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Horse Slaughter: A tragic tribute to those who have fallen:

The Bay Mustang Colt: Anatomy of a Round-up


We must put an end to all of this.  With your help we can!!










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I too was a coward for a very long time, unable to watch the videos documenting the horrors inflicted on animals around the world.  But I do watch them, I do the research and then I take whatever steps I need to in order to bring world focus to the ongoing brutality.  Has my heart become hardened, YES, does my heart break each time, YES, do I lose sleep and often become so outraged I want to scream…definitely YES.  Am I alone out there..NO…as the video POSTED IN MY THANKSGIVING MESSAGE YESTERDAY says we are a ‘silent army’ out there..do we make a Difference….YES…are attitudes changing…slowly YES.  Likely today I will spend most of it issuing new posts and alerts, putting up the videos I found yesterday, making everyone aware of the ongoing brutality and calling for positive action to end it.

Right now I am watching a beautiful Magpie sitting in a tree just outside my window, the leaves have fallen, the tree is bare, it is dreary and uninviting outside.   Soon the first blanket of white will appear and the land will sleep. I continue to be amazed how such fragile creatures can survive and I am ever so grateful that they do.

LOKI was here for breakfast in my backyard again this morning.  Hemi alerted me, so I headed out;  LOKI and ‘Fiddle’ were down the street with ‘Henri’ and as soon as LOKI and ‘Fiddle’ saw me, they ran full out to me.  ‘Fiddle’ looked like a freight train as she ran, her powerful chest and strength blew me away;  LOKI leapt and ran beside her, nudging her along.  It was so beautiful to watch them together.  Bringing up the rear was ‘Henri’, one of LOKI’s old soup bones in his mouth.

Hemi and Zephr are here beside me as I write this, lil Philly has settled in my bed  and China is munching her veggies and fresh fruit,  Luna is curled up on her favorite chair in front of the fireplace, all is right in my little world.

  So much love in this house, I cannot ask for anything more and I am reminded to be grateful every single day.

Yesterday LOKI came for breakfast but when I went out to him later around 5 p.m.  he would not come out of the bush at all.  I found myself going even deeper, way past our usual spot, he came to me then, but was terribly nervous, watching the sky and scenting….he went even deeper and of course I followed as best I could..watching his body language to alert me to any hidden predators I could not see.  Finally I could go no further, placing his soup bone on the ground, I got into our clearing, but still he would not come forward, he just sat watching me.  I picked up the bone and started to head back to the road, it was then that he started to follow and settled in the clearing.  I went back to him, placed the bone on the ground and waited.  He finally took it, and after giving that soulful look he sometimes does, he headed way back into the bush.

With all the leaves having fallen, the cover in our usual spots is rather thin, so I can understand why he chose to stay hidden from prying eyes.  I was so happy that he came to my home again this morning.  I’ll go to him in his domain, later today..hopefully to spend more time with him.

I’ve been hearing a lone Coyote in the early morning hours, very close……two nights ago while with LOKI we could both here the same one off in the distance and then more joined in, LOKI was very alert and nervous and he finally decided it was time to head off, we had been sitting together almost an hour.  The Coyote I heard around 3 this morning is the same one, has a very distinctive call and it was very close.  I don’t leave any uneaten meat out for LOKI in his area and only take it to him in my backyard when he is here…safety comes first for the both of us.

A friend told me I am walking bait carrying a big dish of butcher cuttings, Rollover and a soup-bone in my pocket when I go out to his domain to find him, and that I should get a bear banger.  I use my high pitched dog whistle to call LOKI and I make noise when I do look for him in the bush.  Watching his body language, i.e. scenting the air, ears up and his sudden changes in gaze tell me so much. When he will not come, I will continue to follow, that is the great trust I have in him.

He is the most amazing, the most awe inspiring beauty I have ever known.















“You ask of my companions. Hills, sir, and the sundown, and a dog…They are better than beings, because they know, but do not tell.” – Emily Dickinson

“If a dog will not come you after he looked you in the face, you ought to go home and examine your conscience.” – Woodrow Wilson

“The one absolute, unselfish friend that man can have in this selfish world-one one that never deserts him, the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous-is his dog.

