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The loss of a beloved companion leaves a massive emptiness, a whole in our hearts that we believe can never be filled.  Sometimes we as caregivers need our own Guardian Angels, sometimes it is our lost loved one that comes to us with their own plans for our future.  Bruce is a very dear friend, although we have never met face to face, we share a love and commitment for all animals and in that our journeys never cease.  

This is an amazing story of a lost loved one doing just that.  Bruce’s Guardian Angel made sure that the whole in his heart would be filled.

In Bruce’s own words  “And, every morning she goes to little Magnum’s urn on the dining room table and rubs her head on it – she knows,”

Dusti   Bruce MacDonald

SPECIAL UPDATE!!! “….hi remember me from last night…I’m Dusti in case you forgot….”

“Well you see…..the other day I was sitting alone in my kennel just thinking about stuff when much to my surprise my guardian angel came…….he sat on my shoulder and said ‘well Dusti, I’m supposed to be on the other side of the rainbow bridge but there’s something I have to do before I can go…….I left behind the most loving person any pet could ever wish for and I have left a big hole in his heart…one he feels will never mend and so I need you to help heal this wonderful generous heart because without his light in the world…it is a much dimmer place ‘…..and so the plan was set…..in all my shyness I was to come to facebook and my guardian angel would lead him to me…in all his sadness he hasn’t spent much time on facebook but my guardian said he would do his part so long as I did mine ……and it worked. I couldn’t believe my eyes…..it was real…..this wonderful person that I’d heard about around the shelter……everybody whispering and talking that this person was coming to see me……oh my heart was pounding but then ours eyes met and a calm came over me and it happened…..I was giving my heart to a very special person and he was giving me his………his name is Bruce McDonald and think most of you know him from all the blessings he gives each pet posted on this page……how did I get so lucky….I will love you for all my days Bruce……and thank you to my guardian Angel, Magnum…its time for you to play over the rainbow with all the other furbabies that have passed…..I will continue to fill Bruce’s heart and help him heal and I will be here…safe for the rest of my days with Bruce……I couldn’t have asked for more”

All of us wish “Dusti” and her ‘Bruce’ a wonderful and amazing journey in their new life together.

  We must also not forget to  offer a very special Thank You to a very precious Guardian Angel by the name of “Magnum”.

Below is the link and as Bruce has said, they do amazing and wonderful work for the animals.


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With so much negativity regarding animal rescue, ie. we cannot save each and every one unfortunately, it is heartwarming to see a success story.  Unsung heroes exist among us, Angels, Guardians of ‘The Voiceless” without whom so very many innocent lives would be lost forever.  This is one such story below, there are countless others yet to be told.  In her own words, with the pictures she has provided:  This is Leroy’s Story.

Leroy is a survivor and yes he is truly “Lucky Leroy” joining the loving Lawson family which includes  Lulu, Leroy, Fatboy, Diablo, Luther and Lily.

Leroy the dude

“Leroy’s situation was the most life threatening of the many animals I have helped to rescue over the years and of the six that were meant to be my family forever.  He came to us in a strange and serendipitous way as many of them do.  A woman, who I did not know very well, approached me at our small town post office and asked if I could give her dog a bath and a haircut.  She had heard that I like to help people and their pets.  It is really only the pets I want to help, but don’t tell them that.”

 “I was very busy at the time (getting married) and said it would have to wait a few days.  However, her sister called and said the dog was in rough shape and that someone had been asked to come and SHOOT him.  We live on the very isolated island of Haida Gwaii and unfortunately, many people are still pretty backward about whose life has more value.  I told hubby to be to hang tight and drove there to see what was happening.”

 “It was not good.  It was very bad.  The woman had been drinking and looked pretty mean and hostile so I just asked where the dog was and tiptoed past her.  I found what looked sort of like a dog tied up on their uncovered back porch.  He was on a short leash hooked to the wall about two feet up so he could basically only move around in a two foot area.  I found out later that he had been tied there for about 3 ½ years.  Feeding him had consisted of giving him raw fish heads occasionally.  Did she think he had some yearning for rotten sushi?!?  He had no water on a very hot day and really didn’t even look like a dog, more like something that had crawled out of a swamp.  He was matted from head to toe and both his front and back legs were melded together so he couldn’t walk, just hop around a bit.  I cut the leash from the wall, wrapped him in a blanket I’d brought, gave her a few obscene gestures and words, then ran for the car.  A bath and a haircut indeed!”

