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A dear friend sent me this video…it says it all really.

Canada continues to import Dog/Cat fur products from China….this must end.  Enough blood is on the hands of Canada, between the horrific continued Seal Slaughter (Canada negotiating deal with China for seal products which resulted in Animal Welfare protests by some Chinese citizens);  Canada imports US mustangs into this country for slaughter in Canadian death houses;  dog breeder in Canada breeds beagles to send to research labs, Quebec puppy mills raided, 100’s of dogs rescued and put down;  kitten mills thrive, wild horses in Alberta being murdered;  retired race horses going to Quebec slaughter houses;  not to mention sport hunting;  not to mention Factory Farm animals being burned alive due to failure to ensure safety measures;  dogs/cats being abandoned, tortured, discarded like trash…..

Enough is enough!!  http://youtu.be/E2rjXbxi_gk

 ► 4:55► 4:55 www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2rjXbxi_gk18 Sep 2008 – 5 min – Uploaded by LadyHawkes
Am The Owner Of This Coat  Song was written and recorded by Maria Daines and Paul Killington from  

 Stop the Canadian Import of Dog and Cat Fur Products from Asia


CFAWR Challenges P.M. Harper and the Honourable Kathy Dunderdale: Do the RIGHT thing: End the Seal Hunt!!






Actions Speak Louder than Words


Remember, fur belongs to the animal wearing it, it looks far better on them than as a collar or cuff on some coat, glove or boot.  The new fake furs are beautiful, cheaper and take less care.

Photographs are life long trophies, reminders of having witnessed the animal in the wild, the majesty of their freedom…..a head stuck on the wall does not.

Stroking ones ego at the cost of a life is unforgivable.

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Puppy victimFor all of you who are in support of M.P. Mark Holland’s Bill C-229 amending the current Federal Animal Cruelty Legislation there is a resounding shout of Thank You.

Regrettably I must pose the question to you as I did to him:  Just what good will that do to protect the animals in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut? The current Federal Animal Cruelty Bill is not effectively administered in the North.  Unlike the rest of Canada, neither the NWT nor Nunavut have an Animal Protection Act in place.

While the GNWT has communicated to me that “work has begun” we all know how slowly the wheels of government turn.  It is hoped that by the end of the 16th Legislative sitting (Fall 2009) an Animal Protection Act will be in place here.

I was recently interviewed requesting my comments on the study published by the Animal Legal Defense Fund which cited the best places to live if you are an Animal Abuser.  The NWT was listed as one of the top three. http://www.aldf.org/article.php?id=945

Of course I agreed wholeheartedly with their report.  How could I not?  If you have been following the incidents of horrific neglect, starvation, needless and preventable death I have revealed to you;  how could you not agree as well?

The above picture is of a puppy thankfully rescued last year from five  youth in this town who thought it great fun as they attempted to crush the lil one under their bicycle tires.  What did this innocent victim ever do to deserve that?  Were their any consequences to the actions of these youths?  None at all.

In a recent post “Tuktoyaktuk-Cruelty Capital of Canada” I have listed the GNWT MLA and Ministerial contacts.  Please write, email, fax your comments and concerns about the crisis situation faced by all Northern Animals.    Don’t forget about the dogs in Tuktoyaktuk(town contact information is included as well)   or the incident in Bechoko where 44 dogs were destroyed due to severe starvation and abuse.

Please speak for the voiceless: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/2/an-appeal-for-the-voiceless

Northern Animals must not be forgotten, they must not be allowed to continue the suffering which they now endure and have endured for decades past.

Raise your voice to :  Allow pups such as this little fellow to be given the chance to grow in an environment free from harassment, free from abuse and neglect, free to give to a caring human companion the unquestioned love and loyalty that only an animal can give.

Please also continue to support the call for tougher Federal Legislation, it is time!




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Pass Animal Protection Act in Canadian North -NWT and Nunavut
Please sign the petition.

Look into their eyes…


(photos courtesy of Linda Eccles)

three surviving dogs: (photos courtesy of Linda Eccles)

Currently the Northwest Territories and Nunavut do not have an Animal Protection Act.

Every second of each day in the Canadian North, dogs and cats, both mature and very young, suffer needlessly at the hands of negligent owners, who care nothing for their health, welfare or care. Without proper legislation in place this situation will continue to go unabated and without consequence to those criminals who inflict such terrible suffering. Dogs and pups, will continue to freeze to death in sub-zero temperatures tethered to chains or be rounded up and shot. The mature and the very young, cats and dogs, will continue to be dumped in an unforgiving wilderness left to suffer an agonizing death, or be tormented and abused in their own backyards and on the streets.

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Inuit have long alleged that the RCMP killed a total of about 20,000 sled dogs throughout the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s in Nunavut, the Nunavik region of northern Quebec, and the Nunatsiavut region of Labrador.
The RCMP, which has denied allegations of an organized dog slaughter, conducted its own investigation into the issue. A 2005 interim report cleared police of any wrongdoing.

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