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Welcome to the holocaust being inflicted upon the wild horses of the US. Terrorized by helicopter round-ups and held prisoner. Left to dehydrate and bake in BLM Hoarding Pens without shelter from burning sun, 100+ temps, given unsafe drinking water, foals dying from dehydration, adults and yearlings collapsing and dying in relentless heat and exposure…..why..awaiting slaughter…why so special interest big buck cattle producers can infringe on the lands given to the horses and protected by Federal Legislation. Hell they gotta feed their cattle right!! Govt coffers have to be filled with tax dollars, wildlife and protected lands must be exploited to make room for human greed. Enjoy:


  Each and every person employed by BLM and who takes part in these round-ups and inflicts this incredible needless suffering should be charged with GROSS ANIMAL NEGLECT AND CRUELTY AND FACE THE MAXIMUM PENALTY THE LAW CAN LEVY.

BLM is clearly in violation of ALL Animal Cruelty Laws so the question is:  Why have these people not faced Criminal Charges?

Because the are paid by the Government of the United States of America!!!

With your Tax Dollars!!!


BLM Hoarding Pen  Posted on Buzzfeed


Below has been provided to this writer via email and the word is now being spread.

“Here is an article on Stull’s comments versus her position on horses in California.  Her position on horses in California goes along with the comments you have gotten from other vets HSUS, Guilfoyle,.Did she compromise her integrity for the BLM on Tuesday night.  I would like for the the man who is in charge of securing shelters ( he was presented at the meeting but I didn’t get his name) and the public to know about Stull’s double standard.”

Dr. Carolyn Stull appears to have one set of standards for horses in California and another for horses in Nevada.

Dr. Stull, along with others at UC Davis, wrote the code for standards of care for horses in California in 2010 and 2013.

In this code she says, “Shelter in the form of a structure must be available for horses in cases of extreme weatherconditions(below freezing temperatures, excessively high temperatures, and/or humidity, high winds, excessive

rainfall) regardless of the horses’ age, breed, or body condition. It appears, contrary to what Dr. Stull said in Reno,Nevada, on August 6, all horses, not just compromised horses, are to be provided shelter in excessively high temperatures. In addition,” all horses “should ” be monitored for heat stress in hot, ambient temperatures.  A horse facing heat stress  may appear weak or disoriented. Other signs of heat stress include muscle tremors and shallow or rapid breathing.” (Google “Standards of Care for Horses in California.)

links:   www.vetmed.ucdavis.edu/ceh/sp_standards.cfm , www.vetmed.ucdavis.edu/ceh/docs/…/pub_HorseCareStandards
Rev2-sec.p,  awic.nal.usda.gov/farm_animals/livestock_species/horses       Google: Standards of Care for Horses in California to get Standards with Stull as an author 





 Animals’ Angels investigation of BLM mortality discrepancies continues


Lack of accountability remains questionable




This is Reno

 By Monika Courtney, Evergreen, Colo.

Was the quick organizing of a BLM workshop in Reno a courteous act or another PR stunt – pulling a hand brake on bad publicity pertaining to animal cruelty at Palomino Valley government holding facility?


OPINION: Elements relief and a hot debate on horses in holding



The Obama Administration’s Stealth Horse Slaughter Program

The Obama Administration has said repeatedly that it opposes horse slaughter. But actions speak louder than words. What’s happening now in Nevada suggests that the Administration — through its federal agencies — is actually complicit in sending horses to a slaughter auction. posted on August 15, 2013 at 12:46pm EDT


Please join the campaign to end the continued suffering of these Wild horses across the US.  If it were not for the history of the blood and sweat of horses throughout the development of the US, the United States of America would not be where it is today.  A DEBT OF GRATITUDE is owed to these magnificent heritage animals.

Please use the link below to address President Obama with your support of these animals now facing mass extinction due to BLM and the personal agendas of those who infringe upon the lands given to these horses and which is protected via passed Federal Legislation.




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Ground temps July 1   Horses held at the Palomino Valley Holding Facility are being left to wither and die due extreme heat, dehydration and total lack of concern on the part of the Bureau of Land Management.

Despite the outcry, despite the disgust and fingers continually pointed at the BLM, it is obvious from my earlier posts of today, and their nonchalant attitudes in responding as they have done to Ms. Courtney that they really DO NOT CARE period.  Required shade is not being provided!!!  Horses, young and old continue to suffer in totally unacceptable conditions.


 photo credit to “Marjorie Lynne, American Horse Survival Network.”

OPINION: Group Calls for BLM to Give Shelter to Nevada Horses



   Jetara Séhart

PHOTO: MARJORIE LYNNE WAGNER , Surface temperature of sun drenched ground reads 164 degrees on July 1st, 2013 at approximately 3:20 PM. within the BLM Wild horse holding facility PALOMINO VALLEY CENTER, NEVADA

Thermometer 164 degreesPALOMINO VALLEY, (Nevada) – High Desert sun relentlessly shines upon 1800 plus warehoused wild horses and burros enclosed within BLM shadeless pens where horses are offered no escape from triple degree dangerous heat.

    BLM Uses Fuzzy Math to count Dead Horses


The war is on and the anti slaughter campaign will not stop.  What BLM is doing is a disgrace, a National Disgrace, the fact that the US Government is allowing it to continue is a National Disgrace.  The WORLD is watching in total disgust.  The fact that Canada has continued to ENABLE this by continuing to import these American horses into Canada to be slaughtered in this country is a National Disgrace.

What is happening at the Palomino Valley Holding Facility is  blatant  BLM grandstanding in total defiance of the millions of American citizens who are fighting for these horses. 