” I took him home and called Dr. Don, our most awesome vet, only to find out he was away for the weekend.  It’s a small island and he is the only game in town.  I called some rescue friends and started frantically googling.  The most urgent needs came first; get him hydrated, warm and a little healthy food into him.  I cooked him steak.  When he seemed a little stronger, I started cutting away the giant globs of  his hair matted with mud, actual sticks and of course, his own urine and feces.  He was constantly shaking and his eyes would roll back in his head so we had to take breaks often.  When I finally got down to skin, I found oozing sores everywhere, ears filled with mites, bugs and fleas rampant, and blood clots were dropping from his penis.  This was a nightmare, but I was determined to give him some happy time, even if it might be short lived.”

 “Eventually I got him into a warm bath, medicated what I could, then just held him through the night, giving him bits of food and water when he woke up.  This had taken the whole day and much of the night so I eventually dozed off for a bit.  When I woke up, he was gone!  I yelled for my husband to tell me where the dog was.  I feared the worst.”

 Boy, had I underestimated this little guy’s strength and character.  Where did I find him?  Chasing my twin rescued kitty cats, Fatboy & Diablo. 

Fatboy & Diablo

He and Lulu, my first wee rescued mutt were CHASING each other. 

Leroy & Lulu

He was stealing toys from her box, running around with them in his mouth as though he’d just struck gold!  I asked my husband what we should call him and he said, Lucky.  Lucky Leroy it is, the newest member of he Lawson family.

 Not the last though…

 Luther and Princess Lily were soon to follow.

Princess Lily and Luther

The saga continues….

Thank You Leanne Lawson for this wonderful story. 

You are one of the ‘Silent Army’, Guardians of the Voiceless

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Three more of Loki’s Global friends.

“In the picture, left to right. Max (my dog) Peanut (my moms dog) and Lucy (my foster) All the dogs in the picture are rescue dogs from a California shelter. We live on Vancouver Island. One year ago we a adopted a semi feral dog and named him Max:) We adopted Max from Paws Without Border Rescue. They are great dogs!!! ” Cyndi Ross


Thank You Cyndi.  You have some beautiful furbabies.

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Sept 29 2013 LOKI IS HOME 041LOKI resting comfortably after trashing his blanky!!

So many of you have followed Loki’s Story and our amazing journey together on his Face Book page:  “Friends of Loki”  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Friends-of-LOKI-Sole-Survivor/188340937903082?ref=br_tf

Thanks to him, over 10,800 strangers have come together, thanks to him I have made over 10,800 new friends, all of which are committed to helping animals.  These amazing and dedicated individuals, have not only made a positive change in the life of animals, they have also provided me the strength which I needed to carry on the fight to protect Loki, to ensure that he would begin his New Journey within my family.  There were times when the frustration, the anxiety and the fear I felt was so overpowering that I felt I had nothing left to fight with.

I knew I could not give up, I had made LOKI that promise over three years ago, and with the continued encouragement which I received and the amazing help I received to have things ready for him, that promise has been kept.

LOKI as you all know is now within his forever home, my home, is part of my family, and a very special part of a now Global Family.

To honor all those individuals who have made such a life changing difference in my life, in my family’s life, in LOKI’s life, the life of each and every animal they have committed to caring for and the remarkable difference they have made in the lives of each other,  I have invited LOKI’s followers to submit, in their own words, their stories and pictures.

Below is the first of hopefully many more to come.

Here are the words of Dawn Withers and Mike Preston

These are our babies Loki (the black and white husky), Cheemoe (the red and white husky), and Buddha (our precious grey mutt).

We had taken in 3 additional strays that we don’t have any pics of. One was a neighbor’s chocolate lab, Booger, who they never took care of, one was a boxer who showed up one day whom we named Sir-Growls-Alot (we finally realized he was just very vocal and talkative), and Pretty Girl, whom my son and I found walking down a dirt road almost starved and limping. She was missing her right front paw. It had looked almost healed and the vet said she would be okay. It had looked like she might have gotten caught in a trap. The vet was pretty sure that she had been abused. It took us 4 days before she trusted us enough to come inside of the house. And when she finally did, you could tell she had never been inside if a house before. we nursed her back to health and she became a very loving, playful, and affectionate puppy.

