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First off I wish to thank Lilianna with the Examiner for having done such a wonderful job in putting together her amazing article at the link below.  She has included a photo gallery as well as a beautiful video that I took last Fall.

http://www.examiner.com/article/saving-hay-river-s-beloved-loki .  I also want to thank those wonderful individuals who have enough love in their hearts for LOKI that they have reached into their pockets, and who are emailing and messaging me, with their sincere support and encouragement along with their prayers for both he and I.

     Donations came in fast and furious at the start, which covered the cost of the Dog run which is now on my property. May 2013 106  I will be securing the floor to the run today.  The dog run has already been paid for out of what donations came in, which greatly depleted the account set up for him at the RBC.   My estimated goal is far from being reached.

     Having made contact with an ENR Officer here in town, arrangements have been made that this individual who knows LOKI well, as does his young son, will dart LOKI with a tranquilizer in order to capture hm and get him to my property.  The sedatives needed must be provided by the Alberta veterinarian and shipped in from Alberta.  I do not know as yet what cost to myself this will mean.

     When asked by the only media reporter in the NWT that contacted me why I was raising funds, I responded by saying …. Being the sole income support for my family, is the reason that this fund raising campaign was launched.  The dog run could never have been purchased, had not donations started coming in as fast as they did.  A deadline to get Loki off the streets by May 31st has been extended, however, it was not made clear by Town officials how much more time I have.

     The donations which have come in have been from caring persons back home in Ontario, some from Alberta and BC by e-transfer.

     Additional  Funds are needed to cover the cost of screening to protect LOKI from the horrible insects such as bulldogs who take huge chunks out of anything that lives, heavy duty dive bombing mosquitoes and of course the clouds of sand flies up here.  Veterinary costs that will include a complete physical, heart worm testing, complete immunization and also neuter, and whatever else he will need initially.

       Messages and comments have been coming in fast and furious both to my email bc_dawson@hotmail.com and to LOKI’s FB page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Friends-of-LOKI-Sole-Survivor/188340937903082?fref=ts

        I continue to be awed and inspired with the messages of love towards him so many are sending.  LOKI has touched the hearts of so many since I began chronicling our journey three years ago.  You can view his many videos on http://www.youtube.com/user/TundraVoices?feature=watch

Dec 19 2012 029   Loki remains at large for now, date scheduled for his darting has yet to be set, as the sedatives have yet to come in from Alberta.

    Soon his freedom will become lost to him, and the long and patient work both on his part and mine will begin once he is here with me.  I promised him from the very start that I would never ever give up on him, and I will keep that promise.  I also promised him just the other night, that we will continue to take our long and beautiful walks together in this pristine Northern Boreal Forest area together just as we always have, only this time he will have to leashed.

     Loki has never know the warmth of a loving hug, he has never known the comfort of laying beside a warm wood stove on a frigid winters night, he has never known the comfort of a secure, safe and loving home.  No doubt about it, there will be a difficult period of adjustment for him, even greater trust must be built before I will be able to truly handle him, put a collar or harness on him for our walks together.  But I will Never give up on him, on us.

     LOKI and I  still need your help to raise funds for him.

      LOKI by any other name IS A SURVIVOR.  Now with your help his continued life can be secured in a safe and loving forever home.

      Donations can be made by e-transfer, the easiest method.  If doing this way please notify me by using my email address so that  I will know the security password you are using and I can then email you back a confirmation number issued as a receipt…..bc_dawson@hotmail.com
Checks or money order can be mailed (please personally email me for that information).  Thank you.

       Please help me keep LOKI alive, healthy and safe…to give him the loving home he deserves but has never known.

       We, LOKI and I, wish to thank all of you who have already contributed, and we thank any of you who are planning to do so.

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While all across the U.S. and Canada, wild unpredictable weather is reeking havoc, Asia, Europe is reaping the rewards of Global Warming.  We are witness to the horrors through our televisions and the Internet and we pray for those who suffer devastating loss of life and property.

Here in the Canadian North, the ‘Land of Snow and Ice’ as this area has been labelled by so many, Ole Man Winter comes very early.  His visit is lengthy and the big melt here is not seen until well into May.

Born and raised in Canada’s capital I now I chose to leave the rhetoric behind, moving North in 2005, I now  live in a wonderful community in the Town of  Hay River, NT.  We are North of 60, and smack in the middle of the largest remaining Boreal Forest in North America.  Situated on the shores of the Great Slave Lake, one of the largest freshwater lakes in North America.  Hay River is a small community, approximate population of about 3200-3600 residents ,predominantly First Nations, and a mixture Caucasians and various other cultures.  We are a community that cares about each other, that reach out to help and support one another.

Ole Man Winter hit us on October 23rd, our days are now much shorter, our dark nights yet to become longer still.

Rather than dwell upon the disastrous events happening around the world, I would like to share with all of you, this little piece of heaven that I have called home since 2006.  The tree shown in my backyard is where Loki and I normally spent our time during the summer, me laying next to the tree with him stretched out in front of me.  A quiet place to have quality time.

The small wooden bridge I cross in the summer to get across the ravine  is now covered in waist deep snow.


During summer, across the ravine, Loki’s domain is filled with lush greenery, wildflowers, even wild clover and most abundant wild roses.  It is spectacular, to sit with him in this untouched beauty.



Beautiful is it not?

The evening skies are spectacular.  The colours vivid and glorious, making one feel very small and very grateful to bare witness to the beauty that surrounds one.

We have gone now from the lush green of summer to the realities of a cold, long and often very harsh winter. Wind chills dropping the temperatures to -40 and even lower in communities further North.   I continue to be amazed how the land sleeps here blanketed in Snow and Ice.  I marvel at how the smallest of birds survive, so tiny and fragile that they are.






We have gone from this:


To this:  in just 3 days, October 23,24 and 25th.  Given that it is reported that we received 68 c.m. in that short period of time and that our yearly average snowfall is only 124 cm, I must speculate on what is yet to come.

The tree in my backyard that gave comfort during summer to Loki and I, now hangs with the weight of wet snow.  The wonderland of colour in Loki’s summer domain is now buried under a blanket of white.  The land sleeps now, resting until Spring, a very long long way off now.

Ever majestic in beauty, Loki’s world is transformed, the air clean and crisp, the winter chill letting one know that you are alive, the quiet time, even quieter and ever more special to be shared with Loki.

I hope you will enjoy the next pictures of him as much as I enjoy my time with him.  He is definitely a Survivor, a gentle soul, one that without his knowledge opened my eyes to that which I had so long ago stopped appreciating.  We are all too often caught up in the irrelevant demands that we allow placed upon us and which we place upon ourselves.  Please visit Loki’s Page on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Friends-of-LOKI-Sole-Survivor/188340937903082?ref=ts&fref=ts and view his videos on YouTube: TundraVoices:   such as this one:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrqoARVHZNE&feature=share&list=ULMrqoARVHZNE

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