BLM is NOT above the law!!! and must be held accountable for this horrific suffering and death. 

The United States Government continues to allow this to happen, ignoring the pain and suffering, the public outcry to end BLM’s actions,

and therefore continues to Disgrace its own country and it’s citizens in the eyes of the world.

Below is the email which I received from Craig Downer, renown author of the ‘Wild Horse Conspiracy’ one of the major voices out there for the wild horses and burros.  He is responding to the proposal involving:

It is with his permission that I post this.


Subject: Corrected Input for Spring Mtns Wild Horse & Burro Complex HMA Project Plan. USFS Project 40960; BLM Project DOI-BLM-NV-S030-2013-0010-EA

June 30, 2013


Ms Terri Frolli, Project Leader; Mr Randall G. Swick, Spring Mtn. NRA Area Mgr.; Ms Deb MacNeill, BLM Pahrump Field Office Mgr.

4701 North Torrey Pines Drive

Las Vegas NV 89130-2301

Email: smwhbcomplex@fs.fed.us

Re: Spring Mountains Wild Horse & Burro Complex Herd Management Area Project Plan, Humboldt-Toiyabe Nat’l. Forest, Spring Mtns. NRA & Bureau of Land Management, So. Nevada District. USFS Project # 40960; BLM Project # DOI-BLM-NV-S030-2013-0010-EA


Dear Sir/Mme:


Thank you for sending me your notice of proposed action. I have carefully read through this and in turn offer for your careful consideration the following:


I fully understand your duty to fairly represent all legitimate interests upon the public lands and their ecosystems.  Knowing this, I am very disappointed that you continue to grossly minimize the wild horses and burros in the vast 784,325-acre Spring Mountains Complex, 21% of which is managed by USFS and 79% by BLM.


I have visited the Complex and its equid herds many times dating back to the 1970s but with special intensity during the past six years.  In 2010 I even flew around the complex to get an overview of this fascinating and bio-diverse range and to assess the population density and distribution of its wild horses and burros.  I have spent many days observing the wild horses and burros around Cold Creek and in diverse seasons, and have also observed wild horses on the western side of the Wheeler Pass HMA and the wild burros of the Red Rock JMA. 


These animals are not the overpopulating misfits they are too often portrayed as!  As returned native species in North America, they are simply in the process of filling their respective ecological niches; and their filling such enhances the Spring Mountains Complex ecosystem.  As members of the mammalian order Perissodactyla and its family Equidae, they possess distinctive biological characteristics and a distinctive ecological role that is, in fact, complementary to the many other species of plants and animals inhabiting this region.  I say this not because I am merely partial to these beautiful animals but because of my objective investigation of their natural history and ecological relationships over many years.  These are semi-nomadic species who possess post-gastric, or caecal, digestive systems as opposed to the ruminant digestive system of the other large herbivores who inhabit the Spring Mountains: bighorn sheep, the mule-tailed deer, and Rocky Mountain elk. There have been elaborate, multi-year studies that prove the remarkable extent to which wild equids actually assist such ruminant species, as well as many other species of plants and animals, large and small.  These equids act as natural gardeners wherever they roam, fertilizing and building the nutrient-rich and moisture retentive humus content of soils. This is due in large part to the slow decomposition of their droppings. And they also disperse the viable seeds of many diverse native plant species that find a fertile bed in which to germinate in their slowly decomposing feces. In this way, naturally living horses and burros contribute to the ecosystem they inhabit to a greater degree than do the ruminant grazers who more thoroughly decompose the forage they ingest, leaving in their droppings relatively nutrient-poor and drier organic material.  This is abundantly proven but it takes that rare commodity known as an open-mindedness to recognize these wonderful facts. 


The greater story concerning horses’and burro’ reoccupation of the Spring Mountains region, as well as many other parallel regions, reveals that a wild-horse/burro-containing ecosystem is an ecologically enhanced ecosystem, one with a giant missing piece, or role, that has been restored. Rather than cursing their presence here, this is true cause for celebration, for this contributes to the thriving of the many other marvelous plants and animals who go together in this magical, and uniquely alive and inter-dependent community.  Both the horse and the burro are species whose origin and vast majority of time on Earth – measured in the millions of years – occurred in our amazing part of our world: the North American continent.  And so much of the inspiring beauty of these animals, I believe, is owing to their natural harmony and benign fitting in with all the Rest of Life – including us humans – if we would only recognize this!


Your 26-page document is full of clever wording and the tricky presentations of filtered and incomplete facts and their biased interpretations.  These do no justice to the wild horses and burros with rights to inhabit their several legal herd areas (BLM) and territories (USFS) nor do they do justice to members of the General Public, both in southern Nevada and in the United States as a whole.  Among the General Public are literally millions of people who truly love the wild horses and burros and their freedom to truly be themselves out in the wide-open spaces of the West. As public officials you are sworn to fairly and justly represent all the laws of the land and not to favor big vested interests such as public lands ranchers, big game sports hunters, mineral and energy extractors, and big profit-driven corporations that would ride rough-shod and trample down many values and presences on the public lands if so allowed.  Wild horses and burros in the wild are a Quality of Life issue, both for America and for all the world.  They must not be sacrificed in order to placate greedy, narrow-minded, and selfish interests who do not have the long-term Common Good uppermost in their value and priority systems.