Dawn Withers 6 Dawn Withers 5 Dawn Withers 4 Dawn Withers 3 Dawn Withers 2 Dawn Withers 1 Dawn Withers 7

Months later despite our very careful watching and planning Pretty Girl and Sir-Growls-Alot “hooked up”. Two weeks later Sir-Growls-Alot was hit by a car.

Pretty Girl had 3 pups, one of which we kept, Buddha. Loki and Cheemoe had been ours from pups.

Loki was 12 and Cheemoe is now 6. In August of 2011, as we were taking Buddha and Cheemoe to the vet for their yearly shots, our house caught fire. In the 45 minutes that we were gone we lost almost everything. And more importantly we lost 3 of our fur babies. Loki, Pretty Girl, and Booger died of smoke inhalation despite our efforts of CPR. Buddha and Cheemoe are our survivors and are spoiled even more every minute of every day.

Losing our babies has been a very long healing process. Seeing your page and your dog being named Loki, I thought was a good way for me to be able to see another Loki’s journey and maybe that Our Loki lives on.

Seeing Loki’s progress and y’all’s journey has put a smile on my face daily. Thank you for sharing.


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Summer 2012 closeup

First I wish to thank all of the amazing people who took such a major part in enabling me to rescue and bring to my home this amazing boy.  Those of you who took the time to email the Mayor of Hay River, those of you who signed the online  petition.

Special thanks to Michelle Nadon founder of Cause 4 Paws (C4P) located in Ontario, to Sarah West founder of the Canadian Federation for Animal Welfare (CFAW), Jean McCarthy a dear friend in Ontario and Lawrence Pinksy who is so busy raising needed funding to help cover Loki’s vetting and other needs.

To list each and everyone by name is an impossible task so I will not even make that attempt.

As some may already know, Eldad Hagar founder of Hope for Paws based in L.A., California, was contacted by both Jean and Sarah, who in turn gave me a call at home, with just days left before the deadline of September 30th.  I called Eldad and we spoke at length, formulating a plan for LOKI’s capture.

The backbone in this plan was a wonderful lady, Bonnie Crowther who lives down the street from me, and who also ensured Loki received proper nourishment during his wild days.  She and her beautiful dog China walk every day and Loki would always accompany them.  LOKI spent much of his time at Bonnie C’s, laying in the company of China.

Following Eldad’s instructions, Bonnie C began coaxing LOKI to eat inside her garage.  Eldad had told us if he would eat inside for two days in a row thenEldad would catch the next plane to get here.  Well Bonnie succeeded and Loki became comfortable eating in her garage.

Eldad arrived at the Hay River  Airport at 2:45 pm on Thursday September  26th.  Meeting him at the airport, he followed me to my home, checked out the dog run, decided it was not strong enough and I took him over to Bonnie C’s to see Loki and to speak with her.  Eldad had checked out Loki’s FB page prior so had a good idea as to the size of Loki.  He and I then went about locating and purchasing additional chain link reinforcement for the dog run.  It now has 2 and three layers of added chain link.

After having gotten Eldad checked into the hotel where I work as the Financial Administrator, and getting a good meal into us both, Eldad retired to his room and I headed home.  Eldad’s parting comment was to the effect of would it not be great if we got him tonight.  With the deadline date to get Loki captures only 4 days away…well…

I had just crawled into my own bed, relieved that Eldad was here when I got the phone call.  Bonnie C had been able to close her garage door and trap Loki inside.  Rushing over  to her place, my heart was pounding and I was trembling.  Eldad was already there and together he and I entered her garage.  LOKI being terrified had reacted in fear and was now sitting on top of Bonnie’s freezer.  We entered slowly and I was able to calm him with my voice and humming, I sat on the garage floor with Eldad standing behind me.  Gradually as I continued in a soft voice, Eldad took baby steps and approached LOKI  eventually being able to sit on the freezer next to Loki.  Using the end of the catch pole(no drugs or catch pole were used) wrapped in a towel, Eldad placed it behind his back and was able to ease the towel  to Loki’s side and began touching him gently with it.  I was shocked.  Within a few moments Eldad told me he was petting Loki with his bare hand.

Myself having never been allowed to pet Loki, I immediately asked “What does his coat feel like”, the answer “amazing so soft”.  I slowly approached Loki and for the first time in the three and a half years we have journeyed together, I was able to hold him.  I cannot describe the incredible joy.

Eldad slept on top of the freezer that first night, with LOKI up there with him.  Friday the next day, I slept on the garage floor with Loki in my arms the whole day while Bonnie C and Eldad began re-inforcing the run.  Eldad took over sleeping with Loki in her garage that night.

