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Horse Slaughter: A tragic tribute to those who have fallen:

The Bay Mustang Colt: Anatomy of a Round-up


We must put an end to all of this.  With your help we can!!










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Over a month ago I announced via FaceBook that I was, after long hard thought, retiring from advocacy.  Perhaps I used the wrong terminology, sabbatical is the term I should have used.  Suffering from Compassion Fatigue, I need a break, the length of which is unknown.

Anyone who is bombarded on a daily basis with the continued horrors inflicted upon animals, anyone who must physically clean up the mess left behind by irresponsible pet owners, administer care to the abandoned and the suffering, anyone who works in shelters and vet hospitals will in time go through Compassion Fatigue.  Similar to Post Trauma Stress Disorder, the effects of Compassion Fatigue can be and are devastating.

Despite the need for peace and respite from advocacy there are issues that continue to eat at my soul, no inner peace can be found as long as animals suffer at the hands of man.

I received this email just the other day from Sinika, with the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition, and with her permission have copied and pasted it below.

Canada continues the blood bath in the equine slaughter plants in this country.  Canada continues to enable the horrific BLM roundups of wild horses in the US by importing these animals for slaughter into our country.

We all thought that the recent XL Meat scandal was bad enough.  We learned how our Canadian Food Inspection Agency dropped the ball on that one.  Well the CFIA continues to drop the ball, by not effectively and efficiently monitoring horse slaughter in this country, and by allowing contaminated horse meat to be exported from this country.  But really, think about it, can we expect anything less, after what we have already learned?

Once you have read Sinika’s  email, please take the time to visit this additional  link below regarding ‘Animal Angels’ Investigation of  the “Bouvry’s Slaughter Pipeline”. “Bouvry Exports operates one of the largest horse slaughter plants in Canada approved to export horse meat to the EU. Bouvry Exports owns about 2000 acres of land near Fort Macleod, where they fatten US and Canadian horses in large feedlots.”

Warning the pictures which are exposing this horrendous inhumane treatment of horses awaiting slaughter are very graphic.


We cannot allow the continuation of such inhumane treatment to continue.  We all know about the Factory Farms, we all know about the Puppy and Kitten Mills, we all know about the Dog Fighting Rings, the Racing Industry, the Circuses and the Rodeos….but more must be done to end the equine slaughter for profit and greed and the exploitation of lands established as protected areas for wild horses, we must all put an end to the Canadian export of tainted meat unfit for human consumption, and any and all Canadian imports of products into this country from the cruel exploitative practices of other nations against animals.


Below is Sinika’s email: posted with her permission

Subject: The life and death of a racehorse, and the chilling implications
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2012 09:23:03 -0800

The Life and Death of Silky Shark, a Racehorse


In July 2011, a Standardbred U.S. racehorse named Silky Shark died in a Quebec slaughterhouse.


The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition tracked the evidence, showing that Silky Shark had been administered phenylbutazone (a deadly drug that must never enter the food chain) and subsequently slipped through the system undetected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.


Jack Rodolico of Latitude News has produced an exemplary account of the fate of this beautiful horse – Silky Shark’s life in the racing industry, how he fell through the cracks, and what chilling implications his death holds in terms of animal protection and food safety.

Links to articles and podcasts are below.


The full magazine feature and podcast: http://www.latitudenews.com/story/the-shady-trade-in-american-horsemeat/

A short version aired on the American radio program Marketplace: http://www.marketplace.org/topics/world/drugged-american-horsemeat-sold-europe


A slightly longer version aired on Harvest Public Media’s network of public radio stations throughout the American Midwest: http://harvestpublicmedia.org/article/1544/drugged-horsemeat-us-showing-europe/5

A medium-length text version on The Week:  http://theweek.com/article/index/237968/the-shady-trade-in-american-horsemeat


CHDC’s report, Proof of CFIA Failure: http://canadianhorsedefencecoalition.wordpress.com/2012/12/12/proof-of-cfia-failure/



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***URGENT!!!***   PLEASE  read this report on horse slaughter plants in Canada and help put   a FULL STOP on the slaughter of Canada’s precious wild horses in Alberta!    Cull starting Nov. 1st.  Thank you.