Section 2 c of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 (WFHBA) plainly states that the land where the wild horses & burros lived in 1971 (meaning their year-round habitat by any fair and judicial view) were to be “devoted principally … to their welfare …”  The proposal contained in your document, however, ignores this core legal intent by assigning ridiculously low Appropriate Management Levels that are both genetically non-viable and would create tortured populations of wild horses and burros. These would be frustrated in realizing their natural, ecological niche, or place in the life community. Here I present a Table for your consideration based on the data you have supplied in your document:




Table of Existing and Proposed Acres per Individual Wild Horse/Wild Burro for Spring Mountains Complex, USFS/BLM Joint Management Areas (JMA) Proposed Action (WH = wild horse; WB = wild burro) Lettered Columns: A = WH Median

2013 Pop. Est.; B = WB Median 2013 Pop. Est.; C = WH Median 2013 Proposed AML; D = WB Median 2013 Proposed AML; E = Total JMA acres; F = WH # acres per individual, current 2013 pop.; G = WB # acres per individual, current 2013 pop.; H = WH # acres per individual, proposed AML 2013; I = WB # acres per individual, proposed AML 2013.













Red Rock










Spring Mtn.

Wheeler Pass




















































The mathematical analysis of acres per existing individual 2013 wild horse/wild burro and proposed 2013 AML individual wild horse/wild burro reveals the gross unfairness of the proposed joint BLM/USFS plan for the Spring Mountain Complex toward the legitimate wild horse and burro populations.  I have double checked these figures and they clearly reveal: (1) that the current wild horse and burro populations in the Complex are not overpopulated, but rather are still in the process of filling their respective horse or burro ecological niches in this region.  Even in the drier portions of the Complex, the number of acres per individual wild horse or burro should be in the low hundreds per individual, not in the low thousands per individual (existing 2013 population) and much less in the several thousands of acres per individual wild horse or wild burro!  That the proposed Appropriate Management Levels for the enormous 784,325-acre Spring Mountains Complex plans to allow for only one individual wild horse per 7,615 legal JMA acres and for only one individual wild burro per 5,299 legal JMA acres reveals the disgusting extent to which our BLM & USFS public officials are subverting the true intent and purpose of the unanimously passed WFHBA!  This is a travesty of justice and must not be allowed by a caring public!  It makes mockery of American democracy and caters to the traditional enemies of the wild horses and burros, especially in the case of the Spring Mountains Complex to the big game hunting interests represented by the Nevada Department of Wildlife. This agency has traditionally sought to eliminate wild horses and burros from the state of Nevada, including its majority of federal lands and in spite of their great popularity with the general public both in this state and nationwide.


As a wildlife ecologist and individual human being, I wish to go on record that I will legally protest and challenge this proposal through every means available.  It represents a hostile betrayal both of the magnificent wild horses and burros and their freedom; and of the majority of Americans – the General Public – whose Quality of Life would be grievously damaged were this shameless and deceptive plan to be officially adopted and implemented! Below I list some of my major objections on a page-by-page basis to points contained in the BLM & USFS proposal.


Page #  Specific Comments

2-3: I propose that you employ Reserve Design in order to achieve a “Thriving Natural Ecological Balance” with “naturally self-stabilizing populations” of wild horses and wild burros.  This is a branch of wildlife conservation that has been used in many places and for diverse species and ecosystems. I describe and adapt its principles for the wild horses and burros and their inhabited ecosystems in a proposal as well as in my recent book The Wild Horse Conspiracy, Ch. IV, and would be glad to send you a copy of both.


6: Concerning water in the Johnnie JMA, BLM & USFS should take steps to secure year-round water sources for the wild horses & burros here. Both agencies should avail themselves of the Implied Federal Water Rights that came with the WFHBA.


Allow the wild burros to naturally occupy the drier habitat to which they are well adapted, such as the Mojave Desert, but do not interfere with the natural process of niche separation between the wild horses and the wild burros. Simply allow it to occur.


Various pages & tables: There is clearly no overpopulation of wild horses and burros in the Spring Mountains Complex. The populations of both species should be allowed to fill their respective ecological niches and naturally self-stabilize within their bounded but sufficiently large habitat areas.  This they will do as ecological “climax” species. (See my description of Reserve Design for ideas on how to contain these wild-equid-containing ecosystems in Ch. IV of my book, also for definition of “climax”.)


Whole document: You need to contrast the wild horses & the wild burros with other herbivores living in the Spring Mountains Complex, especially the big game species for which the Nevada Dept. of Wildlife is managing: elk, mule-tailed deer, bighorn sheep. You give no relative comparison of forage consumption, annual migration patterns and overlaps, type of forage consumed by the various species and dietary overlap, and similar factors.


Whole document: You should recognize the very crucial role wild horses & wild burros play in preventing catastrophic wildfires by eating the coarser, drier, more flammable vegetation over broad areas and their converting this via their droppings into rich and moist soils.  With their post-gastric digestive system, they are ideally equipped in this capacity. To ignore this salient biological fact is wrong.  The ruminant grazers: deer, elk, bighorn, cattle, etc., are not nearly as capable in this regard and burn up their metabolisms in the more thorough digestive processing of such dry and coarse vegetation.  In the era of Global Warming, this is a major consideration, as the wild horses & burros, if allowed to fill their niches, will greatly assist in catastrophic fire prevention.  In many regions where equid populations have been either drastically reduced or eliminated, catastrophic and extensive fires have resulted due to their no longer being able to consume and process the dry vegetation for which their post-gastric digestive systems are ideally suited. (See my book, Ch. II & Bell, R.H.B, 1970 reference in book’s bibliography.)


5, top: As returned native species, wild horses & wild burros restore and enhance the wilderness ecosystems of the Spring Mountains Complex.  They should not be excluded or overly reduced.  It is biased and unfounded to treat them as non-natives (see Ch. I of my book).