More work was done on the dog run all day Saturday, and without Bonnie C, none of this would have been possible.  This amazing and dedicated woman worked like a construction guy, lacing the additional chain link purcahsedd by Eldad, to the existing,  going over everything with an eagles eye to ensure that Loki would not only be safe but also unable to escape.  Eldad purchased the additional chain link to wrap around the run and I purchased the chain link flooring.  Eldad also added to Loki’s comfy bed linens (4 more comforters and another fleecy blanket).

Saturday evening we planned to relocate Loki to my home and the dog run.  Remarkably our fears of getting him into the large borrowed transport carrier was ill founded.  Loki calming walked into the carrier on his own.  We loaded him into Bonnie C’s truck and in the darkness of night got him into the dog run.  That night and Sunday I had the immeasurable pleasure of the first sound sleep I have had since Loki had been given a basic death sentence if I did not get him secured and safe at my home.  Of course I slept in the dog run, Loki, calmly curled up in my arms, both of us safe and sound.

Both Bonnie C and her husband Roy came back on Sunday and Roy had picked up some gravel and earth for one portion of the run near the door so that Loki can do his business.  Bonnie also brought a bale of straw as well.  Additional run reinforcements were made.  Eldad came over and spent time working on the run as well as spending time with Loki.

Monday morning Eldad again came by before he headed out to catch his flight out of Hay River.  I will be forever grateful that he chose to be a part of Loki’s journey.

Bonnie C comes over regularly to spend time with her beloved Loki, and of course the work that I and Loki are doing now in this newest chapter of our journey together, is slow, calm and steady.    I will not push him, all must be on his terms, I will not see his spirit broken, nor will I do anything to lose his respect and his trust.  Sleeping outside with him is all part of the growing bond that we share.  He has made friends with my own dog Hemi, who has a remarkable calming affect on Loki, which is easing the transition.

I was so proud of Loki yesterday, his second venture outside the run, he did so well calmly exploring the backyard he knows so well.  Tethered securely and also fashioned to me physically, he enjoyed the ability to explore and relax outside the run, his head uplifted watching the birds fly overhead, smelling the plants and investigating all manner of scents.  Not yet leashed trained, but learning, I am hopeful that soon I will be able to bring him inside the house as well as taking him for long walks like we used to take together.

Patience on both our parts, silent communication and most of all mutual respect and trust will see Loki transition slowly and without additional emotional trauma.  His remarkable eyes fixed on mine tell a story so intense it is not to be believed unless personally experienced.  The trust and strong bond we have shared for over three years continues to grow.

LOKI is living proof that the impossible can be made possible.  He has touched the hearts of total strangers around the world, uniting all for the sole purpose of saving his life.  He proves that when we all work together miracles do happen.

 It is my hope that Loki’s continuing story will inspire others to step up and go beyond what appears to be limits and impossible situations, to stick with it, to never give up.

Please visit Loki’s FaceBook page:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Friends-of-LOKI-Sole-Survivor/188340937903082

Funds are being raised to secure the cost of Loki’s vetting and any other initial needs.  When visiting Loki’s FB page:  Friends of Loki, should you wish information as to how to make a donation for this beautiful gentle sould, please Private Message Lawrence Pinsky, or leave a comment on this page.

 Please share Loki’s Story – He is amazing.


Loki s first day out of run 004 Loki s first day out of run 017 Loki s first day out of run 031 Sept 29 2013 LOKI IS HOME 014 Sept 29 2013 LOKI IS HOME 041

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The “Five Freedoms” are contained in the BC SPCA Charter and express the dedication of the BC SPCA  ensuring that all animals are healthy, happy and cared for.

Five Part series:  Part 3
    “Freedom from emotional distress – By ensuring conditions and treatment which avoid mental suffering”

“The PCA Act defines Distress as follows:  if an animal is:
a)    Deprived of adequate food, water or shelter,July 23 2012 015
b)    Injured, in pain, sick or suffering
c)    Abused or neglected”

By Definition, the terms:
“Well-Being includes both emotional and physical health”.

“Physical Well Being: the animal is free from clinical symptoms of disease and does not show evidence of current or old injuries left untreated;
Emotional Well-Being:  the animal shows evidence of normal behaviour and an absence of abnormal behaviour (specific to the species).”

