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Please enjoy this beautiful video.




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Newest Video:  This video taken last evening will show exactly what type of terrain Loki lives within.

June 20, 2011

Just before I headed back, he had scampered off with his soup bone, smart boy, because I just made it in the door when the rain hit.

Later in the evening around 10:30 p.m. he appeared at my front flower pots, he loves petunias, and was gazing in through my living room window.  Of course I dashed to the refrigerator to grab the plate of dinner he had not eaten.  By the time I got outside he was gone..vanished…as only he can do.

Quite prepared to get a good soaking in the down pour I walked my street calling his name, I reached the end and turned to see him racing towards me from behind me.  Together we ran back to my  own property and I found myself placing his dish in numerous places, he grabbed some, took off, returned a few minutes later and was very skittish, the least sound causing him to flinch.    The best thing to do was to let him lead me to where he felt comfortable and he did and I followed.

I do believe he is getting me quite well trained.  What do you think?

He ate in comfort, hidden from view and I watched silently, through my window while towel drying my hair and smiling.

Despite the mud, the rain and the bugs, the earlier not as successful as I had planned trips to his domain, he chose to come to mine and together we shared more memories, albeit wet ones.  It was a perfect evening spent with Loki, smack dab in the middle of the Boreal Forest in the N.W.T.

It cannot get better than that.



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July 17, 2011….hot, humid and rain.

Each and every evening Loki and I spend time together, sometimes early evening, sometimes quite late, but with almost 20 hours of daylight remaining one loses all track of time.

Often times I will go out to him and he may be visiting his dog pals, or just exploring and much to my concern he does not come right away, returning home I am worried..but I know that I will go back out looking for him before I finally go to my own bed.

Yesterday morning I was delighted when I found him curled up beneath my living room window, close as he could to the flowerbed.  Did I tell you, Loki loves to smell the flowers in the beds and pots decorating my yard?  He will often stick his nose into a pot of Petunias or investigate the lily with it’s shocking yellow blooms.  His delight in sheer living,”‘stopping to smell the flowers” gives the phrase a whole new meaning.

Last evening, I did not find him the first time, so I again went out shortly after 9 p.m.  I did spot his tracks in the fresh mud leading to my backyard so I know he had come looking for me.    Walking and calling to him, he soon appeared, stopped, had a long stretch and a big yawn and I knew I had awakened him.

Often he can be fussy!!  But usually I get it right for him.  He has become quite the gourmet.

What is tonight’s menu      
Hhmm I like her choice

Tummy is full and I am content

Time for a nice long nap

What greater joy can there be to provide for and care for another? As I hummed softly to him his eyes grew heavy and as I watched he slowly lowered his head for sleep.  Trusting me that much as I now sat in silence with him. His beauty and his gentle spirit inspires me each and every day and for that I shall be forever grateful, more than mere words can say. Surrounded by nature, calm and surreal these are memories we share together I will cherish forever and I pray that there be more memories together in our journey yet to come.

Tonight, July 18th, was not a very good night for Loki.  After today’s rain, the mosquitoes were mini vampires, clusters of them covering his nose.  He retreated to the higher wild grasses, rubbing his face back and forth in his attempt to rid these blood feeding pests.  He ate little, as he could not tolerate the onslaught of these winged beasts.  His nose already so tender from so many BullDog bites from the night before. (BullDogs are the nightmare version of Horseflies).

I will go back out to find him later tonight, when the air is much cooler and hopefully these hordes of thirsty insects have departed.  Hopefully then he will be able to eat in peace.

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In my ever increasing attempts to keep Loki safe until he chooses to enter my home as a loved family member, I have put his videos on YouTube.  Now everyone can see for themselves this beautiful gentle boy.

Am not yet the greatest at doing videos, so please bear with me.

You can find his videos (2 so far) on YouTube: TudraVoices Channel.






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Confirmation by way of an email received on May 18, 2011 from MACA Minister Robert McLeod’s office states:  “The amendments to the Dog Act are in force effective May 15, 2011.”

While this new Dog Act pertains only to dogs in the NWT it is a Victory, it is historical.  The NWT has never had an Act protecting the dogs up here.  The original Act protected HUMANS from Dogs.

This is the FIRST step towards the Comprehensive Animal Protection Act needed and work towards achieving that goal will continue.  Until a comprehensive Act is in place the NWT will continue to remain in the Bottom Tier as reported by the Animal Legal Defense Fund.  For two years running (2009 and 2010) the NWT was awarded the dubious distinction of being “The Best Place to Abuse Animals”.

