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ThisPaulatuk dog was found still alive and frozen to the bottom of his dog house.  Left behind to starve and freeze to death because his owners were divorcing.  Obviously the division of the material was far more important than a life. Despite valiant efforts this animal was finally humanely put at rest. Note he is just one more martyr in Inuvik and is unrelated to the three surviving sled dogs below:

As of this date January 28, 2009, I have no  news to report on the three surviving sled dogs, whether they are alive or now dead.

As of last evening officials had not responded to the Cruelty Reports filed with the Crown by the Executive Director for the Beaufort Delta SPCA.

This is the letter written by PETA and published in News/North concerning these 3 surviving dogs.

We say Tuktoyaktuk dogs were neglected
Daphna Nacliminovitch Vice President, Cruelty
Investigations Department for the People for the Ethical Treatment of
Animals (PETA) Norfolk, Virginia, USA.

“Shame on the RCMP for essentially giving citizens carte blanche to deprive their dogs of adequate food. water, shelter and veterinary care (Dead Tuktoyaktuk dogs weren’t neglected: police. Jan. 7, 2009). If the dogs had not been neglected for the long term, they would not have been emaciated, chained with nothing to keep them warm or frozen to the ground. Frankly. that is cruelty investigations 101! No necropsies were even performed to obtain the expert opinion of a veterinary professional? For shame!

If you have ever been cold or hungry, think of the unimaginable suffering experienced by these dogs. All they could do was to wait for the misery to end. it must have seemed like relief would never come, and only did upon their death.

It is not legal or acceptable for a person responsible for any animal to allow that animal a slow, agonizing and frightening death. Even a bullet to the head would have been a kinder end for these tortured dogs, but their owner evidently couldn’t be bothered to do that, either.

It’s too late to help these poor dogs, but people can prevent other animals from suffering a similar fate by being nosy neighbors. Never hesitate to get involved if you believe an animal may be suffering it can be a matter of life or death.

Since NWT authorities apparently won’t intervene in cases of animal cruelty, it’s up to you to find out why an outside dog is not being fed or provided water or a warm, safe shelter. Offer to help or call PETA so we can offer assistance.

Our office receives hundreds of calls every year about animals who have been left to die in houses, backyards and apartments. One dog had been locked in a crate, unable to reach food or water for several days. His life was saved by a nosy neighbour.
For more information, visit HelpingAnimals.com.”

SHOUT people, as LOUD as you possibly can, even LOUDER.  These animals are in crisis, centuries of continued neglect, cruelty and abuse to the northern dogs must not be allowed to continue.

Contact Animal Legal Defense Fund when animal cruelty charges have not  been laid in a case and should be. US and Canadian Animal Protection Laws for all states and provinces can be downloaded for free on this site.

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