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A dear friend sent me this video…it says it all really.

Canada continues to import Dog/Cat fur products from China….this must end.  Enough blood is on the hands of Canada, between the horrific continued Seal Slaughter (Canada negotiating deal with China for seal products which resulted in Animal Welfare protests by some Chinese citizens);  Canada imports US mustangs into this country for slaughter in Canadian death houses;  dog breeder in Canada breeds beagles to send to research labs, Quebec puppy mills raided, 100’s of dogs rescued and put down;  kitten mills thrive, wild horses in Alberta being murdered;  retired race horses going to Quebec slaughter houses;  not to mention sport hunting;  not to mention Factory Farm animals being burned alive due to failure to ensure safety measures;  dogs/cats being abandoned, tortured, discarded like trash…..

Enough is enough!!  http://youtu.be/E2rjXbxi_gk

 ► 4:55► 4:55 www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2rjXbxi_gk18 Sep 2008 – 5 min – Uploaded by LadyHawkes
Am The Owner Of This Coat  Song was written and recorded by Maria Daines and Paul Killington from  

 Stop the Canadian Import of Dog and Cat Fur Products from Asia


CFAWR Challenges P.M. Harper and the Honourable Kathy Dunderdale: Do the RIGHT thing: End the Seal Hunt!!






Actions Speak Louder than Words


Remember, fur belongs to the animal wearing it, it looks far better on them than as a collar or cuff on some coat, glove or boot.  The new fake furs are beautiful, cheaper and take less care.

Photographs are life long trophies, reminders of having witnessed the animal in the wild, the majesty of their freedom…..a head stuck on the wall does not.

Stroking ones ego at the cost of a life is unforgivable.

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       How does that saying go? 

“Talk is Cheap”.

       Well for at least one Province int this country, Action Speaks Louder than words!!!!

We are all aware of the horrific brutality inflicted on the 100 sled dogs in Whistler, B.C.  These dogs, faithful money making servants were summarily shot and in some cases had their throats brutally slashed.  Why, because the economy had taken a decline and the owner and operator of this particular business felt the animals were of no more use.  This case only came to light when the individual who did not say NO when told by the owner to kill these beautiful faithful dogs, applied to Workers Compensation claiming he was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

        The province of British Columbia stepped up, and toughened their Animal Protection Laws.


        Now for the second year in a row, B.C. has approved and made this Proclamation in honor of those 100 Whistler dogs.

WHEREAS The Province of British Columbia recognizes that the health, safety and well being of all animals is vital, and
WHEREAS The Province of British Columbia leads the country with the toughest penalties for anyone proven responsible for harming an animal, and
WHEREAS The Province of British Columbia believes that the prevention of cruelty to animals is a matter of humanity and not just a matter of legislation, and
WHEREAS by working together and sharing information on how to prevent, recognize, and report signs of animal abuse, we can help protect all animals from abuse and neglect, and
WHEREAS Our Lieutenant Governor, by and with the advice and consent of the Executive Council, has been pleased to enact Order in Council 903 on October 11, 2002;
NOW KNOW YE THAT we do by these presents proclaim and declare that April 23, 2012 shall be known as
(in honour of the lost lives of 100 sled dogs on April 23, 2010)
in the Province of British Columbia.
The Municipality of Wood Buffalo in Alberta has also Stepped UP and have made their own Proclamation: double click picture to enlarge for easier reading.

Having fought so hard myself for over three years for animal protection laws within the NWT, there remains a great deal yet to be done.  The new NWT Dog Act contains a potentially deadly loophole which MLA and now Minister David Ramsay is quoted as describing “big enough to drive a truck through”.  The new NWT Dog Act pertains solely to dogs period and does not protect any other domestic pet. Not the Comprehensive Animal Protection Act that I fought so hard for.  It must be noted that the motion did pass in the Legislative Assembly that the Territorial Government is to keep working forward to enact Comprehensive Animal Protection which already exists across the rest of Canada.

A number of years ago, due to a horrific incident involving many dogs in the Yukon, the Yukon chose to strengthen their own Animal Protection Legislation.  Now with the news that a well known Yukon Musher is planning to ACT in a proactive manner to toughen protection of Sled Dogs in the Yukon, it is evident that perhaps the new Yukon Legislation of a few years ago was not strong enough.

Mr. Frank Tuner was interviewed : sleddogcentral.com/interviews/turr


 Obviously Mr. Turner also believes that

Actions Speak Louder than Words.

