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  When you link in to send your message to the White House, there will be box to select your topic. “Afghanistan/Iraq” will be one of the topics you can choose. By choosing this topic you are most likely to have your message read.

You can click the link:  http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact?utm_source=email114&utm_medium=footer&utm_campaign=immigration

This is the message I just sent President Obama at the White House.  Please take the time to do the same in your own words.   Thank you.  Please remember to be polite!!!


I wish to comment with dismay about the military canines that will apparently be left behind in Iraq and at other bases in the Middle East.  In particular “Lady” who has served so honorably, bravely and with great loyalty to the base which she protected. The following is quoted from the alert which I received from SPCA International

“4 year-old Lady has served at a U.S. Base as a Force Protection Canine since 2007.  She’s been a brave and loyal guard dog to each unit that rotated in and out of her base.  And she is Navy Lt. John’s best friend.  And he is hers.  When Lt. John’s unit comes home from Iraq, Lady will be all alone.  Another unit will not be assigned to the base.  She will be thrown-out onto the streets.  She won’t survive. Without Lt. John’s love and protection, she will die.  I know he is desperate beyond words for us to save her.”

Far too often throughout history, military animals have been left behind, to suffer the consequences of abandonment.  The US Military often relied upon US citizens to donate to the war effort by providing horses and dogs, family pets, only to see them never return.

Given that the US Military easily made arrangements to have “Lady” and others like her transported to the Middle East, it is beyond all comprehension, that the US Military cannot evacuate these comrades in arms back home to the safety of the US.  These loyal companions need to be honored, not discarded.

Please do not allow these animals to become abandoned and victims of hostility, starvation and much worse.

I respectfully request that all out effort to have these War Veterans returned to the US to live out the rest of their lives in comfort and in recognition of the valued service to their home country and to the men and women to which they brought much solice during their tours of duty away from home and families.

Thank you.

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