“What XL Foods and Horse Slaughter Plants Have in Common and What They’d Prefer to Keep Hidden”


Did you   know…any time after November 1st, the government can issue capture licenses   to horse trappers? AND that 99% of all wild horses captured end up   slaughtered!?

Please write to Diana McQueen and tell her to   stop the cull of the Wild Horses of Alberta!

Information   and Sample Letter provided at the following website:




In addition to writing to   Diana McQueen (see my earlier posts) please also write to: the Premier of   Alberta and ask her to stop the cull of the Wild Horses of Alberta starting   Nov 1st. Thank   you!


Email   Address: premier@gov.ab.ca.

Mailing   Address: The Honourable Alison Redford Premier of Alberta 307 Legislature Bldg   10800 – 97 Avenue Edmonton, AB  …

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Lindsay pond beaver now WITHOUT a home!!

Thank you Sarah West, Founder:  Canadians for Animal Welfare Reform

Ottawa…please write…
 “Mayor Watson .I am appalled and so shocked  that you would totally and utterly ignore the pleas, requests and offers of help to relocate the two beavers Lily and her yearling son. Lucky “ living happily”.  in the pond at the Lindsay Park in Stittsville.  It is one thing to destroy their home… but to brutally trap and kill them is entirely another issue !!
According to the trapper who has been retained by  your council to trap the beaver, he will use a Conibear trap. The Conibear is a body grip trap in which the animal is crushed by force. Depending on the size of the animal and how it enters the trap, it may take minutes or up to an hour before death occurs. This type of trap is banned for use in municipalities in other provinces!!
  Have you any concept or idea Mayor Watson of what you will be subjecting these two  precious  SENTIENT ( feeling living creatures too) They would die…. in the cruelest most brutal way !
Due to their difference in size, it is very likely that the two beavers are a mother and her kit, probably displaced from the recent draining of the Poole Creek wetlands nearby, and the trapping of beaver there last summer.  Ottawa residents and citizens ACROSS CANADA  and the world are asking that the two beavers be left alone .or RELOCATED.
You have it in your power to choose differently. Mayor Watson. Donna DuBreuil Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre has offered to help relocate the beavers and/or you can just let them be.
These two Beaver-mother-feeding,-while-baby-floating-about-but-staying-close-to-mom.little animals Lily and Lucky.. yes they have names…. are precious creatures who represent our national symbol and you  Mayor Watson are in our national capital of Canada !
Two small beavers are not a threat to anyone and you would be remembered always for your compassion in working together with the citizens’ group of  Stittsville to save the beavers from being brutally killed!
If nothing else we speak to you as politician in an office of honour .and with respect ask that you think seriously about our next comment. Please believe us when  we say if you do nothing…. and this is allowed to move forward. you will always be remembered as the man who killed the .mother beaver  and  her young son
Those who elected you have long memories and you would be so much better served  to be remembered as the “ Mayor who had a heart!”
We ask you most earnestly…  to do the right thing?  On behalf of  “ Lily” and Lucky” …..  we thank you for your compassion Mayor Watson.. Please… save the lives of these two little Beaver?. Thank you.”
Yours sincerely
Sarah West Founder/President
Canadians For Animal Welfare Reform (CFAWR) www.cfawr.org
Follow us on Twitter
Canadian Ambassador World Animal Day
 Mayor Jim WatsonPhone: 613-580-2496
Fax: 613-580-2509
E-mail: Jim.Watson@ottawa.caAddress
110 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, Ontario
K1P 1J1

Video footage of Lucky trying to rebuild their home:


Lucky Pic taken by Sylvie Sabourin

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Lucky Pic taken by Sylvie Sabourin

Lindsay pond beaver now WITHOUT a home!!

Last year concerned citizens raised the Red Flag and protested the trapping of the Lindsay Pond beavers and the planned destruction of their dam.  A reprieve was the result.



Unfortunately Mayor Watson of Ottawa recently decided it would be a good thing to do.  Now there is a push on to flood Ottawa Mayor Watson’s office with emails and telephone calls protesting this action.

Lucky and Lily’s home now destroyed

Video footage of Lucky trying to rebuild their home:


 Mayor Jim Watson

Phone: 613-580-2496
Fax: 613-580-2509
E-mail: Jim.Watson@ottawa.ca

110 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, Ontario
K1P 1J1

As a former Ottawa resident, born and raised in the Nation’s Capital, I find it totally appalling and totally unacceptable that this politician took it upon himself to destroy the home of these animals.  It takes months for beavers to build their home, further they are symbolic of Canada, a symbol of our heritage.  How dare he!!!

