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There has been much by way of   emailing between parties with reference to the controversial No Kill Movement, and in addressing the issues and conversation that ensued, I have received permission from Ms. West to copy and paste her response in one of her communiques.    My own comments are made first and I agree wholeheartedly with Ms. West.

Bloggers Comments:

Over population is definitely NOT and animal problem.  It is in fact a HUMAN problem period!  Every single day, in every single town, city and province countless kittens and puppies are born and cats and dogs are either turned into shelters, are found abandoned and dumped.  Why, because educating the masses as well try to do, stressing the need for spay/neuter is being totally ignored by the ignorant, the money hungry and the irresponsible pet owners not only in Canada but elsewhere throughout the US and every country on the Globe.  It is a HUMAN problem.  We see it everyday, and we clean up the mess and horror left behind.

As far as the laws governing companion animals in this country, we all know how archaic and antiquated these laws are, yet each time a new Bill is brought before the House to improve the legislation and declassify animals as mere property, it is voted down by the current government in power.  Further, shelter funding for the most part is not subsidized by provincial or federal funding and often depends solely upon donations.  What municipally owned shelters there are, are dictated to by the municipal bureaucrats who dictate!!

Over burdened shelters, and especially No-Kill Shelters trying so desperately to find forever homes for those in need,  unlicensed back yard breeders, the human failures of spaying and neutering companion animals, the total lack of responsible pet owners and the failure of municipal, provincial and federal government to properly address the issues of inadequate veterinary services in many areas across Canada, the Federal Legislation, the lack of very real animal protection By-Laws within our communities, municipalities and not having enough qualified, fully educated Animal Cruelty Investigators within each SPCA, town, city, municipality and province/territory is also part of the problem.

We need the powers of Seizure to save distressed animals held in the confines of ongoing neglect, disregard and failures to provide the necessities of life.  Here in Canada, we need the powers that are given to SPCA’s within the US.  Here instead we must depend upon the local police forces for seizure and quite honestly folks they have enough on their hands and distressed and abused animals are the last of their concerns.

Major movements within this country and elsewhere, as Sarah has pointed out, must have one focus to be effective Any problem regarding animal welfare is NOT  a single faceted one The No Kill Solution is taking the shelters to task.  This is one of the problems we have with bad shelter management, lack of cooperation with rescues, not socializing dogs and the list goes on!

We have seen the scandals surrounding the OSPCA, my God my computer files are enormous on that particular issue alone.  Then you take into account the Whistler case, that massive slaughter was unnecessary and fueled only by greed and a failure to effectively monitor such operations. The subsequent investigation into the slaughter was too little too late, and the outcome of the judgement issued by the Courts for this mass murder was merely a slap on the wrist.

WE must, support each other.  WE must be united period.  WE must not criticize or judge that which is being done by any one group or organization in their fight to end cruelty to animals in this country or anywhere else period.  Dissention among the troops proves only to make the army very shaky and ineffective.  While one has the right to disagree, and I will defend that right, we all have one common goal and purpose..to save animals.  Since the Federal Government shows total disrespect and total disregard, often branding many of us as ‘terrorists’ if we speak out against the lack of very real Animal Protection, cutting off charitable status to organizations that openly oppose current ridiculous antiquated legislation and policies..we have only each other from which to draw strength and resources.


Ms. West writes:

Areas of Focus That must be Addressed Regarding Pet Overpopulation and Animal Cruelty


