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IFAW Documents Unacceptable Cruelty During 2011 Seal Hunt 

 CORNERBROOK, NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR – (Marketwire – April 13, 2011) –

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) is off the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador documenting the commercial seal hunt, and on the opening day of the hunt filmed many apparent violations of the regulations.

“We have ample evidence that the three-step process to ensure humane killing is not being followed. Neither the test for unconsciousness, nor bleeding out to ensure death, is being conducted” said Sheryl Fink, Director of IFAW’s Seal Program, “As a consequence, we filmed the horror of a live seal pup being sliced down the belly while likely still conscious, and tossed ruthlessly in the bottom of a boat. For several minutes, the pup makes what appear to be directed, conscious flipper waving and clenching movements as bodies of other seals are piled on top of it.”

The three-step process stipulates that animals should be killed with a club, hakapik or rifle, tested to determine that the animals are unconscious and then bled to ensure death. Canada’s Marine Mammal Regulations also require that a sealer retrieve either the pelt or carcass of animals killed during the commercial seal hunt.

“We have documented evidence of seal pups about three weeks of age being killed and left on the ice – skins intact – a clear violation of the law and an unethical and unacceptable waste of wildlife” said Fink.

“Where is the enforcement? Where is the monitoring?” demanded Fink, “When sealers flagrantly ignore the regulations when they are being filmed, I shudder to imagine what happens when no one is watching.”

The Canadian government insists that the hunt is both humane and vital to the economy of local communities. IFAW repeatedly documents cases like these that clearly demonstrate that the commercial seal hunt is not humane and that the rules are frequently ignored. The group also points out that this year sealers are replacing seal hunting with more lucrative crab fishing, which demonstrates that the seal hunt industry can be easily replaced.

“There is absolutely no reason for this slaughter to continue. There is no money to be made, and one sealer was quoted as saying the hunt is now being conducted simply for ‘sport’. The Government of Canada should admit that the seal hunt is cruel, that it is unnecessary, and they should end it immediately. What we have observed so far this year is simply unacceptable – there is no more room for excuses.”

In addition to the fact that the commercial seal hunt is cruel and inhumane, it is also a waste of Canadian taxpayer dollars. The landed value of the 2010 commercial seal hunt was just over $1 million in 2010, yet the Canadian government spent an estimated $2.3 million to support it.


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Dutch introduce 500 animal rights police | Posted | National Post

4 Mar 2011 Animal abusers in the Netherlands will have more to worry about as lawmakers in that country introduce 500 police officers dedicated to


Chinese govt lobbied to ban ‘cruel’ seal imports

  • Source: Global Times
  • [08:24 March 29 2011]

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For decades caring Canadians and peoples across the Globe have voiced their disgust and anger that Canada continues to slaughter these totally defenseless seals.  Instead of actually listening to this protest the Canadian Government continues to embarrass and humiliate Canadian Citizens by allowing this heinous practice to continue.

More pressure MUST be put upon the Canadian Government to end this now.  All elected officials are dependent upon the votes of their constituents in order to keep their jobs.  An Election is looming…..get the point.





Join the 2011 Canadian Seafood Boycott to Save Seals



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Dear Friend,

The 2010 commercial seal hunt has limped to end and I wanted to take a moment to share my latest speech in the Senate with you.  Paste the following into your browser to access the text of this speech.


The government has failed the people of Canada by refusing to accept that it is time to transition those involved in the commercial hunt into viable jobs with a future.  The government’s lack of leadership has also caused considerable damage to the well-being of Canada’s Inuit and other indigenous hunters, and to Canada’s international reputation.

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When the lights went out at 8:30 p.m. last Saturday night for Earth Hour, the lingering stench of death and horror was still ripe on the ice in Newfoundland.

If you were part of World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) Earth Hour, I’m sure you had the best of intentions.

As for many of us, we prefer to make more far reaching commitments to the environment in terms of lifestyle changes while supporting NGOs that understand we have an obligation to be stewards of this planet and all its sentient beings, not barbarians who cut down whatever is in our path without mercy or compassion in wide-scale annual massacres.

WWF supports the Canadian seal hunt. You can learn about their position by reading the statement below:


page2page3Now that the lights are back on, please shine a bright light on WWF’s position by watching this video and cross-posting this information.

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