Clearly animal cruelty is and will remain an International focus, on so many levels one cannot even fathom.  Every second of every single day, an animal is being horrifically neglected, abused and exploited at the hands of a human.  Says a lot about the human species does it not?  From the starving neglected dogs left on chains, animals tortured and butchered for the sheer sick pleasure that some even sicker individual gets out of inflicting such pain, to the dog fighting rings that provide an illegal income to the cruel and greedy, the puppy and kitten mills run by the totally insensitive mass breeders, to those breeders whose sole goal is to make money from research companies, to the Factory Farm Animals, Battery Hens and roadside zoos that fail to provide proper care and the necessities of life to the animals that they derive income from.

The list goes on and on.  I will not even cite other instances such as those that take place in China or on the frozen coasts of Canada.

A challenge to the rest of Canada, to the remaining Provinces and Territories across this vast and magnificent land is being made right now.

Follow the lead of British Columbia!!! 

Put forward your own Provincial and Territorial Proclamation in honor and memory of the thousands of animals brutalized every day,

the thousands of animals that die in shelters because they have been discarded by others!!!!

In honor of the innocent lives taken because existing Municipal, Provincial and Federal Legislation is not

tough enough, does not do enough to end the suffering and to bring those responsible to Justice.

Pictures received from the Beaufort Delta Regional SPCA in Inuvik, NT.  No charges laid, no animals survived.

Picture of dead pup submitted by a resident of Hay River, NT.  Decaying body was found by the river in Town.

     It is Time!!!

Zero Tolerance to Animal Cruelty across Every Municipality, Every Province, Every Territory in Canada!!!

Actions Speak Louder than Words!!!

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Canada’s Worst Seal Slaughter




Peta’s Action Alert: Take Action for Animals Suffering at Canadian Roadside Zoo



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Marineland in Niagara Falls Ontario is again a focal point for severe criticism as related to the exploitation of wildlife held in captivity in order to generate revenues as a Tourist Attraction.

While one can GOOGLE all about the shows, the tricks these captives are trained to do, see the smiles of spectators, and the videos which advertize and promote this Tourist Attraction, one should also spend time researching the true plight of these CAPTIVES.

Many years ago I visited Marineland myself and I was appalled and horrified.  In an attempt to see the dolphins and the orcas on that particular day, I could not, why, because the holding tank was so cloudy and mirky that these poor mammals were not visible…my immediate thought was….well I will not repeat it.  Suffice it to say that my disgust was insurmountable.


The following links should be of interest and will save those of you who truly care, some time and energy:

Saturday, June 11, 2011:    captivity kills: Marineland Animal Defense




Government Inaction Leads to More Marine Mammal Deaths


Marine Animal Exhibits: Chlorinated Prisons http://www.peta.org/issues/Animals-in-Entertainment/marine-animal-exhibits-chlorinated-prisons.aspx

Not Everyone Loves MarineLand


Press Release: Story? Police Misconduct at Peaceful Protest (Marineland – Niagara Falls, On)



More Whales Die at Marineland





Orca Spirit


JUSTICE FOR JUNIOR: A Memorial Page for Junior the Orca Whale


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A group of local Niagara people will be at Marineland on Saturday June 25th at 12 PM (Noon)…..protesting against animal use and animal captivity at Marineland and educating the public about the inherent cruelty involved.

Marineland, is a marine/amusement park located in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Marineland is one of the most widely publicized and controversial captive facilities in Canada.
Marineland has been the target of intense local, regional and international criticism for keeping whales (they currently house the largest group of captive belugas in the world), dolphins and pinnipeds (walruses and sea lions); for its ongoing removal of significant numbers of whales, dolphins and pinnipeds from the wild; and for providing their land animal species (elk, deer and bears) with barren, often overcrowded conditions.

Make your own signs, or borrow one when you arrive.

PARKING: Free parking can be found in the Dufferin Islands Park which is across the street from the Marineland front entry gates.

Also, demonstrators are asked to please congregate across from the front entry gates and not the drive-in entrance for this demonstration.  Two or three people will be leafletting at the drive-in entrance; if you can attend prior to noon and would be willing to help with leafletting, please contact: marinelandanimaldefense@gmail.com or by return email.  Also, if anyone has any questions or concerns about the demo please contact: marinelandanimaldefense@gmail.com

Many thanks for your ongoing support!! 

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Just in:  Thank you NAFA…good to know what is happening back home.  Wish I could be there.    Definitely will be in Spirit!

Please join a group of concerned citizens and speak up for the animals in the Shrine Circus.

A group of concerned citizens will be getting together to protest the Shrine Circus on Monday July 11th from 3 – 4 pm and again at 6:30 -7:30 pm at the Jack Gatecliff Arena, located on 16 Division St, St. Catharines (arena can be seen from Geneva Street just past the Hwy 406 ramp).