Please loudly speak out for these beavers.  Video link is provided below of the destruction of their home.  I have requested to be allowed to publish pictures taken of the beavers and will post when available.



City of Ottawa destroys famous beavers’ lodge


On Friday, June 29th, 2012, City of Ottawa workers destroyed the lodge of two famous

This is my own personal letter to Mayor Watson sent a moment ago.

With All Due Respect to your Honor, Jim Watson
Mayor of our Nation’s Capital

Mr. Watson:

It is with great sadness that I have been made aware that despite the protests which you received in 2011 concerning the Lindsay Pond beavers, that you have indeed chosen to destroy the habitat of these industrious National Heritage Symbols of Canada.

Having been born an raised in Ottawa, I am more than familiar with the area in question.

While you listened in 2011 to the voices raised in protest at the planned destruction of this dam you have totally chosen to ignore these very same voices raised in 2012.

It is appalling and disgusting to me, the negative actions which you have taken with regard to this beaver habitat.  It is further appalling and disgusting, sir, that you chose to ignore the taxpaying electorate whom employ your position, office and staff.

Your actions shall be remembered.


Bonnie Dawson, Hay River, NT


Founder:  Action for the Protection of Northern Animals
Co-Founder: Canadian Animal Welfare Coalition (CAWC)

Northern Representative & Government Liaison:  Canadians for Animal Welfare Reform (CFAWR)

Member:   Animal Defense League of Canada

Animal Alliance of Canada

Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party


Nominee:  2009 International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)
Recipient:  Certificate of Nomination: CBC’s Champions of Change  2010

Author:      Philly’s Corner



I looked at all the caged animals in the shelter…the cast-offs of human society.

I saw in their eyes love and hope, fear and dread, sadness, and betrayal. And I was angry.
“God,” I said, “this is terrible! Why don’t you do something?”
God was silent for a moment, and then He spoke softly, “I have done something,” he replied. “I created you.”

— Author Unknown

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Courtesy of Saving America’s Wild Horses


Bloggers Note:  Many across North America continue to fight to “Save America’s Wild Horses”, Monika Courtney is one such person, and I am very proud to have come to know her.  Please take the time to read her passionate letter below and to view the links which she provided.

Thank you Monika for your dedication, commitment and courage.

Below is the unedited email and contents which I received from Monika (published with her permission).

Play video

Wild Horse Roundup at Warm Springs Oregon. November 6th, 2010.


Added on 17/11/2010

http://protectmustangs.org/?p=1588       and Press Release below




Mr. Seidlitz,

As you are well aware of the public and many experts continue to plea for a halt of helicopter use. We are given the opportunity for input, yet our input seems to be part of some protocol without bases for consideration by all BLM superiors ?

When more humane alternatives are available and round ups in general are unnecessary while cattle receive priority on same ranges – I ask that you now make a responsible and humane decision for this herd. To gather during foaling season is cruel and untimely – isn’t that obvious after all these years ? Why is this still the course when so many are deeply concerned on the welfare of our horses ?

Please halt the round up and consider Ginger Kathren’s input as well as ours.  The BLM owes us and the horses delivery of reform as so highly acclaimed by Director Abbey recently.

You have the ability to protect the horses from suffering by motorized trauma so please do it. And suffer they do – see below. Stop the repeat mistreatment against these defenseless animals – they are not to blame for the political power trips and you owe them utmost respect and humane treatment.


Monika Courtney, Colorado

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pM_V4TIGrrA               Helicopter Round up

    One viewer’s words:
      “GOOD GOD !!”

This video footage ought to make the news and be shown to the
American public !! Touchdown of a helicopter on a mustang    

Helicopter gathers are not humane, no matter what speed the horses are forced under, or how high the aircraft flies. It is time the failings in regards to BLM’s systematic removals of entire herds, inaccurately determined HMA’s/AML’s numbers, more horses in holding than in the wild, no long-range plan that is ethically, morally and fiscally appropriate, and the irresponsible use of taxpayer’s dollars to finance the current claims to gather, which are in violation with the 1971 WFRHB Act, are fixed.