6 & whole doc.: The wild horses & wild burros must not be arbitrarily excluded from slopes greater than 30%, but rather the various species present, including bighorn, deer & elk, should be allowed to naturally define their niche space within the Complex.  In fact, the presence of the wild equids will help the ruminant grazers, by enhancing their habitat and making it more productive (see references to two works by Fahnestock & Detling in my book’s bibliography). 


Whole doc., incl. p. 5: Another point is that the Spring Mountains Complex’ sloped terrain where not exceedingly steep can to a large degree multiply habitat, or niche space, for many species.  This is due to the provision of greater surface area exposed to precipitation, air, and sunshine (see p. 36 of my book). 


Not allowing wild horses & wild burros to fill their ecological niches actually thwarts their natural population stabilization because this interferes with harmonious processes of social and ecological adaptation that take time and being left alone (see pages 125-128 of my book).


6: Per Section 6 of the WFHBA, BLM & USFS need to set up “cooperative agreements” with other agencies, private parties, etc. Also options under Section 4 of the WFHBA should be promoted in order to secure complete habitats, including adequate water, for long-term viable and ecologically well-adapted wild horse & wild burro populations of the Spring Mountains Complex.


6 bottom: In spite of your claim that there is not enough forage, are not the wild horses’ & wild burros’ very abilities to survive proof that there is adequate forage and water for them?


7: This 30% utilization standard can be quite arbitrary and unjust to the actual species inhabiting the ecosystem.  Such standards can be out of tune with nature’s balancing processes over time, such as the natural shifts in occupied annual home range over the generations that both wild horses and wild burros display (see Pellegrini 1971 in bibliography of my book).


7 bottom: I caution against using this proportional count of horse fecal ball piles to deer and elk pellet piles.  This fails to differentiate between the past-gastric equid digestion (less degraded feces hence taking longer to decompose) and the ruminant digestion (fresh feces already more degraded and hence taking less time to be absorbed into the soils, though providing relatively less nutrients thereto).  (See my book, pages 33-34 & 46-48.) These ecological facts are not taken into account, hence the chart in Figure 2 is misleading.


8: You state that your agencies, the BLM & USFS, are trying to maintain a “thriving natural ecological balance.” However, by overly interfering with the wild horses & wild burros, their natural tendencies to fill their ecological niches and to establish natural stabilizations of their populations, your agencies are not respecting what is in truth natural, i.e. your agencies are working contrary to natural processes.


For example, your agencies determination of “excess” is arbitrary.  The wild horses & wild burros here are not overpopulated by any objective view.  Please take another look at my table deriving # acres per individual wild horse/wild burro. This is on page 3 of this input. To an objective ecological view, these two species are under-populated within the Spring Mountain Complex.  Drastically reducing and arbitrarily limiting the wild horses and wild burros to such low, non-viable AMLs, as you are proposing, is anything but “minimal feasible management” and your injection of the phrase “minimal feasible population” is your deceptive invention. Both run entirely contrary to the true intent and purpose of the WFHBA!


8 bottom: Yes, natural movements within JMA must be assured and interior fences removed, also impediments to water access. Also, water sources drained unnaturally to outside JMA must be restored to the extent possible. Exercise your Implied Federal Water Rights (see p. 120 of my book).  Also, with regard to natural wild horse and wild burro movements outside the JMA, this often constitutes a natural rest rotation and you should examine possibilities in Sections 6 & also 4 of the WFHBA to see whether cooperative agreements, etc., can be arranged in order to accommodate these movements.


Another point here: what is natural about these arbitrary determinations of population levels set at very low Appropriate Management Levels?  To a much greater extent, you should let the laws of nature decide at what levels the wild horses & wild burros should be! Your use of the word “natural” is deceptive.


9 middle paragraph: What are the standards for USFS’ “satisfactory condition or better”?  Likewise for BLM’s “healthy rangelands”?  This paragraph reveals these agencies’ biased attitudes toward the wild horses and wild burros! The blanketing statement concerning “degraded vegetation” with wild horses & wild burros as implied causal agents is unfounded in fact.  No proofs are given.  Also it seems you are using MCBB as an excuse to greatly reduce wild horses & wild burros without proof of their detrimental effect. These equids may actually be beneficial to the endangered Mt. Charleston Blue Butterfly.  Also, there is no discussion of how large numbers of deer, elk, or even bighorn may be affecting this species.


9 ff: Re: Proposed Action, you need to seriously consider Reserve Design as an alternative to this heavy handed and disrespectful proposal (see earlier comments on Reserve Design).


11 top: 60% male to 40% female sex ratio adjustment. I object! This would disrupt the natural harmony within the wild horse & wild burro societies and further thwart the stable, mature bands, or comparable burro groups, and their important ability to stabilize their own populations. This would result in much stress among the populations, as there would be increased competition and frustration among males and more frustrated mares as well. All this would disrupt the traditional care and education of young equids by older males and females. This is a serious disruption and does not accord with the WFHBA.


11 mid page: There are many adverse effects upon wild horses produced by PZP, including out-of-season births, stress, and social disruptions (see my book, p. 129-130).


17 bottom: Re: genetic diversity & AML: You need to let natural selection operate so that each herd is able to adapt to each unique habitat over the generations. Arbitrarily and periodically gutting the wild equid populations will throw this benign natural process into shambles!


18: Re: Wilderness restrictions against wild horses & wild burros, this is very wrong and shows extreme prejudice against them.  See my earlier comments re: how wild horses & wild burros can restore and enhance wilderness ecosystems, i.e. are compatible therewith.  Also both species of wild equids greatly reduce fire hazard (see earlier comments).


