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You have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, here you will be safe, you will be happy, you will be free from pain.


Reward for information on abused dog


Penny Eims

, Dog News Examiner

“The defeat in his betrayed eyes is apparent – please send him your positive thoughts and compassion.”

“Betrayal at the hand of a loved one is the most painful type of betrayal possible.”


Update – injured dog found on roadside


“Another victim in what seems to be a never-ending, vicious pursuit by individuals hell bent on making money off of the backs of the defenseless.”

All of his wounds were caused by dog-fighting as we suspected. He has some old wounds that were left untreated but the major concern right now is his leg. His leg has been torn apart and broken. This has caused major infection..”


Sometimes good bye is the kindest gesture


“The photo of Gideon lying on the veterinary exam table was a tragic indication of what was going to happen…

The image captured a look of utter defeat and surrender in Gideon’s eyes – this was a dog who had long ago given up on any form of human kindness.”


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