“..A man’s dog stands by him in prosperity and in poverty, in health and in sickness.  He will sleep on the cold ground, where the wintry winds blow and the snow drives fiercely, if only he can be near his master’s side.  He will kiss the hand that had no food to offer, he will lick the wounds and sores that come in encounter with the roughness of the world.  He guards the sleep of his pauper master as if he were a prince.  When all other friends desert, he remains.  When riches take wings and reputation falls to pieces he is as constant in his love as the sun in its journey through the heavens.  If fortune drives the master forth an outcast in the world, friendless and homeless, the faithful dogs asks no higher privilege than that of accompanying him to guard against danger, to fight against his enemies.  And when the last scene of all comes, and death takes the master in its embrace, and his body is laid away in the cold ground, no matter if all other friends pursue their way, there by his graveside will the noble dog be found, his head between his paws, his eyes sad but open in alert watchfulness, faithful and true even to death.” -George Graham Vest


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Every now and then while doing research on the NET for my Blog posts, I come across something so beautiful and and so touching that I feel it must be shared.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a time when we all need to take stock and acknowledge our lives, our families and what truly means so much to us.

This past Friday I was asked why I do what I do, why I work so hard to help the animals here and everywhere else across the world stage.  I was asked, why I spend so much time, do the research, posting on-line, fighting as hard as is possible to get the message out there, to educate, to make a difference.  Why do I often sacrifice home and family, my own financial resources, my energies…why do I let my heart break every time I see a horrible video on Factory Farming, or horse slaughter, or the fur trade;  read about and see the pictures of animals brutalized, hold a frightened and often injured animal and at times face the tragic realization that I cannot save them all.   l  I was asked ‘do you not get depressed, does it not bring you down?”  My answer was Yes.  It brings me down, I get depressed and I get angry, and that motivates me to work even harder.

My Hemi: rescue, adopted 2005

When I explained why I do what I do, some understand and care deeply, others say ‘get a real life’ and to them I say nothing, just shake my head and walk away.

To all of you who share in this heartbreaking work, I am so Grateful for all that you do.  To all of you I have met online, who have become  dare I say, beloved friends,  Thank You So Very Much.
We may never meet face to face, yet we are joined in a common goal and bond…to make a Positive Difference in the lives of the abused, abandoned, the discarded and the suffering animals everywhere.
There can be no greater joy than to nurse that lil one back to health, to find forever loving homes for the discarded and to save a life.  Every life is precious, and without all of you…..

My Philly: rescue, adopted 2008

May God Bless each and everyone of you.

Please enjoy this video:  A Tribute to All of You

I am an Animal Rescuer



My China:  rescued Spring 2008

My beautiful Lunar Majik (Luna) rescued (Ontario 2001) All of these beautiful gentle ‘children’ continue to share my home and it is I who is Blessed.                           Latest addition:  Zephr 2011  (Mother was a feral, tamed and found forever home)

Thanks to Lynn taking in mom, all kittens born healthy, Zephr & her brother both have one stumpy leg

(does not  slow them down)  both are a going concern!!!

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Having just posted a disturbing incident in Toronto, it is with some pleasure that this writer is now able to give an update on LOKI.

These new pictures were taken the other day and Loki is doing well.  Getting bigger and stronger each day, and his trust continues to grow as well.

Last evening, I did not find my friend the first time I went across the Ravine looking for him.  Over an hour later, LOKI’s friend, Mr. Raven who is usually accompanying him, landed on my roof and made quite the big production..teasing my own dog Hemi.  Of course Mr. Raven was given some tasty tidbits and now knowing that LOKI must be out across the ravine, I prepared his evening meal once again.

Mr. Raven of course accompanied me, and to my delight as I crossed the tiny bridge and climbed the ravine slope, there was my beautiful LOKI with his friend “Fiddle” standing there waiting for me.