The Shrine Circus features performing Asian elephants and Arabian horses who are sentenced to a lifetime of misery for our entertainment. Please join us to educate the public on why the circus is no fun for the animals.

The protest is rain or shine and signs and literature will be provided, or if you prefer, bring your own signs.

For more information on the inherent cruelty involved with the use of animals in the circus visit www.zoocheck.com

The Shriners are asking for feedback in the form of a questionnaire …it is supposed to be filled out by folks who attended the circus.  But it might also be a device for folks to let the Shriners know how they feel about animal-based circuses.  It has a drop down menu of various cities the shriners will visit – so armchair activists can get involved here too!! After the circus visits their area – they can send in a response to the questionnaire….visit :                                                      http://www.shrine-circus.com/survey.html
“Guests” of the demo are also invited to a vegan potluck (hosted by Cath Ens) that will be held from 4:15 -6:15 pm, between the afternoon and evening circus demos. The venue for the potluck is directly across from the circus/arena at 7 Gale Crescent. The potluck will be in the lounge room on the main floor of the building.  Parking: “Guests” of the demo can park in the guest parking lot of 7 Gale Crescent or on the street.

Food brought to the potluck must be VEGAN – meaning free of meat (including fish & chicken) and other animal products such as dairy, eggs and honey, so that everyone can enjoy it. Vegan food dishes serving 8-10 people, vegan baked goods or fruit trays are appreciated. If you don’t know what to bring or make, non-alcoholic beverages such as flavoured soy milk, juice, etc. will do just fine! Please remember the folks with allergies and food sensitivities, (peanut, soy, gluten, etc.) and mark the ingredients of your dish on a card, so that they can enjoy dinner too!!

For armchair activists – please take a minute to write a note to the City &/or the Shriners or indeed a letter to the editor, regarding animals in the circus. Those contact details are below:

Mayor Brian McMullan

Email: bmcmullan@stcatharines.ca

Phone: 905.688.5601 x1540

Address: PO Box 3012, 50 Church St., St. Catharines ON L2R 7C2

St. Catharines councillors:

 ·      Ward 1 Merritton: Jeff Burch and Jennifer Stevens

o   jburch@stcatharines.ca, 905.327.5153,

o   jstevens@stcatharines.ca, 905.328.6722

·        Ward 2 St. Andrew’s: Matthew Harris and Joseph Kushner

o   mharris@stcatharines.ca, 905-329-6802

o   jkushner@stcatharines.ca, 905.685.1817

·        Ward 3 St. George’s: Peter Secord and Greg Washuta

o   psecord@stcatharines.ca, 905.327.9854

o   gwashuta@stcatharines.ca, 905.327.9905

·        Ward 4 St. Patrick’s: Mathew Siscoe and Mark Elliott

o   msiscoe@stcatharines.ca, 905-329-8162

o   melliott@stcatharines.ca, 905.327.1763

·        Ward 5 Grantham: Dawn Dodge and Bill Phillips

o   ddodge@stcatharines.ca, 905.327.9704

o   bphillips@stcatharines.ca, 905.327.5363

·        Ward 6 Port Dalhousie: Len Stack and Bruce Williamson

o   lstack@stcatharines.ca, 905.327.5235

o   bwilliamson@stcatharines.ca, 905.327.975

St. Catharines and District Shrine Club- Tell the Shrine Club that performing animal acts are cruel, outdated, and unsafe and that there are plenty of animal-free circus alternatives. No one needs to support animal-cruelty to raise charity funds.

dgillis @ niagaraparks.com, dgillis@yahoo.ca


Letters to the Editor

St. Catharines Standard:


St. Catharines Standard, 17 Queen St., St. Catharines, Ontario, L2R 5G5

Niagara This Week:


Corporate Sponsor: Xentel DM Incorporated

Toll Free: 1-800-268-7371

Email: mikep@xentel.com

 Circus Venue: Jack Gatecliff Arena  (aka: Rex Stimers / Gatorade Garden City Complex)

Address: 16 Division (or 8 Gale Crescent), St. Catharines ON

Phone: 905-688-5601 Ext. 3107

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For all of you following the GuZoo Scandal:  links are provided below for easier access than just surfing.

In addition:  two  petitions to the Alberta Government: with the hope to keep these animals safe, alive and get them relocated to properly run facilities (sanctuary or zoo)….not letting them be sold to taxidermist as threatened by Gufaston.

You will also find an example of a Draft Letter courtesy of Zoocheck, which could be used as a template to express your own concerns to the Alberta Government.  Government Officials contact information is provided following the Draft Letter.