Some of you who have followed this Blog over the years are fully aware of the decades of unabated, un-prosecuted cases of horrific animal neglect and cruelty.  Hopefully now the new Dog Act in conjunction with the Canadian Federal Criminal Code will put an end to the suffering and bring those who inflict such horror to justice.

To all of you who have given your support to myself and to the dogs here……THANK YOU!!!!

My work towards a Comprehensive Act will continue, monitoring and reporting of all animal cruelty incidents will continue.

There remains much work yet to be done.  Municipalities across the NWT now need to ensure that the New Dog Act is enforced and if needed amend their own specific By-Laws accordingly; veterinary services across the NWT need to be expanded, educational programs on Animal Welfare and Care need to be implemented, fully equipped animal shelters need to be established, and most importantly fully trained qualified Animal Cruelty Investigators need to be implemented.  All reports of suspected animal cruelty must be investigated and action taken to aid animals in crisis..remember that neglect abused dog on a two foot chain in a neighbors yard may very well reflect the potential family abuse within that home.  The Link Between Animal Cruelty and Human Violence is very real.



Animal Abuse and Conduct Disorder


Looking Out for Family Pets:Recognizing the Connection between Animal Cruelty and Family Violence








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For all of you who dare to believe, I must explain that Loki is my Spirit Guide. He came to me in my youth and has remained with me my entire life. Together we have embarked on wondrous journeys, he has shown me much and from him I have gained much.

Loki came once again to me, only a few nights ago. He stood far off in the distance this time. It was the others, Bear, Raven and Cougar who led me to him. I could barely make Loki out from this distance. The ground was snow covered and he stood amongst tree boughs drooped and laden with snow. He appeared to be surrounded by a bright mist and was barely visible.

He waited silently as I approached him, I was aware that I was making this journey alone. Bear, Raven and Cougar did not accompany me, instead I could feel their eyes following me as they remained silently behind.

As I drew closer to Loki, he turned, walking ahead of me. His pace quickening and I found it hard to keep up to him. He led me across a vast expanse of snow and ice and the journey was difficult.

This place was far different from anywhere he had taken me before. It was desolate, barren and terrifying. Winds beat upon my face, blowing snow and ice crystals stinging my eyes, and his image began to quickly fade in the swirling winds.

I cannot call it fear as my disorientation grew, because my trust in Loki, my Guide, never faltered. Perhaps it was the total sense of isolation and the knowledge that I was totally helpless and at the mercy of the land.

Continuing, now, able only to make out what few of Loki’s tracks that remained visible, I trudged on. Soon the frigid swirling winds calmed down and as I strained to spot him, I was overcome by the beautiful sight that lay only feet before me. Hidden by the raging winds and swirling snow, was an immense cave of gleaming ice, like diamonds its brilliance was breathtaking. Loki stood at the mouth of this cave, waiting, my initial journey had ended.

Together we entered the ice cave, my feelings of gratitude were overwhelming. I no longer felt the cold, I felt only the Light that surrounded us.

In total silence, we lay upon a bed of ice, sheltered against the storm that once again raged outside. The powerful winds whipped around us, but this time they did not carry the stinging crystals of snow. Instead they carried the silent unheard voices of the past.

Soon, as I gazed into the beautiful eyes of my companion, these voices grew louder, stronger, filling our cave, surrounding us. Loki’s eyes changed, such a great sadness replaced the strength that is always visible in his gaze. As the voices of agony grew louder, I felt a presence, and in turning I found that we were no longer alone. Bear, Raven and Cougar had joined us. Their eyes too also filled with great sadness.

It was then that I realized that the cries of agony which surrounded us were the many voices of the innocents who had suffered without mercy at the hand of mankind. I was hearing the voices of those who had come before, the voices of those in the present and the voices of all of those who will continue to suffer in the future.

My eyes too, filled with great sadness and my heart filled with great pain, and as Bear, Raven and Cougar drew closer to Loki and me, I was filled with an overpowering sense of helplessness and fear. Fear from the total sense of isolation, fear from the sense of unending pain.

Loki released me from this journey and I awoke, my breath labored, my eyes streaming with tears. Yet I felt a sense of calm, of peace and I knew in my heart, that the suffering of those in that single moment had been lifted.

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