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How many of us around the world are inundated with requests for donations…donations towards conservation, saving wildlife….how many of us have doled out ill afforded dollars believing that our contributions are going to preserve habitat and to save the lives of animals?

Well there are so many organizations out there, it is difficult to even keep track isn’t it?  We all want to do our part, to make a difference, to do good, to contribute in a most positive way and we should all applaud and be very proud of the contributions which we have made in the past and continue to make.

However, a word of warning:  BE CAREFUL WHERE YOUR DONATIONS GO!!!  Be careful where you send your HARD EARNED DOLLARS, for all is NOT what it appears to be.

Having been a long time supporter myself of organizations such as Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund and the Canadian Wildlife Federation I was horrified and shocked to LEARN the TRUTH about these organizations and others like them.  What an EYE OPENER!!!   Now my hard earned dollars go to organizations such as the Animal Defense League of Canada, the Animal Alliance of Canada, Project Jessie, WSPA, ASPCA, and groups that ACTUALLY rescue, provide needed medical attention to the discarded, the abused and the suffering!!!!  That actually do the hands on heartbreaking work to save lives, end animal research, lobby governments for real Animal Protection and that find loving forever homes for the hundreds of thousands of animals that through no fault of their own suffer unimaginable horrors.

This is taken word for word from the Animal Defense League of Canada Newsletter #178 – Fall/Winter 2011


From The Fur Bearers Newsletter, June 6, 2002, No. 109, Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals, Vancouver, BC:  “Watch for phrases like ‘wise use’, ‘sustainable use’ or ‘conseveration’ in reference to wildlife.  These often mean killing is part of the plan.”

“CAUTION:  if you are considering buying Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF) merchandise or a membership:  The CWF originated as the umbrella organization for Provincial and Territorial hunter and angler associations.  In a 1995/96 telephone conversation with one of our (ALDC) directors, a representative stated that the CWF does not oppose hunting and trapping.  To our (ADLC) knowledge, their position is unchanged.”

“CAUTION:  WORLD WILDLIFE FUND (WWF) POSITION STATEMENT ON HUNTING, September 1999, Toronto, Ontario:  Excerpt – “WWF does not oppose the sustainable consumption of wild animals, including regulated sport hunting….”  ‘In a March 23/2000 letter from WWF:  “It is true that WWF does not take a stance against hunting, unless that hunt is expected to affect the survival of a poulation or species.  We are a conservation organization…In most cases hunting is an animal welfare issue…”  To our (ADLC) knowledge, their position is unchanged.


“Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) on thier ‘We’ll teach you to hunt’ web page (ducks.ca/resource/hunters/mentoredhunt.html) states: “Since the 1970’s the numer of Canadian waterfowl hunters has dropped by more that 70 per cent.  To support waterfowlers, DUC, alond with our partners, deliver a program to teach novice waterfowlers how to hunt.  Our primary goal is to have new waterfowlers learn and enjoy the waterfowling tradition and thereby increase the number of responsible conservation-minded hunters…DUC invites all youth ages 12 to 17 who have successfully completed the Hunter Safety course to learn how to hunt….”

“ONTARIO WILDLIFE FOUNDATION (OWF): An Important Notice”, Take Action, Spring 2001, Vol. 10, #1, Animal Alliance of Canada, Toronto, Ontario:  “the leaders of this organization are or have held leadership position with the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters and/or Ducks Unlimited (both of these groups are pro-hunting).   …The OWF describes itself as being involved in wildlife conservation.  On their web page…they state ‘Fish, wildlife, and their habitats…are the sources of recreations such as bird watching, fishing, hunting,  The Foundation will work to ensure that Canadians continue to have ample opportunity for such recreation in all corners of the province’…”

“Help the ones who really help animals”, from Animal People, December 1995, Vol IV, #10, Shushan, NY:  “Greenpeace – the richest group on our charts this year – reminds its lobbyists that, ‘In principle, we are not against killing marine mammals,’ allowing them to sign away the lives of whales and dolphins in deals buying less protection than they have now…..”

“Know where your gifts go”, from Animal People, December 1997, Vol. VI, #10, Clinton,WA:  “Ducks Unlimited, (their) object is furnishing hunters with allt he waterfowl they can blast into bloody shreds of flesh and feathers…” (Editors NOTE:  For many years Animal People has been monitoring the spending (“…where the money goes, how much goes to further fundraising, and how much goes into their pocket”) of the major animal and habitat protection groups, and publishing their findings.)

ActionLine, Winter 1999, Friends of Animals, Darien, CT:  “Groups that support so-called regulated hunting and/or trapping:  National Audubon Society, Nature Conservancy, Sierra Clubg, World Wildlife Fund….”  To our knowledge, their position is unchanged.

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