One might also like to know that Alberta now places in the Bottom Tier per the Animal Legal Defense Fund Report of May 2011:      New Study Names     Canada’s “Best Places to be an Animal Abuser”  http://www.aldf.org/article.php?id=1714

Petition about Canadian Roadside Zoo



Published Media Accounts

 Rescue GuZoo animals from harsh fate


Re: “Fate of GuZoo animals still up in the air,” The Journal, June 3.

GuZoo owner Lynn Gustafson recently told a television news outlet that if he is forced to give up his animals, they will never go anywhere else.

“That lion is worth $10,000 to taxidermy, and if that’s what these people want, that’s what they’ll get.”

Gustafson told The Journal: “A taxidermist offered to do one of every one of my species that had to go. I thought, ‘Why not?’ ” he said. “That’s what we had them for all these years.”

See Gustafson with Raj the Tiger



GUZOO ANIMAL FARM SHUT DOWN! Will Owner Mass Slaughter?

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/vegasvince/2011/06/07/guzoo-animal-farm-shut-down-owner-lynn-gustafan-threatens Euthanasia eyed for GuZoo’s exotic animals


“On Wednesday, provincial officials told GuZoo owner Lynn Gustafson that his operation had been decommissioned, giving him one week to create a plan for dispersing the wild and exotic animals in his care.”

 Alberta zoo owner vows to have animals stuffed

“Gustafson has said he is considering offers from taxidermists to kill and mount one of each species — including a lion, tiger, bear and lynx — if the permit is denied.”


  GuZoo timeline update: Owner declares farm a church


Animal farm owner fights closure


Owner declaring his zoo a religion



Alberta zoo owner seeks sanctuary status to keep animals, facility from closure


GuZoo owner says he’ll reopen without licence

With files from CKGY, The Canadian Press: Friday, June 3, 2011


GuZoo supporters protest gov’t imposed zoo shutdown


Guzoo animal farm under fire in mass social media campaign


Guzoo animals could find homes in Calgary


From Zoocheck Canada:
Remember, you do not have to reside in Alberta to have your emails count.
Urgent Appeal to Alberta Government re: Guzoo. PLEASE TAKE TWO MINUTES TO READ, SIGN AND SEND!
The Alberta government has finally taken action to close Canada’s most notorious roadside zoo after extensive pressure from Zoocheck Canada and residents of Alberta.  While we are pleased that they have decided to revoke the license of the facility, there are a number of animals not covered under the zoo permit and therefore may be left at this terrible facility including camels, reptiles, birds and domesticated animals.  We have learned that the Legislative members are gauging the public interest by the number of pieces of correspondence they are receiving on the issue.
Move all of the animals out of Guzoo, not just those listed on the controlled species listing in the Alberta Wildlife Act.  

We are asking the people write to the members of the Alberta Legislature to thank them for the action they have taken to date to close the zoo and ask that they use the full authority of the government and it’s legislation to get all animals out of Guzoo, not just those listed on the controlled species listing in the Alberta Wildlife Act.

Below is a draft letter you can use, please feel free to alter it because individualized letters are better than form letters.  The list of e-mail addresses for the Alberta Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLA’s) is below the letter for your convenience.
Also, please forward this alert to as many lists and individuals that you know to help get in as many letters from around the world as possible.
To view Zoochecks most recent report on Guzoo visit:
Subject:  Urgent animal cruelty issue that needs your immediate attention
To all Members of the Alberta Legislative Assembly:
I have recently learned that the Alberta government has decided not to renew the zoo permit of the Guzoo Animal Farm in Three Hills, Alberta.  I want to take this opportunity to thank you for this action to protect some of the animals at the facility.  That said, I am concerned that this limited action only requires the removal of the animals included on the Alberta Wildlife Act Controlled Species Listing and therefore many animals may be left behind to endure the terrible conditions at this substandard facility.
Reports by Zoocheck Canada show that the facility has not been in compliance with the Standards for Zoos in Alberta since their enactment and has a long history of failing to provide even basic care for the animals including fresh water, nutritional food and adequate shelter, space and care.
Move all the animals from Guzoo to safe locations, including the non-controlled species, and lay animal cruelty charges.  I respectfully request that you use the full authority of all departments of the government and it’s animal cruelty legislation to move
Thank you for your attention to this urgent issue, and I look forward to your response about how you may be able to assist with this important issue.
Yours sincerely,
[Signature, include your address if you live in Alberta, Canada, otherwise a name will be sufficient]
Alberta MLA e-mail addresses


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