The public is calling the BLM to stop round ups now. Despite thousands of calls and letters, BLM ignores the public and Congress.

Videos are of BLM contracted helicopter animal abuse ….

*Antelope Roundup Video – Elder Mare Collapses After Helicopter Stampede: …. 


*Video of blatant animal abuse, a Burro being chased then knocked down by a BLM contracted helicopter: …..


*Video of a BLM contracted helicopter skid pushing/touching the back of a Wild Mustang yearling: ….. Sept. 16, 2010,

Contractor: Cattoor livestock round up…..


RESPONSE FROM BLM with Monika’s Comments to the right.

Dear Ms. Courtney:

Thanks for your continued interest in the Wild Horse and Burro Program.
An enhanced animal welfare program will definitely be part of our final       STOP THIS ROUNDUP
strategy; in fact, the BLM is already piloting one element of our new
Comprehensive Animal Welfare Program — the use of outside observers to
monitor and report on gather activities.

The BLM takes many precautions during gathers to ensure humane treatment
of the horses and the safety of all involved in the gather operation.
During the gather, horses are driven to temporary corrals that serve as
a trap.  The BLM recognizes the stress and potential danger to the               DOES IT ???
horses inherent in a gather operation.  Helicopter operators are
experienced professionals who take reasonable measures to move the
   horses at an easy pace, maintaining pressure on the horses only as         SEE LINKS ABOVE
needed to keep them moving towards the trap.

The mortality rate resulting from helicopter-driven gathers is less than
one percent. In 2009, the number of gather-related fatalities out of
more 7,500 horses gathered was only .51 percent.  While we regret the
loss of even one horse during our gather operations, this is a
remarkable accomplishment, a tribute to the experienced, trained BLM
staff and contractors who conduct the gather operations.

Tom Gorey
Senior Public Affairs Specialist
Bureau of Land Management
Washington, D.C.

For immediate release

BLM Plans Helicopter Roundup of Pregnant Mares and Tiny Foals

Wild horse groups unite to protest proposed action in the Jackson Mountains

RENO, Nev. (June 6, 2012)—

Wild horse advocates are united in protesting the planned helicopter roundup of the entire Jackson Mountain wild horse herd at the height of foaling season. The Bureau of Land Management’s Winnemucca District Office is scheduled to issue their Decision Record regarding the mustangs in this drought stricken area of northern Nevada at any time.

Representatives of Sun J Livestock, a helicopter roundup contractor for BLM, are already in Winnemucca, awaiting the decision from District Manager, Gene Seidlitz. During the few short years the now infamous roundup company has been in business hundreds of mustangs have lost their lives. Despite significant input from wild horse advocates and even those from within BLM, Gene Seidlitz, seems willing to take a chance, opting for the harshest possible measures in dealing with the herd which, according to him, includes “mares heavy with foal and tiny foals.”

“When I spoke with Mr. Seidlitz yesterday, we emphasized the risks involved in running these animals for miles during peak foaling season,” stated Ginger Kathrens, Volunteer Executive Director of the Cloud Foundation. “He has been given contacts for water and bait trapping experts who have successfully captured hundreds of wild horses and burros using these far less dangerous methods.” Kathrens fears her pleas may have fallen on deaf ears.

Ironically, privately-owned cattle still graze in the Jackson Mountain Herd Management Area (HMA) and advocates have been asking Manager Seidlitz to use his statutory authority to remove the livestock first, then continue hauling water to wild horses and set up roundpen panels around the water sources for water trapping.

“Why are they still leaving livestock on the range if it is so bad?” asks Anne Novak, Executive Director of Protect Mustangs. “This is peak foaling season—the most dangerous time of year to be chasing mustangs.”

Spontaneous abortion of late term mares is likely as well as lethal injuries to foals too young to keep up with their mothers. In the past the hooves of these young horses have literally fallen off during and after helicopter stampedes.

“I can’t think of anything more irresponsible or cruel,” says Kathrens. “If BLM would only opt for water trapping rather than a helicopter stampede it would allow us to support the agency rather than continually battling their harsh tactics.”