All animals will and do suffer extreme stress, just as do humans, when their basic needs are withheld from them. Just as in humans, physical and mental trauma, food/water deprivation, and their surrounding environment play a key role in the emotional and physical well-being of an animal.

Animals respond very much the same way that humans do to their surroundings and to the way they are treated.  Those that are abused, beaten, tortured and abandoned experience fear, despair, hopelessness and worst of all pain.  Pain not only from the physical but emotionally as well.  While physical scars may heal in time, the memories of their abuse, neglect and mistreatment remain.  Anyone who has rescued/adopted a severely battered or neglected animal knows this.  My own canine companions are clear evidence of  the emotional suffering they endured.

Animals also experience joy, contentment, enthusiasm, curiousity and playfulness.  As the Pack Leader, the Alpha in your home, your dog looks  to you for guidance, interaction, education, comfort and protection.  If injured or frightened he/she will come to you for comfort and help,  happy to see you when you come home, the excitement is evident in tail wagging and displays of affection;  grabbing the leash or jingling the car keys and you are witness to an explosion of enthusiasm;  throw a ball, walk, run, play tug of war and experience the exuberance of your own youth and that of your companion.  Cats while often aloof, will snuggle up content and the purring begins.

Animals also experience the pain of losing a loved one.  Devoted dogs and cats have been known to ‘pine away’ at the death of a beloved owner.  Refusing to eat, falling into deep depression, remaining by that favourite chair of the deceased, refusing attempts to play or interact.  Ever so slowly they will die if their spirits cannot be uplifted.

All animals, be it dogs, cats, birds, pet rabbits or ferrets to just name a few, very much need interaction with their human parents.  They need your reassurance that they are loved, cared for, safe and more importantly respected.  As a parent you are responsible for providing their every need.  Their emotional and physical well-being is dependent upon you.  The more time you spend in pleasurable interaction with your animal companion, the stronger the bond, the greater the devotion and of course that unconditional love you will receive.

The Following is a summary of the existing Federal Criminal Code, Animal Cruelty Act: Bill  S-203.  The Criminal Code is the Federal Law that is in force everywhere in Canada and which applies to every person in Canada.

Section 446 of the Federal Criminal Code states:
You are guilty of an offence if you:

a.    willfully cause or allow unnecessary pain, suffering, or injury to an animal;

b.    by willful neglect cause injury to animals while they are being transported;

c.    abandon an animal or fail to provide it with enough suitable food, water, shelter, and care;

d.    participate in any way in the fighting of animals (example: arranging or attending a cockfight or dogfight);

e.    administer a poison or injury-causing drug to any domestic or captive wild animal or allow this to happen (example: poisoning a neighbor’s cat or spraying a dog with oven cleaner);

f.    are involved in any way with the release of captive birds for the purpose of shooting them;

Section 429 of the Federal Criminal Code defines “willful” in the following way:

“If you cause something to happen, either by doing it or by not doing something you should do, and you know what the results will be, you are considered to have done so “willfully”.

Section 446 (c) abandon an animal or fail to provide it with enough suitable food, water, shelter, and care;

(Examples: which may be considered to be a “willful” act:   failing to feed an animal could be, since you know that an animal will starve if it is not fed. Failing to provide proper shelter to protect animal from elements, leaving an animal in a vehicle during hot summer, not providing clean fresh water on a daily basis resulting in dehydration, depriving a sick /injured animal of medical care. Beating and/or abandoning an animal).

Any person found guilty under Section 446 of the Criminal Code can be fined up to $2,000, sentenced to up to 6 months in jail, or both. In addition to this, the Judge can make an order prohibiting that person from having an animal or animals for up to 2 years.

“By definition within the Act:
a) Adequate food means:  providing for sufficient quantities of suitable food to allow for the normal growth and maintenance of normal body weight;  that all food bowls are kept clean/disinfected and located in an area preventing contamination from excreta. “

b)    “Adequate food does not mean:  feeding the animal once a week because an owner may prefer a slim animal.” (An animal whose rib cage, hip bones, back bones can be visibly seen is not being fed properly, thereby constituting willful neglect.)

c)    An animal not being provided with daily ongoing fresh supplies of clean watercan and will suffer from dehydration.  Fresh water does not mean a pool of dirty rainwater or 2-3 week old water left in a slimy bowl or bucket.

d)    Adequate shelter does not mean: “putting up an old canopy in the backyard to keep the animal dry”.  Adequate shelter means:  providing a shelter constructed properly to ensure that the animal is protected from the heat , the dampness and cold; it must be appropriate to climate conditions of the region as well as the “weight and protective outer coat of the animal.”