To my delight, LOKI danced, pranced, ooofed and ran ahead of me, while ‘Fiddle’ walked slowly by my side.  LOKI stopped numerous times to ensure that I was indeed following him, and once I caught up, I placed his plate on the ground and sat down beside it myself, he again danced, ooofed (he does not bark) and all was right in our world.  His playtime with ‘Fiddle’  had made him hungry and he ate every morsel, it is a good thing I had extra in my pocket to treat Mr. Raven who of course remained on the road in anticipation.

I am very happy to let my readers know that the local newspaper in town, Hub Publications, published an article about Loki and I in their August 17, 2011 edition.  Since that article was published, I have been approached by four complete strangers, town residents I had yet to meet, who have expressed their concern for Loki and who support my work with him.  One young man has offered to help with his food, and offered whatever assistance he can,  a young woman wishes to have her own dog meet and play with LOKI and supports my idea to have the Town of Hay River adopt Loki as Town Mascot; and two other women expressed their thanks to me for caring for him and the work I continue to do to aid the animals in this Town and across the NWT.

My whole purpose in going public about LOKI is in an all out effort to keep him alive, healthy and safe from those who would do him any harm.  Knowing that I have this support here, receiving comments of support via emails and those posted on this Blog is so greatly appreciated.

Two dear friends in town visited with me yesterday and we discussed how I could put up a shelter for LOKI.  One friend offered to get me needed material and we talked about how to build it and another dear friend has also offered to have a shelter built for him which I can put in my own backyard, and which I am hoping LOKI will choose to use.

There are three new LOKI videos on YouTube which I uploaded Friday.  I hope you enjoy them.




As you can see, LOKI is looking good, I must be doing something right.  He is putting on the needed body mass to face the coming frigid winter here and he has been coming to my property for breakfast each morning the last few weeks as well, last winter he came to my property many times a day and night, and I can attest to the -40 temp I sat in outside in my driveway or on my deck with him in the wee hours of the long winter nights and mornings. It is good that he is starting to do that again, as it will be difficult for me to get to him across the ravine once winter is here.

To all of you who have expressed your concern for him, thank you so much.  Your voices and comments matter and with your continued support of LOKI my hope to keep him alive and safe may very well continue to succeed.

This picture is of Mr. Raven, LOKI’s companion:  a smart fellow who loves to land on my roof, torment my own canines and also let me know when and where to find LOKI.  I have had the pleasure to watch LOKI and Mr. Raven play and do their own little dance together.

This picture is of LOKI with “Sammy” who just recently succumbed to old age. “Sammy” will be greatly missed by his family  and  housemate “Fiddle” .

LOKI and Sammy. Sammy crossed the Rainbow Bridge days after this picture was taken

These other pictures are of “Fiddle” and Loki together.  LOKI is particularly fond of “Fiddle”.  “Fiddle” is a real sweetheart.


I do hope all of you enjoy these updates about LOKI.  Your supportive comments are most welcome and appreciated and will aid me in my quest to keep him safe.  Thank you so much everyone.

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On Wednesday, June 22, 2011 the protest rally scheduled at the OSPCA Headquarters  went very well.

Between 35 and 40 caring and deeply committed individuals showed their support by attending, taking time from their work day and often too hectic schedules.

A sincere thank you to those who were able to attend and to those persons who were there in spirit. A special thank you to the driving force behind this protest must also be made.

Attending the protest was Gianna Tramolin and her veterinarian Dr. Hannah “Gianna is Rocky’s owner. Rocky is the beautiful husky dog OSPCA took from her backyard a couple of weeks ago and killed it without even trying to get in touch with her.”


What was truly interesting about this day, was that while reporters “banged” on the door of the OSPCA Headquarters, and not one of the OSPCA management team, all of whom were behind that locked door, extended the courtesy of speaking with the media or addressing the protesters.

