just as it has never been a good year for dogs in the Northwest Territories for decades.


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Local musician pleads guilty to animal cruelty

Lloyd Thrasher pleads guilty.


Note:  all this week, new amended Dog Act, ongoing debate in Assembly – goes before Assembly of the Whole tomorrow….should be approved by this Friday.  Will keep everyone updated, once more information comes in.

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Just some examples of the research one can find on the Net.






Community Activisim for prevention of Hoarding.html


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Keeping informed and updated on the relevant issues concerning Animal Advocacy is so important.

As typified by the Public Hearings on Bill 16, concerning the amended NWT Dog Act, the opposition to this deadly loophole in the proposed new Act is causing a great deal of conflict with those who would like to see this loophole kept in the Act and the fines actually reduced.

A clear definition of what constitutes “acceptable local or traditional practices”  here in the NWT or across the Canadian North period, has yet to be made.  Further no definition appears in any form of Federal or Provincial Legislation anywhere in Canada.

When one surfs the Net to do research it is amazing what a person can find.  For example, Sandy Lee, the now Canadian Minister of Health, did speak out in the NWT Legislative Assembly quite a number of years ago on the need to improve Animal Protection in the Northwest Territories.  Her address to the Legislative Assembly can be found on the GNWT Website Hansard.

The GNWT’s MLA Robert Bromley also addressed the NWT Legislative Assembly concerning the need for improved Animal Protection within the last two years.  MLA David Ramsay has been a vocal supporter for Animal Protection reform over the last three years and now chairs the Public Hearing Meetings taking place.

One need only google Northern News Service and type in Animal Abuse, Neglect or  Deaths pertaining to dogs, and an amazing amount of media coverage has been published over the years.  Many of those links to those articles are posted on this Blog.

Keeping oneself actively involved, researching, bringing Public Focus to issues not only in the Canadian North but all over the world is a daunting, time consuming and heartbreaking task.  However it needs to be done and so many dedicated individuals the World over are doing just that.  Dedicated persons who spend hours each day, every day getting the message out there, alerting others, alerting those of moral conscious and reminding everyone that all living creatures are sentient beings worthy of our respect, our care and our protection.

To those dedicated individuals, you are APPLAUDED LOUDLY!!!  Many have made this their life’s work, be it the hands on rescue work and or the process of educating the public, and in most cases doing both with a passion and commitment that is unrivaled.

Animal Rights Advocates and Activists, Environmental Advocates and Activists, and Animal Rescue Workers around the World have a dirty job cleaning up the mess, destruction and horrors left by irresponsible animal owners, hoarders, puppy and kitten mills, dog fighters and  big business to name a few.  The dedicated individuals are also left to clean up the mess that the government fails to take proactive measure on.

Why is this?  Because governments and often law enforcement agencies  fail to uphold existing laws already in place that are there to  protect domestic and farm  animals, wildlife and the environment.  Governments also fail miserably to LISTEN and to upgrade antiquated and backwards laws that presently do exist, despite the ongoing outrage and demand for them to do so.  It would appear that quite possibly the elected officials whose salaries are paid for by the taxpayer, are either deaf or incapable of comprehending the written and spoken  word which has for years called for Animal Protection Reform in Canada, reduction in Environmental destruction and curbing Global Warming.

Big bucks are to be made from the exploitation of animals and the environment.  Every day at lease one species of animal and or plant life becomes extinct or is put on the Endangered Species List.

Natural disasters are taking place everywhere across the Globe;  Mother Nature is really very angry, and her message is very clear.  Something to think about.

Below are a series of links which may be of interest.  Please take the time and learn for yourself, the truth of what is going on.