26: Monitoring and Tracking of Treatments. Point 1: You need to factor in natural mortality rates of all ages and sexes. I have observed that many foals die in nature, including from accidents, disease and natural predation.  (It is very misleading to state that there are no natural predators for the wild horses and burros, as BLM & USFS documents and public statements often do!)  Your document fails to consider the level of natural and unnatural predation or human attacks on these animals in the Spring Mtn. Complex, e.g. of puma, coyote & wild dog packs, rattlesnakes, and – a major oversight – the illegal capture, removal as well as killing of wild horses and burros by members of our own human species.  All of these ignored mortality factors can be in fact major!


–Though with much more to impart, I now close in order get this timely input in by June 30, 2013, to the email address provided in your document. I have a history of giving such input as well as federal court testimony to defend the precious wild horses and wild burros of the Spring Mountain Complex. From any objective point of view, these “national heritage, returned native” species are not overpopulated.  Though BLM & USFS have contrived to paint a negative picture of them in the Spring Mountain Complex in this and earlier documents, the truer and fuller story of these wonderful and ancient presences is not to be found in such evanescent and shallow-minded assertions. The greater story concerning both horses and burros is one with All Life’s Greatest Story. This story includes us all as equals, all individuals and all kinds – however minutely or broadly categorized – for each inextricably and indispensably related within the Great Unfolding Tree of Life.  And to acknowledge, respect, and honor the precious freedom of brother/sister/blesser of humanity horse/burro to realize its greater calling, purpose, and destiny in relation to All of Life, not just humanity alone – well, my friend, this is nothing short of a supreme and liberating Virtue!

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A Public Outcry for Wild Horses by Palomino Sue

BIG PICTURE, PVC: A Must read for those NOT able to visit the facility…. You drive through the gates at PVC. There are a lot of pens filled with a lot of #wildhorses and a few #burros. But do you know who you are looking at? Do you see them as BLM does as horses with tags on their necks or are you aware of where (and how) they came to the facility? Are you aware that usually at this time of year the pens are relatively empty and beginning to accept horses fresh from roundups again (like every year)? Are you aware that what you are seeing is VERY unusual? http://wheblog.wordpress.com/2013/07/11/big-picture-palomino-valley-center/See More
Horse Medicine  Kick Starter Campaign



SHARE to STOP them from mistreating wild horses & burros! They need SHADE! BREAKING NEWS: Citizen investigation reveals wild horses are sick and dying at national adoption center without shade. Video report calls for Secretary Jewell to intervene with emergency shelters.

#Shade4Mustangs RENO,Nv (July 8 2013)–Protect Mustangs is releasing a preliminary video report of captive wild horses denied shade in the recent triple-digit heat wave. Anne Novak, executive director of Protect Mustangs, America’s indigenous horse conservation group, has been leading a nationwide outreach campaign (#Shade4Mustangs) on Facebook and Twitter to bring shade to captive wild horses and burros at Palomino Valley Center outside Reno, and elsewhere.

READ More here: http://protectmustangs.org/?p=4725

Support our work. Your donations for gas made this field work possible and we will continue to help the wild horses but we need money for gas in the tank www.PayPal.com Contact@ProtectMustangs.org Thank you!See More



The Life and Death of Silky Shark, a Racehorse


In July 2011, a Standardbred U.S. racehorse named Silky Shark died in a Quebec slaughterhouse.


The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition tracked the evidence, showing that Silky Shark had been administered phenylbutazone (a deadly drug that must never enter the food chain) and subsequently slipped through the system undetected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.


Jack Rodolico of Latitude News has produced an exemplary account of the fate of this beautiful horse – Silky Shark’s life in the racing industry, how he fell through the cracks, and what chilling implications his death holds in terms of animal protection and food safety.


Links to articles and podcasts are below.   


The full magazine feature and podcast: http://www.latitudenews.com/story/the-shady-trade-in-american-horsemeat/

A short version aired on the American radio program Marketplace: http://www.marketplace.org/topics/world/drugged-american-horsemeat-sold-europe


A slightly longer version aired on Harvest Public Media’s network of public radio stations throughout the American Midwest: http://harvestpublicmedia.org/article/1544/drugged-horsemeat-us-showing-europe/5

A medium-length text version on The Week:  http://theweek.com/article/index/237968/the-shady-trade-in-american-horsemeat


CHDC’s report, Proof of CFIA Failure: http://canadianhorsedefencecoalition.wordpress.com/2012/12/12/proof-of-cfia-failure/

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My amazing Colorado contact took the time to send this to me via email.  Keep up the fight dear friend.

Good article on our “wild horse program” and the current state of affairs.

My comment below. Permission to crosspost.