  1. Education and awareness both public the government courts police and the media ( Bonnie is working on this )
  2. Education and awareness both public the government courts police and the media that animals are sentient beings
  3. Education and awareness with regards to THE CAMBRIDGE DECLARATION ( that animals have the same consciousness as we do) yes we all know this but it’s NOT public knowledge and  certainly NOT known and recognized by the public courts government police and media
  4. Education and awareness via humane education in elementary schools ( I am working on getting certified as a humane educator ) for CFAWR
  5. Education and awareness with regards to the Animal Cruelty Syndrome ( for the public courts, government and media)
  6. Getting the TERM “ Companion Animal” listed in our dictionaries and  as  working on getting the use of this TERM in precedence setting legal cases
  7. Debunking the myth that shelter ect are somehow inferior or broken
  8. The destruction of whose who run puppy mills and back yard breeder
  9. Education and awareness regarding the necessity and positives if spaying and neutering
  10. Creating ways to make spaying and neutering ( more accessible and affordable ) for the public  Mobile vets  and subsidised procedures by the veterinary profession for low income citizens
  11. Legislation that bans the sale of puppies and kitten from pet stores ( Canada wide)
  12. Acceptability of TNR programmes by municipalities ( Canada wide)
  13.  Complete transparency and better shelter management by shelters and humane societies ( FOCUS for the NO KILL MOVEMENT) and Bill Bruce the Calgary Model Bonnie also working on this
  14.  Animals removed as property from the Canadian criminal code and PROPER Animal welfare legislation brought into Canada ( CFAWR is trying to work on this tiny step  by tiny step
  15.  Creating and establishing relationships with those MP’s trying to make changes to federal and provincial cruelty legislation ( Peggy Nash Mac Harb Mark Holland ect
  16.  Contraception for cats and dogs Alliance for Contraception in Cats and Dogs
  17. Cohesiveness, elimination of back biting and power struggles inherent in many animal welfare rescuers and groups ( animal advocacy underground)
  18. Animal advocacy volunteer training/ support regarding education speaking with media, animal care and networking for animals in need


If we have groups and movements taking on any of these’ issues of this multi-faceted program…. it is a good thing!   No one group can do it all and we cannot criticize each other if any one of us feel that something is fundamentally wrong with a specific group then don’t work with them  Keep doing what you are doing, but I feel other than that we must work together as Bonnie says.


Think about this list above.  This is a huge problem  almost beyond comprehension but we can neither be “ overwhelmed” or critical.  All efforts are helping and the No Kill movement may be doing some things you don’t like  but the fact that Nathan Winograd has started this is a good thing.  Many animals lives have been saved by his movement and that is a good thing regardless. I for one glad am he is on the ground fighting back with the No Kill Movement

All of us have to pick one focus and working on creating a dove- tail relationships with others who have a different  mandate and focus! It is out of “ combined” efforts that will and do make a difference for all the animals we care for so deeply.


We can’t change other countries but we can all come together to do what we can for Canada and her animals and creatures, wild, marine, stray ,farm and companion.




Sarah West Founder/President

Canadians For Animal Welfare Reform (CFAWR) www.cfawr.org

Contact us via cfawr@telus.net  

Follow us on Twitter

Canadian Ambassador World Animal Day



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Over a month ago I announced via FaceBook that I was, after long hard thought, retiring from advocacy.  Perhaps I used the wrong terminology, sabbatical is the term I should have used.  Suffering from Compassion Fatigue, I need a break, the length of which is unknown.

Anyone who is bombarded on a daily basis with the continued horrors inflicted upon animals, anyone who must physically clean up the mess left behind by irresponsible pet owners, administer care to the abandoned and the suffering, anyone who works in shelters and vet hospitals will in time go through Compassion Fatigue.  Similar to Post Trauma Stress Disorder, the effects of Compassion Fatigue can be and are devastating.

Despite the need for peace and respite from advocacy there are issues that continue to eat at my soul, no inner peace can be found as long as animals suffer at the hands of man.

I received this email just the other day from Sinika, with the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition, and with her permission have copied and pasted it below.

Canada continues the blood bath in the equine slaughter plants in this country.  Canada continues to enable the horrific BLM roundups of wild horses in the US by importing these animals for slaughter into our country.

We all thought that the recent XL Meat scandal was bad enough.  We learned how our Canadian Food Inspection Agency dropped the ball on that one.  Well the CFIA continues to drop the ball, by not effectively and efficiently monitoring horse slaughter in this country, and by allowing contaminated horse meat to be exported from this country.  But really, think about it, can we expect anything less, after what we have already learned?

Once you have read Sinika’s  email, please take the time to visit this additional  link below regarding ‘Animal Angels’ Investigation of  the “Bouvry’s Slaughter Pipeline”. “Bouvry Exports operates one of the largest horse slaughter plants in Canada approved to export horse meat to the EU. Bouvry Exports owns about 2000 acres of land near Fort Macleod, where they fatten US and Canadian horses in large feedlots.”

Warning the pictures which are exposing this horrendous inhumane treatment of horses awaiting slaughter are very graphic.


We cannot allow the continuation of such inhumane treatment to continue.  We all know about the Factory Farms, we all know about the Puppy and Kitten Mills, we all know about the Dog Fighting Rings, the Racing Industry, the Circuses and the Rodeos….but more must be done to end the equine slaughter for profit and greed and the exploitation of lands established as protected areas for wild horses, we must all put an end to the Canadian export of tainted meat unfit for human consumption, and any and all Canadian imports of products into this country from the cruel exploitative practices of other nations against animals.