Animal Advocates and Activists, Environmental Advocates and Activists are not crazy people, who these individuals are are dedicated, educated and intelligent  individuals who have the courage to speak out, to educate and who have committed themselves to making a POSITIVE difference to a world and environment that is going to hell in a hand cart.

fb group- http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2559701041
fb cause- http://www.causes.com/causes/8495-stop-animal-cruelty-in-canada-with-effective-legislation
Wordpress- http://stopanimalcrueltyincanada.wordpress.com/

More relevant links-
What you can do- Speak up (easy letter campaign!)- http://stopanimalabuse.ca/
CFHS- Federal legislation- http://cfhs.ca/law/federal_legislation/ (C links on left!)
ALDF- 2010 Canadian Animal Protection Laws Rankings- http://www.aldf.org/downloads/ALDF2010CanadianRankingsReport.pdf
ALDF- When You Witness Animal Cruelty- http://www.aldf.org/section.php?id=93
IFAW- Stop Animal Cruelty in Canada: Support Anti-Cruelty Laws-http://www.ifaw.org/ifaw_canada_english/join_campaigns/national_and_regional_efforts/stop_animal_cruelty_in_canada_support_anti-cruelty_laws/index.php
WSPA- Animal Cruelty Laws- http://www.wspa.ca/helping/action/animalscrueltylaws/animalcrueltylaws.aspx
Bill C-229- http://www2.parl.gc.ca/HousePublications/Publication.aspx?DocId=3619379&Language=e&Mode=1&File=24
Petition- http://stopanimalcrueltyincanada.wordpress.com/help-with-petition/
Link 2 find your MP- http://canada.gc.ca/directories-repertoires/direct-eng.html

Dear Gov’t of Canada, 2011.. The Year for animals in Canada?


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The pot is certainly boiling over the deadly loophole contained in the new proposed dog act for the NWT.  The deadly loophole: “make exceptions for accepted local and traditional practices” is receiving local, National and International Opposition  however:

It appears MLA for Mackenzie Delta, Mr.  Krutko prefers to keep the NWT in the dark ages, not caring what the National and International community thinks about animal welfare in the Territories, according to him it is not “their business”.  He would also like to see the fines lowered.   It appears he prefers to perpetuate the decades of uncontrolled and un-prosecuted animal cruelty that has won the NWT as well as Nunavut the dubious distinction of being named “Best Place to Abuse Animals””.  One is left to wonder if he has any dogs and just how his are treated.

Given the NWT relies heavily on tourism and soliciting skilled workers from across Canada and elsewhere in the world, perhaps those individuals would enjoy free tours and get a real kick on seeing just how badly animals in the NWT are treated…..another tourist attraction perhaps.  Perhaps the Federal Government of Canada can dump more taxpayer dollars into the NWT for start up on this new tourism attraction as well.

Put your hands together and give a round of applause for MLA Krutko and his apparent above the law of the land attitude, or email him personally at:  david_m_krutko@gov.nt.ca    Tel: 867-669-2285

Your comments are most welcome and will be given to MLA Ramsay on January 18th at the Public Hearing in Hay River personally.  You can also  email comments to :  david_ramsay@gov.nt.ca

and please cc copies to:       protectionofnorthernanimals@gmail.com
You can also  go to this link and also leave your comments to this news story.


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Animals not merely property


B.C. leads country in humane treatment of farm animals, poll shows


Ontario man moves across Canada to save his dog


Zoo zebra dies- Clg


Criminal Charges Filed In Animal Neglect Case



Mountie rescues stray dogs in northern Manitoba



Culprits sought in shocking animal cruelty case



Dogs often left to freeze, shot on Man. reserve



Animals not merely property



Skinny bear cubs baffle experts



B.C. leads country in humane treatment of farm animals, poll shows



Smiths Falls man mourns dog killed by animal trap



Dog killed by hunter’s trap



Ontario man moves across Canada to save his dog


Calgary Year of the Cat campaign focuses on unwanted pets



Guinea pigs poisoned, Edmonton probe confirms



Zoo zebra dies- Clg


Criminal Charges Filed In Animal Neglect Case



Mountie rescues stray dogs in northern Manitoba


Man arrested in Victoria after puppy beaten to death



Dogs often left to freeze, shot on Man. reserve



Pet’s death sparks outrage

Dog found dead in leg-hold trap on Back bay island





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