Monika Courtney

Using language such as “emotional horsy lovers” was long used to dismiss efforts by the opposition and enemies of wild horses, which feel either exposed or threatened in their framework, to build a shield against the rising pressure to their cattle kingdoms. Keep up the good work, all of you. The call for change is loud and clear; Americans will not stand by and witness the continuing abuse and cruelty while those in charge remain passive by choice. Decades of mismanagement to cave into the cattle muscle bearing monopoly are a contributing factor to the shrill outcry by some in the advocacy. When horses continue to die, suffer and remain trapped in a propaganda oriented mindset, is it a wonder? The public has not only offered input, help and ideas how to improve this mess. The public has been pushed aside with clever PR stunts and the constant pacifying statements in hopes we go away. The excuse based communication has more than not infuriated members of the animal advocates whose sole goal is to improve the lives of these horses. A thorn in the side of those who use any twist to justify their own callous or cruel actions, the advocacy has successfully shed light onto the inhumane standards which call for national reform. The tunnel vision of those who state helicopter touching horses is justified because these horses are “wild” reflects the bigger mentality under which the wild horses have been doomed.  A lack of education in the general public adds to the national crisis. The current state of affairs is a product of secretive decade-long corruption, monopolized by special agendas and greed, with leadership appeasing the outraged public with yet more shield off comments. Mocking the efforts of advocates calling for increased welfare and higher standards  in a time of national scandals dooming over the agency, is a tool used by those whose superlative domains and influence are threatened. No horse responds acceptingly to being touched by a helicopter, whether it is domesticated or wild. Yet this is exactly the absurdity on which this battle is raging. An agency, aligned with profit driven agendas, using any and all twists in hopes to alleviate national outrage on their current highly flawed methods. Horses suffer, period. Horses are not treated with the respect and care that would reflect the ironic non-existent “reform and transparency” of those who shout it coming. The American public needs to continue to demand reform, as the silence of new Secretary Jewell deems instructive of the shepherding that exists deep within, while BLM wants the public to believe they care. I am awaiting more action for horses in holding as the current facilities reflect the dire minimalist attitude dooming over any aspect of the program that is not in the interest of the very animals involved. Americans must continue to call in a chorus for reform, to see betterment against the sinister establishment inflicting this irreparable destruction while alternatives such as Reserve Design and proposals for self-stabilizing, sustainable solutions in the wild are on the table. We call on BLM to work with us, not against us. I call on HSUS to mandate immediate measures to take effect. The standby or diplomacy approach has failed our horses. Provision of shelter for holding is a call that has gone national as of last week. In a program allocating millions of tax funds to malignantly driven round ups to evict horses as I type, the agency’s claim of horses in “the open” not needing shade to excuse their absence of shelter  is refuted by experts. It is a matter of priorities in which we have seen where they stood for BLM for the last 40 yrs.  Any horse seeks shelter, if given a choice. Chutes, flags, panels, fences are not part of the “open range” yet they pose no concern to BLM. Dismissing mustangs as feral is another ploy to distract. Honing such statements shows the core value of those we have exposed to be deceptive. Dismissing real science and the work of capable experts willing to contribute to the much needed improvement of the program shows a fiefdom mentality of biblical proportions to gear to those who used the wild horses to benefit.
Options are available to improve herd management in the wild as BLM was assigned to do.  The extended research by experts on how to achieve a balance and truly manage, not extinct these animals, is smugly dismissed. Instead, the pilfering of wild horses continues under guise of managing, whilst all input from the public is ignored. The disregards for welfare in holding, where deaths are deflated or go unreported, are of great concern. The initial installing of a sprinkler for relief is noted and must lead to more efficient permanent infrastructure. These horses have no enrichment, no basic comfort but minimal care. They can be given a better quality of life after the traumatic experiences of being evicted, separated from their bands and degraded into warehoused, sacked commodities. It is just once again the question:  where are the priorities of BLM?  To mock those who drive for more humane treatment?  To push for slaughter as a ploy to deter those defending the horses and their rightful habitat? To issue trivial statements instead of seeking real progress and work with the American public? It remains to be seen. In the meantime, the collective call of people for betterment in holding and on the range will continue. The inevitable urgency is clear and demands the attention of all animal welfare organizations to take note and get involved. The lingering of this debate as a politically influenced soap opera is not acceptable. These are America’s horses, and Americans are calling on BLM to change course.  Provide appropriate shelter/relief to holding (suffering exacerbated to increased numbers of equines who should be on the range, not corralled), proposals of workable, cost-efficient ideas have been submitted.
Contemplate solutions that reflect a result of a dialog with the public as well, not only the cattle parties. Balance must be restored, not only on our public lands, but within the think tank that has led to the current reality.


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Just a moment ago, I re-blogged a great many Blog posts by some of the major organizations who continue to fight the unending battle to save horses period.  As you will have seen, if you had the time to read these various posts, head way …..  well let us just say…our heads are pretty raw from slamming them against brick walls.

In the ongoing struggle concerning the horses, these links were graciously provided to me by my US contacts.







The rhetoric that BLM officials continues to spew out and expects anyone with any semblance of intelligence to swallow is truly pathetic and an outright insult!!  Clearly evident in these communications below:
Quote from

Debbie Collins


Bureau of Land Management

National Wild Horse & Burro Program
Information Center Coordinator

in answer to Ms Courtney’s email to her concerning: Question: What is the BLM’s response to allegations that the mortality numbers for the Bureau’s Palomino Valley Center (PVC) do not match the numbers listed on invoices submitted to the BLM from Reno Rendering?

Answer: “ We welcome the public’s interest in this matter and acknowledge that the horse mortality numbers being reported at BLM facilities are lower than the numbers invoiced by BLM-contracted rendering facilities that dispose of horse remains. The discrepancy results from the reporting procedures currently used by the Bureau. We are, however, moving quickly to change these procedures to improve transparency. The BLM remains committed to the health and well-being for the wild horses we are charged with protecting.”
Ms. Courtney in turn responds:
“Thank you for your response. You have once again proven the steady route of deception and vagueness that clouds BLM’s willingness of acknowledging us and our interest indeed – but BLM’s main concern seems to continously be how to figure out yet another clever reply to wiggle out of an expose matter – your reply actually defies logic at best and is an insult to anyone’s intelligence. The discrepancy came to light thru a deeper investigation by advocates – a result black on white and not by your alleged lack in internal reporting procedures – would BLM just get bills for dead horses as a practical joke or for the rendering companies to waste their own resources ? The creativity of BLM in trying to pacify the upset public once again knows no limits. Math skills or not getting with the latest technologies in data entry… is not the key problem. It is being caught.