Below is Sinika’s email: posted with her permission

Subject: The life and death of a racehorse, and the chilling implications
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2012 09:23:03 -0800

The Life and Death of Silky Shark, a Racehorse


In July 2011, a Standardbred U.S. racehorse named Silky Shark died in a Quebec slaughterhouse.


The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition tracked the evidence, showing that Silky Shark had been administered phenylbutazone (a deadly drug that must never enter the food chain) and subsequently slipped through the system undetected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.


Jack Rodolico of Latitude News has produced an exemplary account of the fate of this beautiful horse – Silky Shark’s life in the racing industry, how he fell through the cracks, and what chilling implications his death holds in terms of animal protection and food safety.

Links to articles and podcasts are below.


The full magazine feature and podcast: http://www.latitudenews.com/story/the-shady-trade-in-american-horsemeat/

A short version aired on the American radio program Marketplace: http://www.marketplace.org/topics/world/drugged-american-horsemeat-sold-europe


A slightly longer version aired on Harvest Public Media’s network of public radio stations throughout the American Midwest: http://harvestpublicmedia.org/article/1544/drugged-horsemeat-us-showing-europe/5

A medium-length text version on The Week:  http://theweek.com/article/index/237968/the-shady-trade-in-american-horsemeat


CHDC’s report, Proof of CFIA Failure: http://canadianhorsedefencecoalition.wordpress.com/2012/12/12/proof-of-cfia-failure/



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A dear friend sent me this video…it says it all really.

Canada continues to import Dog/Cat fur products from China….this must end.  Enough blood is on the hands of Canada, between the horrific continued Seal Slaughter (Canada negotiating deal with China for seal products which resulted in Animal Welfare protests by some Chinese citizens);  Canada imports US mustangs into this country for slaughter in Canadian death houses;  dog breeder in Canada breeds beagles to send to research labs, Quebec puppy mills raided, 100’s of dogs rescued and put down;  kitten mills thrive, wild horses in Alberta being murdered;  retired race horses going to Quebec slaughter houses;  not to mention sport hunting;  not to mention Factory Farm animals being burned alive due to failure to ensure safety measures;  dogs/cats being abandoned, tortured, discarded like trash…..

Enough is enough!!  http://youtu.be/E2rjXbxi_gk

 ► 4:55► 4:55 www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2rjXbxi_gk18 Sep 2008 – 5 min – Uploaded by LadyHawkes
Am The Owner Of This Coat  Song was written and recorded by Maria Daines and Paul Killington from  

 Stop the Canadian Import of Dog and Cat Fur Products from Asia


CFAWR Challenges P.M. Harper and the Honourable Kathy Dunderdale: Do the RIGHT thing: End the Seal Hunt!!






Actions Speak Louder than Words


Remember, fur belongs to the animal wearing it, it looks far better on them than as a collar or cuff on some coat, glove or boot.  The new fake furs are beautiful, cheaper and take less care.

Photographs are life long trophies, reminders of having witnessed the animal in the wild, the majesty of their freedom…..a head stuck on the wall does not.

Stroking ones ego at the cost of a life is unforgivable.

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Ontario PC Party Bill Would Gut Animal Cruelty Laws


A Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario bill before the legislature would gut animal cruelty laws and remove prohibitions on causing cruelty and distress to animals, says Lawyers for Animal Welfare (LAW), a Toronto based Canadian registered charity.


Read more here: http://www.lawyersforanimalwelfare.com/media


 According to the 2010 ALDF Report 

 Quoted:  From CTV News Staff   10/06/2010 10:20:49 AM

“Animals in Ontario, meanwhile, enjoy the best protection in Canada, the ALDF says, which ranked the province in the top spot. It applauded, in particular, Ontario’s mandatory restrictions on future ownership of animals for those convicted of animal cruelty. “

There are very serious issues in Ontario!!! and something must be done to protect ALL animals in Ontario.  Far too many are being killed in shelters, the negative reports concerning the OSPCA are well known, with far too many unacceptable excuses:  and one can easily find these reports just by Googling.  Remember the OSPCA is funded by the Feds!!!!! and still goes after taxpayer dollars all the time..wanting donations.













May I suggest that the Animal Legal Defense Fund also be contacted to inform them of what is happening in Ontario.

You can also go to the ALDF website and download for yourself the most current report.

