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It has been years since I have spent time, composing in my head, thoughts, emotions, insight, recent experiences, conclusions, disappointments, airing frustrations, failures or successes.

Life, as we all know, has a tendency to remove us all from what we may love to do.  Life, takes away all too often, the quiet time required to take a breath, to touch base with oneself.

Such has been the case with this delinquent blogger.  While I have posted regularly on Loki’s FB page:  Friends of Loki – Soul Survivor, posting new pictures and recounting to our extended worldwide family, I will admit that even at times I have found myself absent from even doing that.

I continue to be amazed and ever so grateful for the on going support of Loki’s family which now number over 11,000.  I give to all of you a Thank You.

Loki, if you have followed his story from the very beginning, lived wild for three years.  Through patience, respect and quiet time spent together in his environment, by allowing him to make his own decisions as to where he wished our journey to take him, Loki has for the last three and a half years been a loving gentle member of my family.  Enjoying the warmth and comfort of a loving home, much affection, dare I say to many home made treats and of course his own quiet spot in the living room which he himself picked out from the very start.  This shot is in Our Bedroom, as you can see he is more than comfy and content on one of two beds he has in this room.

This update is a brief one at this moment, however, I do promise more.  Loki is the most gentle and wise soul I have ever known.

I do believe he has inspired me yet again, to return to the things I love doing, things that life got in the way of.  We, Loki and I, hope to be back soon.

Loki August 6 2016

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Straight from the Horse's Heart

Source: Purina Mills TV

“Annually, many Americans wait to see the ultimate and final “Big Game” of the year which just concluded in our own backyard, here, in Houston.  But also there are many who may not be football fans but annually look forward to the next installation of the heart tugging, mini-sagas put forth by Budweiser featuring the gentle giants of the equine world, the Clydesdales.  This year, the fans of horses were disappointed when Budweiser benched the ponies and went a totally different direction and suffered poor reviews on their attempt to document immigration history.  The result was a lose/lose on both-sides with Bud slipping in the ratings and the Clydesdales fans left without a horse fix, so we are here to help correct that oversight, today.

We issue a “tissue alert” in advance and would also like to add that we are not endorsing any one horse…

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Canadian Horse Defence Coalition's Blog

Today, a wreath was laid at The Animals in War Dedication Monument in Ottawa, in remembrance of all equines who have served during wartime.


The CHDC joins all people in remembering the sacrifices made by the thousands of horses, mules and donkeys who gave their lives for our war efforts.

The CHDC would like to thank Evangeline Flowers in Ottawa for creating and laying the wreath.


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BLM ….. a total waste of time and taxpayers money. These wild horses do not deserve this continued exploitation on the government lands that were given to them by decree

Wild Horse Education

Sarge during release Sarge during release

Sarge, a wild horse from the Fish Creek Herd Management Area (HMA) managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), has become a poster child for a broken system. Sarge has become a “brick in the wall.”

The Great Wall of Denial

Entrenched behaviors create a dysfunctional environment that repeatedly enables the continuance of imbalance, injustice and a multitude of corruptions of the intent of law and morality. This dysfunction is creating an increasingly violent situation.

We began our series on the “Bricks in the Wall,” with a focus on advocacy at the time the 1971 Act and the Wild Horses sold to slaughter buyer, Tom Davis. To read the introduction go here: http://wildhorseeducation.org/2015/10/31/the-great-wall-of-denial-brick-one/

Our second “layer of bricks” is built on the range.

When we address issues on the range these statements overlap to create a layer of… bricks.

When an interest that puts a profit…

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As Time Goes By

Loki and Family Spring 2015 026

Life and it’s demanding realities take away from much loved writing, blogging, and I have been away far too long.

For all of the 10,800 followers of Loki’s FB page updates have been frequent.

For my readers here, I extend heartfelt apologies.

Much has transpired since Loki was rescued and joined my family.

Much has also transpired in the world of animal exploitation and the autrocities continue unabated.

My return to blogging will likely be slow as I am still recovering from Compassion Burnout (a form of PTSD) that all who fight for animals worldwide know too well.

Hence this first post in a very long time, is a happy one.  I hope you enjoy the latest video of Loki enjoying all the mud puddles he can find.

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Wild Horse Education

Foal born in facility days after the Antelope Complex Roundup dies in facility. copyright Laura Leigh Foal born in facility days after the Antelope Complex Roundup dies in facility. copyright Laura Leigh

Temperatures are expected to launch into Triple Digits this weekend in Reno as things heat up in the ongoing Triple B (Three HMA) lawsuit that now includes the Antelope Valley.

Today attorney Gordon Cowan of Reno filed a reply to Bureau of Land Management (BLM) new motion to dismiss a case that has been in the court system for years on behalf of Plaintiff Laura Leigh, President of Wild Horse Education. The case to date, that also includes the Jackson Mountain HMA in Northern Nevada, has gained two Temporary Restraining Orders and a Preliminary Injunction, the first in the history of the Wild Free Roaming Horse and Burro Act (WFRH&B Act), to inappropriate conduct.

The suit alleges that egregious conduct that includes running babies to exhaustion in intense summer heat, babies and pregnant mares…

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Wild Horse Education

Stallion, mare and foal run from chopper through grazing cattle. Jackson Mountain, BLM ran foals in JUNE during the prohibited foaling season claiming drought. Stallion, mare and foal run from chopper through grazing cattle. Jackson Mountain, BLM ran newborn foals in JUNE during the prohibited foaling season claiming drought Complex wide while cattle grazed on the range.

(RENO) Today Wild Horse Education (WHE) President and founder Laura Leigh filed documents requesting court permission to intervene in a legal action aimed at all of Nevada’s wild horse population. The Complaint, brought by the Nevada Association of Counties (NACO) and the Nevada Farm Bureau Federation, makes broad allegations asking for wild horse removals statewide and the destruction of what they call “excess” horses in Bureau of Land Management (BLM) facilities.

“We have to try all that we can to defend wild horses against this suit,” stated Leigh “BLMs lack of proactive action to correct flaws made in historic wild horse management has created a situation where our ‘living symbol of the pioneer spirit’ is again the…

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