Transparency is a word that is tooled by BLM policy to serve their own needs, which is not being transparent at all.


It is used like a detour in a traffic stop… over and over the promise of transparency reminds us of the fact that time goes by, with the ongoing empty promises of your agency, since Abbey used this clever approach to pacify the outraged public back in 2010.


What BLM protects is its own agenda – while implementing outrageous PR replies when being pressured into the national spotlight. The protection of horses is last on your list of priorities, as is real transparency and truly welcoming the public’s interest. We have been interested since years, and we hear the same old…. BLM is a disgrace Debbie, as nothing is revealed in honesty, effectiveness and unbiased ethical commitments that would reflect the blabbering discussions and promises of your Board Members at their yearly farce get togethers – it is just that, a blabbering on how to deal with the public mostly. Heck, shipping in a climatologist was done without delay – yet another ploy to emphasize your bigger plan yet serving it with an undeniable approach of giving weight to your ideas on how to wipe out more herds instead of coming up with plans on how to assist them in their rightful habitat in this challenging climate. Remove, remove, removest…. Ring a bell ? I think BLM would ship in the pope if he could assist in your games. With all the lands your agency has cleverly sabotaged away from our wild horses yet having experts at hands in climate…it would only take logic to return these lands to our wild horses and a shift away from BLM conspiracy traditions as we know it.




It is all a higher plan, I am sure the NAS report of tomorrow will yet be another wrap filled with goodies a la BLM tradition – how to ignore the real plight and preservation of our last wild horses befallen with the rogue agendas and schemes of this government, whilst the bureaucrats within your agency get orders from above on how to continue to pacify the public and pretend your agency gives a rat’s ass.




Shame on BLM for not delivering in reality and truth what BLM has been saying since years…. whilst the demise of our mustangs goes on at high speed… no delays there – right on track with it all…and hoping the public will once again buy the BS evasive make up they send out this time. Isn’t it getting tiring to hand out such lies instead of doing a job where one earns his salary doing real work, with positive lasting impact for those they are assigned to truly PROTECT ?”




BLOGGERS COMMENT:  While the BLM continues to inflict pain and suffering on these horses and burros, the Powers that Be, who have the authority to put an end to all of this DO NOT!!  Not only do the Powers that Be do nothing they allow the protected lands given to these horses by Legislated Authority to be exploited. 
Quote from Craig Downer’ speech:


Speech for Wild Horse Summit, Las Vegas, NV, Oct. 12, 2008, organized by ISPMB


My overall analysis reveals an effective displacement of the wild equids from at least three fourths of the public lands to which they are legally entitled as the “principal” presences for which to be managed.  These HA’s were supposed to be determined by where these equids were found at the passage of Public Law 92-195 – and I take this to mean not just the tiny portion of ground they stood on at the exact hour and date of the Act’s passage, but rather the home ranges of all the bands of every herd throughout the BLM/USFS West that was then occupied on a year-round basis.

 By taking the total number of livestock permittees on the public lands and proportioning this number relative to the percent of public lands that are original wild horse and burro herd areas or reduced herd management areas, I have obtained the following: there are approximately 4,522 livestock permittees grazing their livestock on the original 53,444,499 legal Herd Areas (BLM) or Territories (USFS) today.  This represents 20.6%, or about 1/5th of the livestock permittees on BLM and USFS lands.  However since the occupied HMA’s are much smaller than the original HA’s, there are approximately 2,914 permittees grazing their livestock on the reduced 34,441,150 acres in herd management areas/territories today.  This represents only 13%, or about 1/8th of the grazing permittees.”



Despite the proof positive that tainted horse meat is unfit for human consumption,

Politically incorrect. 



“The law states that every horse that goes to slaughter MUST be accompanied with their original papers, to show their medical history & if they had been given drugs that are banned by the FDA & CFIA in animals intended for human consumption, yet this is impossible & rarely the case since so many horses have gone through multiple owners, are bought at auction & have even been stolen.”

“The most common drug that is given to horses, is Bute(Phenylbutazone) which is an analgesic (relieves pain) and anti-inflammatory medication, that is as common in horses, as aspirin is to people. The warning label reads; Health risks. Humans should not inhale or ingest Bute. Wash hands immediately after administering Bute. In humans, bone marrow, renal, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal side effects are associated with use of Phenylbutazone.”
“Bute is a drug that is not only banned in animals intended for human consumption, but a drug that never leaves the system once it had been administered. Tests may say that the carcass is free of Bute, but the tests is not done on the part of the carcass where Bute can be found (in the Kidneys). Therefore, no amount of guaranteeing a horse that has ever had Bute given to them, will ever make their meat safe to eat. Racehorses are also commonly sent to slaughter plants & we know they are given Bute, as is the case with any privately owned horse.”
“There has never been & never will be any way possible to ensure that horses going to slaughter, for the purpose of human consumption, are free of drugs such as Bute, yet no one in the Government seems to care. Why? Because horse slaughter is a great way to pad their wallets? That must be it, because there is not one benefit to horse slaughter, that isn’t monetary & that is only for those who benefit directly from the slaughter industry, which is only the people who are involved with horse slaughter (buyers, transporters, people in the plant, horse racing, PMU farms, Nurse mares, etc.) & the Government.
So I ask you, why is it not ok to allow consumers to eat tainted pork, beef, chicken, turkey or fish, but it is perfectly acceptable to allow consumers to eat tainted horse meat.”

“We need to force the Government to do the right thing, we must let them know that we will not allow our horses to be tortured, abused, maimed & killed in the most barbaric way, we will not tolerate them purposely poisoning people, just to make a buck. The time has come for them to get their heads out of their asses & smarten the hell up.