Animal Legal Defense Fund        (enews@aldf.org)

Animal Legal Defense Fund        (info@aldf.org)

Animal Legal Defense  Fund       (action1@aldf.org)


Please take a few minutes tonight to post to all  the animal groups you belong to and everyone you know to contact their MPP immediately as well as Tim Hudak to tell them to STOP BILL 37. It doesn’t have to be long or complicated or formal. Below are links to the contact information for MPP as well as Tim Hudaks email.

 Everyone needs to call/write/email their MPP and Tim Hudak quickly – tonight. Bill 37 comes up for 2nd Reading later this week and if we nip it in the bud quickly we may be able to get it recinded so it will die on the floor and not get any further. There are a lot of people who want to see this go through which are mainly the Dairy Farmers Association and the Ontario Landowners Association and all farmers in Ontario. They are the ones who will benefit from this. These are two strong organizations. We must try to stop this now.

  I am sure when you read what is in the Bill you will all agree with me that it needs to be stopped immediately.  Here is the Bill and it will give you an idea of what is to come if we don’t stop them.


Here is the website promoting the Bill:   http://www.fixtheospca.ca

Links for MPP contacts:

 Hudak, Tim – the Legislative Assembly of Ontario

Unit M1 4961 King Street East Beamsville, Ontario L0R 1B0. Tel. 905-563-1755.
Fax. 905-563-1317. tim.hudakco@pc.ola.org. Toll Free. 1-800-665-3697






Thanks folks.  If you can take the time I would be interested in knowing which groups if any you have posted to. Don’t forget the cats groups and rescues as well.

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       How does that saying go? 

“Talk is Cheap”.

       Well for at least one Province int this country, Action Speaks Louder than words!!!!

We are all aware of the horrific brutality inflicted on the 100 sled dogs in Whistler, B.C.  These dogs, faithful money making servants were summarily shot and in some cases had their throats brutally slashed.  Why, because the economy had taken a decline and the owner and operator of this particular business felt the animals were of no more use.  This case only came to light when the individual who did not say NO when told by the owner to kill these beautiful faithful dogs, applied to Workers Compensation claiming he was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

        The province of British Columbia stepped up, and toughened their Animal Protection Laws.


        Now for the second year in a row, B.C. has approved and made this Proclamation in honor of those 100 Whistler dogs.

WHEREAS The Province of British Columbia recognizes that the health, safety and well being of all animals is vital, and
WHEREAS The Province of British Columbia leads the country with the toughest penalties for anyone proven responsible for harming an animal, and
WHEREAS The Province of British Columbia believes that the prevention of cruelty to animals is a matter of humanity and not just a matter of legislation, and
WHEREAS by working together and sharing information on how to prevent, recognize, and report signs of animal abuse, we can help protect all animals from abuse and neglect, and
WHEREAS Our Lieutenant Governor, by and with the advice and consent of the Executive Council, has been pleased to enact Order in Council 903 on October 11, 2002;
NOW KNOW YE THAT we do by these presents proclaim and declare that April 23, 2012 shall be known as
(in honour of the lost lives of 100 sled dogs on April 23, 2010)
in the Province of British Columbia.
The Municipality of Wood Buffalo in Alberta has also Stepped UP and have made their own Proclamation: double click picture to enlarge for easier reading.

Having fought so hard myself for over three years for animal protection laws within the NWT, there remains a great deal yet to be done.  The new NWT Dog Act contains a potentially deadly loophole which MLA and now Minister David Ramsay is quoted as describing “big enough to drive a truck through”.  The new NWT Dog Act pertains solely to dogs period and does not protect any other domestic pet. Not the Comprehensive Animal Protection Act that I fought so hard for.  It must be noted that the motion did pass in the Legislative Assembly that the Territorial Government is to keep working forward to enact Comprehensive Animal Protection which already exists across the rest of Canada.

A number of years ago, due to a horrific incident involving many dogs in the Yukon, the Yukon chose to strengthen their own Animal Protection Legislation.  Now with the news that a well known Yukon Musher is planning to ACT in a proactive manner to toughen protection of Sled Dogs in the Yukon, it is evident that perhaps the new Yukon Legislation of a few years ago was not strong enough.

Mr. Frank Tuner was interviewed : sleddogcentral.com/interviews/turr


 Obviously Mr. Turner also believes that

Actions Speak Louder than Words.