With the recent scandal, just one of so many in the history of the OSPCA, the release of the Lesage/Meek Report, as well as the attendance of Rocky’s owner and Rocky’s personal veterinarian perhaps the OSPCA management team were for once at a loss for words in defense of themselves.  Some might believe that “silence is golden” however silence may also be considered as a form of indifference and complacency.

Most certainly the fact that this protest took place, that many had the courage to add their own voices in protest, as they have done so in the past, proves beyond any doubt that “silence” is NOT golden and that complacency and indifference will not be accepted nor tolerated.

Per Frank Klees

The LeSage/Meek Report  

 “On June 3rd, one day after Dalton McGuinty prorogued the legislature, the OSPCA released the report written by Justice Patrick LeSage and Dr. Alan Meek.

Why was it kept under wraps by the OSPCA for weeks and why was it not released while the legislature was still in session ?

Here’s why: The report exposes serious failures at many levels of the OSPCA’s operations, and recommends the very legislative changes that the McGuinty government refused when it defeated my Motion.

On page 83, the report makes a number of recommendations for legislative amendments, including the following three specific recommendations contained in my Motion:

1)    That the government should review the powers and authority of the OSPCA. It recommends a task force be created with representation from various Ministries to ensure that appropriate changes are made;

2)    That the Ontario government should consider legislative amendments to provide for oversight of the OSPCA in order to remedy the current situation of having the OSPCA essentially policing itself;

3)    That the government should consider the possibility of separating the OSPCA sheltering services from its investigation and enforcement services.

After reading the report, I spoke with Justice LeSage to express my gratitude to him and Dr. Meek on behalf of the many Ontarians who have been justifiably concerned about the state of animal welfare in our province.

Changes Necessary to Restore Confidence in the OSPCA:  

This report exposes the failings of both the OSPCA, as well as the McGuinty government for its refusal to exercise proper oversight. Two things need to happen:

The Provincial Government Must Act:  

The provincial government must immediately take the necessary steps to implement the legislative changes proposed in the report. Unfortunately, the McGuinty government has repeatedly demonstrated that it has no intention of taking this issue seriously. I can assure you however, that given the opportunity, a PC Government will act on these recommendations following the October 6th election.

The OSPCA Board Should Resign:  

I believe that in order to restore confidence in the OSPCA, the current Chair of the OSPCA and its Board members step aside. The LeSage/Meek Report makes it clear that the Board has failed in its responsibilities to oversee the administration of animal welfare in our province.

I want to thank the many concerned individuals who were willing to come forward to share their stories and the information that gave the LeSage/Meek Report its strength. It was their courage and persistence that made these changes possible.

As always, I welcome your comments and advice. Please feel free to contact me by phone at 905 750 0019 or through my website atwww.frankklees.com.  To view the report, click on:


Obviously Mr. Frank Klees does not hold ‘silence’ to be golden or as a virtue, and he must be sincerely thanked for the actions which he took in order that this investigation took place. To thank Mr. Klees you may do so : mail to: frank.kleesco@pc.ola.org

Excerpt for email received from Ontario contact:

“News article and video Toronto Sun: The lady in the cap is the vet of Rocky, the dog killed by OSPCA when his owner was at work. This only happened about 3 weeks ago. This vet is very courageous to come out publicly against OSPCA. To my knowledge it is the first time a reputable vet has done that.”

Local news coverage: Move cursor at bottom of video over to 13:00 and the story starts a little after that point:


Newmarket Banner:

Album of pictures from yesterday on RAAW FB page:

A Hearty Congratulations to all of you back home in Ontario whose courage, determination and commitment to the animals continues unabated as a much needed force speaking out for the innocents.  You all are applauded loudly.

Sago: You will Not Be Forgotten

Prior posts on OSPCA:






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To all of you out there, and there are so many of you, this is the most beautiful and powerful message I have ever seen.

In animal rescue, our work is never done, it will NEVER be done.

Please take the time to view.  If you are at all like myself, the tears will come, tears of joy and tears of sadness as well.  So many remain in need, so many yet to be rescued, so many yet to know a kind hand, a gentle word, a warm and safe place to lay their head.

Our work will continue.


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