The Government needs to be held accountable for their irresponsible & selfish decisions & actions. The time for excuses, wool pulling, head in the sand & cover up’s are over. If they claim to not want to sell tainted beef, chicken, pork, etc, than they sure as hell shouldn’t be allowing tainted horse meat to be sold & exported”

If you have taken the time to read all of the above, the key words contained in the statement quoted are: “, yet no one in the Government seems to care. Why? Because horse slaughter is a great way to pad their wallets?”

“Horse slaughter is a great way to pad their wallets”

Valley Meat suit now in N.M. court


horses continue to face Hell on Earth at the hands of the Bureau of Land Management. 

BLM Hell for Horses Burros


Bloggers Comment:

Horse slaughter is an excellent way to ensure that the cattle industry can also continue to move into grazing lands  that were designated as protected areas solely for Wild Horses and Burros,  without facing consequences.  Horse slaughter is also an excellent way for the continued destruction and exploitation  of natural habitat that was designated as protected areas solely for Wild Horses and Burros by large and profitable enterprises in the oil and mineral industries, which of course, you can rightly believe, make hefty political donations as well as filling government coffers with their tax dollars.

Canada has already become an International Disgrace for it’s continued Seal Hunt.  The EU, European Union, banned Canadian Seal Products yet Canada goes on it’s merry way doesn’t it? and spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars in its campaign to convince members of the EU to allow Canadian Seal Products into their countries and to find new customers outside the EU.

Canada continues to be an International Disgrace by enabling the massive BLM roundups for the slaughter of Wild Horses not only in the US but in Canada as well.  This sign is located just outside Canada’s Capital City, Ottawa, Ontario.  Perhaps our Political Leaders NEED GLASSES!!!!


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Ecologist Craig Downer speaks out against using PZP in the Pryors


Protect Mustangs’ Advisory Board member offers holistic management based on Reserve Design as opposed immunocontraceptives approved by the EPA as pesticides 

Please click the above LINK in order to read Craig’s full letter

Thank you.

Please also take this PLEDGE.  Thank you.


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Canadian Wild Horse Foundation has launched a Federal Petition

Canadian Wild Horse Foundation
PO BOX 320
Carrying Place ON K0K 1L0


For Immediate Release
Canadian Wild Horse Foundation (CWH) launches Federal Petition: Alberta Wild Horses. “Heritage Animal”
Canadian Wild Horse Foundation (CWH) has launched a federal petition, which will be submitted to the Canadian House
of Commons August 2013. The petition urges the Government of Canada to protect the wild horses of Alberta by
designating them a “Heritage Animal”. The campaign to save Albertaʼs wild horses is actively supported by both local and
international equine enthusiasts and celebrity.

Today, the wild horses of Alberta fall under the “Stray Animals Act” which classifies them as feral and leaves them
severely unprotected under the Law. They are at serious risk of having their herd(s) population fall below the required
numbers needed to sustain the natural balance of a healthy gene pool. These horses have an abundance of natural
predators and harsh living conditions to contend with and are now forced to survive government licensed trapping that not
only send these magnificent animals into the slaughterhouses for human consumption but also seriously risk the future of
Albertaʼs wild horse herds. According to ESRD (Alberta Environment & Sustainable Resource Development) between
December 2011 and February 2012 there were 216 wild horses captured through a possible 237 permit licenses
distributed by the ESRD. This was a record high cull.

Wild horses have roamed Albertaʼs Crown land for hundreds of years. They are born, live and die in the wild; they are not
a stray-animal. They have contributed to the natural eco-system for centuries and are an integral part of it. It is time we let
them live wild and free, so that future generations will be able to appreciate not only their contribution to our countries
history but their beauty in a natural environment.

Many Canadianʼs are unaware of the wild horseʼ existence and their immense contribution to the history of Canada. CWH
is working to change this. CWH believes it is of the utmost importance to protect the iconic wild horse herds of Alberta
before it is to late. The federal petition is in response to concerned citizens who have initiated letters, emails and phone
calls to political bodies that have fallen on deaf ears.

CWH is urging all Canadians to support the cause to save our wild horses by signing the federal petition available for
download on CWH Facebook, Google+ Linked In and You Tube Profiles.

Canadian Wild Horse Foundation (CWH) is a group of determined citizens dedicated to the preservation and well being of
Canadaʼs wild horse population. CWH is securing not-for-profit status in Canada.
CWH is committed to educating the public about Canadaʼs wild horses and participating in the preservation of wild horse
populations by utilizing strategic awareness campaigns and supporting other like-minded equine groups and concerned

For media inquiries or further information:

E: canadianwildhorses@gmail.com
Catherine Betts, Founder CEO
Adrienne Calvert, Partner Executive Director




Received via email 27 October 2012

***URGENT!!!*** PLEASE  read this report on horse slaughter plants in Canada and help put a FULL STOP on the slaughter of Canada’s precious wild horses in Alberta!  Cull starting Nov. 1st.  Thank you.


Did you know…any time after November 1st, the government can issue capture licenses to horse trappers? AND that 99% of all wild horses captured end up slaughtered!?

Please write to Diana McQueen and tell her to stop the cull of the Wild Horses of Alberta!

Information and Sample Letter provided at the following website:




In addition to writing to Diana McQueen (see my earlier posts) please also write to: the Premier of Alberta and ask her to stop the cull of the Wild Horses of Alberta starting Nov 1st. Thank you!


Email Address: premier@gov.ab.ca.

Mailing Address: The Honourable Alison Redford Premier of Alberta 307 Legislature Bldg 10800 – 97 Avenue Edmonton, AB …

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