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Dear Friend,

The 2010 commercial seal hunt has limped to end and I wanted to take a moment to share my latest speech in the Senate with you.  Paste the following into your browser to access the text of this speech.


The government has failed the people of Canada by refusing to accept that it is time to transition those involved in the commercial hunt into viable jobs with a future.  The government’s lack of leadership has also caused considerable damage to the well-being of Canada’s Inuit and other indigenous hunters, and to Canada’s international reputation.

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Puppy victim

Ban the Dog & Cat Fur Trade

Have you ever wondered just where the fur harvested for those cute little stuffed animals that are so real and lifelike comes from?

To quote an email alert I have received from HSI Canada:  “Imagine your best friend being cut open while still conscious, her skin ripped off her back as she cries in pain. Imagine her being left to die slowly, terrified and in agony.”

“Tragically, this awful scenario is a grim reality for too many of the millions of cats and dogs in Asia who are slaughtered for their fur.” (HSI Canada)

While the United States and European Union has already banned these products, Canada turns a blind eye, allowing import of these horrific reminders of gross animal cruelty into our country.

Despite public outrage Canada refuses to close Canadian doors, why, because, again to quote HSI Canada “… officials told Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz not to consider a cat and dog fur ban, saying it could undermine Canada’s “case” against nations that have prohibited seal product trade.”

It is time that the Canadian Government actually listened to the Electorate.

Please help put an end to the incredible suffering these animals endure.  Please support HSI Canada in their quest to end the suffering.  Please contact Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz and voice your own disgust with Federal Government Policy.

To send your letter please go to:

Read more about the issues:

Visit the HSI web site to learn about more ways to help animals:

Thank you for your support.

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When the lights went out at 8:30 p.m. last Saturday night for Earth Hour, the lingering stench of death and horror was still ripe on the ice in Newfoundland.

If you were part of World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) Earth Hour, I’m sure you had the best of intentions.

As for many of us, we prefer to make more far reaching commitments to the environment in terms of lifestyle changes while supporting NGOs that understand we have an obligation to be stewards of this planet and all its sentient beings, not barbarians who cut down whatever is in our path without mercy or compassion in wide-scale annual massacres.

WWF supports the Canadian seal hunt. You can learn about their position by reading the statement below:


page2page3Now that the lights are back on, please shine a bright light on WWF’s position by watching this video and cross-posting this information.

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