Clearly animal cruelty is and will remain an International focus, on so many levels one cannot even fathom.  Every second of every single day, an animal is being horrifically neglected, abused and exploited at the hands of a human.  Says a lot about the human species does it not?  From the starving neglected dogs left on chains, animals tortured and butchered for the sheer sick pleasure that some even sicker individual gets out of inflicting such pain, to the dog fighting rings that provide an illegal income to the cruel and greedy, the puppy and kitten mills run by the totally insensitive mass breeders, to those breeders whose sole goal is to make money from research companies, to the Factory Farm Animals, Battery Hens and roadside zoos that fail to provide proper care and the necessities of life to the animals that they derive income from.

The list goes on and on.  I will not even cite other instances such as those that take place in China or on the frozen coasts of Canada.

A challenge to the rest of Canada, to the remaining Provinces and Territories across this vast and magnificent land is being made right now.

Follow the lead of British Columbia!!! 

Put forward your own Provincial and Territorial Proclamation in honor and memory of the thousands of animals brutalized every day,

the thousands of animals that die in shelters because they have been discarded by others!!!!

In honor of the innocent lives taken because existing Municipal, Provincial and Federal Legislation is not

tough enough, does not do enough to end the suffering and to bring those responsible to Justice.

Pictures received from the Beaufort Delta Regional SPCA in Inuvik, NT.  No charges laid, no animals survived.

Picture of dead pup submitted by a resident of Hay River, NT.  Decaying body was found by the river in Town.

     It is Time!!!

Zero Tolerance to Animal Cruelty across Every Municipality, Every Province, Every Territory in Canada!!!

Actions Speak Louder than Words!!!

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Normally Saturdays and Sundays, better known as a weekend, are the times a person can actually sleep in before getting to the tasks around the house..tackling that TO DO LIST…which always seems to get longer each weekend..know the feeling???

Well for this Blogger, rising early..as it happens..6 a.m. this morning…means having the extra time to catch up on Blog posts, spend time with LOKI during his breakfast, visiting with all his buddies that he brings along..this morning the guests were Fiddle, Henri and Charlie..Charlie got extra cuddles this morning.

Henir with Loki

…and then booting up the computer, answering emails, and putting together new post updates..once the posts are done..then putting them up on my various sites.  Sometime today..I will get my own TO DO LIST widdled down I hope.  Note:  that I say that every weekend!!



Now on to the important issues:

American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

Oppose Latest Assault on Wild Horses: BLM Plans to Replace Wild Stallions with Geldings on the Range

Proposed Action for Nevada’s Pancake Complex Is a Triple Assault on Wild Horse Populations


The Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is at it again! This time with the three worse-case scenarios included in one roundup proposal:

  • the massive roundup of 1,000 wild horses;
  • the castration of wild stallions and replacement of wild-free roaming mustangs with geldings; and
  • the zeroing-out of an entire Herd Area (HA), permanently removing all wild horses while leaving hundreds of privately-owned cattle behind.

Making matters worse, the plan also includes sex-ratio skewing of the herds to favor stallions over mares, a strategy that is being implemented in the absence of any scientific justification or review.

Straight from the Horse’s Heart


Breaking News Update: Convicted Nebraska Wild Mustang Murderer Up for Parole


HOUSTON (SFTHH) – Sources close to SFTHH have verified that Jason Meduna, convicted of 145 counts of felony animal cruelty carrying a sentence of 5-10 years, is up for parole on October 26th, 2011 after barely serving 20 months of his sentence.  Meduna shocked a Nebraska court and the nation in April of ’09 when dozens of wild horses were found dead from starvation on his Nebraska 3- Strikes Ranch with hundreds more sick and dying.

Ban private “ownership” of exotic pets: 49 slaughtered after set free


From CNN | By Will Tavers

CNN Editor’s note: Will Tavers is CEO and co-founder of the Born Free Foundation, whose mission is to end the suffering of wild animals in captivity, rescue animals in need and protect wildlife, including highly endangered species. The foundation includes Born Free USA, which runs a primate sanctuary in Texas for 500 primates rescued from laboratories, roadside zoos and private possession.

Exotic animals should live in the wild, not be exploited in profit-motivated zoos — or worse — as “pets” or backyard oddities by people who have a deeply misguided sense of dominion or ownership.


At Least Two Dozen Dead in Ohio


What Did I Do Wrong?


Pledge to Help Companion Animals This Winter!