Section 448 of the Federal Criminal Code states:

“For the purposes of proceedings under paragraph (1)(a) or (b), evidence that a person failed to exercise reasonable care or supervision of an animal or a bird thereby causing it pain, suffering, damage or injury is, in the absence of any evidence to the contrary, proof that the pain, suffering, damage or injury was caused or was permitted to be caused wilfully, or was caused by wilful neglect, as the case may be.”   (In other words the state and condition of the animal is proof of willful intent.)

For purposes of this Act, under Section 1(3) “person responsible for an animal” identifies two individual types covered by the Act:

Those that own the animal or individuals who have control or custody of the animal.

Important to note that while some communities within the N.W.T. do have By-Laws pertaining to the standard of care for animals, as well as By-Law Officers whose job it is to enforce these Municipal By-Laws and the current N.W.T. Dog Act (soon to be revised January 2010) it must also be noted that under the current N.W.T. Dog Act: R.C.M.P. are “exacto”.

The following is quoted from a letter submitted to GNWT Justice and MACA Ministers from the Animal Defense League of Canada pertaining to the proposed Amendments to the N.W.T. Dog Act:

8.b)    Discussion Paper: “Scope of the Problem”:
“ to avoid the issue of “wilful intent” the RCMP can lay charges under the Dog Act  which provides as follows: “2.(2)   Members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are, by virtue of  that office, officers under this Act.  S.N.W.T. 2008, c.8, s.7(2).”

This means that by virtue of the legal authority held by RCMP to uphold all aspects of the Federal Criminal Code including the Federal Cruelty to Animals Act and the N.W.T. Dog Act charges can be laid for violations not only under the Federal Criminal Code but the current N.W.T. Dog Act as well.

8.a) Discussion Paper:  “Legislative Arrangements”
(paraphrased) Conviction under Criminal Code requires proof of “intent”.  Not so for conviction under “quasi-criminal” legislation.  Therefore the preferred option is to proceed with a charge under the provincial or territorial animal protection legislation, or under a municipal bylaw.”

Recognizing the Signs

Signs of Chronic Stress include:
1)    Depression
2)    Weight loss or poor weight gain
3)    Depleted immune system
4)    Poor Body and Coat condition
5)    Secondary parasites
6)    Reproductive failure

Dehydration :  Sunken Eyes, Loss of Skin Elasticity
a) due to lack of fresh potable water, water withheld, not provided
b) normal bodily processes:  defecation/urination; sweating and respiration
c) abnormal processes:  diarrhea, excessive urination/respiration and vomiting

“70% of total body weight is composed of water”, any  animal/human  suffering Dehydration is, if left untreated, facing a horrific death. All bodily functions depend upon  a proper electrolyte balance. When Cells begin to lose their water content, electrolyte imbalance takes over, the needed H2O oxygen normally circulated by electrolytes becomes depleted, gradually organs begin to shut down.  Left untreated, the animal/human will die.

Starvation: (Underweight, skin and bones, poor coat condition, immune deficit, skeletal structure visible, weak, lethargic) due to the failure to provide proper and adequate nutrition to the animal. This constitutes willful neglect. A horrific and lengthy way to die as the animal’s own system begins to feed on its own muscle tissue and bone marrow.

Quoted from Environment and Natural Resources Website: http://www.enr.gov.nt.ca/_live/pages/wpPages/starvation-malnutrition.aspx
“Starvation or malnutrition occurs when an animal is not able to get the amount of nutrients from food that it needs.”  (Applies to all animals be it wildlife or domestic)

“What are the signs of starvation-malnutrition?”

“Animals may be weak with not much body fat. The skin may appear loose with a dull, rough hair coat. Animals may have humped or sagging backs, sunken eyes, and small tucked up bellies. The bones of the shoulders, ribs, back and hind end may stick out.”

Hypothermia (decreased body temperature): due to lack of proper protection and shelter and extreme climate changes: “Any reduction in body temperatures results in system slow down.  Eventually, the body cannot remove toxic wastes nor produce energy and it ceases to function”.  The very same process in humans.

Hyperthermia (increased body temperatures): due to lack of proper shelter, being left inside vehicles during summer, lack of backyard shade.

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