The Cloud Foundation in conjunction with the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign, Animal Law Coalition, Colorado Wild Horse & Burro Coalition, Equine Welfare Alliance, Front Range Equine Rescue, International Fund for Horses, Protect Mustangs, Respect4Horses, Wild Horse Education, and the Wild Horse Freedom Federation encourages the public to urge BLM Winnemucca District Manager, Gene Seidlitz, (gseidlit@blm.gov or 775-623-1501) to opt for humane wild horse management methods.






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Bloggers Note:

Mr. Craig C. Downer is a well respected Wildlife Ecologist and Author with whom I am privileged to maintain contact with.  Craig’s battle to protect the wild horses and burros throughout the US is well known, his expertise, knowledge along with his determination, commitment and pro-active undertakings need be commended.   Craig’s most recent publication “The Wild Horse Conspiracy” presents more than enough evidence of the evolution of and the survival of the first wild equids throughout North America.  A fact that is highly contested and denied by the BLM and the US pro-slaughter advocates in Office.  In reading Craig’s book, it is clear to me personally and to others who have read it, that there is indeed a conspiracy to exterminate wild equids across the US, and while oumay draw your own conclusions as to why, I for one believe it is to serve the cattle industry and big business.

Craig has defended wild horses and burros for over 40 years and continues to do so.  He presents “new evidence concerning their history and evolution in North America”.  Craig is also a “member of the IUCN Species Survival Commission, President of the Andean Tapir Fund “which is also dedicated to saving wild horses/burros”    www.andeantapirfund.com and Board Member of The Cloud Foundation: http://www.thecloudfoundation.org/ The Cloud Foundation,107 South 7th St,Colorado Springs, CO 80905

Canada is just as guilty, by way of importing these captured mustangs into Canada, destined for Canadian horse slaughter plants where these magnificent animals are brutally and inhumanely slaughter, their meat products being shipped out to foreign countries.  Note that undercover videos of what takes place in these slaughter houses in Canada have been made public….it is disgusting, sickening and beyond comprehension. Furthermore our own wild horses are being rounded up and slaughtered as well.

Craig has given me permission to copy and paste word for word his most recent letter:

June 5, 2012

Carson City District Office
Bureau of Land Management
5665 Morgan Mill Road
Carson City, NV 89701

Dear Sir/Mame:

The brutal helicopter roundups that your agency engages in have many adverse effects upon the wild horses and burros that are their victims.  They cause physical injuries and even deaths in a significant number of the wild
equids so pursued (5% or more).  They break up the family (band) social structures and actually result in more uncontrolled breeding among those left in the wild. This is because the equid societies when in tact keep breeding suppressed especially in subdominant and younger members.  This has been well documented (ref. Karen Sussman of ISPMB).
Additionally, the brutal roundups cause great anguish among the wild equids.  Those wild horses and burros who lose their freedom in this insensitive manner suffer an equid form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for the rest of their lives, as attests how violently they react when a helicopter approaches overhead.
Other brutalities suffered during the penning and sorting process and standing around in crowded feedlots often for years on end also leave an indelible mark on theirpsyche.  I consider your massive roundups by helicopter then chucking the horses and burros off to the holding pens to be a very insensitive and unintelligent way of dealing with them. It shows that whoever is running this program is from a livestock background and has little appreciation of the horse or burro in the wild — in fact its truer nature given its ancient, multi-million year development as a wild and free species.

These animals quickly revert to the wild when given the chance, and North America is their evolutionary cradle and place of long-standing development, though they also fit in well in the Old World. The equid is not an ruminant, but a post-gastric digester and as such contributes by building soils and dispersing intact seeds to a much greater degree than is the case with ruminant grazers – practically all the others in North America.

I urge you to study my book The Wild Horse Conspiracy, especially the part concerning Reserve Design for naturally self-stabilizing populations and how to achieve this. This would comply with the true intention of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971, not the mayhem and suffering, social and ecological disruption that your draconian helicopter roundups and grossly unjust Appropriate Management Levels for the herds are presently causing. Please contact me for a copy of my book or portions concerning Reserve Design.

Best Wishes in fulfilling your important duty under this noble law that represents the will of the General Public,


Craig C. Downer, Wildlife Ecologist

Bloggers Note:  Craig’s newest book “Wild Horse Conspiracy” may be ordered via Amazon.com



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