Andrea the cat survives multiple euthanization attempts at Utah shelter

  • Ben Winslow, KSTU

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – Andrea the cat was picked up as a stray and brought to a Utah animal shelter. After no one came to claim her, she was euthanized — or at least, that’s what everyone thought.

Read more: http://www.wptv.com/dpp/news/local_news/water_cooler/andrea-the-cat-survives-multiple-euthanization-attempts-at-utah-shelter#ixzz1bWgaaXRS

Police Kill 12-Year-Old Golden Retriever Named Boomer


Man caught on film beating dog- neighbours take matters into their own hands!‏


By Nick Enoch

A man has been arrested over allegations of animal abuse after he was caught on film appearing to beat a terrified dog with a pole as it desperately tried to get inside its owner’s house.

The video, shot from a neighbouring window, shows what seems to be a white Staffordshire bull terrier being kicked, punched in the face and repeatedly hit while a small boy looks on excitedly.

Within hours of the footage being posted on social networking site Facebook, an angry mob is said to have surrounded the man’s house in Grimsby, north-east Lincolnshire.

Police were called to the address last night and onlookers watched as a man, believed to be the dog’s owner, was arrested.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2050865/Animal-abuse-Facebook-footage-gets-Grimsby-man-arrested-beat-dog.html#ixzz1bWcbAss6

 Man saves dogs‏


Fantastic interception by a very brave man, and the help of many animal rights activists!

By Bo Gu, NBC News

BEIJING – Traffic was running smoothly on a highway just outside Beijing last Friday – until a man noticed an enormous truck carrying stacks of caged dogs.

Mr. An, an animal rights activist and volunteer at Beijing-based China Small Animal Protection Association, saw the cramped, whimpering dogs and decided to do something. His decision ended up saving the lives of 580 canines, who were on their way to the northeastern city of Changchun, where they were to be slaughtered and eventually served for dinner.

You Can Help End This Hell!



Stop North Carolina Wildlife Commission from Killing Tame Deer and Fawns


Save Oregon’s Struggling Wolf Population: automatic, sample letter


Painful Heart Experiments Performed on Dogs – Take Action Now: Automatic Letter




Ukraine Is Burning Animals ALIVE. Take Action Now!


Push To Ban Puppy Mill Imports!


Save The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge…And Its Polar Bears


Urgent Action for Seals


Support A Shark Fin Ban in Toronto


Save Oregon’s Struggling Wolf Population: automatic, sample letter




Showing Animals Respect and Kindness










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As many of us know Canadian Federal Legislation protecting animals in this country is sadly lacking. While some Canadian Provinces has improved their own legislation, there is a very LONG way to go yet!!!

Domestic animals, Factory farm animals, Wildlife……all face severe exploitation for the sake of greed.

The recent raid on a Puppy Mill located on a property in Quebec, whereby over 525 dogs and pups were found in deplorable health and living conditions, starving, and some already dead o or on deaths door,  is clear evidence that supports the need for vastly improved Federal and Provincial Legislation across this country!!!

The following media links are being provided so that this issue and in particular this case makes International attention. 

It is IMPERATIVE that ALL Pet Stores every where CEASE the selling of live animals period!!!

It is IMPERATIVE that Federal and Provincial Legislation be enacted to PREVENT all PET STORES from SELLING live animals PERIOD!!





500 dogs seized from Quebec property


Quebec to crack down on puppy and kitten mills


New Quebec government body to tackle pet cruelty


How much do you know about that puppy in the window?


Back on the Case


At least 3 weeks before seized dogs go to new homes

Read more: http://www.montrealgazette.com/life/least+weeks+before+seized+dogs+homes/5437883/story.html#ixzz1YtYtAdaU

Calls for adoption flood in after puppy mill seizure


90 puppies — and counting — born to dogs seized from Quebec kennel

Read more: http://www.canada.com/health/puppies+counting+born+dogs+seized+from+Quebec+kennel/5438632/story.html#ixzz1YtZLURb0




Cruelty in Canada: Puppy Mill Bust


Council cuts off puppy mills


Puppy Mills Require Ongoing Legislative Attention


Shut Down Puppy Mills



Investigation ties pet chain to puppy mills

Many Petland store dogs bred in poor conditions, Humane Society finds


Petland Investigation: Pet Store Sells Puppy Mill Dogs


Petland: The HSUS Investigations


Puppy Mills: Dogs Abused for the Pet Trade


Puppy Mills


Charlize Theron’s Puppy Mill Investigation


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